[[folder: TV Show]]

[[AC: Treasure of the Golden Suns]]
-->'''Nephews:''' We missed ya, Unca Scrooge!\\
'''Scrooge:''' ''Missed'' me? What'd you throw at me?

[[AC: [[Recap/DuckTalesS1E5NothingToFear Nothing to Fear]]]]

-->'''Scrooge:''' Duckworth? Why are you standing in the closet?
-->'''Duckworth:''' ''[clears throat, whispers]'' Because there's no limo monster in here, sir.
-->''[Door closes]''
-->'''Scrooge:''' Well, I guess he has a point.
* At the climax:
-->'''Huey:''' We're not afraid of you, Ms. Quackenbush! We did our homework!
-->'''Nightmare Quackenbush:''' Oh. Sorry! ''[Vanishes]''

[[AC: Duck in the Iron Mask]]

* Dewey gets upset when the announcer at their baseball game calls him "Huey."
-->'''Dewey:''' I'm sick of people getting us mixed up all the time!
-->'''Louie:''' Aw, don't let it bother ya', Huey.
-->'''Huey:''' ''I'm'' Huey!
-->'''Louie:''' I know -- I couldn't resist!

[[AC: [[Recap/DuckTalesS1E9DimeEnoughForLuck Dime Enough for Luck]]]]
* Gladstone freaking out after Magica de Spell curses him with bad luck. "I don't believe it! I've lost my luck! No food... no money... {{gasp}}! I'll have to get a job [[BroughtDownToNormal like normal people!!]]"

[[AC: Scroogerello]]

* Scrooge's response to Webby offering to read him a FairyTale: "Gag me with a tongue depressor."

[[AC: [[Recap/DuckTalesS1E15SweetDuckOfYouth Sweet Duck of Youth]]]]
* Looking into the fountain of youth shows the person as they looked when they were younger. For the triplets, the reflection is just three giant eggs staring back at them.
-->'''Dewey:''' We haven't even hatched yet!
* Not to mention Launchpad's reaction to seeing himself as his younger self from an earlier episode!
-->'''Launchpad:''' Oh no! Now I'll have to start all over!
-->'''Scrooge:''' Maybe this time you'll do it ''right'', ma boy.

[[AC: Duck to the Future]]

-->'''Scrooge:''' Gyro, it's me! Scrooge [=McDuck=]!\\
'''Old!Gyro:''' ''(shakes Scrooge's hand)'' Please to meet you. What can I do for you?\\
'''Scrooge:''' You got to help me, Gyro. What happened to your Time Tub?\\
'''Old!Gyro:''' I give up. What?\\
'''Scrooge:''' Think!\\
'''Old!Gyro:''' Oh yeah, it's over there. I turned it into a bird bath.\\
'''Scrooge:''' You got to fix it! I gotta get back to the past!\\
'''Old!Gyro:''' Who are you?\\
'''Scrooge:''' ''SCROOGE MCDUCK!!!''\\
'''Old!Gyro:''' Please to meet you. What can I do for you?\\
'''Scrooge:''' *FacePalm* Great scotts!\\\
'''Scrooge:''' Will the Time Tub work?\\
'''Old!Gyro:''' Will what work?\\
'''Scrooge:''' This bird bath!\\
'''Old!Gyro:''' This isn't a bird bath, it's a Time Tub.\\
'''Scrooge:''' I don't care what it is! Just get me back to the past!

[[AC: Catch as Cash Can]]
* The infamous "[[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=79c5JKjAQFg A SEA MONSTER ATE MY ICE CREAM!!!!!!]]", which consists of Scrooge flipping out over hearing such news (since it was actually half his fortune), repeatedly screaming the above phrase and bouncing on the breakfast table on his head.
--> '''Ms. Beakley:''' That must've been ''some'' ice cream.
** His nephews are forced to strap him in a makeshift straightjacket, which calms him down, and he then proceeds to hop away, determined to get his fortune back.

[[AC: The Ducky Horror Picture Show]]

-->'''Scrooge:''' Huey, Dewey... ''[the Blob slithers down the stairs]'' Yucky!\\
''[the Blob slithers over Scrooge, covering him in slime]''\\
'''Scrooge:''' Eck! I've been slimed by the Blob!\\
'''Duckworth:''' There's a first time for everything, sir.\\\
'''[[TheIgor Quacky]][[Literature/TheHunchbackOfNotreDame modo]]:''' Hey [=McDuck=], you want to Blob for apples? HA HA HA HA HA! ''[pointing at a bucket of apples floating in green slime]''\\
''[The slime is the Blob who's eating the apples]''\\
'''Scrooge:''' Yuck!

