Funny moments from specials and miscellaneous moments [[Funny/DragonBallZAbridged here]].
* [[Funny/DragonBallZAbridgedSaiyanSaga Saiyan Saga]]
* [[Funny/DragonBallZAbridgedNamekFreezaSaga Namek/Freeza Saga]]
* [[Funny/DragonBallZAbridgedMovies Movies]]


[[folder:Episode 31: There's Something About Maron]]
* Bulma cockblocking Yamcha by saying "No one screws Yamcha but [[ButtMonkey life]]!"
** Plus she points out Marron's similarity to her. "Blue hair? Real original."
* Krillin saying that Gohan is [[InnocentInnuendo pounding]] [[IncestIsRelative his mom's tuna]]. And Roshi cracking up each time.
** Double this when Chi-Chi comes to ask who started the rumor in the first place.
--->'''Chi-Chi:''' Alright! I demand to know who has been spreading rumors that I have been forcing Gohan to, and I quote, '''[[PunctuatedForEmphasis POUND. MY. TUNA!]]'''\\
'''Krillin:''' Look Chi-Chi, if it really upsets you, [[InnocentInnuendo we'll all take turns pounding your tuna]], ok? But, [[UpToEleven only if we get to eat it together.]]\\
'''Roshi (Off-Screen):''' ...[[HehHehYouSaidX Heh heh heh HEH HEH! AAAAAAHAA! AAAA-]]
* When Krillin introduces his new persona to Gohan, the slightly deadpan reaction from Gohan is just hilarious:
-->'''Krillin (Off-Screen):''' Hey Gohan! Goin' fishin'?\\
'''Gohan (after catching four rare Paozu Tuna):''' Yup! With Dad gone, I'm the bread-winner now. ''(Seeing Krillin's new get-up)'' What's with the weird clothes, Krillin?\\
'''Krillin:''' Ah, ah, ah! My name is no longer "Krillin." My new name is ''"Juan Sanchez."''\\
'''Gohan (slightly deadpan):''' ...I'm compelled to ask ''"Why"''.
** Also, when Krillin explains why, Gohan's reaction:
--->'''Gohan:''' Wait, your last name's ''"Sanchez"''?
** Gohan's CovertPervert moment.
---> '''Krillin:''' She says I have a very rich personality.\\
'''Maron:''' And a wealth of knowledge.\\
'''Krillin:''' And her boobs are as big as my head.\\
'''Gohan:''' I have made the comparison.
* "Goodbye Gonad, see you at Master Hoe-shi's!"
* ''TFS's [[ComicBook/TheWalkingDead The Walking Zed]]''
* Mr. Popo resolving the entire Garlic Jr. Saga in a few seconds by [[spoiler:assimilating Garlic Jr. and his henchmen like he did Blue Popo]].
** Popo's booty-call from earlier in the episode.
---> "[[Franchise/{{Pokemon}} Jynx, Jynx, Jynx!]]"\\
'''Popo:''' "Shut up bitch, you love it!"
** And Kami's reaction:
--->"The last time he did this I found five corpses... he laughed when I said five."
*** There is also something oddly hilarious about Kami saying the phrase "booty-call".
** Popo's explanation for why the lookout is a mess. He had Italian for dinner.
--> '''Kami:''' What does that have to do with-\\
* Music/KanyeWest's Gold Digger playing as Krillin and Maron drive away from Gohan's house
** Then The Guess Who's American Woman playing at Kame House.
* Piccolo and Kami's interactions. Nail gets into this.
-->'''Kami:''' You do know that [fusing] technique is forbidden, Piccolo.\\
'''Piccolo:''' [[LameComeback Your face is forbidden]]!\\
'''Nail:''' Sadly, that ''was'' the best one up here.\\
'''Piccolo:''' SHUT IT NAIL!
* The scene after the opening credits, where a narrator calmly tells the audience of a type of tuna that was nearly fished to extinction by the inhabitants in the area surrounding Lake Paozu, but is now slowly working its way to a sustainable population [[spoiler:and then Gohan kills 4 of the fish by punching them out of the water]]
--> '''Narrator:''' ([[DissonantSerenity Still speaking smoothly and calmly]]) "Oh sweet salty Christ no."
* Krillin learning that his girlfriend is actually [[spoiler: an undercover government agent investigating suspicions of him being guilty of insurance fraud]] His JawDrop will have you in stitches.
** And immediately after TheReveal, the "[[RunningGag Krillin Owned Count]]" goes up to 29.
* Hearing the line "Bitch is a gold digger" in Turtle's voice.
* Oolong complaining about everyone celebrating Turtle's birthday when they never celebrated his. Everybody ignores him.
* Roshi warning everyone that the huge amount of candles on Turtle's birthday cake is a fire hazard. And then they light his beard on fire.
* Maron questioning whether if Yajirobe and Korin would have either little fat men or kitties for children.
-->'''Korin:''' [[BreadEggsBreadedEggs Probably fat kitties.]]
* Turtle wondering why Krillin's outside Roshi's house
-->'''Turtle:''' Why aren't you upstairs sleeping with your girlfriend like everyone else?

[[folder:Episode 32: Battlefield Ee-arth]]
* Bulma TemptingFate:
-->'''Bulma:''' He's probably running out of fuel soon, so ''(Vegeta's ship dropping into frame in the background)'' god knows if he'll ever make it back here.\\
''(Vegeta's ship crashes loudly)''\\
'''Vegeta:''' [[IncomingHam I'M BACK]], [[ThisIsForEmphasisBitch BITCHES!!]]
* The exchange between Bulma and Yamcha at the beginning.
--> '''Yamcha:''' So, where did you bury me anyway?\\
'''Bulma:''' Bury? (cut to Yamcha's body still decaying in the pit he died in)
** And Yamcha calling Bulma a slut for [[EroticDream dreaming about Vegeta]]... then calling her a slut ''again'' when she clarifies that they were just walking in a park.
* Yamcha lampshading that he seems to be the ''only one'' bothered that the man directly/indirectly responsible for most of their deaths at some point, is currently showering in the other room and talking about living there.
* Bulma's parents continue to be a comedic duo of ditzy (Mrs. Briefs) and terribly racist (Dr. Briefs):
-->'''Mrs. Briefs:''' Sweetie! Roll out the cot, I think we have a visitor!\\
'''Dr. Briefs:''' [[CrossesTheLineTwice Is he colored?]]\\
'''[[EyesAlwaysShut Mrs. Briefs:]]''' I'm not sure, [[LampshadeHanging I never open my eyes!]]
* Vegeta's encounter with Yamcha. He initially confuses him with a valet. After Yamcha reminds them that they previously fought, Vegeta reasserts that he only fought Goku, Nappa fought all the rest... [[NeverLiveItDown except the one scrub who lost to a Saibaman]]. Then Vegeta breaks out into laughter when he finds out he is the said scrub.
* Bulma demanding Vegeta takes a shower, because she can smell him from East City. Vegeta complies, while muttering that [[NoYou he can smell her from East City.]]
* Vegeta's [[TheScream reaction]] upon discovering a [[RealMenWearPink certain item of clothing...]]
-->'''Vegeta:''' I swear, the only thing I hate more than weaklings [[TemptingFate is the color pink!]] ''{{beat}} {{beat}} {{beat}}'' '''''AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!'''''
** Vegeta has a thing for TemptingFate in this episode.
--->'''Vegeta:''' Why don't all you idiots just start showing up?!\\
'''Krillin:''' Hey, Vegeta!\\
'''Vegeta:''' I WAS F**KING KIDDING!!
* The various fighters sensing Freeza approaching Earth.
-->'''Vegeta:''' ''(slams a fist down on the table)'' Son of a bitch!\\
'''Yamcha:''' What, are you still ticked off about the shirt?\\
'''Vegeta:''' No, I'm - [[DistractingDisambiguation well yes actually]], [[TranquilFury I'm absolutely livid]] - but that's not the point! That idiot Kakarot failed! FREEZA'S STILL ALIVE!\\
'''Tien:''' Chiatzou, do you feel that? There are two enormous power levels approaching the planet.\\
'''Chiatzou:''' Yeah, see, last time this happened...I blew myself up.\\
'''Tien:''' Yeah. I was gonna ask you to hold off on that this time.
* Bulma's interactions with Vegeta are hilarious.
** For example, her forcing Vegeta to take a shower.
--->'''Vegeta:''' Earth woman! Where's the cleansing powder?\\
'''Bulma:''' We don't have that here. We have soap.\\
'''Vegeta:''' The hell is "soap"?\\
'''Bulma:''' It's that yellow block there made of animal fat.\\
'''Vegeta:''' That sounds awesome! *Chomp* Blagh! This tastes nothing like you just said!
** Immediately following that, the moment Yamcha reneges on his comment and admits Vegeta living there is "pretty neat":
--->'''Vegeta:''' Is that the ''beta-male''?\\
'''Bulma:''' No, [[ButtMonkey Krillin]] just got here.\\
'''Vegeta:''' Oh, God! They're breeding!
*** Doubles as a StealthInsult to Yamcha.
** And before those moments, after having put Vegeta's Saiyan Armor in the wash, Bulma sneaks a peek at his ass while he's in the shower (particularly noticing the spot where his tail used to be):
--->'''Bulma:''' ''(Walks out onto the deck where Yamcha and Krillin are)'' Ok, so I just got a look at Vegeta's ass, and besides being surprisingly nice, he's got this weird hole.\\
'''Yamcha:''' Uh, yeah, even boys have those, Bulma\\
'''Bulma:''' No, you idiot! I mean a hole above that one.\\
'''Yamcha:''' ''{{Beat}}.'' You mean he's a chick?
* [[CallBack Nail having plans for building a house after Piccolo clears a glacier.]]
* Malfunctioning Freeza.
