[[caption-width-right:232:[[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wnPzEOSoK7Q Slide on the soap! Slide on the soap!]]]]

-->'''Eddy:''' ''(near to laughter himself)'' Kevin looks like he's ready to bust a gut!

He's not the only one, in a series filled to the brim with gut-busting moments.


[[folder: General]]
* [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FVvUSP5ANRI Anytime the Fourth Wall is broken.]]
* Anytime when '''[[BewareTheNiceOnes Edd]]''' snaps.
* Anything involving FunnyForeigner Rolf:
** [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kG-xi6Mx5i0 Tthe song of Yeshmiyek]] from [[ChristmasSpecial "Ed Edd 'n' Eddy's Jingle Jingle Jangle"]].
-->Deep below the dirt and rock\\
There lives a bearded maiden fair\\
Whose kitchen pot is bigger\\
Than her size of underwear, HEY!
** "The beast circles with hunger! We must appease it with a sacrifice!".
** Choking at the spelling bee in "Too Smart For His Own Ed": [[GoshDangItToHeck "POPPYCOCK!]] Curse this monkey-ritual of English words!" (''beat, awkward applause from the audience'') "Thank you Nana!"
** The ending of "Dueling Eds": "Son of a gun, [[HereWeGoAgain you insult Rolf by denying the eels]]?!"
** Rolf using a corkscrew to make Swiss cheese in "Stuck in Ed"
** The climax of the Valentines' Day special. "The harsh realities of your miserable lives have been restored! Thank you."
** From "For The Ed, By The Ed": "A wooden board saved you from three evil witches and a creepy-crawly? ''MAMA! The fairy tale that haunts Rolf has come true!''"
** After getting a cow tipped on him in "Ed, Ed and Away": "Never again will Rolf store house keys in his trouser pockets..." Even better is how the split second before the cow falls on him, he has enough time to scream "Mama! A bandage for Rolf!"
** The entire "That's My Horse" sequence from "Wish You Were Ed", a traditional dance from Rolf's old country that involves slapping your partner upside the head in increasingly violent ways while shouting "That's my horse!"
*** Before that:
----> "Your village idiot has fallen into Rolf's hole. A celebration, I say!"
** Rolf's tall tale about crossing the sea in a leather canoe in "Knock Knock, Who's Ed": "A giant sea cucumber arose from the depths with one eye, ''blinking and blinking'' and looking at Rolf like a ''sandwich''!"
** While helping Sarah search for her diary in "For Your Ed Only": "The space beneath the rock is vacant, she who gives migraines."
** "Are you weak in the upper story?"
** Being caught on film in the ending of "An Ed is Born": "Are you stealing Rolf's soul with your film-box? Rolf will release his rage now!"
** "Excuse me Ed-boy, a moment of your time? Never use hot wax to soothe enraged lobsters. Thank you."
** His doomsday speech about school in "Out With The Old, In With The Ed." Or at least, the ''fact'' that it's a doomsday speech. Especially "The time of reckoning is upon us, half-naked Ed boys. For it is here we will be mercilessly judged."
** Everything Rolf says in "Rambling Ed", especially '''[[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VGbXN3NCbl0 "THE BURDEN OF HOSPITALITY IS TOO GREAT FOR ROLF!"]]'''. The DistantReactionShot following this scene makes it even funnier, with Sarah overfilling a tea-cup at her tea party and Kevin crashing his bike into a fire hydrant.
** Rolf's "trash talk" in "Tag, Yer Ed!"
-->'''Kevin:''' *Laughing at Edd* You throw like a two-year-old!
-->'''Rolf:''' Yeah, and two-year-olds are not even good at stuffing sausages!
-->'''Eddy:''' He'll show you!
-->'''Kevin:''' Show me what, his butterfly collection?!
-->'''Rolf:''' Yeah, and butterflies cannot stuff sausages, either!
--> ''Later, during the Eds vs. Kankers wrestling match''
-->'''Rolf:''' Your garden is overgrown, and your cucumbers are soft!!
** Talking to Ed about how to break a large rock. "Must Rolf beat some sense into that overcooked noodle that you call a head?!?!"
** The boomerang from "Hand Me Down Ed" getting lodged in his trousers. [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g42_3OTeVUk The aftermath must be seen to be believed]].
** Rolf [[ItMakesSenseInContext using his shoes to attack a quarter]] in "One of Those Eds."
** In "Rent-a-Ed" when he turns up the steam in the sauna causing his towel to fall off causing everyone to run away. Even funnier is how HE was the one who got offended.
-->'''Rolf:''' I must protest the rudeness of your guests.

[[folder: Season One]]
* From the second episode "Pop Goes the Ed", Jimmy shows Rolf some food he brought to the party:
-->'''Jimmy:''' I brought a quiche! Mmm! Yummy! (holds up a steaming tray)\\
'''Rolf:''' It is the food of the (runs finger over lips rapidly)!! THE PARTY IS CUUUUURSED!! (runs away)
* In "A Boy And His Ed", Edd is teaching Ed and Eddy about Kevin while they plan to get jawbreakers from him. At one point, Ed and Eddy shoot spitballs at the Kevin dummy Edd made.
-->'''Eddy:''' Not bad, huh, burr-head?\\
'''Ed:''' Graah.\\
(''Ed puts a book in his mouth, chews it up, and tries to spit it out through the straw, but it backs up'')\\
'''Ed:''' Oh no! My brain came out!\\
'''Eddy:''' That's too big to be your brain!
** Also, this:
---> '''Edd''': What's the first thing you notice about Kevin here?\\
'''Eddy''': His chin is almost as big as yours?\\
'''Edd''': (quickly pulls his shirt collar up over his chin) No, I was talking about, um...\\
'''Eddy''': [[HypocriticalHumor Those three stupid hairs on his head?]]
** Ed randomly offering to help break into Kevin's garage.
--->'''Ed:''' If only I had brought [[TechnoBabble my anti-gravity de-spackletizer to re-pixel the hot and cold tumbler on that lock]].\\
'''Edd:''' ...Earth to Ed?
* ALL of "Vert-Ed-Go", in which the Eds make a tree-house is full of this. However, Eddy's deadpan remark regarding Ed's safety has got to be the cherry on top-
-->'''Eddy:''' (puts a helmet on Ed's head) Put this on. It'll protect your head. From what, I don't know.
** EVERYTHING Ed says in this episode.
** When searching for a good location:
-->'''Eddy:''' This is the perfect spot, huh guys?
-->'''Kevin:''' Hey, dorks! Get out of my backyard!
-->'''Ed:''' Weird. Kevin already has a clubhouse here.
-->'''Eddy:''' Shut up, Ed!
* The entirety of "Eds-aggerate", especially the part with Ed interrupting [[NoRespectGuy Edd]] yet again by showing that he has a bone in ''his ear canal''.
-->'''[[CloudCuckoolander Ed]]:''' I found a bone! Cool, huh?
** The Ed's pretending to be the Muckie Boys Eddy has spent the whole episode lying about. This mostly consists in covering themselves with mud and yelling incoherently. Everyone except Sarah still falls for it.
* The bit in "Quick Shot Ed" where Rolf fell into his own sausage machine and got turned into a giant hot dog, which prompts him to freak out, going, "I am a wiener!"
--> '''Ed:''' [[CaptainObvious You are Rolf!]]
* From "Laugh, Ed, Laugh":
** Eddy using Ed as a shovel while Ed gleefully chants "Dig a hole, dig a hole, dig a hole..."
** Ed's explanation for where the other kids went to, coupled with the dramatic theremin music that suddenly starts playing.
-->'''Ed:''' It is simple, Eddy. ''(pauses to think of an explanation)'' The kids entered a wormhole and were spewed into an alternate universe! ''(Eddy and Double D stare at him)'' Simple.\\
'''Eddy:''' ''You're'' simple.
** Double D locks Eddy in a shed, and tells Ed to hide the key "discretely." Ed promptly places the key between two slices of bread and begins chewing on it. Then Eddy gets back to normal and finds they're locked in the shed:
-->'''Eddy:''' Where's the stupid key?\\
'''Ed:''' (happily) I ate it! ''Discretely.''
** "Jonny, you dropped your face. I'll get you a new one!"
** "HAM AND EGGS WITH BUTTERED TOAST!!!" ''(bites off a piece of fence)''
** "AMBUSH!!!!"
** Eddy tries to impress someone without going crazy.
-->'''Eddy:''' Guys, wait!! Um.... *Wraps tongue around his head like a turban*
-->'''Ed:''' Aw, c'mon, Eddy, we've seen that before! Now you're boring us!
