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[[folder:Episode 1: The Return of Raditz!...Wait...]]
* All of the farmer's lines, [[OneSceneWonder despite the fact that he only has about 4 of them in the entire series]].
--> '''Farmer:''' ''(notices spaceship crash on his farm in the distance)'' OH GOD NO, MY MARIJUANA PATCH! I mean uhhh, my carrot patch. Uh... YEAH. ''(approaches crashed spaceship)'' Guess I'll do what any sensible Middle American would do in this situation ''(pulls out rifle)'': GIT MAH GUN!\\
'''Spaceship:''' Hello and welcome to Earth: with open bar.\\
'''Farmer:''' ''(notices Raditz getting out of his ship bathed in blue light'') HOLY CRAP, IT'S [[Franchise/SonicTheHedgehog SONIC THE HEDGEHOG!]] Oh wait, no... Itís an alien! HOLY S***, IT'S AN ALIEN!\\
'''Raditz:''' Finally, on this dead plan... ''(notices teeming wildlife)'' wait... what the crap? Did Kakarot screw this up? Oh, goddamnit! I knew we should have sent Turles.\\
'''Farmer:''' ''(thinking)'' I better think of something cool to say to make him stop ''(cocks gun, then shouting)'' HEY YOU! ''(thinking again)'' Genius, farmer... Genius.\\
'''Raditz:''' Aw, look at him! He thinks he's people. What's your power level, little human? Five, huh?\\
'''Farmer:''' ''(shoots)'' PROTECT ME, GUN!\\
'''Raditz:''' ''(catches the bullet)'' Hey! No! Bad human! ''(flicks it back)''\\
'''Farmer:''' Damn it, I voted for [[UsefulNotes/GeorgeWBush Bush]].\\
'''Raditz:''' Bad! Now get back up and say you're sorry. ''(Farmer doesn't move)'' Human? Huuuman? ''(sighs)'' [[AndCallHimGeorge So this is why dad said I couldn't keep Appule]].
* Goku meeting Raditz.
-->'''Goku:''' So what are you here for? The Dragon Balls?\\
'''Raditz:''' The... the Dragon's what?\\
'''Goku:''' The Dragon Balls, you know? There are seven of them? They grant you any wish you want? Like immortality.\\
'''Oolong:''' [[MythologyGag Or Bulma's panties.]]
** Soon after, Vegeta and Nappa find out about the Dragon Balls:
--->'''Nappa:''' Hey Vegeta did you hear that?\\
'''Vegeta:''' Oh yeah, we're totally going to Earth to get our wish.\\
'''Nappa:''' Yeah! We're gonna get panties! ...I mean immortality. Immortality is what I meant! Right, Vegeta?\\
'''Vegeta:''' Just get in the damn pod.
** The birth of the [[RunningGag Krillin Owned Count]]. Especially if you weren't expecting it.
--->'''Goku:''' Hey! Stop hitting Krillin!\\
'''Raditz:''' Why?\\
'''Goku:''' [[NoSympathy Because you're breaking Kame House!]]\\
'''Krillin:''' ''(from inside the hole in Kame House)'' Yeah... stop breaking Kame House.
* Bulma's introduction:
-->'''Bulma:''' Hey I'm here.\\
'''Krillin:''' [[FreudianSlip BOOBS!]] I mean, Bulma... Hi!\\
'''Bulma:''' Oooooooookaaaaaaaay.
* Piccolo and Tom. That is all.
-->'''Piccolo:''' Why [should I help you]?\\
'''Goku:''' I'll friend you on MySpace.\\
''({{beat}}, cut to the two flying)''\\
'''Piccolo:''' Tom, you've been replaced.
* Bulma walking in on Yamcha cheating on her.
-->'''Yamcha:''' BULMA! THIS ISN'T WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE- okay it's totally what it looks like. Can I still live here? ''Please?'' Before this I was living in the desert. And have you changed Puar's litter box yet?
--> '''Puar:''' I make boom-boom!
* [=Vegeta3986=] taking the role of Raditz away from Lanipator ''mid-attack'' because of an argument over his ''special move''.
-->'''Lanipator as Raditz:''' "Prepare yourself for my signature attack: DOUBLE SUN-" ''(picture turns monochrome and the RecordNeedleScratch sound is heard)''\\
'''[=Vegeta3986:=]''' No!\\
'''Lanipator:''' Eh -- huh?\\
'''[=Vegeta3986:=]''' Give me the mic!\\
'''Lanipator:''' What? No -- come on, man!\\
'''[=Vegeta3986:=]''' Dude, give me the mic! ''(a picture of the original Dragonball appears on screen with the words 'We are experiencing technical difficulties' superimposed over the top and bottom)''\\
'''Lanipator:''' That is the real attack name!\\
'''[=Vegeta3986:=]''' No, it isn't!\\
'''Lanipator:''' Fine, here, take it. I'll just go practice my Vegeta. Ass.
** Even funnier when you realize that it is a joke carried over from another [[WebVideo/NarutoTheAbridgedSeries Abridged Series]] [=Vegeta3986=] has worked on in the past.
** Even better is the fact that it really ''wasn't'' Double Sunday! Double Sunday is a pink energy attack, while the move Raditz was about to use was a move officially titled [[! "Begone!"]] which Ocean Group dubbed "Keep Your Eye On The Birdie!" and that for some reason Funimation mistook for Double Sunday when they redubbed it. In other words, [=Vegeta3986=] was ''right''!
* After Raditz flies off with Gohan:
-->'''Goku:''' Someone stop him!\\
''(cuts to the island as crickets chirp)''\\
'''Goku:''' Damn it, Krillin!\\
'''Krillin:''' Hey, I was bitch-slapped through a house! What's your excuse?\\

[[folder:Episode 2: And They All Lived Happily Ever...Oh...]]
* The birth of a RunningGag.