--> My God this is droll, we're so far out in the space-sti-sti-di-dicks that there's not even a Space Radio Shack. Much less a Space Best Buy-Buy-Buy-Buy-Circuit City.
* Krillin continues with the double entendres.
-->'''Gohan:''' Now, are you sure it's him?\\
'''Krillin:''' Gohan, once you've had a man inside of you, you know when he's coming.
* [[WesternAnimation/TheIncredibles Woman, where is mah Saiyan Suit?!]]
* Vegeta's infamous pink shirt having "Juicy" on the back of it.
* Yamcha losing it when Freeza and King Cold arrive. Followed by Krillin saying that if Yamcha wasn't doing that, Krillin would.
** Also the Stinger.
* King Cold in general. He's calm, yet still a LargeHam at the same time. Also, he refers to Freeza of all people as a "darling, little angel".
* Freeza's GoldenSnitch.
--> Speaking of which… Soldiers, the scavenger hunt will proceed as such. Normal human heads are worth one point. Namekian heads are worth twenty. Filthy half-Saiyan brats: Fifty. And if you find any miserable, odious, insubordinate full-blooded monkey garbage… You win.
* Freeza sending all of his best men on a hunt to kill Goku's friends, giving point values to all of the different characters... and then his men promptly fall to the ground in pieces in Trunk's wake.
--> '''Trunks:''' [[PreAssKickingOneLiner "So… how many points are those?"]]
* Vegeta saying "Y'all are [[ThisIsForEmphasisBitch bitches]]."
* [[StraightMan Tien]] getting in on making fun of Vegeta's new shirt as soon as he arrives, showing that he's NotSoAboveItAll.
--> '''Tien:''' Oh, hey Vegeta.\\
'''Vegeta:''' What?\\
'''Tien:''' Nice shirt.\\
'''Vegeta:''' And there it is!
** And then the moment where Piccolo comments on the shirt.
-->'''Piccolo:''' Yeah, it's the kind of shirt that really screams-- ''(senses Freeza approaching and gasps)'' [[AstonishinglyAppropriateInterruption HE'S COMING!]]


[[folder:Episode 33: Cold Cuts]]
* Trunks explaining that he's been ''practicing'' the DiagonalCut technique for some time.
** Freeza going into a full VillainousBreakdown at the sight of Trunks going Super Saiyan, with a brief flashback to Goku on Planet Namek.
--->'''Freeza:''' Th-those eyes... they're the same as...\\
''(Flashback to Super Saiyan Goku staring him down)''\\
'''Goku:''' ''(distant whisper)'' Pizza...\\
'''Freeza:''' No. No! NO! ''NO!!'' '''NO!!!''' '''KILL!!!''' ''(zap)'' '''MURDER!!!''' ''(bzzt)'' '''DESTROY!!!''' ''(kssh)'' '''''[[Series/DoctorWho EXTERMINATE!!! EXTERMINATE!!!]]'''''
** Bonus points because the {{Leitmotif}} of the Daleks [[ was playing.]]
** And after that, when it looks like the Death Ball Freeza launched at Trunks killed him... [[Disney/TheLionKing NAAAAAAAAAANTS INGONYAMAAAAAAA]]!
--->'''Trunks:''' Well, Freeza! Looks like you ''[[IncrediblyLamePun dropped the ball!]]''\\
''(Freeza glares)''\\
'''Trunks:''' Dropped the ball.\\
''(Freeza twitches)''\\
'''Trunks:''' Drrrropped the ba--\\
'''Freeza:''' [[{{Angrish}} YAGH]]! ''(fires at Death Ball, which explodes spectacularly)''\\
'''King Cold:''' You almost destroyed the whole planet there...\\
'''Freeza:''' Sorry, I got a little bit carried away. Doesn't matter now, though; our little "super Saiyan" is dead-dead-dead-''(zap)'' [[CallBack cadaverrific]].
* [[ Bulma starts hitting on Trunks]]. While calm on the outside, he is understandably [[TheScream screaming in his head.]]
--> '''Bulma:''' So hey, like just gonna throw this out there. You're really cute.\\
'''Trunks:''' Well, you know, my mom always said I was a cute kid.\\
'''Bulma:''' Oh a momma's boy huh? [[RightForTheWrongReasons I'll be your mommy]]. *winks*\\
'''Trunks:''' [''[[TheUnSmile Strained smile]]''] (thinking) '''[[ScreamingAtSquick AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA]][[SickAndWrong AAAAAAAAAAA]][[ThisIsWrongOnSoManyLevels AAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!]]'''\\
'''Krillin:''' Can I have another Hetap?\\
'''Trunks:''' ''(hysterically)'' YES. YES YOU CAN.
** Bonus points for the internal scream being so loud that it actually is audible when Krillin starts speaking.
* And later, when Vegeta tries to figure out who Trunks is…
--> '''Vegeta:''' ''If he's never met him before, how the hell does this kid know where Kakarot is going to land? And he can't actually be a damn Saiyan. Either he's a liar, or… maybe… wait a second!'' Did someone drink the last Hetap!? I'll kill you!\\
'''Krillin:''' [[Film/TheThreeStooges Whoopwhoopwhoopwhoopwhoop!]]
* Mecha Freeza suffers a literal BSOD upon being sliced.
** Even better, the BSOD noise continues as the DiagonalCut happens, and it invokes the feel of dramatic Japanese drums reaching a crescendo.
** What makes it one of the best jokes in the entire series is that after Frieza is cut, his scream hangs for a second before the BSOD screen appears, revealing that Freeza is in fact running on '''Windows 95''', ''which explains why he keeps on malfunctioning.'' In fact it's a perfect example of how a Windows BSOD occurs in RealLife right down to how any sound being played on the speakers hangs when the system crashes.
** Hilariously, [=KaiserNeko=] mentioned in a later podcast that there were many viewers who had been watching the episode full-screen and freaked out when the BSOD hit.
* The slogan on Vegeta's shirt gets increasingly suggestive as the episode goes on. Going from "Dum Cumpster" to "Pull My Hair" to "Blowjob Princess". Bonus point for Vegeta saying "I'm a real man!" while the shirt says "Blowjob Princess".
* Trunks' GPS.
-->'''GPS:''' Fly 300 metres north-west, then land near [[MadLibsDialogue IDIOT ROCK]].\\
'''Trunks:''' So that's what they called it before "Idiot Crater".
** Figures; it's [[FridgeBrilliance where Goku lands when he returns to Earth]].
* Vegeta's reaction to learning that there is another Super Saiyan.
--> '''Gohan:''' Guys, I think that person is a Super Saiyan.\\
'''Vegeta:''' Like hell he is!\\
'''Krillin:''' Spiky gold hair, incredible power…\\
'''Vegeta:''' You don't know that he's a Super Saiyan. [[CommanderContrarian Maybe he's Super Human, huh?!]] Maybe you slackers haven't been trying hard enough!\\
'''Tien:''' Says the ''non''-Super Saiyan.\\
'''Vegeta:''' FUCK OFF!
* When Trunks offers everyone a drink.
--> '''Tien:''' Isn't it a little early to start drinking?\\
'''Bulma:''' Hey, 5 o'clock was 20 hours ago! *downs a can*
* When Vegeta refuses to trust Trunks' claim that Goku will arrive soon, Goku does just that.
--> "That could be anyone!"
* Vegeta instantly hating Trunks when he turns to them.
--> '''Trunks:''' Hey guys!\\
'''Vegeta:''' Fuck this guy!
** After that;
---> '''Trunks:''' I'm about to go meet Goku, just follow me!\\
'''Gohan:''' Wait, did he just say my dad?\\
'''Krillin:''' Wait Gohan, we don't know if we can trust this guy.\\
'''Trunks:''' I also brought snacks!\\
'''Krillin:''' ...but the Bible does say love thy neighbour!\\
'''Gohan:''' You're a Buddhist.\\
'''Krillin:''' A ''hungry'' Buddhist.
* TheStinger with Bulma and Krillin's conversation about Trunks' "carpet matching the drapes", with Krillin revealing that [[BaldOfAwesome his does]].
--> '''Krillin:''' It's called man-scaping.\\
'''Bulma:''' It's weird.\\
'''Krillin:''' It's hygienic.
* Poor Yamcha. He can never catch a break.
--> (''When Yamcha is questioning why they brought Bulma to the battle'')\\
'''Yamcha:''' Personally, I don't think Bulma should be here, a battlefield is no place for a lady.\\
'''Vegeta:''' ...And yet you're sticking around.\\
'''Yamcha:''' I'm serious, I worry about her safety. And as my close personal friend, possibly even bestie, I think we need to consider-Aaagh!\\
(''Bulma grabs his ear.'')\\
'''Bulma:''' Anyone want to explain to Yamcha here what ten pounds of torque does to a human ear? \\
'''Gohan:''' ...Rips it off?\\
'''Bulma:''' Very good, Gohan!\\
(''Everyone laughs'')\\
'''Krillin:''' (''laughter dies down'') Oooh… we're gonna fucking die.
* After Trunks asks Freeza why he has "spare parts" coming out of him…
--> '''Freeza:''' Impudent little… These are not spare parts! What you are looking at is the ultimate culmination of science and nature!\\
'''Trunks:''' [[SarcasmMode Oh, wow! I've… never seen that before.]]
* Freeza likes to play 'Pretty Pink Princess'.
--> '''Freeza:''' Daddy, I haven't done that since I was eigh-eigh-eigh- [[BilingualBonus my quinceañera]].
* When Trunks confronts Freeza, he invokes the NoPronunciationGuide (With an ounce of SpellMyNameWithAnS). It's Freeza and Cold's "WTF" reaction that sells it.
--> '''Trunks:''' So, you must be Frieza ("Fry-za").\\
'''Freeza:''' Actually It's Lord Freeza.\\
'''Trunks:''' Really? Then why is there an I in it?\\
'''Freeza:''' There isn't.\\
'''Trunks:''' Huh. Gonna have to fix that when I get back then.