** Ed eating the "ice cream cones" they were making as part of that day's scam, which were really just tennis balls coated in paint. When Double D tries to stop him, Ed pushes him back telling him to get his own.
* In "Tag Yer Ed" when the Eds are about to pour milk into their bowl of Chunky Puffs:
-->'''Eddy:''' I love Chunky Puffs!\\
''(slab of expired milk falls out of the carton into the bowl)''\\
'''Eddy:''' I ''hate'' chunky milk.
** The Kankers want to fight their "boyfriends":
-->'''Lee:''' Ha! I say we wrestle you! May and Marie are great at purple nurples!
-->'''Eddy:''' YOU'RE ON, KANKERS!
-->'''Ed:''' What's a purple nurple?
-->'''Edd:''' I think it has something to do with, um, strudel filling.
-->'''Ed:''' Cool!
** The very fact that Ed ''could'' get rid of the Kanker Sisters at any time, if he weren't bound by one rule:
-->'''Eddy:''' Give 'em the burrhead bump, Ed!
-->'''Ed:''' *Walks over with all three Kankers grabbing on to him, trying to beat him up* I can't, Eddy! My mom says I can't fight girls.
* "In Keeping Up With the Eds", Ed mowing Double-D's lawn. "ATTACK THE WIBBLES!"
** When they use fertilizer all over the Cul-de-sac lawns, at first there's nothing... but then the Eds scream as all the lawn grass spontaneously grows 20-feet tall and pushes them up top.
** The Ed's renting Victor the goat from Rolf to help get the grass down, and Rolf mentions that "goat rental" is one of the major income sources for his home country. On top of that, it comes with a ridiculous pile of paperwork, and Victor wont budge out of his spot without Rolf's say-so.
--> '''Double D''': *after Victor has sped off with a screaming Eddy riding him* Strong union!
* From "Read All About Ed": the rain starting and stopping every time Edd says "Summer rains, [[TemptingFate you can never predict 'em!]]"
* From "Eds-Aggerate":
-->'''Eddy:''' We, the Eds, are smarter than-
-->'''Ed:''' Onions?
-->'''Eddy:''' Um, no, Ed.
-->'''Ed:''' Buttered Toast?
-->'''Edd:''' Oh, boy...
-->'''Ed:''' ''A bus driver??''
* From "Flea Bitten Ed":
-->'''Jonny:''' I told you bunnies would take over the world someday, and they ''have''! Lucky we were prepared for this day, huh, Plank?
** For reference, said bunnies started out as two rabbits owned by Rolf that the Ed's were supposed to wash in their pet wash, but due to Ed accidentally letting the two out of their cages and then losing track of them, they end up explosively procreating until they create an avalanche of bunnies that sweeps across the neighborhood.
** Ed's massive allergic reaction to the bunnies, which involves breaking out in a purple rash and bloating like a balloon.
---> '''Ed''': (''gasp'') ''"I AM MUTATING!!"''
** Ed tries to suppress a sneeze by plugging his nose. This causes his [[EyeScream eyes to inflate]].
** Ed hammers a sign but Eddy points out a major flaw:
---> '''Eddy''': Ed! You put the sign on upside-down!
---> '''Ed''': No Eddy, [[ComicallyMissingThePoint I put the sign]] [[LiteralMinded ON the garage]]!
---> '''Eddy''': Just flip it over, Ed.
---> '''Ed''': Flip it? Got it!
*** Unfortunately, Ed doesn't realize he means to flip the sign over so he ''picks up the garage'' and flips that over instead.
** The Eds looking at Rolf's chickens.
---> '''Eddy''': Rolf's got tons of stinky animals.
---> '''Edd''': They're absolutely filthy!
---> '''Ed''': Yes, I am!
* Everything from "Who, What, Where, Ed", in which the Eds are forced to [[ChainOfDeals make a bunch of trades]] just to get an egg. Which Ed ends up breaking while trying to "free the chicken" inside.
--> '''Ed''': I think the chicken's gone bad.\\
'''Eddy''': Like my luck...
** Jonny had clams that the boys needed, in which he gives this line.
-->'''Jonny:''' Listen to the clams gurgle in the bucket, Plank.
** Before that,
-->'''Eddy:''' Clams?! What's with clams? *rings a doorbell* Could you spare some clams?
-->'''Edd:''' *Ringing another doorbell* Pardon me; you wouldn't happen to have any clams, would you?
-->'''Eddy:''' *At another house* Say, you haven't seen any clams around here, have you?
-->'''Edd:''' *At yet another house* Could we borrow a cup of...clams?
-->'''Ed:''' *At final house* Can Eddy come out and play?
-->'''Eddy:''' I'm right beside you, Ed.
-->'''Ed:''' Hi, Eddy!
** Jonny wanted an anchor. Of all places, the Eds think to go to the Kankers' trailer, disguised as a really tall man with a mustache and a pimp hat. (Actually just the Eds on each other's shoulders covered in a trench coat, with Eddy on top.)
-->'''Eddy:''' Greetings, ladies. Um, we're doing a survey, and-
-->'''Edd:''' *From underneath the coat* Eddy!
-->'''Eddy:''' Oh, uh, ahem *makes voice deeper* I mean, I'm doing a survey, and-
-->'''Lee:''' Our mom's not home!
-->'''Marie:''' Yeah, so take a hike! *Kankers laugh like hyenas*
-->'''Eddy:''' I was wondering: How many anchors do you own? *Big nervous grin*
-->'''May:''' That's stupid!
-->'''Lee:''' You look familiar, mister!
-->'''Eddy:''' *Lee's interjection caused Ed to walk back and laugh* *Grunts* Stop it, will ya?
-->'''May:''' You've been on an infomercial?
-->'''Eddy:''' Um, no-yes! Quite famous, actually. Want my autograph?
-->'''Ed:''' *pops out of costume* I'm the legs!
-->'''Edd:''' *Costume is ruined* Oh my, exposed!
-->'''Marie:''' It's our boyfriends!!
-->'''Lee:''' *Dreamily* Eddy's such a weasel...
-->'''Marie:''' Group hug! *Lips turn giant as she puckers up*
-->'''May:''' Let's kiss 'em!
-->'''Ed:''' Oh no, not me!! *Runs off, while the Kankers all land, while trying to kiss their boyfriends, on their airbag lips.*

[[folder: Season Two]]
* "One Plus One Equals Ed." The whole episode; the Eds take a venture into learning about the mysteries of the world, before things start to slowly unravel.
** For a specific moment, Eddy plucking Sarah's mouth clean off her face before she bites him on the ear.
-->'''Eddy:''' Get her off, Double D!\\
'''Edd:''' (happily writing notes down) Not a chance!
** Eddy stripping Jimmy of his outline before fashioning it into a hairdo, all as the now-liquid Jimmy slowly slips into a drain... and then into a pitcher.
--> '''Jimmy''': Fate has dealt a cruel hand. Darnit.
** Eddy stumbling around and accidentally finds himself ''behind'' the houses seen in the background, like he walked behind a background prop.
--> '''Eddy''': Einstein's got nothing on this!
** "Don't look now, but there's a cow hovering just overhead..." And then said hovering cow [[SoundDefect makes a crowing noise, like a rooster.]]
** Before all the madness, there's the Eds rummaging through Ed's garage:
-->'''Eddy:''' (slipping a bra out of a drawer) Woo-hoo, PG-13!\\
'''Ed:''' Um...that's my mom's, Eddy!\\
(Eddy drops the bra and gags)
** Ed playing around with the spinner from a washing machine.
--> '''Ed''': Whats this, Double D?\\
'''Edd''': Spin it, and learn!\\
'''Ed''' *spins it, but his tongue is caught on the spinner and pulls his entire face around it* It's a ''face scruncher!'' Cool!
** Before that, Ed taking apart said washing machine:
-->'''Ed:''' I took it apart! Am I smart now?\\
'''Edd:''' [[DeadpanSnarker Let's not ask for miracles, Ed.]]
** "A three-headed Rolf. [[UnusuallyUninterestingSight Yawn...]]"
* The crown jewel in Jonny's repertoire of annoyance from "Shoo Ed": cracking his joints to make a sickening crunch sound. Which then bites the Eds at the end of the episode, with them being trapped in a cage with Rolf's agitated animals as Jonny cracks his joints to extort the Eds into him letting them go.
** The Eds making Jonny as annoying as possible in a very Frankenstein-like scene. Also, when Jonny first shows them he cracks his knuckles.
--> '''Ed''': WHAT A PEST!!!
* "Rambling Ed" has the scene where Eddy convinces Ed to move out by asking him of he does and forcibly moves Ed's lips and imitates him to get a fake answer. Ed then proceeds to do the same thing with Eddy as the puppet.