[[AC: [[Recap/DuckTalesS1E26TheGoldenFleecing The Golden Fleecing,]]]]

* Launchpad's therapist is Ludwig Von Drake -- that alone is funny! But then Ludwig goes on to diagnose him as a cuckoo and tells him a special method (which is just "om"-ing with eyes closed). By the end, both are on the couch "om"-ing after seeing a harpy.
* "And when the data input meets the [[IncrediblyLamePun mama input]], you do the hokey pokey and you turn yourself around--no, no what am I saying?"

[[AC: Send in the Clones]]

* "This'll make a nice cover photo for Duckweek - Scrooge and his nephews... ''[Burger turns back to normal]'' ...playing Beagle Boys and Indians. ...BEAGLE BOYS??!"
* Earlier from the episode.
--> '''Scrooge:''' My nephews and I just love to play cowboys and Indians Woo-woo-woo-woo! Woo-woo-woo-woo!!

[[AC: Take Me Out of the Ballgame]]

* The ending - Doofus hits the baseball so hard that it travels halfway across the world to Europe and beans Launchpad in the head, knocking him out and causing a crash landing.

[[AC: The Money Vanishes]]

* Scrooge's ImagineSpot of his money floating away and everyone stealing it when Gyro considers inventing a flotation ray at the end.

[[AC: Hotel Strangeduck]]

* Mrs. Beakley is grumbling about "how do I always let Mr. [=McDuck=] talk me into these things?" and Webby answers her (in an uncanny imitation of her grandmother), "Because Uncle Scrooge says 'I'll give you a raise' and you say 'Oh, very well, Mr. [=McDuck=]." What really sells it is how Mrs. Beakley stands there thinking about it for a minute before shrugging and nodding, as if to say, "That's about right."

[[AC: The Uncrashable Hindentanic]]

* Scrooge is performing a ship christening:
-->'''Scrooge:''' Is this cheap champagne?
-->'''Duckworth:''' The ''cheapest'', sir.
** The best part is that he pauses in midswing to ask.

[[AC: Til Nephews Do Us Part]]

* When they're looking for the lost relics of Malaysia (which Huey, Dewey, and Louie kept calling the lost relish of Malaria):
-->'''Scrooge:''' I found the relics! And it ''is'' relish!

[[AC: Super [=DuckTales=]]]

* Fenton's attempts to get the bag of dimes from the Beagles. All of them.
--->'''Ma Beagle:''' ''[chasing Huey, Dewey & Louie]'' Come back with that cash!\\
'''Burger:''' ''[follows]'' Come back with those desserts!
* "It's thieves like them who are making the world a rotten place to live for thieves like us!"
* "If ya don't like how I drive, stay out of the hallway!"
* The Beagles succeed in gaining control of [=GizmoDuck=]'s suit, with Fenton still trapped inside it. Via remote control, he barges through the wall of Scrooge's mansion, and the latter is rightfully furious and insulted.
-->'''Scrooge''': how ''dare'' you!
* But it's Duckworth's sheer indignation ''on his boss's behalf'' that makes the moment hilarious. He pulls off his glove and slaps the helpless Fenton with it.
-->'''Duckworth''': My sentiments ''exactly'', you robotic ''ruffian''!
[[AC: [[Recap/DuckTalesTheLandOfTraLaLa The Land of Trala La]]]]

* Scrooge's breakdown where he begins acting like a squirrel. His psychiatrist explains that all the stress having to do with money is what's lead to it and the best cure is him getting away from money for a while. She manages to temporarily calm him down, until he sees how much her fee is, which immediately leads him to having another breakdown and start acting like a squirrel all over again.
-->'''Fenton:''' You're a very sick doctor!

[[AC: Allowance Day]]

* "But I'm too young to die! And too nice! And much, ''much'' too nervous!"
* Later in that same episode:
-->'''Scrooge:''' What's going on? High noon isn't for another hour!\\
'''General Chiquita:''' I thought I would save you needless anguish by moving up the execution.\\
'''Fenton:''' Bu-but I was just starting to ''enjoy'' my anguish!