-->'''Goku:''' Are... are you a [[SuperMarioBrothers Yoshi]]?\\
'''Piccolo:''' [[SarcasmMode Yes, Goku, I'm a green f*cking dinosaur.]]\\
'''Goku:''' [[SarcasmBlind Can... can I ride you?]]\\
'''Piccolo:''' ''(annoyed growl)''
* Raditz's assumption that nudity makes you stronger on Earth.
-->'''Goku:''' Piccolo? You use weighted training clothes as well?\\
'''Piccolo:''' [[SarcasmMode No Goku]]; [[HoYay I just love to get naked when I'm around you]].\\
'''Raditz:''' {Their power level is rising...} So, nudity makes you stronger on this planet! '''*zipper sound*'''\\
'''Goku:''' Uh no, we're wearing weighted clothing. '''*zipper sound*'''\\
'''Raditz:''' O, o-of course! Because that would be ridiculous, ah ha ha ha ha...\\
* {{beat}}*\\
'''Piccolo:''' So that hair ''does'' [[CompensatingForSomething compensate for something]].\\
'''[[WesternAnimation/HarveyBirdmanAttorneyAtLaw Phil Ken Sebben]]:''' Ha ha! Dangly parts!
* After narrowly dodging Raditz's attack, Goku congratulates Piccolo... before noticing that [[AnArmAndALeg he lost a little something]], leading to a chain of IgnoreTheDisability.
* The fact that Creator/TeamFourStar kept a line from the original English dub and reused it word for word, because they couldn't think of anything funnier to say in its place. Doubles as a CrowningMomentOfAwesome for the dubbed series.
-->'''Raditz:''' ''(after blowing off Piccolo's arm and laughing)'' Excuse me, has anyone seen my arm? You can't miss it, it's green!
* Raditz, Goku, and Piccolo in Episode 2:
-->'''Raditz:''' Aha! Attacking an opponent up to four times your strength in a one-on-one battle. A cunning strategy... no, no, not cunning. What's the opposite of that?\\
'''Piccolo:''' ''(offscreen)'' Retarded?\\
'''Raditz:''' That's it, thank you! Now, disregarding the Namekian, I-\\
'''Goku:''' Ah -- a ''Yoshi.''\\
'''Piccolo:''' ''(offscreen)'' I'm not a goddamn Yoshi!\\
'''Goku:''' But you said you were!\\
'''Piccolo:''' (''offscreen'') It's called ''sarcasm!''\\
'''Goku:''' What's ''that'' taste like?\\
'''Piccolo:''' ''(offscreen)'' ''DAMMIT Goku!!''\\
'''Raditz:''' Stop ignoring me!!\\
''(Raditz crushes Goku's ribs)''\\
'''Goku:''' Ow, my ribs! I think you broke my... mmm... ribs.
*** Bleh.
** Right after Goku [[DeathIsCheap dies]]:
--->'''Krillin:''' Holy crap. ''(cheerfully)'' I'm not the first person to die in this series!\\
'''Roshi:''' Krillin!\\
'''Krillin:''' What?\\
'''Roshi:''' TooSoon!
* Piccolo mentally singing [[Series/TheMuppetShow Mahna Mahna]] while Goku "distracts" Raditz.
* When Goku has Raditz in a Full Nelson...
--->'''Raditz:''' ''(tries in vain to break free)'' Okay, let go. ''(continues to struggle)'' Seriously! This is starting to piss me off!
* Piccolo tries saying the Japanese name of his attack to kill Raditz (Makankōsappō) but he has trouble pronouncing it so he just goes with Special Beam Cannon.
* [[ As Goku is being beaten senseless, Gohan escapes from Raditz's space pod, blowing it up.]]
-->'''Raditz:''' NO! MY SPACE PO-- ''(Gohan headbutts Raditz's chest, cracking his armor)'' UGH! MY SPACE ARMOR!\\
'''Piccolo:''' We get it, you're from space!
* [[ As Gohan gets up, Raditz appears behind him:]]
-->'''Raditz:''' UNCLE RADITZ IS PISSED! (he swipes at Gohan; the scene pauses)\\
'''[=KaiserNeko=]:''' We here at Creator/TeamFourStar do not condone child violence. We do, however, [[CrossesTheLineTwice find it hilarious]]. ''(scene resumes)''
** And lampshading just how little sense it made for Goku to subdue Raditz with a full-nelson.
* Towards the end of the episode after Piccolo takes Gohan.
--> '''Piccolo:''' I'm taking Gohan, bye. ''(flies off)''\\
'''Krillin:''' Quick, someone stop him!\\
''(dead silence as the wind blows)''\\
'''Krillin:''' Damn it, Roshi!\\
'''Roshi:''' Shut up, Krillin.\\
[[RunningGag Krillin Owned Count]]:2\\

[[folder:Episode 3: Happily Ever Afterlife]]
* After Goku's death, Master Roshi says that his sacrifice was not in vain and that it stopped a great evil. As he says that [[TemptingFate everyone's lives can return to peace]], Nappa and Vegeta are heard over Raditz' scouter:
-->'''Nappa:''' Raditz. Raaaaaditz. Guy-who's-as-strong-as-a-saibaman-says-what? ''({{beat}})'' That usually gets to him. I think he's dead, Vegeta.\\
'''Vegeta:''' Big shocker! Nobody cares! We're ten times stronger than him anyway! We'll go to Earth, find the dragonballs and [[KillEmAll kill everyone]]! [[{{Exposition}} And we'll be there within the year or so!]] Depending on {{filler}}, of course!\\
'''Nappa:''' Aaaanything else we need to go over, Vegeta?\\
'''Vegeta:''' ...Nope. That's about it. ''(conversation ends)''\\
'''Master Roshi:''' [[OhCrap Well...]] '''''[[PrecisionFStrike F]][[CurseCutShort u]]'''''--''(HardCut to intro)''
* Krillin's attempt to tell Chi-Chi about the death of her husband and kidnapping of her son. Key word: attempt.