-->'''Eddy:''' ''(as Ed)'' I like it, Eddy. I have one eyebrow and the brain of a bug.
-->'''Edd:''' Going out on one's own requires planning, Eddy. There's so much work involved in--
-->'''Ed:''' ''(as Eddy)'' Relax, Double-D. I'll help him pack.
* The golden Bizarro moment in "Rent-A-Ed" when Jonny, stuck in a tree, somehow learns from [[CompanionCube Plank]] of all the trouble Eddy is causing in his kitchen. Eddy gapes a moment before covering Plank's mouth and sneaking off.
* In Rent-A-Ed, the trio try to pass as repairmen. After Ed makes a complete mess of Jonny's sink and causes Edd to freak out, Eddy suggests using Ed to repair the damage done. But before that, he delivers this delightful line through his clenched teeth.
--> "It's under control. Relax. We've got the [[StealthPun ultimate tool.]]"
** Eddy introduces the repair service with a poem.
--->'''Eddy:''' No joke when it's broke\\
Don't be blue!\\
Let Ed's Quick-Repair fix it\\
And you won't sue!\\
'''Edd:''' You should have hired someone to fix that rhyme, Eddy.
* In "Ed In A Half-Shell", Eddy trains Jimmy to be more like him, and one of the ways is to throw eggs at a picture of Sarah. Instead, Jimmy ends up tossing the eggs at Ed and Edd. What's especially funny is [[http://i24.photobucket.com/albums/c20/Nekagi/ed_egg.png Ed wearing his usual expression while being covered in eggs]].
* '''[[YouSayTomato I SAY TO-MAH-TO!!]]'''
** Yeah, well, I say you're an ''IDIOT!''
* In "Key to My Ed", Eddy is trying to figure out what a key they found opens. Edd starts to drone romantically about what it could possibly open, until Eddy tries to pry open a manhole cover, and the key flings away and ends up stuck in Edd's gap.
-->'''Eddy:''' It's a key! It's supposed to open something!\\
'''Edd:''' That's right, Eddy. Something dear and personal, like a box of photographs, or a diary with pages of truth and duration, or as simple as a locket of love. It's our responsibility to see that this key returns to its forsaken owner so life can- *thunk* *{{beat}}* Mortified? Yes. But I won't let myself fall prey to such shallow emotion. Not now. [continues talking through the shift in scenes] There's a fellow human crying for help, trying to mend the unraveled ball of yarn handed to them. Maybe that's the kind of world you wish to live in, Eddy, where the unyielding and the indifferent supersede the benevolent. I say-\\
'''Eddy:''' [[BigShutUp SHUT UP, DOUBLE D]]! Ed, you understand anything Double D said?\\
'''Ed:''' [[SevenMinuteLull Pass the mustard.]]
* "Scrambled Ed":
** Everyone in the cul-de-sac tries to get Edd's advice on things, him being the token genius and all. Unfortuntely, he's too sleepy to be of any real help, and ends up murmuring random phrases that the kids take as actual advice.
** '''SUPPLIES!!!'''
** Any of Edd's sleep-deprived rants. "Use hot wax for more manageable follicles..."
-->'''Rolf:''' [[ItMakesSenseInContext Never use hot wax to soothe enraged lobsters!]] Thank you.
** After the neighborhood gets flooeded, Rolf and Jonny end up on a raft with Rolf's animals. Instead of [[EatTheDog eating any of his animals]], Rolf [[MeatOVision sees Jonny's head as a roast turkey]].
--->'''Rolf:''' If we do not find dry land soon, I will be forced to feast upon your succulent noggin!\\
'''Jonny:''' O-kay...
* The bit from "Dear Ed", where Ed falls down the stairs like a rag doll and Jonny remarks "[[StaircaseTumble Wow, Ed, you go down the stairs just like Plank!]]"
** The bit earlier in that episode with Ed reading the cue cards was even better.
--> '''Ed:''' Sit down and say "Hello, Jonny".\\
'''Jonny:''' Hello?\\
'''Ed:''' Ask him how... he is.\\
'''Edd:''' "How are you", "How are you"!\\
'''Ed:''' I'm fine, thanks. Okay, a little hungry.
** [[http://images3.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20090103171336/ed/images/7/70/Vlcsnap-9093.png Ed's baby picture]]. 'Nuff said.
** "Eddy's my ideal pal. Soft and cuddly, like mashed potatoes. Yum." (Said while he's carrying Eddy, a steaming kettle sound playing in the background)
* The part of "Floss Your Ed" where Eddy tries to get Ed's tooth out by painting a jawbreaker with Ed's name on a fence, in the hope that Ed will think it's real and break his tooth out trying to eat it. Ed falls for it, but Edd gets in the way, causing Ed to accidentally flatten him into a circle when he takes his mouth off the fence.
-->'''Edd:''' (flattened and mortified) I've been violated.
* How about when the kids start breaking all the rules in "Stop, Look, and Ed"? Funniest moment? Jonny streaking with Plank strategically placed over his privates.
-->'''Jonny:''' Feel the wind, Plank!
** Also [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fZd-iACuXW8 this moment]]:
-->'''Ed:''' ''(♪ thwack ♪ thwack ♪ thwack ♪ thwack ♪)'' I'm a woodpecker ''(♪ thwack ♪ thwack ♪ thwack)'' 'Cept with dirt.
** Leading up to that moment, we've got Ed all eager about touching the grass.
-->'''Ed:''' I'm smarter than a sign!!! *Lifts up grass and crawls underneath it*
-->'''Ed:''' *Pops out of grass* BOING!
-->'''Edd:''' Well, I suppose that Ed's [[LoopholeAbuse not technically]] ''[[LoopholeAbuse on]]'' [[LoopholeAbuse the grass]]...
** The very beginning, when after Ed causes the boys' jawbreaker-detecting satellite to take off prematurely:
-->'''Eddy:''' Just once I'd like something to go right. *satellite hits him from his right, stretching him out* Hello! *satellite lets go, he collapses*\\
'''Eddy:''' *dazed, following after Ed and Edd as they chase after the satellite* [[NonSequiturThud Wait up! That's my waffle!]]
** The satellite then hits Jimmy, who can't hold on due to his manicured nails, and he falls off yelling pitifully.
* This hilarious exchange from "Mirror, Mirror on the Ed":
-->'''Edd:''' Um, guys?\\
'''Eddy:''' What?\\
'''Edd:''' (Points) IMPROBABLE ALERT!\\
'''Eddy:''' (Looks, down, then runs away) AAHH!\\
'''Edd and Eddy:''' Come back, Ed!\\
'''Ed:''' (STILL floating) I can jump it, guys.\\
'''Edd and Eddy:''' No, Ed! *both grab him*
-->'''Edd:''' Now what?\\
'''Eddy:''' I'm thinking, I'm thinking.\\
'''Ed:''' Can I think?\\
'''Edd and Eddy:''' '''[[BigNo NO!]]'''
** [[InSeriesNickname The Eds]] playing Truth or Dare later in the episode becomes absolutely hilarious when Ed gives Eddy the most nonsensical dare ''ever''.
--->'''Ed:''' OK, I dare you Eddy, to sprout the wings of a bat and stomp like a zombie while whistling "[[EarWorm Row, Row, Row Your Boat]]" through a car wash!\\
'''Double D:''' *beat* Ed, try a more ''reasonable'' dare, please.
*** What makes this scene even better is how, during the [[{{Beat}} beat]], Eddy turns around and looks towards the sky, completely dumbfounded, while a hawk screeches in the distance.
*** Before that, Ed takes the first turn and actually spins himself instead of the bottle.
--->'''Ed:''' Okay, my turn to spin! ''*quite literally*''
*** Eddy's [[DelusionsOfEloquence attempts at talking like Edd]]:
--->"Oh, the insanitary! My skinny arms cannot move the weight! Oh, I know, I'll move it with my ''brain!''"\\
"Pardon me, Eddy, may I fuel-inject? [[LittleKnownFacts Chickens cannot fly, as they are mammals!]]"
--->'''Edd:''' Uh-oh, a fence. (''runs into it'') Gravy!\\
'''Ed:''' Aw, c'mon, Double-Dee, I don't say "gravy" all the time\\
'''Edd:''' Buttered toast, then.
** Rolf tries to get Ed's help in pressing his raspberry harvest into juice, but thanks to Edd pretending to be Ed there's a slight mix-up. Rolf's frustrated reactions are hilarious, culminating in:
-->'''Rolf:''' You are not Ed! You have cursed my raspberries to the life of salad dressing, impostor with tiny feet!