* When Trunks goes Super Saiyan the rest of the cast conclude it's either Goku or… Freeza's mom.
--> '''Krillin:''' Who here just thought of Freeza with boobs?\\
''(awkward silence)''\\
'''Krillin:''' Really? I'm the only one?\\
'''Vegeta:''' Yes! (thinking) ''He must never know.''
* In the opening, Freeza tries to narrate the disclaimer, but his VerbalTic gets so bad [[TakeThat (around saying Dragon Ball GT, no less)]] that King Cold ends up having to finish it for him. It gets better when Freeza's glitching stops and he says "Absalon", which refers to another fan-made Dragon Ball series.
* When the Z-Fighters finally arrive just in time for Trunks to finish off Freeza.
--> '''Krillin:''' Where's Freeza!? Oh, there he is…\\
''(Trunks dices Freeza up and blows him up.)''\\
'''Krillin:''' And there...and there...''(scorched piece of Freeza hits him in the head)''...and here...Is that his brain?
** And after Trunks kills Cold and destroys their ship.
---> '''Krillin:''' Good work, team!
* This little quick gem when Trunks properly meets the group.
-->'''Trunks:''' Now I'm sure you're all wondering why I brought you here.\\
'''Krillin:''' Snacks!\\
'''Yamcha:''' To kill us!\\
'''Vegeta:''' ''[[BreadEggsBreadedEggs To kill snacks!]]''
** Which, knowing Vegeta, is probably a legitimate response.
* Goku's return to Earth and finding out he's a ''liiiiiiiittle'' late to the party.
--> '''Goku:''' GUYS WE DON'T HAVE MUCH TIME FREEZER'S HERE AND-(''Sees everyone cheering'')… Yaaaaaaaaay… ah ha… what?
* This hilarious exchange following Freeza's death
--> '''King Cold:''' (angrily) You murdered my princess…! (calmly) Oh well, you win some, you lose some.\\
'''Trunks:''' …children?\\
'''King Cold:''' Yeah!\\
'''Trunks:''' Okay… sorta thought you'd be a little more pissed.\\
'''King Cold:''' [[TranquilFury Oh, blindingly so]]. Mind if I see your sword?\\
'''Trunks:''' What? Why?\\
'''King Cold:''' I just wish to hold it.\\
'''Trunks:''' No!\\
'''King Cold:''' Oh, come on, be neighborly.\\
'''Trunks:''' I'm not your neighbor. I also think I hate you.\\
'''King Cold:''' Look, after what you did, I can fit what's left of my son into a meat pie. ''Let me see your stupid sword!''\\
'''Trunks:''' ...\\
'''King Cold:''' >:(\\
'''Trunks:''' [sighs] Fine. ''(lobs sword at King Cold, who catches it)''\\
'''King Cold:''' See~? Nothing nefarious, I just wanted to inspect the craftsmanship... admire the temper... test the edge ON YOU, YOU INSUBORDINATE HICK--''(charges Trunks, only for Trunks to catch the sword with one hand...and then he powers up)'' Huh... still not sure if you hate me?\\
'''Trunks:''' Actually...that pretty much sealed it. ''(blasts a hole through King Cold's chest)''\\
'''King Cold:''' N-no! No, wait! We could work out a deal! If you spare my life... I'll give you a planet! Three planets! Two and a half?\\
'''Trunks:''' You just went down.\\
'''King Cold:''' I'm a haggler...?\\
''(Trunks blasts King Cold to atoms, then does the same to his ship)''
* Freeza's still a horrible boss, but Trunks plays off him SO WELL. After Trunks threatens to kill him...
--> '''Freeza:''' ''(chuckle)'' My, my! Not five minutes on this wayward rock, and we already have a volunteer-teer-teer-''(zap)'' dead man. Soldiers! Do your jobs.\\
'''Soldier:''' [[WithDueRespect Lord Freeza, with all due respect]]...\\
'''Freeza:''' [[BadBoss This sounds like insubordination]]...\\
'''Soldier:''' [[OnlySaneMan He just turned an entire squad into a]] ''[[LudicrousGibs PILE OF LIMBS]]''.\\
'''Freeza:''' [[SomeoneElsesProblem And THAT sounds like it's not my problem]].\\
'''Soldier 2:''' Man, move your [[ThisIsForEmphasisBitch bitchin' bitch ass over bitch!]] *uses scouter on Trunks* What, power level of five? Shit, [[MemeticMutation ain't nobody got time for that]]. *Shoots at Trunks, who easily deflects it into a [[RunningGag mount-plateau.]]*\\
'''Soldier 2:''' Well that ain't right... *Falcon Punched by Trunks into Freeza's ship.*\\
'''Trunks:''' Consider that a warning. Either leave now or die.\\
'''Freeza:''' Ooh, is that an ultimatum? I love ultimatums! Here's mine. Either die to him or die to me! *Trunks takes a stance as the soldiers rush him...and slashes them all faster then can be seen. All the soldiers are still standing, immobile.*\\
'''Freeza:''' What...What just happened?\\
'''Trunks:''' [[{{Badass}} Give it a second.]]\\
'''Freeza:''' No, really. They're just...\\
'''Trunks:''' No, no hang on... *Trunks sheathes his sword and the bodies all drop.*\\
'''Trunks:''' Yeah, took me a whole three months to get that one down. [[{{Lampshaded}} They make it look a lot easier then it really is.]] *One soldier is shown still alive, visibly terrified of Trunks* REAL hard part was that guy's armor. *Said soldier's scouter breaks in half, and his armor follows suit as Trunks keeps talking.* Went through a dozen mannequins before I cinched that one. *The soldier backs away slowly from Trunks...*\\
'''Freeza:''' You missed a spot. *impales the soldier with his arm.*\\
'''Soldier 3:''' Lord Freeza... the [[PrecisionFStrike f*ck?]] *Freeza pulls his arm out and the soldier drops.*

[[folder:Episode 34: News of Future Past]]
* Goku sees Trunks transform into a Super Saiyan the first time.
-->'''Goku:''' What happened to your hair? It's yellow!\\
'''Trunks:''' Um... so's yours.\\
'''Goku:''' ''It is?!''
* Goku is asked to explain how he survived Namek's explosion.
-->'''Goku:''' Muffin butto--\\
'''Gohan:''' Don't say muffin button!\\
'''Goku:''' But it ''was''! There's science and stuff.
** [[spoiler:Goku explains that he made so many muffins that they shielded from the blast and carried him to another planet.]]
* Bulma and Vegeta getting into some DestructoNookie. Also Vegeta's reaction to her question:
-->'''Vegeta:''' [[spoiler:...the ''fuck'''s a condom?]]
** BrickJoke. He had a similar reaction about soap.
** It should be noted that this is the first main-series use of an unbleeped and uninterrupted "fuck," making this also a PrecisionFStrike.
*** It should also be noted that having sex during Episode ''[[RuleThirtyFour 34]]''
** Also Vegeta for some reason firing the [[DoesThisRemindYouOfAnything Galick Gun]] during the, ahem, climax. And immediately following this, [[SmokingHotSex smoke from the hole it made can be seen]] going into the night sky.
** Also [[SlapSlapKiss their back-and-forth insulting each other]] [[BelligerentSexualTension before doing it]].
--->'''Bulma:''' Oh, no! The Prince is getting all huffy! [[CallBack What are you gonna do, try to blow up Earth again?]] Because I have Goku on speed dial.\\
'''Vegeta:''' You must be as stupid as he is if you think he knows how to work a phone!\\
'''Bulma:''' Don't you call me stupid!\\
'''Vegeta:''' Okay, then how about BITCH?!\\
'''Bulma:''' Arrogant dick!\\
'''Vegeta:''' Spoiled sow!\\
'''Bulma:''' F*** you!\\
'''Vegeta:''' F*** ''you''!\\
'''Bulma:''' F*** ''YOU''!\\
'''Vegeta:''' '''F***... YOU!'''\\
'''Bulma:''' room, 10 minutes.
* How did they incorporate the infamous driving episode? Goku and Piccolo just suddenly decide to go for a joyride. Which they ditch training (and Gohan) for.
-->'''Goku:''' Sooooo... Wanna go drive cars?\\
'''Piccolo:''' Bitchin'!
** The first time has Goku singing "[[{{Music/ACDC}} Highway to]] [[GoshDangItToHeck HFIL]]" and the second time during TheStinger has Piccolo singing "[[CatchPhrase Dodge]], Bitch!" [[note]]Originally "Move, Bitch!" by Ludacris[[/note]]
* The LampshadeHanging on how Goku could have just teleported himself on Freeza's ship, ending it all there, to which he he replies he wanted to "give you guys a chance". Piccolo asks him never to do that again, but Goku makes no promises. Bonus point since, in canon, that will be exactly [[LateArrivalSpoiler the reason Goku won't kill Buu himself, which will end getting '''everyone''', but him and Vegeta dead and the Earth destroyed.]] He should have made that promise.
* Trunks' farewell.
-->'''Trunks:''' ''(thinking)'' Father, I hope to get to know you a little better next time. Mother, [[{{Squick}} I hope to get to know you a little]] ''[[{{Squick}} less]]''.\\
'''Vegeta:''' Get the hell outta here!
* Goku's reaction to Trunks telling him he's Bulma and Vegeta's son. Piccolo's reaction to it really sells it.
-->'''Piccolo:''' Hahahahahahahahaha!\\
'''Vegeta:''' What's so funny!?\\
'''Piccolo:''' Your shirt!\\
'''Vegeta:''' [[{{Angrish}} Arrrrrrgh!]]
* Trunks introducing himself to Goku.
-->'''Trunks:''' (thinking) OK, Trunks. Don't be nervous. He's just a normal guy. Just introduce yourself. \\
'''Trunks:''' So, you're Sun Wukong, right? (thinking) Dammit!\\
'''Goku:''' I am Son Goku, yes. \\
'''Trunks:''' (thinking) Roll with it.