-->'''Krillin:''' So... Chi-Chi. ''Hypothetically''; what would you do if you were told your husband was dead and your son was kidnapped by his worst enemy?\\
'''Chi-Chi:''' [[GroinAttack I'd castrate]] [[ShootTheMessenger the messenger]] in his sleep with [[CutHisHeartOutWithASpoon a rusty carving knife]].\\
'''Krillin:''' Oh... Then it's a good thing I'm ''not'' telling you that!\\
''(After [[TooDumbToLive agreeing to spend the night]])''\\
'''Chi-Chi:''' ''(while sharpening something off-screen, speaking in sing-song)'' Kril-lin! Where are you?
* The birth of a great RunningGag: "NEEEEERD!"
* Piccolo throws Gohan at a mountain ("Actually, that looks more like a plat--AAAAAAAH!!!") and instead of busting through the mountain like in the show, a [[BlackComedy splatter sound is heard and Gohan cries.]]
-->'''Piccolo:''' Ew...
* The first hint of Mr. Popo's ... ahem ... ''[[NightmareFuelStationAttendant character]]''... Kami tells Popo that he'll be receiving new trainees. [[DrillSergeantNasty Mr. Popo]]... [[EvilLaugh laughs]].
* Kami tries to convince King Yenma to let Goku visit King Kai:
-->'''King Yenma:''' Give me one good reason I should allow this!\\
'''Kami:''' Because if you don't, that line's going to increase by 6 billion!\\
'''King Yenma:''' 6 billion?! I'm supposed to be intimidated by 6 billion?! Please! I can judge 6 billion souls faster than you can take a piss, old man!\\
'''Kami:''' You know, I am the guardian of Earth. [[DudeWheresMyRespect Can I please get a little respect around here?]]
* This ShoutOut to ''WesternAnimation/{{Futurama}}'':
-->'''King Yemma:''' Sure, he can go to King Kai, but he'll have to run on [[IDontLikeTheSoundOfThatPlace SNAAAAKE WAAAAY]]! ''(cue [[{{Sting}} dramatic sting]])''\\
'''Goku:''' [[TooDumbToLive Sounds fun!]]\\
'''King Yemma:''' Prepare to be surprised.
* [[TheStinger King Yemma's rant]] about his (Mahogany!) desk.
-->'''King Yemma:''' And not just ''any'' mahogany! But mahogany from the planet of Malchior 7! Where the trees are 300 feet tall and breathe ''fire!'' From these trees this desk was forged 2,000 years ago, using ancient blood rituals of the ancient Malchior people! Not only does this make my desk nigh indestructible, ''but it can bend the fabric of the universe itself!'' Also, it's a very fine material. Very expensive.\\
'''Kami:''' Oh...kay.\\
'''King Yemma:''' Mahogany.

[[folder:Episode 4: Snakeway to Heaven]]
* [[ Goku's defeat of Princess Snake.]]
** As well as her earlier spying on a naked Goku... [[Franchise/MetalGear while hiding in]] [[MemeticMutation a cardboard box]].
* The backstory behind the blood fountain in hell.
-->'''Goku:''' Have you guys seen my brother Raditz around here? Spiky hair... tail?\\
'''Mez:''' Ach, yes, he made a horrible mess of ze blood fountain.\\
'''Goku:''' Looks fine to me.\\
* Gohan's training includes being abandoned by Piccolo on a mountain.
-->'''Gohan:''' I canít believe Piccolo left me out here all alone? How am I supposed to get down from here?\\
'''Piccolo:''' ''(from really far away)'' '''[[StatingTheSimpleSolution CLIMB DOWN!!]]'''\\
'''Gohan:''' I canít even get any food or water. What can I do?\\
'''Piccolo:''' '''[[NotListeningToMeAreYou I SAID CLIMB DOWN!!!]]'''\\
'''Gohan:''' [[BambooTechnology If only I had some sticks or reeds lying around]], [[MacGyvering I could make a makeshift ladder, or a rope...]]\\
'''Piccolo:''' '''[[EnragedByIdiocy UUUUUUUUURRRRRRRRGGGGGHHHH!!!!]]'''
* The first time Mr. Popo speaks.
-->'''Popo:''' Alright maggots, listen up. Popo's 'bout to teach you the pecking order: it goes you, the dirt, the worms inside the dirt, Popo's stool, Kami; and Popo. Any questions?\\
'''Krillin:''' Uh, yeah, I-- ''(cut to outside shot of lookout as sounds of fighting can be heard, followed by a black dot falling off said lookout)'' AAAAAAAGGGGGHHHH!\\
''([[RunningGag Krillin Owned Count]]: 3)''\\
'''Popo:''' Enjoy the climb back up, '''[[ThisIsForEmphasisBitch bitch]]'''! Any more questions? ''(silence)'' Good. Then we can begin.
* "[[DetonationMoon STOP MOCKING ME!]]"
-->'''Piccolo:''' Take that, moon. Perfect orbit, my ass.
* Piccolo's destruction of the moon being reported on in the news.
-->'''Piccolo:''' Yep. And once again wanton destruction has solved ''all'' of my problems. With absolutely ''no'' negative repercussions.\\
''(cut to Kame House, were Master Roshi, Bulma, Oolong, Puar, and Turtle watches the news in abject horror)''\\
'''Anchorman:''' We've got breaking news that the Earth's Moon has been completely destroyed. While the long term environmental effects can only be guessed at, pulmonary speculation put the short-term death toll from tidal effects alone at the hundred of millions. We now go to our resident expert on lunar science, Anime/SailorMoon. Sailor?\\
'''Anime/SailorMoon:''' ''(getting electrocuted)'' '''OH DEAR GOD!!!'''\\
'''Anchorman:''' [[UnusuallyUninterestingSight Thanks, Sailor!]] We now return you to Creator/NickAtNite's 24-hour ''Series/FullHouse'' marathon, already in progress.
* Piccolo's Clothes Beam!
-->'''Piccolo:''' That is easily my most Metro attack.