* In "Cry Ed", Eddy tries to injure himself to get the kids to worry about him and not Jimmy. To do so, he prompts Edd to punch him, but Edd refuses to do so. Eddy taunts Edd for being chicken. Ed looks at this exchange with confusion, then smiles with an idea before walking off. Later, a shadow casts over Eddy and Edd, which prompts this little dialogue:
-->'''Ed:''' (''Holding a house over them'') Here, Eddy! Lots of hurt, hold the onions.\\
'''Edd:''' (''Completely and rationally freaks out'') [[OhCrap OKAY FINE I'M A CHICKEN!]] (''quickly runs away'')\\
'''Eddy:''' (''dumbfounded'') Um... Ed? (''Ed drops the house on Eddy'')\\
'''Edd:''' [[WhatTheHellHero ED!]] What in heaven's name were you '''''thinking'''''?!\\
'''Ed:''' (''proudly'') [[RhetoricalQuestionBlunder Absolutely nothing, Double D]].
* From "Home-Cooked Eds", these particular moments:
-->''(the Eds are trying to [[ItMakesSenseInContext remove the Kankers' trailer from Eddy's yard]])''
-->'''Eddy:''' Ed, gimme a hand!\\
''(Ed [[LiteralMetaphor gives him Double D's hand]], starts snickering)''\\
'''Ed:''' Found one!\\
'''Double D:''' (deadpan) This joke is older than my Mesozoic fossil collection, Ed.\\
'''Ed:''' Whoops, there it goes! (''spring sound'') Yup, my brain stopped.
** The Kankers sunbathing:
-->'''May:''' Hey Marie, can you flip me over, I'm getting crispy. ''(Marie ignores her)'' MARIE, FLIP ME OVER, I'M GETTING CRISPY! ''(she still ignores her)'' '''MARIE!!'''\\
'''Lee:''' Shut up, May! ''(Literally flips May over, chair and all)''
** In the first scene of the episode, Eddy crashes Rolf's tractor into a house. Ed proceeds to criticize '''the way he crashed it.'''
-->'''Eddy:''' (holding the steering wheel) Wahoo! Demolition Derby boys! Pretty cool crash, huh Ed?
-->'''Ed:''' (matter-of-factly) I've seen better, Eddy.
-->'''Eddy:''' [[FlatWhat What?]]
-->'''Ed:''' (same tone) Look, the tractor is still intact, you could have done a lot more with the tree, and you hardly wrecked Kevin's fence. (takes the steering wheel from Eddy) And the steering wheel should be rammed over your head, like so! (easily rams it through his head)
-->'''Eddy:''' Oh, ''[[SarcasmMode well excuse me.]]'' [[SarcasmMode I'm such a hack!]] I'll be in my trailer! *smacks facefirst into the Kankers trailer*
--> '''Ed''': (back to normal) Eddy's got a trailer!
** The Eds finally realize who the trailer could belong to:
-->'''Eddy:''' You hear that? *Laughter* ...Kankers!
-->'''Edd:''' And we're out in the open!
-->'''Ed:''' *Rams Edd and Eddy into the trailer door* Quick! Hide in here!
** Then, when the Kankers settle on what they (read: Lee) want to watch:
-->'''Eds:''' *Inside the TV* {{Beat}}
-->'''Kaknkers:''' {{Beat}}
-->'''Eddy:''' Uh...We use new "Stench Away Deodorant"! *Uses Ed's head as a deodorant stick on Edd's armpit* Keeps me dry and fresh!
-->'''Lee:''' That junk wrecked my clothes!
-->'''Marie:''' Gimme that thing! *Takes remote*
-->'''Lee:''' Alright, alright!
-->'''Eddy:''' *While Edd is making siren noises* Requesting backup! We're in hot pursuit!
-->'''Ed:''' It's my turn to drive! *Rams head into screen* BEEP! Transfer, please! *falls over*
-->'''Kankers:''' It's our boyfriends!
** During Eddy's plot to remove the Kankers from his lawn, Jimmy, while wearing goggles and clutching onto his tricycle's handles, comes blowing along with the debris out of nowhere.
-->'''Jimmy:''' My thighs! They're burning!
* Eddy trying to use an old rusty pipe as a digeridoo and failing in "Know-It-All Ed". Ed then tries and somehow [[BalloonBelly inflates Eddy like a balloon for a few seconds]].
-->'''Ed:''' I am a whale, Eddy, an endangered mammal! Hug me.
* In "To Sir with Ed":
-->'''Eddy:''' My brother told me that chicks are only wowed by one thing: '''cash!'''
-->'''Edd:''' That's '''so''' superficial, Eddy! Females admire more meaningful things. Like sincerity, respect, and good grooming.
-->'''Ed:''' And potato chips!
* "In Like Ed": Ed is put in charge of setting up a hidden camera with which the Eds can spy on Kevin. Ed's idea of "hidden"? ''[[EpicFail Sticking it right in front of Kevin's house and taping a twig to it]]''. Kevin is, unsurprisingly, not amused.

[[folder: Season Three]]
* The "Slide on the soap!" sequence in "From Here to Ed".
** [[http://youtu.be/wnPzEOSoK7Q Try watching it for 10 minutes.]]
** [[http://youtu.be/uF9Sis11ISs How about 15 minutes?]]
** From the same episode, when Eddy prepares to fire a cannon at Kevin from a very crudely-built cardboard cloud contraption, Double-D's reaction takes the cake:
-->'''Edd:''' No one would ever suspect Mother Nature to harbor a spring-loaded circus cannon and '''''[[SuddenlyShouting blow innocent bystanders to kingdom come!]]'''''
--> '''Eddy''': *beat* [[ComicallyMissingThePoint I'm rubbing off on you, Double D]]!
** The Eds' disguising themselves as Jonny by dressing up in [[PaperThinDisguise a giant papier-mache head]] with a crudely-made replica of Plank glued to it. Kevin doesn't even take a second-glance at the disguise and just says "Oh! Hey, Jonny!". Then, the Eds trip over a fence and get stuck because of the large head, prompting Kevin to snark, "What a ''freak''." ''Then'', at the end of the cartoon, Jonny walks by wearing the thing and quips "Check it out, guys! I'm inside my own head!"
** This exchange.
--->'''Edd''': [[ItMakesAsMuchSenseInContext Ed. Do you know there's a turtle on your head?]]\\
'''Ed''': [[BluntYes Yep!]]
* In "Momma's Little Ed", Ed and Eddy's sticky notes are hilarious -- between Eddy writing "Please pick your nose" in place of "Please wash the phone", and getting Edd to insert broom lint into his belly button, put Wilfred in a tuxedo, and borrow sugar from the Kanker Sisters.
** The "sawing the air" bit, complete with Eddy actually getting indignant at it:
-->'''Ed:''' ''(using a saw)'' Vroom, vroom, vroom, vroom... I cut the air in two! This side's yours, Double D!\\
'''Edd:''' We can ''share'' the air, Ed!\\
'''Eddy:''' It's ''my'' air; I ain't sharing! Ed, stop sawing the air!
** And earlier, along with Edd's reaction to it:
--->'''Ed:''' We can be like brothers and share the same bathroom!
** Ed unwittingly breaking Eddy's disco ball just to hang himself up there, with him denying that he did it...then [[ImmediateSelfContradiction immediately apologizing for it]].
--->'''Ed:''' It wasn't me! Sorry...
** Three words: Hat of Discipline.
--->'''Rolf''': Rolf respects that you follow the sticky notes of the elders, but you must be punished *pulls out a giant hammer-shaped hat and puts it on his head*
--->'''Edd''': What is that, Rolf?
--->'''Rolf''': The Hat of Discipline. Do you live in a cave?! *slams the Hat of Discipline down on Edd* All is forgiven.
--->'''Edd''':''(flat as a pancake)'' Thank you, Rolf.
* This exchange after Double D calls Eddy out on his version of a [[RashomonStyle Rashomon]] story in "Once Upon An Ed":
-->'''Edd:''' Pure fiction, Eddy! Your exaggerated tale can only be described as "cockamamie!"\\
'''Ed:''' Tsk tsk tsk... [[CallingMeALogarithm I have never heard such language...]]
** Ed's version of the story. It involves the Kanker sisters growing fifty feet high after eating "over-radiated mashed potatoes", shooting laser beams from ''chickens'' '''in their armpits''' that turn things into soap and cleansing products. They then mash together into one horrendous thing and start shooting radioactive lipstick marks. Ed saves the day by grabbing the Eds and [[MindScrew suddenly gaining the ability to fly while making buzzing noises despite lacking wings or anything of the like]].
--->'''Eddy:''' (scared) Ed, [[{{Understatement}} your story's getting weird]]!
** In that same episode, how Ed sees Double D when he's talking
--->'''Edd:''' {{Blah blah blah}}, blah blah blah, blahblahblah! [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vAX33IKhLvM Yap yap, blah blah, drivel drivel drivel]]!