[[AC: Bubbeo and Juliet]]

* Scrooge and the nephews discussing how to get back at their neighbors in "Bubbeo and Juliet", especially with the crude animations that accompany their suggestions.
* BabyTalk: "Dear Skooge - Bubba go bye bye with Julie. Don worry. Be happy."

[[AC: Attack of the Metal Mites]]

* In "Attack of the Metal Mites", after Gizmoduck bungles up stopping the mites from eating the platform one of the workers is standing on, he flies to the worker's rescue by using the helicopter propeller in his helmet to fly. He says "Bet you thought I only had brains in here", to which the worker replies with something to the effect of "No, I didn't think you had brains at all".

[[AC: Scrooge's Last Adventure]]

* The episode has a very hilarious RunningGag. First, Huey, Dewey and Louie resort to Plan B when the clockmaker insists that he can't fix the grandfather clock they accidentally broke. Evidently, Plan B is throwing a tantrum until the clockmaker gives in. Later, Fenton Crackshell tries to get Scrooge to let him help in recovering his money from cyberspace. When Scrooge refuses, Fenton resorts to his Plan B, which is ''also'' throwing a tantrum until Scrooge gives in. Finally, Scrooge throws a tantrum after all he's been through and his grandnephews ask how he knew about Plan B.

[[folder: Comics]]
* Scrooge's ParanoiaGambit on Glomgold at the end of ''[[Comics/DuckTales Scrooge's Quest]].'' Scrooge manages to drive his nemesis (who now has control of the city) to utter distraction simply by wandering around doing everyday things and continually referring to "that time."
* One moment from the "Curse of Flabberge" story. Scrooge and Launchpad are both sitting in hospital beds after yet another crash.
-->'''Launchpad''': At least I crashed us near the hospital!
-->'''Scrooge''': Next time, just drop me off!
-->'''Launchpad''': Why is it that all of my friends eventually take up skydiving?
-->''Launchpad ducks as Scrooge throws a clock at him.''