[[folder:Episode 5: Vegeta: Kills Bugs Dead]]
* Meanwhile, on Namek:
-->'''Guru:''' Nail... Nail!\\
'''Nail:''' What is it, Lord Guru?\\
'''Guru:''' I saw a fish. That is all. Go back outside now.\\
'''Nail:''' ''(thinking)'' Oh God, this is so horribly dull. [[{{Foreshadowing}} I sure hope something happens,]] [[BeCarefulWhatYouWishFor I don't care what it is!]]\\
'''Guru:''' ''NAAAIL!''\\
'''Nail:''' ''(obviously angry)'' WHAT!\\
'''Guru:''' I saw a bird... It was pretty... Kick its ass.
* '''[[TrainingFromHell "DOD]][[LargeHam GE!"]]'''
* And then we have Vegeta and Nappa's time spent on Arlia:
** They get imprisoned the moment they land on the planet. Nappa provides some less than useful advice:
--->'''Nappa:''' Don't drop the soap.\\
'''Vegeta:''' I swear to god, Nappa, I will shiv you.
** "Hi, I'm Nappa! And this is Vegeta. He was a prison bitch!"
** Nappa [[ItMakesSenseInContext watching the Arlian king and queen breed]]. He then takes a picture of the scene with his cellphone, and sends it to Vegeta, who was understandably squicked when it got to him.
** Vegeta [[Music/{{Scorpions}} rocks the Arlian king... like a]] ''[[Music/{{Scorpions}} hurricane]]''.
** The reward of the Arlians freed by Nappa and Vegeta.
--->'''Arlian:''' You have freed our race! We shall erect statues of you...\\
'''Nappa:''' Well, isn't that nice of them, Vegeta?\\
'''Arlian:''' ...Out of our dung!\\
'''Nappa:''' ''(beat)'' Well, isn't that nice of them, Vege-\\
'''Vegeta:''' We're leaving, Nappa.\\
'''Nappa:''' 'Kay.
* Meanwhile, [[{{WesternAnimation/Superfriends}} at the Hall of Justice]]:
-->'''Superman:''' Alright everyone, we have to do something about these saiyans. They're approaching Earth quickly and I don't think we have the strength to take them on alone. Batman, what are your thoughts?\\
'''Batman:''' Well, I think-\\
'''Aquaman:''' [[ThisLooksLikeAJobForAquaman I have an idea!]]\\
'''Batman:''' Oh god, it's Aquaman...\\
'''Aquaman:''' ''(desperately)'' C'mon guys! We could use whales! WHAAAAAAAAAALES!\\
'''Superman:''' Someone, get him out of here.\\
'''Aquaman:''' ''(sadly)'' But the whales...

[[folder:Episode 6: No One Ever Listens to the Magical Dragon]]
* Goku's first "lesson" under King Kai.
-->'''Goku:''' Woohoo! All right! Now, what's my first lesson?\\
'''King Kai:''' First, you must--\\
'''Goku:''' Catch the monkey! ''(starts chasing a frightened Bubbles)''\\
'''King Kai:''' Actually, I was going to--\\
'''Goku:''' Wheeee!\\
'''King Kai:''' Okay, have fun with that.
* Freeza the Wiki vandal:
-->Stupid monkeys hit by falling rocks ([[SuspiciouslySpecificDenial not deathball thrown by Freeza]]). Ahahahahahahaha! P.S.: Freeza rules you!
* Yamcha mocks Tien and Chiaotzu's HoYay, leading to this exchange:
-->'''Tien:''' Hey, at least I don't live alone with a cat!\\
'''Yamcha:''' Yeah? [[HaveIMentionedIAmSexuallyActiveToday Well at least I get some pus]]-- wow, [[ThatCameOutWrong that did not come out right]].
* Absolutely ''anything'' Mr. Popo says.
-->'''Popo:''' So. How was it?\\
'''Krillin:''' ''(gibbering in terror)''\\
'''Tien:''' It was... ''horrible!''\\
'''Popo:''' Good. You survived the first test.\\
'''Krillin:''' Oh, ''thank'' God!\\
'''Popo:''' But I have some bad news...\\
'''Krillin:''' What?\\
'''Popo:''' You're going ''back!''\\
'''Krillin:''' Wh-what?!\\
'''Popo:''' Bye!\\
'''Krillin:''' NOOOOOO--\\
''(the group is teleported away)''\\
'''Kami:''' ...Mr. Popo, where did you send them?\\
'''Popo:''' I'll tell you where they're ''not'': '''safe'''.
* Popo's last comments for the Z fighters after they've completed their training are hilariously blunt.
-->[[{{Foreshadowing}} You're all going to die]].
* The surviving Z Fighters gather the Dragon Balls and make their appeal to Shenron, who is ''not'' happy to see them again.
-->'''Master Roshi:''' There are two horrible Saiyans coming to our planet, and we need Goku to be brought back to life in order to defeat them.\\
'''Shenron:''' Really? You know, you could, um...just wish ''ME, THE MAGICAL DRAGON'', to send them into an asteroid field. One crossed wire and '''''BOOM!''''' [[HurlItIntoTheSun Right in the Sun!]]\\
'''Master Roshi:''' No, you see, as long as we have Goku, we'll be fine.\\
'''Shenron:''' Right. Yeah, okay, fine...whatever. I'll grant your wish. (''everyone else looks horrified'') [[IWarnedYou Just don't come crying to me when half your stupid asses get killed]]. Ah, who am I kidding? You will.

[[folder:Episode 7: Saiyans? On My Planet? (It's More Likely Than You Think)]]
* Vegeta and Nappa land in the middle of a crowded city with a lot of people staring at them.
-->'''Person:''' ...So are you guys aliens?\\
''(Nappa levels the city)''\\
'''Nappa:''' I hate awkward silences.
* "First rule of Popo's training: do not talk about Popo's training!"
-->'''Gohan:''' Krillin? Why are you crying?
-->'''Piccolo:''' Aw man, he's already crying and the Saiyans aren't even here yet!
-->'''Nappa:''' [[IncomingHam Yeah we are!]] ''*ScareChord*'' Hi.
* Vegeta and Nappa meet the heroes of Earth.