** "Take note, as I am a" "...Stupid sock-head, and a babbling dweeb who can't lift a butterfly! I wish I was as good-looking as Eddy."
* Then there's "It Came From Outer Ed", showing us exactly what happens when [[TheDitz Ed]] comes up with a scam. It involves many parts that make no sense, including Ed telling Edd to move a bunch of rocks onto an X on the ground, despite the fact that Ed actually painted a Q. This is probably the highlight:
-->'''Ed:''' Nice job, Double-D! That looks just like a Q.\\
'''Edd:''' ''Excuse'' me? Ed, I think somewhere along the line you lost your train of thought. Your plan is irrational, muddled, and inconsequential... Is that a ''doggy treat?''\\
'''Ed:''' * munching on a dog biscuit* What's the rock for, Double-D?\\
'''Edd:''' * bewildered, drops the rock on his foot* ''My '''foot!'''''\\
'''Eddy:''' * comes into scene brutally injured* ''MY '''HEAD'''''!
** When Ed completes his "scam" by [[MakesJustAsMuchSenseInContext disemboweling a stuffed bunny rabbit with his teeth]]:
--->'''Eddy:''' What's he doing?!\\
'''Edd:''' Embarrassing me to no end.
** Also, the final line as Ed's "scam" comes to fruition:
--->'''Ed:''' '''EVIL TIM HAS BECKONED THEM!'''
** Who could forget Bobo?
** Say nothing of Rolf's appropriate freakout when he realizes just what Ed has done.
--->'''Rolf:''' Edboy has bitten into the belly of a stuffed handcloth! ''(Pulls giant clam from his back pocket)'' QUICKLY! We must seek shelter within the bosom of Bobo!
--->'''Nazz:''' If you think I'm getting in that thing- ''(Gets cut off as Rolf grabs her and throws her in)''
--->'''Rolf:''' YOU WILL DOOM US ALL!
--->'''Nazz:''' But I'm allergic!
--->'''Jonny:''' Listen to it gurgle, Plank! ''(Rolf hops in Bobo with the rest of the kids, shuts it, leaving only his legs exposed for them to run away from the above result of Ed's "scam").''
--->'''Edd:''' ''(Staring dumbstruck at the previous scene with Eddy and even Ed)'' ...Was that a giant clam?
* Speaking of Rolf, in "X Marks the Ed", does he manage to get rid of Eddy's zit? Yes [[spoiler: but he also manages to shrink Eddy's head to the size of an acorn!]]
-->'''Eddy:''' ''(in a ridiculously high-pitched, squeaky voice)'' FIX MY HEAD, YA QUACK!!
* Ed again (he's just ''made'' of this trope, isn't he?) in "O-Ed Eleven", this time explaining to Edd how he deciphered the map made by Eddy's older brother, as only he can:
-->'''Ed:''' Because I am a brother, and Eddy's brother is a brother, and Eddy is a brother to Eddy's brother, as a brother I am. *hugs himself* \\
'''Edd:''' Nicely put, Ed.\\
'''Eddy:''' Oh brother.
** Also, Double-D peers out the entrance to his house after Eddy whacks upon the door multiple times, dryly asking "...Why did you pummel my door with a shovel?"
** Before the pummeling door there's this gem:
-->'''Eddy''': What're we supposed to do for an hour?\\
'''Ed''': I've got an elastic, Eddy.\\
'''Eddy''': Big deal...(''Screen fades to black Ed stretches the rubber band shoots it at Eddy'') '''YOWCH!!!'''
* Yet another Ed moment, from "Boys Will Be Eds": the boys (most of them, anyway) are [[InternalMonologue thinking about Nazz]]. Ed's thoughts?
-->'''Kevin:''' (thinking) She's so radical.
-->'''Eddy:''' (thinking) She can't take her eyes off me.
-->'''Edd:''' (thinking) Her hair is so clean, and not flyaway at all.
-->'''Ed:''' (thinking) Hello? Echo! MY NAME IS ED!
** Ed's first gift to Nazz:
-->'''Nazz:''' Hey there, Ed-*stares in silence*
-->'''Ed:''' *Shows a crude Nazz face drawn over his stomach.* It's you. I drew it.
-->'''Nazz:''' [[DamnedByFaintPraise I don't know what to say...]]
-->'''Ed:''' Should I hang it in your room?!
** Kevin's gift is to Nazz is to have Rolf shave her name into the side of Victor's fur:
-->''(Victor is wearing skates, and Rolf rolls him over to Nazz)''
-->'''Nazz:''' Victor changed his name to "Nazz," just like me!
-->'''Rolf:''' Are you weak in the upper story?
-->'''Kevin:''' ''(nervous and sweating)'' Heh-heh. Later, Rolf. Kinda neat, huh, Nazz? It's sort of a gift for you.
-->'''Nazz:''' ''(notices that the skates Victor is wearing are hers)'' Why is Nazz wearing my skates?
-->''(Rolf looks as though he is dumbfounded by Nazz's stupidity)''
-->'''Kevin:''' Um, yeah, I put in new bearing so they glide real smooth, you know.
-->'''Nazz:''' Awesome!
-->'''Rolf:''' ''(sounds like he's about to start laughing)'' Rolf will sit to the side and observe with hysterics! ''(he walks away, pushing Victor along)''
** At the end of the episode, the Eds try to [[SerenadeYourLover play a song to win Nazz's heart.]] We have Ed introducing the song with his comb and paper, and soon Edd starts playing the bongos. And then Eddy starts singing:
-->'''Eddy:''' (singing) Hit me! Have mercy! Dear Nazz don't give me gas! Right on! Oh yeah! Uh huh you are so rad! Oh baby! Stop me! Uh huh!
** Then it turns out that they are singing at '''Jimmy's''' house and, not only is he wearing curlers, but he offers to join their "band" by pointing out that he "plays a mean xylophone".
* "Ed... Pass It On" has [[http://i265.photobucket.com/albums/ii226/edtropolis/grabs/ed-8.jpg Ed as a roast turkey. Naked.]]
-->'''Jonny:''' '''FOR CRYIN' OUT LOUD!!!'''\\
'''Edd:''' Ed, you were supposed to use a REAL TURKEY!!!\\
'''Ed:''' Stuffing, anybody?\\
'''Eddy:''' (covering him back up) ''Idiot.''
** Later, Kevin sees the Eds setting up for a fake welcome-home party for Eddy's brother
-->'''Kevin:''' What's with the balloons; you dorks getting married? To each other?
* In "Ed, Ed and Away", Ed manages to make Eddy fly by pulling on a strap on Eddy's pants, causing his hair to spin and rising into the air like a helicopter. Edd's reaction is the funniest part:
-->'''Edd:''' Remind me to ask how you did that Ed...
** The same episode has Edd, near the beginning, complaining about their endless series of failed scams:
-->'''Edd:''' It's the same thing, day in and day out... it's so monotonous! A pipe dream, at best!\\
'''Ed:''' You are not alone, my friend. [[SidetrackedByTheAnalogy I dream of pipes, too.]]
** Also, in the same episode, all three Eds are chasing after a balloon as they run through Rolf's farm and plow through several animals... Except for a cow which promptly falls on top of Rolf.
-->'''Rolf:''' Never again will Rolf store house keys in his trouser pockets...
** Not to mention Rolfs reaction when he sees the cow about to tip over.
--> '''Rolf''': Mama! A bandage for Rolf! *the cow crushes him*
** And again, from the same episode and sequence:
-->'''Edd:''' We'd have to sprout wings to reach it at that height!\\
'''Ed:''' Fly, Double-D, fly! *throws Edd*\\
'''Nazz:''' *walks by* Hey, guys, whatcha doin'?\\
'''Ed:''' Fly, Nazz, fly! *throws Nazz*\\
'''Eddy:''' She didn't even make a grab for it!
** Then, after the balloon pops...
-->'''Ed:''' Float, little friend, float. *tosses balloon*
** The whole episode, really. Gets even better when you realize that the show managed to make a funny and entertaining episode about ''chasing a balloon''.
* From "Three Squares and an Ed", in which Eddy tries to get Ed out to freedom.
-->'''Eddy:''' Now all we have to do is go up the- *stairs aren't there* What happened to the stairs?!
-->'''Ed:''' My parents took 'em down because I am grounded!
-->'''Edd:''' [[FlatWhat That's disturbing.]]
* From "Will Work for Ed", Ed is ready to leave the house for Rolf's: he walks to a car, gets in, and starts the engine while Eddy laughs.
-->'''Edd:''' Ed, no, you're too young to drive!