** This is actually a double joke. It's a reference to the [[Literature/JourneyToTheWest character Goku is loosely based on.]]
* In this series, Trunks reveals that Goku's death by heart attack is caused by high cholesterol.
-->'''Trunks:''' (to Goku) According to the coroner, too much bacon.\\
'''Goku:''' [[BerserkButton *turns Super Saiyan*]] '''[[TranquilFury You take that back.]]'''\\
'''Trunks:''' But listen. In the future, my mother has developed medication that will help level your cholesterol.\\
'''Goku:''' Is it grape-flavored?\\
'''Trunks:''' I don't know. Yes?\\
'''Goku:''' 'Cause I don't like grape.\\
'''Trunks:''' Then it's bacon-flavored.\\
'''Goku:''' Yaaay.
* A BlackComedy bit where while the other Z-fighters (except Goku) are killed by the Androids or [[InsistentTerminology cyborgs]], [[spoiler: Yamcha is DrivenToSuicide when he learns Bulma is pregnant with Vegeta's child.]] Goku's reaction to the news really sells it.
-->'''Goku:''' Dark.
** This exchange between Goku and Yamcha afterwards is a mix of hilarity and CrowningMomentOfHeartWarming
--->'''Goku:''' Wait, Yamcha?\\
'''Yamcha:''' Yeah?\\
'''Goku:''' You're my friend.\\
'''Yamcha''' Oh! Uh... thank you, man.
*** Also becomes MoodWhiplash when the driving scene mentioned above happens immediately afterward.
* Goku's confusion about whether God is Kami or King Kai. Later, when he learns who Future Trunks' parents are:
-->'''Goku:''' Oh, my Gamikai.
* The team comparing Future Trunks Super Saiyan status with Goku's Super Saiyan status:
-->'''Bulma:''' Blonde spiky hair...\\
'''Gohan:''' Incredible aura...\\
'''Krillin:''' Well, Vegeta, now that Goku's here to compare, we can finally say for sure that that kid's a Super--\\
'''Vegeta:''' Utter one more word, and no dragon alive will be able to fix what I do to you.\\
'''Krillin:''' ...So, Tien, have you been lifting? Because you are jacked.\\
'''Tien:''' Yeah. Who knows? Maybe ''I'll'' be the next Super Sayian.\\
''[Vegeta mutters {{Angrish}} at Tien]''
* Goku is the next to mention Vegeta's shirt.
-->'''Goku:''' Oh, hey Vegeta! Nice shirt.\\
'''Vegeta:''' I...''you''!\\
'''Goku:''' Pink is a good colour on you!\\
'''Vegeta:''' (thinking) ...Just take the compliment.
* The episode in general continued the trend of Tien managing to press all of Vegeta's buttons.
-->'''Vegeta:''' ...And I, [[BlatantLies as a Super Saiyan]], relish the challenge.\\
'''Goku:''' ''(gasp)'' You're a Super Saiyan, Vegeta? Show me!\\
'''Vegeta:''' I... well yeah, I just... I--\\
'''Tien:''' Don't tell me, [[CallBack you're not in the mood]].\\
'''Vegeta:''' What, does that third eye make you psychic?\\
'''Tien:''' No, but it does help me see bullshit.\\
'''Vegeta:''' Hey, you know what?!\\
'''Vegeta:''' F*ck you. ''([[ScrewThisImOuttaHere flies off]])''
* Gohan still hasn't worked out the art of dodging.
* Trunks' time machine using the [[Series/DoctorWho TARDIS]] sound effect.
** And [[ The Doctor Forever]] was playing in that scene
* Piccolo explaining to Goku that he heard the whole conversation between him and Trunks.
-->'''Piccolo:''' I heard everything.\\
'''Goku:''' Please don't tell everybody.\\
'''Piccolo:''' Ohohohoho, I won't.\\
'''Nail:''' I will.\\
'''Piccolo:''' Shut up Nail.\\
'''Goku:''' 'kay.
** The fact that Piccolo understands everything Trunks said to Goku ''better than Goku does.'' When Goku is relaying the news to the gang, Piccolo corrects him on almost every point -- at one point, Goku even looks to Piccolo for confirmation on something that was told ''to Goku.''
-->'''Goku:''' On Mar--\\
'''Piccolo:''' May.\\
'''Goku:''' May... twenty--\\
'''Piccolo:''' Twelfth.\\
'''Goku:''' May twelfth! At ten... PM--\\
'''Piccolo:''' AM.\\
'''Goku:''' AM. ''({{beat}}, Goku looks over at Piccolo)'' ...nine miles?\\
'''Piccolo:''' Nine miles.\\
'''Goku:''' Nine miles off of... North--\\
'''Piccolo:''' '''''Sooooouth.'''''\\
'''Goku:''' South City!
* When Goku accidentally launches Chi-Chi out of the house and through a tree.
-->'''Gohan:''' DAD, RUN!\\
'''Goku:''' WHAT?\\
** Before that, we had Chi-Chi's reaction to Goku wanting to take Gohan training:
--->'''Chi-Chi:''' LIKE HELL YOU WILL!\\
'''Goku:''' Oh, come on, Chi-Chi.\\
'''Chi-Chi:''' Don't you "Come on, Chi-Chi" me! You're gone off in God knows where space, refuse to let the dragon take you home, and the first thing you ask for when you get back? "Oh, hey, Chi-Chi, mind if I take our baby boy to go train to FIGHT SOME MONSTER ROBOTS?!"\\
'''Goku:''' [[InsistentTerminology Androids]]. And the first thing I asked about was dinner.\\
'''Chi-Chi:''' The answer is NO!\\
'''Goku:''' No to dinner or no to Gohan?\\
'''Chi-Chi:''' '''''BOTH!'''''
* "Look at my nipples, '''LOOK AT THEM!!'''"
** *Ship outside explodes* "AAH! My nipples!!"
* Gohan seems to be getting ''reeeeally'' tired of Goku's antics.
-->'''Gohan:''' Wait, so the first thing we do after you get back, [[WhenYouComingHomeDad after being gone for a year and a half]]... is ''train''...\\
'''Goku:''' I know, I'm excited too!\\
'''Gohan''' [[TranquilFury ...Yeah, ok.]]
* Goku testing out Instant transmission by stealing Master Roshi's sunglasses.
** Made even better when you realize Master Roshi was listening to "Sex Bomb" by Tom Jones when "Goku done stole [his] glasses!"
* When Goku comes back and wonders how everyone's alive, Bulma says it was Trunks. This exchange, happens.
--> '''Goku:''' Oh, if it ain't you, you old so-an-so! It's been so long since I, uh... I... I mean... You...\\
'''Trunks:''' We've never met before.\\
'''Goku:''' Oh, thank God! Or Kami, or King Kai, I don't know; that whole thing is screwy.
* And after Trunks leaves...
--> '''Goku:''' What a nice young lady.
** This bit is even funnier considering how Goku's inability to identify gender was a running gag throughout most of ''Manga/DragonBall''.
*** It probably doesn't help that both Goku and Vegeta think "Trunks" is a girl's name.

[[folder:Episode 35: The Island of Dr. Gero]]
* Goku lets slip to Chi-Chi that he's taking Gohan to fight androids. One awkward silence later, a neat CallBack to the first few episodes occurs.
-->'''Goku:''' I'm taking Gohan, bye!
** Followed immediately by Chi-Chi screaming in the background as they fly-off.
** Also, Gohan's reaction to Goku messing up. You can tell he is tired of Goku's shit.
--->'''Gohan:''' (exasperated) Three years Dad. Three years - almost had it.
* Krillin compliments Bulma's boobs.
-->'''Bulma:''' [[CallBack I...]] ''you!''\\
'''Bulma:''' (thinking) ''Just take the compliment.''
* "Cat loves food, yeah yeah yeah yeah."
-->'''Krillin:''' So... that song...\\
'''Yamcha:''' I was desperate and needed the money. And no, it wasn't worth it.
** The funny thing is, this song actually existed in the Funimation dub for Z, and Yamcha was the one singing it.
* The good guys point out that the tiny island is covered in a dense city - what do they even do there? "Apparently, prostitution is legal."
-->'''All:''' Oooooooooohhhhhhhh...\\
'''Piccolo:''' [[DontExplainTheJoke So, the prostitutes]].
* Dr. Gero rips the engine out of a guy's car.
-->'''Driver:''' Please put that back. I kinda need that to flee from you.
* Krillin's sex puns regarding Yamcha getting a hand through his chest.
-->'''Krillin:''' Huh. Guess there's a new kind of fisting in this city.\\
'''Krillin:''' Yeah, I get ya. I never have any energy after a handjob either. BA-DA-BA-BA-DA-BYE!
* Android 19's analysis of why they know about the Androids:
-->'''Android 19:''' [[AC:Analyzing... processing, processing complete. They are psychic, probability... 92.4%. [[CallBack THEY CAN SEE THE FYOO-CHURR]].]]
* Android 19 executes [[OhCrap Murder.exe]]... and then crashes at 65% loading. And then asks Dr. Gero if he'd like to send an error report. Then does anyway when Dr. Gero says no.
* The entire argument between Bulma and Vegeta [[spoiler: after he gets her pregnant.]]
--> '''Bulma:''' You said you were wearing protection!\\
'''Vegeta:''' [[ComicallyMissingThePoint I was wearing my armor!]]\\
* Beat*\\
'''Bulma:''' *Scoff* You're a moron.
* The CreditsGag lists [[spoiler: Brent Spiner]] as Android 19. [[spoiler:[[DontExplainTheJoke It's a text to speech program they used.]]]]
* This bit comes up as Dr. Gero attempts to explain his backstory to Dr. Goku and the others. Dr. Gero's reaction after Goku speaks up is particularly amusing.