-->'''Piccolo:''' So, you guys are the Saiyans?\\
'''Nappa:''' No.\\
'''Vegeta:''' Don't be rude, Nappa.\\
'''Krillin:''' And you're here for the Dragon Balls!\\
'''Nappa''': No.\\
'''Vegeta''': ...we are... and I, am ''the Prince of All Saiyans!''\\
'''Piccolo''': You're a prince?\\
'''Nappa''': [[OverlyLongGag No.]]\\
'''Vegeta''': ''({{beat}})'' ...f*** you, Nappa.
* Here's a little fact from Namek: Namekians may be powerful fighters, but they have one weakness: they ''don't '' have penises!
-->'''Nappa:''' Look, Vegeta! It's a Namekian!\\
'''Krillin:''' Hey, I take offense to that!\\
'''Piccolo:''' He was referring to ''me'', you idiot! And it's not an insult. The Namekians are a fine, proud race of...\\
'''Nappa:''' That means he doesn't have a penis, right Vegeta? ''(Vegeta and Nappa snicker off-screen, as Piccolo stands gaping)''\\
'''Vegeta:''' Eunuchs.
** This also doubles as a BrickJoke, as Piccolo expressed disgust and confusion over Gohan's naked form... [[BaitAndSwitchComment and also his tail]], before pulling it off.
** Also, Vegeta's clearly finishing Piccolo's sentence for him.
* Nappa thinking Chiaotzu is a Pokémon.
-->'''Nappa:''' Ah...ah! Vegeta! Look! A Pokémon...\\
'''Chiaotzu:''' I'm not a Pokémon! I'm Chiaotzu! Chiaotzu!\\
'''Nappa:''' Do you hear that, Vegeta? Itís a Chiaotzu! I'm gonna catch it!. ''(grabs Pokéball)''\\
'''Chiaotzu:''' I told you I am not a Pokém...OW! ''(gets hit by a Pokéball)''\\
'''Nappa:''' Awwww, it didn't work, Vegeta.\\
'''Vegeta:''' That's cause you have to damage it first.\\
'''Nappa:''' Alright! Let's see if I can get a [[CriticalHit critical]]!! ''(Chiaotzu flinches in response)''
* Yamcha's arrival. He gives a RousingSpeech with triumphant music playing in the background...and then [[WorfEffect he gets killed by a Saibaman.]]
* Nappa revealing that he named all of the Saibaman he grew. Their names are [[FluffyTheTerrible Snuggles, Foofoo, Cabbagehead, Other Cabbagehead, and Vegeta Junior]]. And then Vegeta kills Vegeta Junior.

[[folder:Episode 8: Nappa's Best Day Ever]]
* The episode opens with Bulma mourning Yamcha's death.
-->'''Bulma:''' I was saving myself for him!\\
'''Roshi:''' Bullshit!
* Vegeta immediately puts down the fact that Krillin killed the equivalent of three Raditz, boasting that [[HiroshimaasaUnitofMeasure Nappa is worth five Raditz, and Vegeta himself is worth 15 Raditz]]. Nappa says that at least their Raditz (Krillin), is "stronger than our Raditz." The punchline is this line:
-->'''Raditz:''' ''(from the afterlife)'' I... hate... all of you!
* Nappa reveals himself to be [[GeniusDitz a student of Saiyan University]].
-->'''Vegeta:''' Hold on, you went to college?\\
'''Nappa:''' Yup!\\
'''Vegeta:''' What the hell could someone like you possibly major in?!\\
'''Nappa:''' Child psychology...\\
'''Gohan:''' Wow, that sounds really interestin--\\
'''Nappa:''' ...'''WITH A [[{{Pun}} MINOR IN PAIN!!]]'''
* Shortly after Nappa chops off Tien's arm, Vegeta makes a pun so awful, Tien immediately stops screaming in pain.
-->'''Vegeta:''' Looks like he's been... disarmed.\\
'''Nappa:''' ''({{Beat}})''... [[LateToThePunchline I get it!]]
* Piccolo's plan A:
-->'''Piccolo:''' ''(to Krillin)'' Can you get him in a Full Nelson?\\
'''Krillin:''' ''({{beat}})'' [[CallBack Any plans that don't involve killing me?]]\\
'''Piccolo:''' Well, there is the multi-form technique.\\
'''Krillin:''' But won't that cut our power-levels by--\\
'''Piccolo:''' Plan A or Plan B, Krillin!\\
'''Krillin:''' PLAN B! PLAN B!
* Krillin and Piccolo's plan B:
-->'''Krillin and Piccolo:''' [[Manga/{{Naruto}} KAGE BUNSHIN NO JUTSU!]] ''(clones of Krillin and Piccolo appear)''\\
'''Nappa:''' Vegeta! I can't... [[CatchPhrase BELIEVE IT!]] ''(Vegeta groans in disgust)''
* While Nappa is parrying Piccolo and Krillin's clones, Piccolo's thoughts:
-->'''Piccolo:''' [[OhCrap He's dodging every hit!]] We can't lay a FINGER on him! What kind of incredible mental discipline has this guy gone through?
** [[BaitAndSwitch Nappa's thoughts while he parries all of the Krillin and Piccolo's clones attacks]]:
-->'''Nappa:''' Patty cake, patty cake, baker's (punches Krillin) MAN! Bake me a cake as fast as you (hits Piccolo) CAN!\\
'''Nappa:''' ''(after all of the clones are gone)'' Good effort, but I'm the patty cake champion.\\
'''Piccolo:''' [[FlatWhat What]].
* When Nappa stops in mid-air.
-->'''Nappa:''' Vegeta!\\
'''Vegeta:''' What is it, Nappa!?\\
'''Nappa:''' ''[[RememberedICouldFly I can fly]]''.\\
'''Vegeta:''' ''[[{{Angrish}} (stammering)]]'') ...Yes, Nappa, yes you can.