** From the same episode, Ed begins his work as a hired "nincompoop" for Rolf. Rolf tells him to use "the nincompoop entrance", which is just a hole in the yard fence. Ed cheerfully replies "Okey-dokey!" and smashes right through it, making the hole even bigger.
** Rolf's [[MundaneMadeAwesome epic speech about Ed's first task]].
--->'''Rolf:''' ''Behold, the potato!'' Bow to this fruit of the earth, then ''peel it like it was the last task of your miserable life!!''

[[folder: Season Four]]
* In "Your Ed Here," [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rDJrOiklSJ0 Kevin makes Eddy kiss Edd]] ''on the lips''. If you listen closely, you'll hear "nooo" and a "lock n load" sound effect before Eddy kisses Edd. Kevin and Nazz's reactions are funny too.
** "Forgive me!"
** Kevin making Eddy bark like a seal and play horns with his mouth, then throwing him a fish as a "reward."
** The "nooo" is actually [[{{Mondegreen}} a mondegreeen]] of "Hello." Also, Ed "playing" Tic-Tac-Toe with Double Dee.
--> "Aw, kitty cat go meow?"
* In "The Good Ol' Ed", in a fake flashback, Edd was suffering from an extreme case of hiccups, which Ed tried to cure by holding Edd's mouth open ''very'' wide and shouting '"''I AM A ZOMBIE, AND I WILL MALICE YOU WITH A SHOEHORN!''" into it.
** "Yeah, Double-Dee! An elephant never forgets, but [[{{Metaphorgotten}} I forget what the elephant remembered]]."
** Ed's reaction to the pancake batter being poured over the cul-de-sac kids: "IT'S A BOY!"
** His LargeHam moment in the episode "A Case of Ed" when he confronts Ed and Eddy for fooling him into thinking he has a deadly disease.
-->'''Edd:''' (Really mad) '''ARE YOU PROUD OF YOURSELVES?'''
-->'''Eddy:''' Hang on there, Hamlet. (laughs some more, while Edd fumes.)
-->'''Ed:''' Too rich, huh Double Dee?
-->'''Edd:''' '''LISTEN TO ME!'''
-->(Ed and Eddy look at Edd.)
-->'''Eddy:''' How can we not?
-->'''Edd:''' (Holds up "kick me" sign) This, (Ed and Eddy's eyes widen) was found on my body! You had me believe I was expiring! (Glares)
* Ed with bananas up his nose.
-->'''Ed:''' Buy one, get one free! Ha ha ha.
* From "Once Bitten, Twice Ed", Eddy using one of Ed's toys (he just crudely tapes a walkie-talkie to the back of a monster action figure) to trick Ed into doing increasingly stupid tasks.
-->'''Eddy:''' Approach me mortal, for I am the great Baron O' Beef Dip!\\
'''Ed:''' (Confused) Baron O' Beef Dip?\\
'''Eddy:''' Is there an echo in here?
** Baron O' Bee...I mean, Eddy commanding Ed to eat his mattress is the funniest bit in that sequence, especially when Ed responds with an enthusiastic "YUM!"
*** Seconds later, Edd walks into the room, and is horrified to discover that Ed had somehow ''unhinged his own jaw'' and is actually '''swallowing his mattress whole!'''
--->'''Edd:''' (''[[BrickJoke comes in with the rocket Ed 'fired' lodged in his ear]]'') "Excuse me, Ed, but is this your--'''GOOD LORD, MAN!'''"
--->'''Ed:''' (''Eating the mattress, and finishes as Double D shakes in fear of seeing things he rather not see, and somehow manages to digest the whole thing into his stomach, and retaining his original form shortly thereafter'') "That hit the spot!
--->'''Edd:''' "Ed, what have I told you about the needless taxing of one's digestive system?"
*** "Wolf down the non-believer!"
* "Robbin' Ed". All of it. From Edd's BadBadActing in the "infomercial" for the Thing-a-ma-jig to Jonny's superhero alter-ego Captain Melonhead being saved from getting dunked in gravy by [[spoiler: Ed (AKA "Average Joe").]]
-->'''Edd:''' Hold your ''horses''! This butt's been ''used''!
** Eddy becoming a supervillain under the guise of Professor Scam to combat Captain Melonhead. At one point, he's going to flee in his escape balloon, but spends so much time gloating about his escape that it floats away before he can get on.
** The ridiculous costumes Eddy makes Double D and Ed wear as his henchmen, basically just underwear and socks with domino masks and a cardboard cent coin attacked to their foreheads.
* "Luck of the Ed" has the following moments:
-->'''Ed:''' Well, I was walking down the sidewalk, carrying Eddy's box, when I saw a bug. Hello, bug! I followed the little dickens to this tree, see? And I hit my head on that branch! (hits head on branch) Nope, sorry. It was this one. (hits head on another branch) Then, I gazed at the stars.
-->'''Edd:''' Ed? Please don't do that.
-->'''Eddy:''' C'mon, we're wasting time! Where'd ya hide the magazines, Ed?
-->'''Ed:''' Here we go... (pulls out a rubber chicken) ... a rubber chicken. (throws chicken) "Hide the box, hide the box", I said... (trips on rubber chicken) ... but then I tripped; hanging onto my pal's box of magazines for dear life! (falls over) I fell, and slid into a sewer.
-->'''Eddy:''' ''A '''SEWER?!''' '' My magazines are in the sewer?!
-->'''Edd:''' [[SarcasmMode Seems appropriate]]. You do realize that if your magazines are in that sewer, they'll be totally illegible; the text smeared by the damp sludge.
** The following scene where they examine Ed.
--->'''Eddy:''' What's with the glass?
--->'''Edd:''' Eddy, please don't interrupt. (take out a cupcake) Now Ed, do you see what I see?
--->'''Ed:''' CUPCAKE!
--->'''Eddy:''' So what's with the cupcake?!
--->'''Edd:''' Patience, ''please!''
--->''(Edd places the cupcake on the glass and Ed wolfs it down. Edd then sandwiches Ed's head between two slides of glass)''
--->'''Eddy:''' What's with Ed's face?!
--->'''Edd:''' Will you just let me do this, Eddy?!
*** Which follows with the disgusting things that Edd sees in Ed's hair.
--->'''Edd:''' *exasperated* Ed, there's a new invention called "soap," have you heard of it?
** "The number you are dialing is not in service."
** The "My bike!" "The magazines!" "Hat, please!" and "[[ItMakesSenseInContext Eyebrow]]" argument.
--->'''Ed''': (After Eddy stole his eyebrow) But Eddy, I can't make funny faces without that!
*** Even better in the Mexican dub, where Ed says instead: "Eddy! I can't make Anime faces without that eyebrow!".
** After all that, it turns out Ed ''his the magazines separately from the box'', and they have to repeat the whole experience over again.
* Ed using a vacuum to suck up his baby sister Sarah's snot in "Is There An Ed In The House?".
** For about ''10-15 seconds'', no less.
** Ed's attempt at drawing a picture of Rolf includes a giant monster standing behind him. "Rolf's head is about to be ''crunched'' by a four-legged mutant bus driver."
** Jimmy and Ed's dueling bedtime stories.
-->'''Jimmy:''' Silly Little Jilly frolicked in the daisies...\\
'''Ed:''' Spewing slime from its tentacles!\\
'''Jimmy:''' "I'm so silly", said Jilly...\\
'''Ed:''' As Zorbo sucked his brain!
** "Ed, you're the motor." "I have achieved ''greatness!''"
** Ed running off when Sarah rings her calling bell, leading to Double D and Nazz crashing the car.
* "An Ed Is Born", the one where the boys are making a video to send to Eddy's brother, is CMOF ''in its entirety.''
-->'''Edd:''' Sorry, Eddy, the 'planet baron' story threw me off.
** The scene where Ed eats the camera is the icing on that cake of hilarity.
--> '''Ed''': *stares into the camera and licks the lens* Hello, my name is Ed!
--> '''Eddy''': *Bummed out, sitting on the curb* We're running out of ideas, Double D. Think of something that'll make me look good.
--> '''Edd''': Ed, you be careful with that! Oh, what do I care, it's his camera...
-->'''Ed:''' (suddenly raises the camera above his head and shoves it down his throat) Man the helms! Dive! Dive!
-->'''Edd:''' ''(sternly)'' Ed, what have you done? Open it! OPEN IT!
-->'''Ed''': *opens his mouth to reveal the camera sitting in his stomach* GRAAAHHH!
-->'''Edd''': *reaches into Ed's stomach wearing rubber gloves to retrieve the sodden camera* Ed, you should know better than to eat the camera. Just think what it'll do to your digestive tract.
-->'''Ed''': (giddy) Boy, I can't wait to see that part, Double D!