--> '''Dr. Gero:''' But allow me to shed a little light for you. For the last 14 years ever since the 22nd World Martial Arts Tournament...\\
'''Goku:''' Oh, I remember that one! I got hit by a car!\\
'''Dr. Gero:''' (completely serious) Indeed!
* Throughout the entire episode, Goku mentions that his chest hurts, clearly referring to the fatal heart failure he will suffer. Why is this funny? His issue is his high cholesterol from eating too much bacon. Near the end of the episode, Goku mentions he ate all of his pocket bacon on the way to the battlefield.
* This:
-->'''Krillin:''' Oh, hey Gohan. You've barely grown since the last time I saw you, huh?\\
'''Goku:''' It's funny! I think that every time I see you!
* The stoner skater. All of it. "Dude... are you holding?"
* The mechanical noises 19 and Dr. Gero make when they move give a nice touch.
* Tien's exasperation at Yamcha almost getting killed by the Androids. "Oh come on man! You couldn't last, like, 30 seconds!?"
** Earlier, Yamcha, hearing the screams, tries to convince himself that the others will be along shortly... [[ThisIsGoingToSuck only to realize that he has to check out the scene.]]
---> '''Yamcha''' Oh God, oh man, oh jeez, oh crap!
** And at the [[RunningGag start of the episode,]] he's the one reading the disclaimer. He's extremely GenreSavvy about the matter.
* Goku, trying to find the Androids, wonders, "If I were an android, where would I be?" before his train of thought becomes derailed. "Of course, if I were an android, it wouldn't change where I am, just ''what'' I am..."
** He caps this off by asking Literature/DoAndroidsDreamOfElectricSheep... only to think "[[TheSimpsons Mmm, techno-lamb.]]"
* When Piccolo decides that the Z-fighters will have to search for the Androids in the city by hand, they all start complaining.
** Before the Z Fighters split up [[IdiotHero Goku]] has this to say:
---> '''Goku''' [[WesternAnimation/ScoobyDoo Alright gang, split up and search for clues.]] Gohan go grab Yajirobe, [[IdiotBall Bulma hold the Senzu Beans]] [[InsaneTrollLogic they'll only weigh us down]].\\
'''Bulma''': Hold on what?\\
'''Goku''': Break! (everyone flies off).
* When the Androids are surprised that the Z-fighters know what they are:
-->'''Dr. Gero:''' ''*whirr*'' What? Impossible! How did you know we were androids?\\
'''Android 19:''' [[AC:Scanning probabilities. Scanning... Scanning... Analysing...]]\\
'''Piccolo:''' [[SarcasmMode Could not tell you off the top of my head]].
* Dr. Gero and 19 being described by the prostitute and Yamcha as "inconspicuous old man and mime."
* The final line:
-->'''Dr. Gero:''' Oh, bollocks.\\

* Goku's incredibly cavalier response when Yajirobe's flying car gets shot down by the androids:
-->'''Goku:''' Oh hey we've never wished him back before.\\


[[folder:Episode 36: Super Saiyan Swagger]]
* Dr. Gero tries a BadassBoast, but eventually he gets fed up with Android 19 countering Goku all the time:
-->'''Dr. Gero:''' Oh for God's sake 19, throw a f**king punch!
** Even funnier are the constant "Ow"s coming from 19.
** Plus, right before it, his furious reaction when 19 has to activate another program ''just to be able to dodge''.
** Whereupon, [[CallBack Piccolo just looks at Gohan,]] [[RunningGag saying nothing.]]
--->'''Gohan:''' What? ...''[[DefensiveWhat What]]?!''
*** It gets better when you remember that Dr. Gero's the one who programmed 19 to begin with.
** He gets another good one when [[spoiler: Vegeta goes Super Saiyan,]] showing just how far out of the loop he is.
* Goku started to take the heart medicine, but then he stopped because [[CallBack it was grape flavored]].
* When someone needs a Senzu Bean (Goku for his heart attack, Piccolo wondering where his was when he faked getting injured, Yamcha after getting insulted by the entire group, and Android 19 getting Yamcha'd), Krillin throws a Senzu Bean at them. When Vegeta outright asks for one in the stinger, Krillin refuses.
-->'''Krillin:''' [[HypocriticalHumor What, do you think I'm just giving these away?]] [[BlatantLies 'Cause I'm not]].
** '''[[RunningGag SENZU BEAN]]!'''
** After Krillin throws Senzu bean at No. 19's head, Vegeta then follows it up by throwing [[CallBack a dog treat]] at it as well.
* While Goku is downed due to a heart problem, he calls in for Piccolo to do a tag-in, only for Piccolo to be lasered by Dr. Gero, then Goku tries the same with Gohan, only for #19 to land right on top of Goku.
* Just as Goku is about to have his energy drained, we hear an endless, repeating string of "[[WesternAnimation/FindingNemo mine]]" from Vegeta coming in from miles away.
** Even better when you realize he did this back in Episode 23.
*** And Episode 30.
** And when he shows up:
--->'''Piccolo:''' And the prodigal asshole returns!
* Yamcha volunteers to take Goku back to his house, also noting that he will [[IWillOnlySlowYouDown just get in the way if he stays]], to which [[BrutalHonesty everyone agrees]].
-->'''Tien:''' Yep.\\
'''Piccolo:''' Probably.\\
'''Gohan:''' No offense.\\
'''Vegeta:''' Why are you even here?!\\
''({{Beat}} over on Yamcha looking hurt.)''\\
'''Krillin:''' '''[[RunningGag SENZU BEAN!]]''' ''(Throws a bean at Yamcha, hitting him on the cheek.)''\\
'''Yamcha:''' You know what? [[ForeShadowing Have fun]]. ''(Flies off with Goku over his shoulder.)''
** Yamcha's last line implies that [[GenreSavvy he KNOWS something will go wrong, and that the other Z-Fighters will not do any better than him]], so we can say that the mess with 16, 17 and 18 in the following episodes is what [[LaserGuidedKarma Yamcha wished for his so-called friends]].
* Vegeta boasting about how he became a Super Saiyan:
--> '''Vegeta:''' (calmly) Oh, trust me. There's more than one way to realize the legend.\\
[''[[AntiClimaxCut Cue Flashback]]'']\\
'''Vegeta:''' ([[InelegantBlubbering tears streaming down his face]]) I wanna! I wanna be a Super Saiyan! I wanna! ''([[PsychopathicManchild pounding the ground like a spoiled child]])'' [[{{Angrish}} IwannaIwannaIwannaIwannaIwanna]]--\\
[''Back in the present'']\\
'''Vegeta:''' [[BlatantLies Pushups, situps and plenty of juice]].
** This is also what Vegeta told Cell in the original series when Cell asked how Vegeta became strong enough to not only go Super Saiyan, but survive fighting him.
* Android 19's quotes throughout the episode.
--> '''Android 19:''' [[AC:Beginning dodge protocol--ow!]]
* Dr. Gero's boasting after 19 finishes running murder.exe gives us this gem:
-->'''Dr. Gero:''' Well boys, I can't say it hasn't been fun. In fact, if I still had a penis, it ''would'' be most auspicious we're wearing baggy pants. But enough about hypothetical erections, it's time to finish this. 19! [[PunctuatedforEmphasis Suck. Him. Dry.]]\\
'''Krillin:''' (offscreen) [[HehHehYouSaidX HAH HAAAAH!]]
* And then Goku finds out the hard way that the Androids can drain energy from people (and energy beams):
-->'''Android #19:''' [[AC:Murder.EXE fully online.]]\\
'''Dr. Gero:''' Oh... bully!
* Goku and Vegeta's exchange after Vegeta saves his life.
-->'''Goku:''' ''(weakly)'' Hey, Vegeta...\\
'''Vegeta:''' Kakarot, you idiot. What are you doing?\\
'''Goku:''' Dying... mostly. Little help?\\
(''Vegeta kicks Goku in the general direction of Piccolo, who catches him'')\\
'''Goku:''' Thanks, best buddy...
* Vegeta's reasoning for having a pure heart.
-->'''Vegeta:''' My heart ''is'' pure. Pure, unadulterated [[{{Badass}} badass]].
** [[DeadpanSnarker Tien's]] response.
--->'''Tien:''' Yeah, more like pure, unadulterated [[{{Pride}} ego]].\\
'''Vegeta:''' I heard that, triclops!\\
'''Tien:''' Is that okay?\\
'''Vegeta:''' As a matter of fact, go [[SoundEffectBleep f**k]] yourself! Now, where was I?
** A callback to the old newgrounds edit
* Android 19's poor attempt at trading insults with Vegeta.
-->'''Vegeta:''' You expect to beat me with this Automa-Ton of Fun?\\
'''Android 19:''' [[AC:Registering insult. Retort: [[LameComeback You are short and your hairline is receding]].]]
* Dr. Gero's reaction to the first attack of Vegeta's countdown is simple yet priceless:
-->'''Dr. Gero:''' Did I just see his ''foot''?
* After Vegeta finishes off 19 he turns to Dr. Gero still making badass one-liners... until he notices that the doctor is nowhere to be seen.
--> '''Vegeta:''' THE FUCK DID HE GO?!

[[folder:Episode 37: Catch Me if You Can-droid]]
* Vegeta's thoughts on sensing energy.
-->'''Vegeta:''' So just because he's a machine I can't feel his energy? That doesn't make any sense! Energy sensing's ''bullshit.''
** And when he tries to tempt Dr. Gero into attacking him, he loses his patience very quickly.
--->'''Vegeta:''' [[BlatantLies Aw man, sure do feel winded after blowing up your robo-sexual life partner. Sure would suck if you jumped me and took my energy! ...Oh no! Some dust in my eyes! This is the worst!]] ...'''Get the f*ck out here!'''