* After Krillin warns Vegeta and Nappa that Goku is coming, Vegeta decides to kill Krillin and the others until Nappa interjects:
-->'''Nappa:''' But Vegeta, I wanna meet the strong guy!\\
'''Vegeta:''' Nappa, just kill them first and--\\
'''Nappa:''' But I want him to see us kill them!\\
'''Vegeta:''' Oh god, there's no arguing with you. Fine! I'll give you three hours tops, after that I'm killing all of you!
* After merely a minute of waiting, Nappa gets impatient, which starts to get on everyone's nerves. Vegeta tells Nappa to go have fun, and we get this:
-->'''Nappa:''' Oh boy! This is gonna be my [[PunctuatedForEmphasis BEST. DAY. EVER.]] [Nappa then proceeds to destroy a whole naval fleet while whimsical music is playing in the background.] WHEEEEEEE!
* In TheStinger, we get this exchange between Nappa and Vegeta:
-->'''Vegeta:''' Nappa, where did your armor go?\\
'''Nappa:''' I had a hell of a day, Vegeta: I sank their battleship, AND THEIR WHALES. ''(cuts to an ocean full of blood and sunken ships)''\\
'''[[BrickJoke Aquaman]]:''' [[{{BigNo}} NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!]]

[[folder:Episode 9: The Set Up]]
* Goku stopped for lunch on Snake Way...and completely forgot about the Saiyan attack.
-->'''Goku:''' Crapcrapcrapcrap!
* After knocking out Piccolo, Nappa picks his next playmate:
-->'''Krillin:''' [=PleasenotmepleasenotmepleasenotmePLEASENOTME!=]\\
'''Nappa:''' Eeny meeny miney '''you''' ''(knocks Gohan out cold)''\\
'''Krillin:''' WHOO!!! NOT ME! [[{{Beat}} ...]]Gohan?
* Nappa and Vegeta's discussion at the start of the episode:
-->'''Krillin:''' ''(with Nappa charging towards him)'' Crap, myturnmyturnMYTURN! ''(Nappa stops dead in his tracks)''\\
'''Vegeta:''' Nappa, what are you doing?\\
'''Nappa:''' It's his turn, Vegeta. I have to wait for him.\\
'''Vegeta:''' Wha... I... uh... ''(nose starts to bleed)''\\
'''Nappa:''' You okay, Vegeta?\\
'''Vegeta:''' Yes... just... just having an aneurysm out of sheer stupidity.\\
'''Nappa:''' Wow. ''(beat)'' [[ComicallyMissingThePoint Didn't think you were]] [[InsultMisfire that stupid, Vegeta.]]\\
'''Vegeta:''' [[EnragedByIdiocy AAAAARRRRRRGGGGHGHHHH!]] [[{{Foreshadowing}} Nine minutes, eighteen seconds... nine minutes, eighteen seconds...]]\\
'''Nappa:''' What's that, Vegeta?\\
'''Vegeta:''' Happiest... moment... of... my life...
** Then Nappa dies at that time mark in the episode.
* Krillin shows off his new technique:
-->'''Krillin:''' HEY! Stop treating me like a joke dammit! I've got a new technique - [[FridgeLogic which I probably could've used earlier and maybe saved all of our friends' lives]] - but that's beside the point! ''(charging a disc of energy in his hand)'' Get ready for my '''Destructo Disc!'''\\
'''Piccolo:''' ''(barely alive)'' Laaame.\\
'''Krillin:''' Now, take THIS! ''(throws the disc at an angle, where it grinds across the ground before heading towards Nappa and Vegeta)''\\
'''Nappa:''' Oooh! A frisbee, Vegeta!\\
'''Vegeta:''' Nappa, no! It's a trick!\\
'''Nappa:''' But Vegeta... [[ Trix]] are for ''kids.''\\
'''Vegeta:''' ... You know what, Nappa? On second thought, catch it. Catch it with your teeth.\\
'''Nappa:''' Yay, like a doggy! ''(gets cut by the disc, which rebounds towards a small mountain)'' Ow!\\
'''Ricola guy:''' Riiicola-- ''(disc explodes, cutting off the mountain's top half)''' Oh goddammit! ''(mountain half falls and breaks into pieces)''
* Piccolo saves Krillin from Nappa
-->'''Piccolo:''' I'm back! ''(shoots Nappa in the [[IncrediblyLamePun back]])''\\
'''Nappa:''' AAAAAUGH... [[LateToThePunchline I see]] [[ActuallyPrettyFunny what you did there.]]
* Gohan snaps for the first time:
'''Piccolo:''' Whoa, Gohan! [[WhatTheHellHero What the hell?!]]\\
'''Gohan:''' ''(calmed down)'' Wha? I'm sorry, Mr. Piccolo, I didn't mean to snap like that!\\
'''Piccolo:''' No, stay snapped, STAY SNAPPED!
* Gohan loses his temper:
-->'''Gohan:''' [[SophisticatedAsHell I'm gonna eviscerate you and use your gastrointestinal tract as a condom while I fornicate with your skull!]]\\
'''Nappa:''' (''{{Beat}}'') ...What?\\
'''Gohan: ''I'M GONNA SKULLF██K YOU!'''''
* And what prompted that rant was Piccolo's dying words after TakingTheBullet for Gohan.
-->'''Piccolo:''' [[PunctuatedForEmphasis Why. Didn't. You.]] '''[[RunningGag DOOOOOOOOOODGE]]!?''' Bleh.
** Of course, prior to ''that'', Piccolo's InternalMonologue has him realizing (over the course of a few seconds) that it would have been far easier (and safer) to simply tackle Gohan out of the way rather than take the bullet.
--->'''Piccolo:''' Yeah... that's right... I can take anything you can dish out--''oh God, there go my organs.'' *thud*
* Krillin tells Goku about the fate of his friends:
-->'''Goku:''' Where's Chiaotzu?\\
'''Krillin:''' Oh, he's here... and there... and there... and there... and-\\
'''Gohan:''' [[RunningGag Krillin]]!\\
'''Krillin:''' What?\\
'''Gohan:''' TooSoon!