-->'''Edd''': Yes, well, let's just nod and say we did, Ed.
-->'''Eddy''': C'mon, c'mon! I've got an impression to make, remember?
** The last scene in this episode tops it off...
-->[Rolf is shown coming into the house in the background sniffing the floor]
-->'''Eddy:''' "So, bro; as you can see, I'm a big shot now. [[HarsherInHindsight No more beatin' up little Eddy, hey, big brother?"]]
-->[Rolf enters]
-->'''Edd:''' Psst, Eddy! Rolf!
-->'''Eddy:''' Rolf? Did I forget to sign Rolf? There ya go, stretch. [signs Rolf's face]
-->[Rolf lifts up the cardboard cut-out Rolf and sees one of his chickens holding it up]
-->'''Rolf:''' And you have stolen Rolf's chickens yet again?!
-->'''Rolf:''' [to Edd] Are you are stealing Rolf's soul with your film box?!
-->'''Edd:''' Why, of course not, Rolf! What gave you that impression?
-->'''Rolf:''' Rolf will release his rage now!
-->'''Eddy:''' Wait, we can work this out!
-->[Punching sounds are heard and Eddy is thrown into a wall, destroying the other cardboard kids in the process]
-->'''Rolf:''' Return Rolf's chickens!
-->'''Ed:''' [running off] "WAAAAAAHHHH!
-->'''Rolf:''' RETURN THEM!
-->[Rolf storms toward Ed and Eddy. Meanwhile, the chickens go berserk and one of them flies towards Edd]
-->'''Edd:''' Shoo! Go away! Don't touch me! [Edd gets knocked over, and so does the camera]
-->'''Eddy:''' Mommy!
-->'''Edd:''' I think your brother's got the picture, Eddy.
-->'''Eddy:''' AAAAAAHHHHH!
-->[the camera's batteries die and shut off]
* The entire episode 'They Call Him Mr. Ed', including the gratuitous use of the word "up", Ed's cardboard elevator, and Edd and Eddy's reactions to espresso:
-->'''Edd:''' Well that was an ''up''turn for the worse.\\
'''Eddy:''' I almost ''up''chucked!
** The bit where Ed carries something into the homemade elevator cartoon-style with ''one of him at each end'' and the part where he runs into the invisible barrier Double D set up before! Cartoon logic at it's best, folks!
-->'''Ed:''' Forgot about the wall...
** Ed's DungeonBypass at the beginning of the episode.
-->'''Edd:''' Ed... Not that you'd understand the geometry involved in such an endeavor, but... That isn't how you go ''through'' a maze!\\
'''Ed:''' Hang on, Double-D, I'll think of something.
* "A Twist of The Ed", which revolves around the Eds using reverse psychology on the Kankers to scare them off for good, has some truly great moments, such as Ed's initial "flirting" with the Kankers, and them getting increasingly creeped out.
--> '''Ed''': *goes down on one knee in front of May* May I have your hand in carriage? *kisses her hand, then sucks the whole thing into his mouth*
--> '''Ed''': MAMBO!! *grabs Lee and Marie in a passionate tango embrace, taping their hands to his backside, and leans down to grab a mouthful of dandilions like they were a rose*
** After the Kankers flee back to their trailer, Double D joins in.
---> '''Double D''': Welcome home my dainty, dowdy darlings! I have freshly laundered socks for each of my contemptuous cupcakes!
---> '''Ed''': And I made my chicks pankcakes! Ketchup? *sprays ketchup on the pancakes which forms an image of an eye, a heart and a U* See? Eye Love U! A poet I am!
** The Kankers increasingly desperate attempts at escaping. They try to call the cops, only to find Ed with the reciever on his head.
---> '''Ed''': Dial me for love! *smooches*
** The Kankers smashes through a wall, leaving an imprint of their outline, only for the camera to pan out and show Eds outline on the wall as well with huge puckered lips
---> '''Ed''': (''flirty'') It's dark, huh huh huh!
* Ed has to play the violin...rather badly...in "Pain in the Ed". Eddy isn't happy about it...at all...
--> '''Eddy''': Violins are for sissies! Now if I played an instrument, I'd get something manly, like a... kazoo or something. [[DefensiveWhat What?]]
* Ed somehow gluing his head to a table in "Ed Overboard".
** Ed's cheerful acceptance of his own doom when the Kankers kidnap him to cheer up May.
--> '''Ed''': Welp, that's it for me!
--> '''Lee''': You're coming with us, Ed!
--> '''Ed''': Okidoki, ladies! A lesson in life I am sure to get!
** Double D helping Ed scrub off all the May+Ed graffiti May doodled on his upper body, and coming across a bandaid on his back. When Double D pulls it off...
--> '''Double D''': Is that a ''cookie''?!
--> '''Ed''': Yup, I've been saving it! *eats the cookie*
--> '''Double D''': That has to be the most disgusting, irrational...*smiles* Nice to have you back Ed.
** Ed getting kidnapped AGAIN in the ending, this time by the Urban Rangers, as revenge for the Eds abandoning them to the Kankers while saving Ed.
* ''Everything'' Ed and Eddy do to torment the grounded Kevin in "A Case of Ed". Words alone can't do them justice, but the highlights are:
** Eddy using a pool cue chalk on his finger before ringing the doorbell.
** Ed drawing faces on his toes and "performing" in front of Kevin's window.
** Eddy ''mooning'' Kevin. Kevin's reaction is funny enough but Ed tops it with an absolute GEMSTONE of a line:
-->'''Ed''': Oh ho, [[StealthPun I am turning into a werewolf]], Eddy!
** And the big finale? ''Building an entire brick wall around Kevin's house!''
-->'''Kevin''': ''(in total darkness)'' Okay, ''now'' I'm mad...
** When Double D thinks he's dying, he wills his various possesions to the other kids. When Rolf responds with his usual comical FunnyForeigner routine, Double D breaks down crying.
--> '''Double D''': Oh Rolf, ''you're so uneducated!'' *weeps miserably*
* The scene where the Eds frighten the Urban Rangers with monstrous noises in "An Ed in the Bush". Double D, well, ''tries'' to sound scary...
-->'''Double D''': Boo! Boo boo boo boo! Bleh, bleh! Boo boo!
** Double D prepares a bag of provisions for the Eds stay in the woods. Unfortunatly, its so overpacked he's eventually trapped under it and unable to move.
--> '''Edd''': [[BeCarefulWhatYouWishFor A little help would really be appreciated!!]] *cut to Ed ''dragging'' Double D, still trapped under the giant crate of supplies, which doesnt stop until the crate gets stuck in some trees and Double D is wrenched loose*
* In "Thick as an Ed" as Ed & Edd argue and volley insults over Ed's stinky lucky cheese chunk. Ed keeps using the same insult to Edd. Finally, Eddy breaks it up.
-->'''Edd''': The point here is my hat ''doesn't'' smell.
-->'''Ed''': Oh, yes, it does.
-->'''Edd''': No, it does NOT. You're just saying that because I said your jacket stank."
-->'''Ed''': Stinky hat!
-->'''Edd''': You've got a repulsive empty detachment of cheese in your pocket, Ed!
-->'''Ed''': STINKY HAT!
-->'''Ed''': STINKY HAT!
-->'''Ed''': STINKY HAT!
-->'''Ed''': Oh, YEAH?! STINKY HAT!
-->'''Ed''': ''STINKY HAT!''
-->'''Eddy''': '''[[BigShutUp SHUT UP!!']]''' ''BOTH OF YOU!!''
** The mere fact that ''EDDY'' is being the OnlySaneMan this time around.
** Ed getting his head stuck in the safety goggle strap.
--> '''Ed''': *sitting in the supply wagon* North to Alaska!
** Edd's increasingly desperate attempts at getting Ed's jacket off due to its horrendous smell, which at one point ends with him lodged INSIDE the jacket.
--> '''Ed''': Comfy?
--> '''Edd''': OH GOD THE STENCH!! *runs off screen, when the camera catches up to him, Edd has somehow set up a decontamination shower and a hazardous waste bin where he disposes of his tainted clothes, with a clean set on standby*
** Eddy chasing Ed around the pond to take his jacket, with a horse racing horn playing
** Eddy dressing Ed up as a female frog to trick him out of his jacket.
** After FINALLY getting rid of Ed's "lucky cheese", by tossing it into the pond, which ends up killing the fish, it turns out that Ed also has a ''rotting fish skeleton'' under his shirt.
* In "Sorry , Wrong Ed," when Rolf and the Eds are fighting over who gets to keep the cursed phone by throwing the phone, Ed's line is the funniest:
-->'''Ed''': Hot potato!