** Hell, Vegeta's taunts in general.
--->'''Vegeta:''' Hey, why ya hidin'? You scared 'cause I blew up your friend? I'd call it your sex-bot, but as you're currently demonstrating, '''you don't have any balls!'''\\
'''Vegeta:''' OLLY OLLY OXEN '''BITCH'''!
** Then later, after Dr. Gero is caught in the open.
--->'''Vegeta:''' Look who finally installed a pair.
* When Dr. Gero tries to absorb Piccolo's energy, the Namekian tries to contact Gohan telepathically to get some help. His first few attempts don't go so well.
** First try:
--->'''Vegeta:''' (thinking) Oh God, this feels amazing. First thing I'm gonna do when I get home is [[TheFightingNarcissist step in front of a full length mirror, strip down]], turn Super Saiyan, [[ADateWithRosiePalms and]]-\\
'''Piccolo:''' [[BrainBleach Ugh!]] Gohan, Gohan, Gohan!
** Second try:
--->'''Tien:''' (thinking) [[CallBack Cat loves food. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Cat love-]]\\
'''Piccolo:''' (thinking) Uhhh...\\
'''Tien:''' (out loud) You heard... '''''nothing'''''.
** [[RuleOfThree Third try:]]
--->'''Piccolo:''' Gohan, this old man's got me from behind. You have to--\\
'''GeorgeTakei:''' Oh myyy.\\
'''King Kai:''' [[CallBack Seriously, how do people keep getting on this line?]]\\
'''Piccolo:''' (muffled) GOOOOOOOOOHAAAAAAANNNNNN!!!!
* Piccolo making fun of the name of Vegeta's Big Bang Attack.
-->'''Tien:''' Did you catch the name of his attack though?\\
'''Piccolo:''' I know, right? "Big Bang Attack"?\\
'''Nail:''' [[HypocriticalHumor Uh, I dunno, this coming from Mr. "Special Beam Cannon"?]]\\
'''Piccolo:''' Hey, why don't you try coming up with a better name for an attack?\\
'''Nail:''' How about "Devil Drill Beam?"\\
'''Piccolo:''' What about "Spiral Death Beam"?\\
'''Nail:''' "Doom Laser"!\\
'''Piccolo:''' "Rail Beam"!\\
'''Nail:''' [[JustForPun "Nail Gun"?]]\\
'''Piccolo:''' (out loud) [[ActuallyPrettyFunny Shit, that's good]].
** Doubles as a fridge moment of funny when you realize the conversation sounds like ''this'' to everyone else.
--->'''Tienn:''' Did you catch the name of his attack though?\\
'''Piccolo:''' I know, right? "Big Bang Attack"? ({{Beat}}) Shit, that's good...
** Later in the episode:
--->'''Piccolo:''' Alright, what about "Regicide Blaster"?\\
'''Nail:''' "Doomsday Crush"!\\
'''Piccolo:''' "Anarchy Barrage"!\\
'''Nail:''' "Taco Tuesday"!\\
'''Piccolo:''' "[[CallForward Hellzone Grenade]]"!\\
'''Nail:''' Ehhh...\\
'''Piccolo:''' Screw you, I'm keeping that one.
** And in TheStinger...
--->'''Piccolo:''' [[Manga/InuYasha "Wind Scar"!]]\\
'''Nail:''' [[Manga/YuYuHakusho "Spirit Gun"!]]\\
'''Piccolo:''' [[Manga/{{Bleach}} "Bankai"!]]\\
'''Nail:''' [[Manga/{{Naruto}} "Rasengan"!]]\\
'''Piccolo:''' [[Franchise/OnePiece "Gum Gum Pistol"!]]\\
'''Nail:''' ''({{Beat}})'' That sounds dirty.
** Though Nail's not very helpful when Gero sneaks up on Piccolo:
--->'''Gero:''' Hello there!\\
'''Nail:''' I'm... gonna leave you two alone for now...\\
* Trunks is a few minutes behind the others when he learns [[spoiler:his meddling with time has made things go south]]...
-->'''Trunks:''' ''(seeing the head of #19)'' Oh my god! Chiaotzu's dead! And he really let himself go!\\
'''Trunks:''' ...and he's an android.\\
'''Trunks:''' ...that's not Chiaotzu.\\
'''Trunks:''' ''(gasp)'' [[OhCrap Oh, crapbaskets]].
* Piccolo challenges Dr. Gero to a fight not long after getting his energy drained.
-->'''Gero:''' Oh, please. As if you're in any condition to fight me.\\
'''Piccolo:''' Krillin? Senzu Bean.\\
'''Krillin:''' Senzu Bean?\\
'''Piccolo:''' Senzu Bean.\\
'''Krillin:''' [[RunningGag SENZU BEAN!!!]]
* Deciding who gets to fight Gero:
-->'''Vegeta:''' The old man is ''mine'', Namekian.\\
'''Piccolo:''' I just figured you wouldn't want to sully your Super Saiyan hands on such a weak opponent...\\
'''Vegeta:''' [[IKnowYouKnowIKnow You know, the funny thing is I know you're playing me]], but you're right. He's all yours.
* Vegeta's brain locking up upon realizing Trunks is his son...
-->'''Piccolo:''' Trunks? What are you doing here?!\\
'''Vegeta:''' HA! That's a girl's name!\\
'''Krillin:''' Wait, isn't that the name of your kid?\\
'''Vegeta:''' What, are you trying to imply that this wannabe Super Saiyan from the future is my ''[[LateToTheRealization saaaaaaaaaahhh]]...''\\
'''Trunks:''' Well. Guess that cat's out of the bag...
** Even funnier because his BSOD is audible through a few bits of dialogue as well.
* Immediately afterward when Trunks sees Dr. Gero.
* Vegeta begins to question why they should have been so worried about Android 19 and Doctor Gero, when they're not turning out to be that much of a threat [[spoiler: mostly because they ''aren't'' the Androids Future Trunks was warning them about.]]
-->'''Vegeta:''' Anyone else starting to think we overtrained for this?\\
'''Krillin:''' Tell me about it-\\
'''Vegeta:''' NO, SHUT UP!!!
* Just as Dr. Gero appears from the smoke and is about to attack Piccolo, we get this:
--> '''Gohan:''' '''MISTER [=PICCOLOOOOOOOOOOOOooooo=]'''ooh… nevermind.
* Gohan saves Piccolo from Dr. Gero:
--> '''Piccolo:''' Gohan… how did you…\\
'''Gohan:''' You two were hanging in the middle of the air, how could I not see you?\\
'''Piccolo:''' Don't you… sass me…
* After Gero gets karate-chopped into the ground by Piccolo.
-->'''Dr. Gero:''' OK, first: '''What?!''' Second: '''The f*ck?!'''
* Gero grabbing Piccolo. Doubles as a {{Squick}} moment.
-->'''Dr. Gero:''' Shhhhhh! Oh, don't struggle. Just [[LieBackAndThinkOfEngland lie back and think of… Namek]].
** And prior to this, Gero is looking for an escape route, only to find a fighter at every possibility. His reaction upon seeing Krillin?
--->'''Dr. Gero:''' '''[[CantCatchUp Why the hell is he even here!?]]'''
* The back-and-forth argument on the Androids Trunks came to warn us about and the ones the Z fighters are dealing with;
-->'''Trunks:''' Seriously, what is that?\\
'''Piccolo:''' That's the android.\\
'''Trunks:''' No it's not.\\
'''Piccolo:''' Yes it is.\\
'''Trunks:''' No, it's not!\\
'''Dr. Gero:''' Yes I am.\\
'''Trunks:''' You stay out of this!
** Bit later;
--->'''Vegeta:''' Why didn't you tell us what they looked like, then!?\\
'''Trunks:''' I only ever met the two!\\
'''Vegeta:''' Well, look at that, ''so did we!''
* Bulma and Yajirobe traveling to the scene of the battle with Baby Trunks:
-->'''Yajirobe:''' There's a long list of bad ideas and this is at the top. You know that right?\\
'''Bulma:''' I absolutely refuse to sit around and not be part of the action any more. Did you know I never even saw Freeza? Not once?\\
'''Yajirobe:''' I'm pretty sure no one ever complained about not meeting Hitler. I mean, some people do, but they're weird.\\
'''Bulma:''' This isn't up for debate.\\
'''Yajirobe:''' You do know your kid is in the plane, right?!\\
'''Bulma:''' Oh, he doesn't know what's going on.\\
'''Yajirobe:''' I'm pretty sure that's not the point! Also, he keeps trying to feed off me.\\
'''Bulma:''' Don't worry, he'll give it up when he realizes that it's a dry well.\\
'''Yajirobe:''' Yeah, about that. Have you seen what an all Senzu Bean diet does to a man?\\
'''Bulma:''' ...what?\\
'''Yajirobe:''' Korin likes it.
* Dr. Gero's idea of installing pain receptors comes back to bite him in the rear.
-->'''Dr. Gero:''' Don't you criticize my methods like you understand the neural system! Pain is imperative to recognize when you are in peril. To give the human mind con- [[AnArmAndALeg *Piccolo chops off Gero's forearm*]] '''TEEEEEEXT!'''\\
'''Piccolo:''' So contextually speaking... *crushes Gero's arm* how f***ed are you?
* After chopping off Gero's forearm, we get this:
--> '''Dr. Gero:''' You lime-colored son of a bitch! It's going to take me at least 2 hours to program a new hand! No, wait, I'm right handed! '''3 HOURS'''!