* Goku asks Nappa and Vegeta who caused the deaths of his friends:
-->'''Nappa:''' That was me, totally calling it. I killed every single one of them. Except for Chiaotzu. He blew himself up!
* Team Four Star presents their version of one of the most famous {{Memetic Mutation}}s in anime history:
-->'''Nappa:''' Vegeta! What does the scouter say about his power level?!\\
'''Vegeta:''' It's... one thousand and six.\\
'''Nappa:''' ...Really?\\
'''Vegeta:''' Yeah. Kick his ass, Nappa!\\
'''Nappa:''' Yaaaaay!\\
''(Nappa gets his ass handed to him by Goku)''\\
'''Nappa:''' ''(while Vegeta is delivering the below lines)'' That one doesnít bend that way! MY ARM DOESN'T BEND THAT WAY! '''*snap*''' Aaw, now it does!\\
'''Vegeta:''' Hmmm... that doesn't seem right... wait, wait, wait wait! Nappa!\\
'''Nappa:''' ''(collapses at Vegeta's feet)'' Whaaaaat?!\\
'''Vegeta:''' I had the Scouter upside down. It's OverNineThousand. ''(calmly crushes Scouter)'' Rah.\\
'''Nappa:''' Why do you sound so bored?!\\
'''Vegeta:''' Because he's ''still'' not a threat.\\
'''Nappa:''' But--\\
'''Vegeta:''' To ''me''.
** If you think about it, the scouter being upside-down means that Goku's power level that was "over 9000" was ''exactly'' 9001. Talk about literal minded!
** And on the subject of {{Memetic Mutation}}s:
--->'''Nappa:''' Vegeta, look! [[WebAnimation/TheLazerCollection I'm a-firin' my]] '''[[WaveMotionGun BLLLLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRGGGGHHHH!]]'''
* This episode ends with a surprisingly understated (yet hysterical) moment where Vegeta [[spoiler:finally kills Nappa for his unrelenting stupidity]] at exactly [[BrickJoke nine minutes and eighteen seconds]]. His reaction is a simple smile.

[[folder:Episode 10: The Punchline]]
* Vegeta after [[spoiler: Nappa dies]]:
'''Krillin:''' R-Really?\\
'''Vegeta:''' ''(laughter dies down)'' Oh no, you are all thoroughly screwed.
* Vegeta gets a replacement idiot.
-->'''Goku:''' Are you okay in there?\\
'''Vegeta:''' Yeah, I'm fan-f***ing-tastic. Nothing but gumdrops and ice cream in here.\\
'''Goku:''' Oh, really? Can I come in too?\\
'''Vegeta:''' [[SurroundedByIdiots ...I'm surrounded by idiots.]]\\
'''Goku:''' I thought you were surrounded by gumdrops and ice cream!\\
'''Vegeta:''' ''([[TheScream loudly screams out of frustration]])'' I WILL NOT STAND FOR THIS!! I WILL NOT BE HUMILIATED BY A [[PunyEarthlings LOW-CLASS WRETCH!!!]]\\
'''Goku:''' Awww, sounds like somebody's got an ice cream headache...\\
'''Vegeta:''' THAT'S IT! [[KillEmAll EVERYONE DIES]].
-->'''Goku:''' What's going on, guys? We won, right?
* When Goku and Vegeta pause in the middle of fighting:
-->'''Vegeta:''' Okay, not bad... but still nothing compared to me. Now witness the power of a Saiyan elite!\\
'''Goku:''' Elite? What's ''that'' mean?\\
'''Vegeta:''' It means I'm of the upper class, a finer breed -- the highest grade of warrior!\\
'''Goku:''' ''([[{{Beat}} floats there silently, blinking confusedly]])''\\
'''Vegeta:''' ''(annoyed sigh)'' Okay, consider yourself beef jerky while I'm Filet Mignon.\\
'''Goku:''' Ooh, I like ''both'' those things!\\
'''Vegeta:''' [[{{Beat}} ...]]I'm going to start beating you now. I don't know when I'll stop.\\
'''Goku:''' Hopefully before dinner, because I told Gohan to tell Chi-Chi to-- ''(Vegeta interrupts with an attack)''
* After Vegeta gets blown away by a Kaioken charged Kamehameha.
-->'''Vegeta:''' I'll show that little bastard! I'll become the mighty oozaru, and crush him into the...''(beat)''...where's the moon? WHERE'S THE DAMN MOON?!
-->''(cut to a flashback of Piccolo staring at the moon)''
-->'''Piccolo:''' '''MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON!''' ''(destroys the moon)''
** Which leads to Vegeta summoning his artificial moon.
-->'''Goku:''' "Question!"
-->'''Vegeta:''' "What?"
-->'''Goku:''' "Are they made of [[CheesyMoon cheese]]?"
-->'''Vegeta:''' ''({{Beat}})'' "I'm going to enjoy this far more than I should..."
* And later, Son Goku: squeaky toy.
-->''(Oozaru!Vegeta has Goku in his grasp)''\\
'''Oozaru!Vegeta:''' Alright, Kakarot! Let's hear those bones shatter! ''(squeezes harder)''\\
'''Goku:''' '''*squeak*'''\\
'''Oozaru!Vegeta:''' ... What the? ''(squeezes again)''\\
'''Goku:''' '''*squeak*'''\\
'''Oozaru!Vegeta:''' My God, [[CrossesTheLineTwice that's hilarious!]] ''(squeezes repeatedly)''\\
'''Goku:''' '''*squeak squeak squeak squeak*'''
* How about this one when [[spoiler:[[UnstoppableRage Ooza]][[OneWingedAngel ru]]]] Gohan fights Vegeta:
-->'''Goku:''' Gohan, this is daddy. I know you're angry right now but you have to focus your anger.  R-remember Icarus? ''(shows Icarus and explosion; Gohan has an angered expression; camera shows Vegeta)'' [[MotivationalLie He did it.]] ''(Gohan screams in anger)''\\
'''Vegeta:''' Oh, that's bulls***! I haven't killed a damn thing since I came to this godforsaken planet. ([[AsideGlance Looks at camera]]) Not from lack of trying, mind you.