** Not to mention them tossing the phone around, ''with Double D still holding it''.
** [[RageBreakingPoint "Telephones aren't cursed, Eddy! They're PLASTIC!"]]
** Eddy's way of finally ridding himself of the phone? Gluing it to Johnnys head and running off.
* In "Don't Rain on My Ed", on the way to the candy store Eddy collides into Kevin and accidentally swallows him whole. Kevin's response:
-->'''Kevin''': (in Eddy's stomach, his shape visible) No, really, I'm pounding you, dork.
** He later retaliates by crushing Eddy with [[PianoDrop the piano that Jimmy was using as a garden]].
--->'''Kevin:''' That's for gobbin' all over my bike, dork!
** "KANKERS!" "[[MediumAwareness EXTREME CLOSE-UP!]]"
** The ridiculous difficulty the Eds have of reaching the candy store before it closes; ''everything'' seems to go wrong. The real kicker comes when they're just across the street from the store... only for a freak hurricane to start up and the Eds getting caught up in a horde of chickens Rolf is herding through the street.
** Ed's reaction to said chicken drive.
---> '''Ed:''' (ecstatic) Ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-'''CHICKEEEEENNNSS!'''
* "Run For Your Ed" gives us a handful of hilarious moments:
** Kevin's completely deadpan reaction to finding a slumbering Ed in his now-empty refrigerator:
--> '''Kevin:''' (Opening the fridge door to show Edd and Eddy) I believe ''this'' belongs to you?\\
'''Eddy:''' (Proceeds to laugh hysterically)\\
'''Edd:''' Oh, Ed! [[CallBack Sleepwalking again??]]
** Followed immediately by Eddy deciding to use an air horn to wake Ed up, and the big guy's rambling upon waking up.
---> '''Ed:''' Private Do-Not-Enter is ready for duty, chief! (Salutes and whacks himself in the head with the ship-in-a-bottle now stuck on his finger)
** The Eds' attempts to get the aforementioned ship-in-a-bottle off Ed's finger, including soap (which doesn't end well thanks to Ed's irrational fear of the "disgusting detergent of the deep") and [[ItMakesSenseInContext sticky tape.]]
** While ''that's'' going on, the Kankers are trying to find the ship-in-a-bottle themselves. Mass chaos ensues.
---> '''Jimmy''': I'm scarred for life!
** When the Kankers finally track the bottle to the Eds, Double-D stares at them blankly for a moment, looks back at Ed and Eddy in the other room as they try to remove it, then back to the Kankers. Without saying a word, he calmly closes the door on the Kankers, locks and bolts it for good measure...and then:
--->'''Edd:''' (Screaming as he runs into the next room) OH, DEAR ''LORD!'' THAT SHIP-IN-A-BOTTLE BELONGS TO THE ''KANKERS!!''\\
'''Eddy''': ''[[OhCrap KANKERS?!]]'' [[DirtyCoward EVERY MAN FOR HIMSELF!!]]\\
'''Ed''': WHO?! WHAT?! WHERE?! WHY?!
** [[LateToTheRealization "I think that was the Kankers' ship-in-a-bottle Eddy."]]
** Also, after all that, the Kankers remove the bottle with a simple twist, then leave without molesting the Ed's for once. Double D is genuinely confused that things worked out so well. [[HereWeGoAgain Then Eddy discovers that his finger has gotten stuck in the sink faucet]].
** [[MemeticMutation Rolf's giant wiener will catch a pretty penny at the market, yes Victor?]]
* Old Rolf in "Take this Ed and Shove It."
-->'''Rolf:''' ''(To Eddy)'' Hello, Kevin.
-->'''Eddy:''' Huh? I'm not Kevin.
-->'''Rolf:''' Who is this Kevin you speak of? (Beat) '''ROLF'S TRACTOR IS NOT FOR SALE!'''
-->([[GilliganCut Rolf's old, rusty, beaten up tractor is shown, with a For Sale sign next to it]])
-->(Cut back to Rolf, staring angrily at Eddy. Rolf steps back smiling, but then suddenly grabs Eddy)
-->'''Rolf:''' YOU FOOL! ''(Rolf sets Eddy down on top of a morbidly obese Wilfred)'' Rolf does not love you, Nazz girl.
-->'''Eddy:''' Okay.
* Eddy impersonating several of the Cul-de-Sac kids at the beginning of "Stiff Upper Ed."
-->'''Eddy:''' ''(Dressed as Nazz)'' That's so totally radi-cool. ''(Cocks hip and runs off)''\\
'''Eddy:''' ''(Comes back dressed as Kevin, with a cardboard box on his head dressed to resemble Kevin's)'' Looks like a hoot, and only a quarter to boot. ''(Runs off)''\\
'''Eddy:''' ''(Comes back dressed as Sarah)'' I wanna try, I wanna try! How bout you, Jimmy?\\
''(Eddy bends over and turns around to show he's painted Jimmy's face on the seat of his pants)''\\
'''Eddy:''' Tee-hee, I'm so [[StealthPun cheeky]], I'd pay a quarter!

[[folder: Holiday Episodes, Season Five, & Season Six]]
* [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pyrzaoxgpwc Zappity zap zap!]]
* In "Cleanliness is Next to Edness", Ed wakes up Eddy for school. When Eddy finds out it was a Saturday and Ed woke him up for no reason, Ed claims it wasn't his fault because his belly told him it was Bottomless Gravy Day. Ed whacks his belly with a flyswatter, yelling "Bad belly!" Eddy proceeds to grab the swatter and whack Ed on his head, driving him into the ground. "YOUR ''HEAD'S'' BOTTOMLESS!"
** Later, Ed is constantly trying to apologize to Eddy. Eddy doesn't really care at that point and just wants to sleep in. Eventually, Eddy tapes [[GettingCrapPastTheRadar what's obviously supposed to be a dirty magazine]] to the window and tells Ed to "stay". What ''really'' makes this one hilarious, however, is the fact that Ed gets ''[[CovertPervert the biggest, widest grin on his face]]'' while looking at said magazine. (Though it could also just be a really sheepish grin since Eddy called him a "weekend wrecker" right after taping over his face.) Of course, then ''Edd'' shows up asking to use Eddy's shower, due to his own being remodeled. Eddy ends up throwing him out of his room.
* "A Fistful Of Ed" has quite a bit, despite being something of a Tearjerker episode due to how miserable Ed and Double D end up for most of it. One of the funniest moments is Ed temporarily replacing Double D with a painted egg he calls [[CompanionCube Double G]].
--> '''Ed as Double G''': I, Double G, am gentle, unlike that nasty Double D! Shall we talk about fossils and dishsoap?
--> '''Ed''': *at the verge of tears* Double D used to talk about dish soap ''ALL THE TIME!!''
* In "Out With the Old, In With the Ed" when Rolf broke down Edd's door with an '''''AXE,''''' and the kids stampeded away with Edd's school supplies.
** The fact that Edd is less concerned with that and more concerned with the fact that they didn't wipe their feet when they entered.
** Eddy's [[ExpressiveShirt expressive apron]].
* The end of "I am Curious Ed", when the Eds have failed to explain to Jimmy and Sarah where babies come from, Ed delivers this gem of a line:
--> '''Ed''': There there, Double D, it is not your fault you are so [[InnocentlyInsensitive useless!]]"
** The fact he delivers this line whilst smiling is hilarious
** Ed picking up Eddy by the scruff of his neck with his teeth and ''flying'' over his house to drop him down the chimney.
** Edd's reaction is to pull up a chair, get out a notepad and pen and ask how Ed did that.
* "Who's Minding the Ed?" had this (yes, it's yet ANOTHER Ed moment):
-->'''Ed:''' Ski party a go-go! '' *Ed and Rolf's animals are on a sled, going down the stairs to Ed's room, Victor bleats* '' Hot cocoa and potato salad! Who's with me?!
** In the same vein at the end of "Too Smart For His Own Ed:"
-->'''Ed:''' Cookies at my house, Double-D! With lots of mayonnaise!\\
'''Edd:''' That's... not really necessary, Ed.
** Rolf crushing Eddy behind a front door.
--> '''Rolf''': ROLF HAS RETURNED!
--> '''Eddy''': *sounds of pain*
** Ed's OccularGusher moment at the end when he finds out that Rolf has already picked up his animals. He cries so much it drenches Eddy and forces Double D to pull out an umbrella.
* At the end of "Run Ed Run", the Eds somehow manage to break the sky and cause pieces of it to fall off ([[ItMakesSenseInContext don't ask]]). While Ed is freaking the heck out and desperately trying to both tape the sky back together and hide from Eddy's wrath, Double D is examining the pieces of sky and gushing over what he considers to be an amazing scientific discovery.