[[folder:Episode 38: Dr. Gero or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Androids]]
* In the opening, after it's revealed that Trunks saved Bulma and his younger self from the explosion:
-->'''Bulma:''' ''(relieved)'' Oh wow, pretty sure I was about to be a wish there. ''Oh God the baby!'' ''(Takes Baby Trunks from Future Trunks)'' There you are. Aw, don't worry, Trunkie, it was just an explosion. You'll get used to those, those happen a lot around mommy.\\
'''Future Trunks:''' I coulda sworn I saw someone else in the car with you.\\
'''Bulma:''' Hmm?\\
''(we cut to Yajirobe stuck under a pile of rocks)''\\
'''Yajirobe:''' "Hey, Yajirobe." What is it, Korin? "Why don't you go help out the gang?" [[SarcasmMode Oh sure, Korin, why not?!]] [[TemptingFate What's the worst that could happen?!]]\\
''Tiny rock falls and nails him in the face before crumbling into pebbles.''\\
'''Yajirobe:''' I've got a rock up my butt.
* When Vegeta is looking for Dr. Gero, he continues to spit out the robot puns.
-->'''Vegeta:''' Oh, you've gotta be kidding me! He got away again?! And not a nut or bolt to be found! ''Not that you had any nuts to begin with''!
* Vegeta (pretends he) thinks marriage is some kind of food.
** Which doubles as a [[MythologyGag Mythology Gag]] to when Goku confused the two together.
---> '''Vegeta:''' Who doesn't know what marriage is?
* When Dr. Gero enters his lab, the Mac startup sound plays.
* This gem from when 18 discovers Android 16's pod.
--> '''Dr. Gero:''' Do not activate Android 16! He isn't properly programmed!\\
'''Android 17:''' Oh and how many of us are? [suddenly adopting a southern accent, as banjo music plays] [[{{Foreshadowing}} Howdy folks, I'm Android 13. Look at mah trucker 'at.]]\\
'''Dr. Gero:''' I was going through a phase!
* A bit easy to miss, but if you pay attention, when Bulma is explaining who Dr. Gero is, she describes him as being "adequate with robotics." Considering how [[CloudCuckooLander Android 19]], [[LiteralMinded Android 16]], [[TheAlcoholic Android 15]], [[TheUnintelligible Android 14]], and [[DeepSouth Android 13]] behave, and how [[LovableRogue cooperative]] Android 17 and Android 18 are, [[DamnedByFaintPraise "adequate" is pretty generous.]]
* [[ What Bulma says after discovering who Trunks is]], [[BrickJoke and she remembers what she did when she first met him.]] You'll likely laugh exactly at the same time Krillin does.
--> '''Bulma:''' Wait, "dad"?\\
'''Piccolo:''' Yeah, by the way, that kid's your son. No harm telling you now, damage already done.\\
'''Bulma:''' Oh, wow, he grows up to be a cutie! And-[[BrickJoke *the realization hits her*]]-''Oh my God, I solicited my son for sex.''\\
''Krillin bursts into laughter''\\
'''Bulma:''' WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME?!\\
'''Krillin:''' Because it's hilarious!\\
'''Piccolo:''' You just learned about it.\\
'''Krillin:''' And ''it'' is ''hilarious.''
* Vegeta brings up the lack of details about the androids they were supposed to be training for.
-->'''Vegeta:''' How about next time you come back to give someone a heads-up, '''you give them a goddamn''' '''''photo'''''?!
** And then when he sees 17 and 18:
--->'''Vegeta:''' Wow, you are just the Grand Central Station of disappointment, aren't you.
** Followed shortly by the heroes finding out about Android 16:
--->'''Vegeta:''' So I'm pretty sure that's that's… three androids you've missed? [[{{foreshadowing}} Do I hear four?]]
* Bulma revealing that all scientists know the location of every other scientist's lab, including the secret ones, a fact that Dr. Gero remembers too late.
-->''Dr. Gero sees the Z Warriors flying past him towards his secret lab.''\\
'''Dr. Gero:''' That's funny, they're all flying right towards my-[[UnusualEuphemism OH, FIND ME]] [[CallBack IN THE ALPS!]] No... There's no way they could have secured the location of my secret lab. [[ExplainExplainOhCrap Unless they know a scientist, like Wheelo or Frappe. Or any of the Brief--]]'''''SHIT!'''''
* Android 17, when he's awakening, uses RoboSpeak to mess with Dr. Gero. When 18 awakens, she does the same thing, only to learn 17 beat her to it.
--> '''Android 18:''' Ugh, you ''dick''! We were supposed to do that ''together''!\\
'''Android 17:''' <with a smile> I know, but I couldn't help myself.\\
'''Android 18:''' Whatever. <turns to Dr. Gero>
* When Androids 17 and 18 find Android 16:
--> '''Android 18:''' Oh, what's this? Your secret project?\\
'''Dr. Gero:''' No, [[CallForward he's in the base-]]'''[[BlatantLies I MEAN, YES!]]''' Very secret! '''DON'T TOUCH!'''
** Immediately after that, when Android 18 gets a better picture of 16 through the glass:
--->'''Android 18:''' Wait a sec, did you build a ''ginger'' Android?! Man, there's a "Soulless Machine" Joke there, [[BlatantLies but that's]] [[StealthPun beneath me.]]
* Now that Yamcha has been PutOnABus, the Krillin Owned Counter is back with a vengeance.
* Dr. Gero doesn't know how he took out his own brain and put it into an android body.
-->'''Android 17:''' Whoa, slow down. Are ''you'' an Android? Holy shit, you're an Android! How did you even ''do'' that?\\
'''Dr. Gero:''' I took my brain out and put it into this body.\\
'''Android 18:''' ...[[FridgeLogic How]]?\\
'''Dr. Gero:''' I... huh, how ''did'' I do that?
* Piccolo and Tien try to punch down the door to Dr. Gero's lab...only to injure their wrists.
** Then Krillin suggests that they charge down the door with their shoulders...and Tien injures his shoulder.
*** And then Vegeta's grouchiness leading to him basically just bickering with Trunks on principle regardless of what he's actually saying.
---->'''Trunks:''' Wait! We can't do this without Goku!\\
'''Vegeta:''' [[ComicallyMissingThePoint Why?! It's a goddamn door!]]
* After Gohan decides to go back and see what Goku was doing… only for Bulma, her baby and Yajirobe taking a lift.
--> '''Piccolo:''' Stop worrying Gohan, I'm sure Goku's fine. ''*Cut to Goku writhing in pain while "Don't Worry! Be Happy." plays*''
* Dr. Gero explaining to 17 and 18 why he's been forced to activate them.
-->'''Dr. Gero:''' After a bit of an...incident earlier today, I lost Android 19. And my ar-\\
'''Android 18:''' Wait a sec. You built ''another'' Android?\\
'''Android 17:''' Wait, wait, wait. Was it that fat clown thing? I thought that was a joke!\\
'''Android 18:''' Well, clearly it was. It's dead.
* Dr. Gero has just been decapitated by 17. His final words? After a brief shot at Krillin?
--> '''Dr. Gero:''' [[RunningGag Could… one of you possibly spare one of those senzu-]] ''[[KilledMidSentence *gets crushed by 17*]]''
* Trunks making a lot of assumptions in this episode: one that Vegeta loves Bulma, and the other is that everyone else is friends with Vegeta.
* Krillin falls for Dr. Gero's trick and hums patiently to himself outside Dr. Gero's lab, only to realize that the thing Dr. Gero plans to show him are the Androids.
-->'''Dr. Gero:''' I ''literally'' can't believe that worked.
* When the heroes reach the mountains where Dr. Gero's secret lab is located:
-->'''Piccolo:''' We've got a lot of ground to cover.\\
'''Krillin:''' [[LetsSplitUpGang Please don't say what I think you're going to say]].\\
'''Piccolo:''' We should probably--\\
'''Krillin:''' Here it comes!\\
'''Piccolo:''' --[[SubvertedTrope stick together for safety.]]\\
'''Krillin:''' Oh. [[TemptingFate Thank our green god in the Lookout]]--\\
'''Tien:''' [[DoubleSubversion I don't know.]] Probably cover more ground if we split up.\\
'''Krillin:''' YOU SHUT YOUR MOUTH!\\
'''Piccolo:''' Nah, he's got a good point.\\
'''Krillin:''' Ah, green god damn it!
** Later, while Krillin is looking for Dr. Gero:
--->'''Krillin:''' Why am I so scared, anyway? There are like sextillion mountains around here. [[TemptingFate The chances of me running into him are]]--\\
''[Dr. Gero ambushes and curbstomps Krillin]''\\
'''Dr. Gero:''' 540,000 to 1. Lucky you. Ta-ta.\\
''[Dr. Gero flees while Krillin moans in pain. The Krillin Owned Count reaches 30.]''
* TheStinger where Gohan advises Bulma to give Trunks to Yajirobe for safety.
--> '''Bulma:''' I'm afraid he's gonna either drop him or [[EatsBabies eat]] him out of spite.\\
'''Yajirobe:''' I am pissed and [[ExtremeOmnivore hungry]]. [[ProperlyParanoid She is right to fear me!]]

[[folder: Episode 39: Blood, Sweat, and Gears]]
* Chichi reads the disclaimer...with Goku screaming throughout.
* Vegeta's line as he approaches the Androids for a fight:
-->'''Vegeta:''' Well, if it isn't [[Literature/RaggedyAnn Faggoty Andy and On-the-Raggedy Ann]].\\
'''Android 18:''' [[{{Foreshadowing}} I'm going to break his arm.]]\\
'''Android 17:''' Kind of proving his point, ain'cha sis?\\
'''Android 18:''' Shut up, ''Ann''.
* Android 18 takes her DeadpanSnarker attitude to {{Troll}} levels throughout her fight with Vegeta.
* When 18 smacks Vegeta into a mountainside:
-->'''Vegeta:''' I'M NOT GONNA TAKE IT EASY ON YOU ANYMO--''(gets slapped right into a mountain)''\\
''[Enter Trunks, Piccolo, Krillin and Tien]''\\
'''Trunks:''' Father! Are you in there?\\
'''Vegeta:''' ''(slurred)'' Did anyone get the number of that bitch?\\
'''18:''' [[DeadpanSnarker Eighteen]].\\
'''Vegeta:''' ''(slurred)'' [[ComicallyMissingThePoint Thank you]].\\
'''Krillin:''' You okay in there, Vegeta?\\
'''Vegeta:''' ''(slurred)'' Eat a dick.\\
'''Krillin:''' Oh, okay; he's fine.
