Funny / El Dorado

  • After Mississippi shoots at the retreating man (and hits the sign instead). And the others arrive and demand an explanation.
    Cole: Did you get him?
    Mississippi: Ah, who?
    Cole: The fella that ran outta the church!
    Mississippi: Well, yes and no.
    Cole: Yes and no!? Did you or didn't you!?
    Mississippi: I hit the sign, and the sign hit him.
    Cole: Well, that's great!
    Mississippi: He was limping when he left!
    Cole: He was limping when he got here!
    Mississippi: ...Oh.
  • The whole ordeal J.P. must endure while in the bathtub, in his office. Not to mention everybody giving him a bar of soap.
    (holds up one of the soap bars) I have a lot of friends Joey.
  • Cole's reaction when Mississippi gives his full name: "Lord Almighty..."
  • Even after all the introductions, J.P. still can't get Mississippi's name right! Though they do keep trying.
    J. P.: Alan Bourdillion... Tra-who?
    Cole: Tra-HAIN.
    Mississippi: Tra-HERNE!
    J. P. & Cole: Tra-HERNE.
    • Hell, J.P.'s reaction when he's finally sober enough to hear Mississippi's full name.
    J. P.: Well no wonder he carries a knife.
  • Mississippi refuses to take off his hat, in memory of his old mentor who was murdered. Until Joey mentions in passing that he'd look better without it.
  • The scene where Cole gauges Mississippi as a gunfighter. Cole shoots the arm of a cactus and then gives his gun to Mississippi. Mississippi decides to use a quick-draw-like move and shoots a nearby bush. Mississippi looks pleased with himself until Cole asks if he meant to hit that bush, to which Mississippi confesses that he was trying to hit the same cactus.
    • Cole decides to solve the issue by getting Mississippi a sawed-off shotgun. While useful for someone who can't aim well, this manages to bite Cole in the end. While the whole gang is being patched up, the surgeon notes that the leg wound Cole received was caused by a single shot from a shotgun. Mississippi was the only one using a shotgun at the time and confesses to the deed in embarrassment. Bull ribs him a bit, explaining that the safest place to be when Mississippi fires is behind Mississippi.
  • Most of the interaction between Cole and a freshly-woken J. P. who, true to Bull's reminder, is a mean drunk. The next couple of minutes see J. P. switch between conscious and gunning for Cole to unconscious.
    J.P.: What the hell're you doin' here?
    Cole: I'm lookin' at a tin star with a drunk pinned on it.
    • The look on J.P.'s face when Cole hits him over the head with a metal pan. Immediately after, Bull stops Cole from punching out J.P., prompting Cole to tell Bull he owes J.P. one. A minute later, he delivers after J.P. utterly fails at breaking a chair over Cole's back.