* The entire scene with the Mercury CEO (played by Alec Baldwin) talking to Drew is actually quite amusing.
--> "You hear that? That's the sound of shit hitting the fan... Globally. ''SPLOOF!''"
* Drew making a DeathTrap out of a kitchen knife, an exercise bike, and duct tape. It's hilarious to seem him reveling in his accomplishment; sitting down on it, only for the knife to unstick to the duct tape; and his casual "Hello?" when he answers the call that ultimately interrupts his suicide attempt.
* "''DID I MISS 60-B!?''"
* Drew talks about Mitch with Jesse:
--> '''Drew:''' I knew him well. He was my father! Of course I knew him well. I knew him ''very'' well. Very, very, very, very well.\\
'''Jesse:''' ...Yeah, I didn't know my father very well either.
* Drew tries to get a hold of his girlfriend, while alternating calls between his sister, his mother, and Claire, the latter of which he called simply on a lark. After he gets dumped, and finishes talking with his family, he sits dejectedly on the sofa... only to realize that Claire is still on hold.
--> "Good Lord. Did I just win the lottery?"
* Drew's solution for quieting the kids: a videotape of a guy who says that he will blow up a house... if the kids promise to behave. Surprisingly, the kids respond very well.
* The Kentucky Baylors keep referring to Drew's family as the California Baylors, which Drew keeps correcting that they're actually from Oregon. Later, as the adults debate on whether to bury or cremate Mitch, Drew ends the conversation, insisting on cremation:
--> "And that's the decision from California!"\\
"...Shit. Oregon! (''they all laugh'') We really are from Oregon!"
* Drew's mom getting eaten by the car (ItMakesSenseInContext), as well as her standup comedy bit at Mitch's memorial service.
--> "He took me in his arms. Finally! Here was somebody who truly cared! But then I felt something... else. Something huge... Let's just say it, let's just say it: The boner!"
* After the fire, Mitch's former fiancée tries to make off with his portrait.
* The entire "Freebird" scene. First, they accidentally set the place on fire. Then, the sprinklers come on. Chaos erupts as people try to evacuate with Claire using her flight attendant skills to help direct them to the exits. Mitch's former fiancee steals his giant portrait. The band keeps on playing throughout the entire thing. Also blink and you'll miss the conga line going out the door. And Drew just stands there with an "Oh my God how is this my life?" look on his face.