Funny: El Dorado

  • After Mississippi shoots at the retreating man (and hits the sign instead). And the others arrive and demand an explanation.
    Cole: Did you get him?
    Mississippi: Ah, who?
    Cole: The fella that ran outta the church!
    Mississippi: Well, yes and no.
    Cole: Yes and no!? Did you or didn't you!?
    Mississippi: I hit the sign, and the sign hit him.
    Cole: Well, that's great!
    Mississippi: He was limping when he left!
    Cole: He was limping when he got here!
    Mississippi: ...Oh.
  • The whole ordeal J.P. must endure while in the bathtub, in his office. Not to mention everybody giving him a bar of soap.
    (holds up one of the soap bars) I have a lot of friends Joey.
  • Even after all the introductions, J.P. still can't get Mississippi's name right! Though they do keep trying.
    J. P.: Alan Bourdillion... Tra-who?
    Cole: Tra-HAIN.
    Mississippi: Tra-HERNE!
    J. P. & Cole: Tra-HERNE.
  • Mississippi refuses to take off his hat, in memory of his old mentor who was murdered. Until Joey mentions in passing that he'd look better without it.
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