Funny / Dungeons And Drogans

  • The original trio on whether or not they should eat Jacques' horse.
    Thomas: Jacques is walking over to his horse, who is very, very startled because he is a fricken coward.
    Jacques: Coward horse is cowardly...
    Thomas: Anyway, and he starts to try to calm it down, because it's a freaking coward.
    Coltaine: Well, uh, there's our wizardy friend, always preoccupied with his horse, of course.
    Rekoj: I wonder why...
    Coltaine: Maybe it's a tasty horse?
    Jacques: Hm. I wonder...
    Rekoj: Interesting.
    Coltaine: But we're not going to eat it just yet, okay? We'll wait until we run out of food.
    Dave: Wait, do we even have food?
    Thomas: I want to roll a listen check.
    CJ: What are you going to listen for?
    Thomas: I don't know, I want to listen for something. EVERYTHING!
    Dave: You realize that we're speaking out loud about eating your horse, it's not like a listen check is going to help you, you pretty much heard us saying "Yeah, we should eat his horse."
    Nick: I didn't say we should eat, I said we might eat it if we're in dire straights and have no food.
    Thomas: You're not eating my horse. That's all I'm saying.
    Dave: Well, it's either your horse, or your legs, so... it's your choice.
    Thomas: Please! I might pull out some ridiculous rolls on you. Like, say, those 20's I never get.