* But the crowning moment of them all came at the very end of the first season as a throwaway gag. [[spoiler:"[[Franchise/{{Ghostbusters}} GHOST NAPPA!]]"]] According to an interview from the [[ Daizenshuu EX]] podcast, that joke was apparently planned almost from the beginning, making pretty much the entire first season a set-up to get to that punchline. Hence the name of the finale "The Punchline".
** Vegeta, at the end of episode 10, comes across an old friend, much to his horror,
--->'''Vegeta:''' They've broken my body... I've failed in my mission to find the Dragon Balls... I even lost my tail... but, at least... [[RockBottom it can't get any worse... from here...]]\\
'''???:''' Vegeta... Vegeeeeetaaaaa...\\
'''Vegeta:''' Wh-what?!\\
'''Nappa:''' ''(appears as a ghost)'' I'mhauntingyou!\\
* Goku hits his head so hard he thought he was in the ''Film/DragonBallEvolution'' continuity.
-->'''Goku:''' Man, this is worse than [[Film/DragonBallEvolution that time I was in high school, and all the guys called me "Geeko", and I was Piccolo's slave, I couldn't get Chi-Chi to like me, and...]] [[NonSequiturThud Oh wow, I hit that rock harder than I thought.]]
* Vegeta when he loses his temper is always hilarious.
'''Goku:''' Hey, that's not very nice!"\\
'''Vegeta:''' OF COURSE NOT, I'M F***ING EVIL!!!!!!"
** More [[CardCarryingVillain Card Carrying Villainy]] from Vegeta:
--->'''Vegeta:''' Hey Kakarot, what's the opposite of Christopher Walken?\\
'''Goku:''' ''(dazed)'' ... Huh?\\
'''Vegeta:''' [[CrossesTheLineTwice CHRISTOPHER REEVE!]] ''(crushes Goku's legs)''\\
'''Goku:''' ''(in agony)'' AAAAAAAAAAHHHHH, [[DudeNotFunny that was in terrible taaaaaaste]]!\\
'''Vegeta:''' Don't care! Evil!
* The entire Kaio-ken running gag.
-->'''Vegeta:''' I'm going to obliterate you, and the rest of this planet myself with my own two-\\
'''Goku:''' KAIO-KEN!\\
'''Vegeta:''' Kaio-what? ''([[TalkToTheFist punched repeatedly in the face]], before breaking away the combo with a kick to the chin)'' Okay... not bad... but still nothing compared to me!
** And again.
--->'''Vegeta:''' I told you Kakarot! There's no way you can measure up to an elite like me! You're fighting a losing battle here. You might as well just surrender this pathetic planet now and-\\
'''Vegeta:''' Times wha-- ''(punch)'' GWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHH! ''(sent flying and crashes into a mountain)'' This... proves... nothing...
** [[RuleOfThree Once more]], during the [[BeamOWar Galick Gun/Kamehameha struggle]]:
--->'''Vegeta:''' This is the end Kakarot! You don't stand a chance! I put all my power into this attack! Now perish... WITH THE REST OF YOUR PATHETIC WORLD!\\
'''Goku:''' KAIO-KEN...\\
'''Vegeta:''' [[OhCrap Noooo...]]\\
'''Goku:''' ... TIMES...\\
'''Vegeta:''' No, no, no...\\
'''Goku:''' ...FOOOOUUUUR...\\
'''Vegeta:''' Nononononononono-''(gets carried away by the blast)''-[[AtomicFBomb FUUUUUUUUUUU-]]
*** Meanwhile, Back at the Plot:
---->'''Vegeta:''' [[AtomicFBomb -UUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK]].
* Vegeta getting hit in the face with a Solar Flare.
-->"AAAAH. My eyes! Oh God, it's like walking in on Freeza in the shower. Wait a minute, Freeza's always naked -- AAAAAAGGGGHHH!
** [[spoiler: This becomes even funnier in episode 15, when Dodoria is hit by a Solar Flare... And you can see a split second shot of Freeza's face photoshopped on a picture of a muscular man in the shower.]]
*** Also in general Vegeta getting hit in the eye.
---->'''Vegeta:''' Again with the f***ing eye!!\\
'''Vegeta:''' The eye! The eye! Why is always that goddamned eye!!??
* This bit before Vegeta's transformation:
-->'''Vegeta:''' Now watch, Kakarot, as your life becomes inconsequential, as I reveal my GIANT MONKEY-- ''(camera is centered on crotch)''\\
'''Crowd:''' ''(collective gasp)''\\
'''Vegeta:''' ''(camera pans up)'' [[SubvertedTrope FORM!]]\\
'''Crowd:''' ''(sighs of relief)''\\
'''Random Guy in Crowd:''' Thank god, I thought he meant [[LampshadeHanging penis]]!
* Krillin receiving the weakened spirit bomb.
-->'''Goku:''' Krillin, come here. I have something to give you.\\
''' Krillin:''' Your last will and testament?\\
'''Goku:''' No, it's energy from the entire world. It's our last hope.\\
'''Krillin:''' ...and you're giving it to ''me''.\\
'''Goku:''' I'm kind of out of options. ''(Goku gives Krillin the spirit bomb)''\\
'''Krillin:''' Holy crap! So this is what being important feels like!
** And then he muses on the Spirit Bomb.
--->'''Krillin:''' ''(thinking)'' Wow! Such power, from every living being on the planet. I can feel it all surging inside of me. Every man, woman, and child. This, this is Earth's very essence! {{beat}} ''(out loud)'' BOO-YAH, MOTHER-F*CKER! ''(throws it)''
** And finally, Vegeta about to be hit by the Spirit Bomb.
--->'''Vegeta:''' What smells like deer?\\
'''Vegeta:''' ''(gets blasted into the sky with the Spirit Bomb)'' CURSE MY HUBRIIIIIIIIS!
*** The fact that the BrickJoke was that Bambi's father was killed by Goku [[BlackComedy taking too much energy from the planet.]]