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Funny: Escape from Monkey Island
  • Turning up in a "traditional piratey town" only to see buildings such as Starbuccaneers and Planet Threepwood.
  • The "Pirate School" on Knuttin Atoll.
  • Ozzie Mandrill's incomprehensible Australian insults, to which Guybrush can only respond with utter confusion.
    Guybrush: Uh...well...Digeridoo to you too!
  • Admiral Casaba's McCarthyism-style paranoia about pirates.
  • You can also talk to Murray... Or make him spin around on his pedestal, which annoys him. There's absolutely no productive reason to do this. It's just funny.
    Murray: If you don't stop spinning me, I'm gonna put an eeeevil curse on you! (Guybrush spins Murray again) That's it! You're cursed! You are gonna have such a rash!
  • You can optionally kill Guybrush's future self (twice) in the mists of time and his hilariously casual reaction.
    Guybrush: Gee, they're right... gun owners are five times more likely to shoot themselves.
  • The duck.
  • "No! My grog!"
  • This exchange from the first act:
    Carla: Do you have any idea how difficult it is to escape from Monkey Island?
    Guybrush: No, how difficult is it to... Escape from Monkey Island!
    Carla: ...Well, it's... really difficult.
  • The Dainty Lady Figurehead. Voiced by Pamela Adlon
    Dainty Lady Figurehead: What is this compulsion you have to dress me up, you pantalooned FREAK?
  • Ask Stan if he's working for Ozzie, and he will vent gloriously.
    Stan: (Angrily) Ozzie Mandrill? Let me tell you something about Ozzie Mandrill, kid. Ozzie Mandrill doesn't know squat about being a real entrepreneur! He doesn't know the thrill of haggling, the ecstasy of a hard-earned sale, the agony of a lost customer! All Ozzie wants are orderly lines of zombies, queuing up to purchase his pre-fabricated, pre-priced, pre-processed garbage! I ask you, kid, where's the fun in that, huh?! Where's the love?
    Guybrush: He wouldn't hire you?
    Stan: (Glumly) Not even an interview.
  • When Guybrush rides the lava flume ride, he will sometimes sing a little song:
    Guybrush: The temperature's a-risin'
    And my sweat is vaporizin'
    And I cannot feel my legs below the knees any more!
    Oh, the lava is hotter
    Than a flame-broiled otter
    And my shoes are slowly melting to the fiberglass floor!
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