[[folder: Video Games]]
* This gem from the orginal game's Beta/Japanese ending:
---> '''[[NarmCharm DREAM AND FRIENDS]]'''
* The trailer for [[https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=i34TYTJa0gg DuckTales Remastered]] starts off with a QuoteMine from Capcom employees. However, the last quote (from Creator/TimSchafer) is "[[ComicallyMissingThePoint Stop e-mailing me for a quote]]".
* Apparently, Launchpad was [[HilariouslyAbusiveChildhood dropped on his head all the time]] as a child. Explains a lot, doesn't it?
-->'''Launchpad:''' Mr. [=McD=], I just had a thought.\\
'''Scrooge:''' Launchpad, why start now and ruin a perfect record?
* Scrooge has plenty of moments with Launchpad and Fenton Crackshell, really. Mostly in the form of being a DeadpanSnarker who sometimes tosses {{Stealth Insult}}s.
* This excerpt from the intro to the Transylvania level.
-->'''Scrooge:''' Dinnae worry. I'll be back with the coin before you can say "E Pluribus Unum." [[note]]"E pluribus unum" is a phrase found on the back of the American dollar bill (among other things). It is Latin for "Out of many, one".[[/note]]\\
'''Hewey:''' Ee purple bus who-um?\\
'''Louie:''' Yeah. I'm not sure that's as fast as you think it is.
* The face Scrooge makes in the Himalayas, when he gets stuck in the snow.
** It gets better, he makes that face on the picture in the music gallery for the modern!remix of the song.
* During the mini-boss battle with Flintheart Glomgold in the Himalayas level, Webby sometimes says to Scrooge "Pretend he's a door-to-door salesman!"
** In the same scene, Launchpad might sometimes say "Usually, for a ride like this, you'd have to buy a ticket."
* SKOOGE SAVE BUBBA! SKOOGE SAVE BUBBA! SKOOGE SAVE BUBBA! (Said while Bubba swings his club around with glee...[[AgonyOfTheFeet including on Scrooge's foot!]])
* Some of Magica's taunts during her boss battle, when she uses her lightning bolt spell.
-->'''Magica:''' Fried Scrooge, order up!\\
'''Magica:''' This will add sizzle to your sunset years!
** Her monologue after her defeat is pretty good, too:
-->'''Magica:''' Blast these inferior mirror and beam spells! Is last time I shop for spell ingredients at discount store!
* The post-level conversations that Scrooge has with his nephews have some entertaining moments. For instance, there's the one that takes place after African Mines, where Scrooge tells the boys that it was silly to think that a ghost was the source of the mysterious voices in the diamond mines--that there's always a rational explanation for this sort of thing. Dewey immediately lampshades the ''real'' reason for the voices:
-->'''Dewey:''' [[DeadpanSnarker Yeah, because an underground kingdom of creatures that causes earthquakes as part of a game]] [[SarcasmMode is a]] ''[[SarcasmMode completely]]'' [[SarcasmMode rational explanation.]]\\
'''Scrooge:''' (Sheepishly) Er...aye. Never mind, boys. The point is, we found the Diamond of the Inner Earth, and gained a whole diamond mine in the process!
* In the African Mines, Scrooge delivers a few good lines while getting fed up with the nephews' insistence that there's a ghost haunting the mines:
-->'''Scrooge:''' If I hear one more word about these mines being haunted, ''I'll'' start haunting them meself!
* On the Moon, Scrooge has some rather amusing remarks while tracking down the pieces of the Gizmoduck suit:
** Finding the lower section, Scrooge comments on how having a motorized wheel for "feet" [[AwesomeButImpractical isn't exactly the most practical choice for transportation:]]
-->'''Scrooge:''' ...I've always wondered what Gyro was thinking when he designed this thing; who fights crime with a unicycle?
** Upon finding the main armored chassis, Scrooge [[JustifiedTrope justifies the fact that he can carry such a heavy burden all this way]] thanks to having a [[HammerSpace hyperspace pocket]] designed by Gyro for this sort of thing.
** When he finds the helmet, Scrooge muses how Fenton seems to get ''smarter'' whenever he's in his Gizmoduck persona...[[SugarWiki/HeartwarmingMoments and considers that maybe he's a little too hard on his]] BeleagueredAssistant.
* During the final level in Mt. Vesuvius, when [[EnemyMine Scrooge and Glomgold are working together to get to Magica De Spell]] so Scrooge can [[HostageForMacGuffin give her his]] NumberOneDime [[HostageForMacGuffin to save his nephews]] (with Glomgold being convinced to help Scrooge in exchange for the treasures that were being collected all this time), there's one point where you have to get ahead by pogo-jumping on a heavy rock that Glomgold's holding up...and you can keep bouncing on the rock for a good long while. [[VideoGameCrueltyPotential Make no mistake, it's a pretty mean thing to do.]] But then again, [[KickTheSonOfABitch no one can deny that the corrupt old coot had it coming,]] especially after he held Scrooge's nephews hostage so that Scrooge would fork over the treasures to him in the first place...[[HijackedByGanon before Magica stepped in.]]
** And of course, [[spoiler: since [[BigBadDuumvirate Glomgold and Magica De Spell were working together all along,]] it's not like Glomgold was ever really on your side in the first place.]]
* [[spoiler: Glomgold clinging to Vulture!Magica's leg as she flies from Mt. Vesuvius]]
-->"Let go of me, you doddering old deadweight!"\\
"Oh, pipe down, you mangy bird."
* Duckworth summons safes for you to drop on Big Time Beagle in the first boss fight. And his priorities are... somewhat skewed:
-->"''Do'' be careful, sir! ''You'll scuff the floor!''"
* Remaster gives each of the old songs some much needed flare, often fitting thier themes (Amazon is tropical, Himalayas is rather tribal, the Mines have a Jazzy feel which fits the boss, the Moon has a Techno-Scifi vibe to it with a hint of nostalgia (due to it's popularity). Transylvania (however) get's a techno-vibe, and to add to the weirdness, later on becomes '''DUBSTEP'''. Yes, the '''HAUNTED HOUSE''' get's '''DUBSTEP''''. It's as crazy, hilarious, and awesome as it sounds.
* In the ending, Scrooge takes Huey, Dewey, and Louie out for ice cream. When his grandnephews ask him if they can get their own individual cones this time, Scrooge complies because he is in a generous mood. Scrooge then adds that their cones can actually have ice cream in them this time.