* Android 17 wants to steal a truck...
-->'''Seventeen:''' Okay, here's the plan: first car that arrives, we...appropriate.\\
'''Eighteen:''' ''(scoff)'' And all the way out in the boonies. It's probably gonna be a semi.\\
'''Seventeen:''' ''(hopeful gasp)'' Oh, I hope it's a truck! What do you think, Sixteen?\\
'''Sixteen:''' [[AC:Will it assist us in murdering Son Goku]]?\\
'''Seventeen:''' I dunno; [[CarFu I guess you could hit him pretty hard him with it]]...\\
'''Sixteen:''' [[AC:Then I, too, hope it is a truck.]]
** Andwhen one finally arrives...
--->'''17:''' Aw, yeah! A tru--\\
''(Vegeta fires a blast at 18, who jumps out of the way of it; the truck is destroyed.)''\\
'''17:''' ''(shocked face)'' Aw... ''(eyes narrow)'' dick!
* Vegeta calling 18 a [[CountryMatters cunt]] isn't ''funny'', but the fact that it sends everyone into a shocked silence ''is''. [[EvenEvilHasStandards Including 17.]] [[TranquilFury 18]] [[NoHoldsBarredBeatdown does not]] [[CurbStompBattle take it well]].
-->'''18:''' *sigh*... yup.
* Trunks' failed attempt to stop Vegeta from fighting 18.
-->'''Trunks:''' There's no way we can fight them without Goku!\\
'''Vegeta:''' I wish you'd understand who you're talking to! I AM VEGETA! Why would I ever need that gibbering fool's help?!\\
'''Trunks:''' Because you're not as strong as--\\
''Vegeta angrily punches Trunks in the gut and flies off''\\
'''Krillin:''' You pushed the [[BerserkButton Goku Button]]. You shouldn't a'did that!
* Android 16's incredibly one track mind concerning killing Goku. So much that a mere mention of him is enough to catch his attention over anything. 17's the one to actually get him into his bird-watching hobby just to shut him up.
* When they first boot 16 up, the system tries to install some updates. 18 kicks the top of the pod off to skip it.
** Maybe those updates would've done something about Sixteen's single-mindedness towards killing Goku...
--->'''Seventeen:''' Man...we need to get you a hobby.\\
'''Sixteen:''' [[AC:[[LiteralMinded Acquiring hobby]]...]] ''(sees some birds flying around)''
* Trunks frets over Vegeta taking on the androids, who he considers the Earth's greatest threat. Cut to [[NominalHero Vegeta]] knocking at least three cars off the road while trying to hit 18.
* Vegeta's [[MemeticMutation legendary line next to "over 9000",]] as brought to you by Team Four Star.
-->'''18:''' How quickly bravado goes out the window when you're flat on your ass. That's pretty sad.\\
'''Vegeta:''' NNRGH! Sad for YOUUUU-\\
(18 kicks Vegeta, making him wheeze in pain and, yes, [[BrickJoke breaking his arm]])\\
'''Vegeta:''' ({{Beat}}) FFFFFU-*[[CurseCutShort episode ends]]*
* After 17 warns the other Z Fighters not to interfere in 18's fight against Super Vegeta. However...
-->'''Piccolo:''' Yeah, not exactly in a rush to help Vegeta. I mean, maybe if it were Goku--\\
'''Android 16:''' [[AC:Did he say Goku?]]\\
'''Android 17:''' Calm down Sixteen, he's not here.\\
'''Android 16:''' [[AC:But I heard him mention Goku...]]\\
'''Android 17:''' Just focus on your birds, buddy.\\
'''Android 16:''' [[AC:Acquiring birds...]] ''(mechanical whirring)'' \\
'''Android 17:''' He likes birds now.\\
'''Vegeta:''' Can we stop talking about Kakarot for just a minute?! I mean, for god's sake, [[DeusExitMachina he's never even around]]!\\
'''Piccolo:''' …[[ParentalAbandonment sad thing is,]] [[JerkassHasAPoint he's not exactly wrong]]…
* When Vegeta and 18 land on top a truck:
-->'''Truckdriver #1:''' Well, you ain't gonna believe this: a couple o' [[PhenotypeStereotype Europeans]] are fighting on top of the truck!\\
'''Truckdriver #2:''' Huh, that is weird... You know what's also weird?\\
'''Truckdriver #1:''' Ah dammit, Mitch, put that away!
* BlackComedy it is, but Goku screaming every time he appears in this episode. From the beginning when Chichi reads the disclaimer, to TheStinger where Yamcha is trying to see how long Goku can scream without breathing.
** At Goku's home, Goku won't stop screaming as Yamcha tries to care for him and Chichi, well...
--->'''Goku:''' ''(sustained screaming in pain)''\\
'''Yamcha:''' Uh, Chichi? You might wanna come in here...\\
'''Chichi:''' ''(from the kitchen)'' Sorry, hun; cooking up a storm in here!\\
'''Yamcha:''' This is looking kind of bad... he's screaming up a lot of blood...\\
'''Chichi:''' [[CompletelyMissingThePoint I'll make sure there's plenty of iron and protein in the meal]]!\\
'''Yamcha:''' And I can't really remember the last time he inhaled; and while that's sort of impressive, I don't think it's healthy. [[IdiotHero Goku doesn't have a ton of brain cells to work with as it is]]...\\
'''Chichi:''' Look, to be honest, it's just nice to have him in the house for a change.\\
'''Goku:''' ''(stops screaming, takes a deep breath)''\\
'''Yamcha:''' Oh, good, he took a--\\
'''Goku:''' ''(resumes sustained screaming in pain)''
* The beginning of the episode has Android 17 casually walk away from the Z fighters after killing Dr. Gero, leading Krillin to wonder if the androids are really enemies. Trunks then goes Super Saiyan and blows up the lab.
-->'''Krillin:''' Welp, that settles that! You're definitely [[TriggerHappy Vegeta's]] kid!\\
'''Vegeta:''' [[HypocriticalHumor So, are you done throwing a hissy fit?]]\\
'''Trunks:''' Well at least I did something instead of just standing there staring at them!\\
'''Krillin:''' We do do that a lot.
** Then, when it turns out the androids survived:
--->'''Trunks:''' But that was my strongest blast!\\
'''Vegeta:''' So you just assumed they were destroyed then?\\
'''Krillin:''' (''heard off-screen'') We do that a lot too.

[[folder:Episode 40: 16, 17, and 18 Things I Hate About You]]
* Krillin's reaction when [[spoiler: Trunks' sword shatters against 18's arm...]]
--> '''Krillin:''' ''[high pitched, distressed voice]'' ''Oh, NO...''
* Nail wonderfully sums up the situation for Piccolo once the latter regains consciousness.
-->'''Nail:''' Hey, uh, you ok down there?\\
'''Piccolo:''' Urgh, yeah what did I miss?\\
'''Nail:''' Well, both the Saiyans are down, one of the bald guys is getting choked out, and the other one is quacking.\\
'''Krillin:''' QUACK!
** Speaking of which, after Krillin pulls the space duck maneuver on Android 16, we get a look into how 16 sees him.
--->[[AC:Subject: Krillin]]\\
[[AC:Status: Goku... NEGATIVE]]\\
[[AC:Bird... DUCK?]]
*** Even better, the binary in that scene translates to [[AC:Kill Son Goku. Feed birds.]]
** And then we get this amazing CallBack
--->'''Android 16:''' ''(To a bird that landed on his arm)'' [[AC:Hello bird. What is your name?]] ''(Bird tweets)'' [[AC:Toriyama?]] ''(Toriyama tweets again)'' [[AC:I would love to see your dinosaur.]] ''(Toriyama tweets one more time)'' [[AC:It does what?!]] [[labelnote:Explanation]]The bird from Cooler Abridged that caused Goku to go Super Saiyan. Goku tells it to "go teach a dinosaur to ride a ball" before releasing it, referencing the lyrics of "CHA LA HEAD CHA LA."[[/labelnote]]
* Karma isn't done kicking Vegeta's ass…
-->'''Eighteen:''' Eyy, so, who's got two broken arms and is a total bitch?\\
'''Vegeta:''' You stupid bint! [[TemptingFate You only broke one of my a]]--\\
''(Eighteen steps on his good arm, breaking it)''\\
'''Vegeta:''' ''(high-pitched squeal of abject pain)''\\
'''Eighteen:''' This guy~!
** This comes right on the heels of Vegeta asking himself [[CallingYourAttacks "Why do I yell things?"]]
* Androids 17 and 18 are having a sibling spat, when Krillin lets out "Um", ''immediately'' drawing the attention of both after having laid low.
-->'''Krillin:''' [[TooDumbToLive Why do I do things?]]
* After Krillin makes a stand against the Androids not killing Goku and 18 declares him cute before pecking him on the cheek and walking away with the other two Androids. Makes a good setup for their future relationship.
-->'''Android 17:''' The hell was that? You got a thing for dwarves now?\\
'''Android 18:''' [[{{Foreshadowing}} What if I do?]] Societal definitions of beauty are BS anyway.\\
'''Android 17:''' Look, if this is about pissing off Mom and Dad, [[Film/GuessWhosComingToDinner you could just date a black guy.]]\\
'''Android 18:''' Oh my god.\\
'''Android 17:''' Oh, right, they're dead.\\
'''Android 18:''' ''Oh my god.''
** And then, Krillin tries to brag about Eighteen kissing him. The keyword being tries.
--->'''Tien:''' I don't believe you.\\
'''Trunks:''' I ''can't'' believe you.\\
'''Piccolo:''' ''I'' don't care.\\
'''Krillin:''' Dang it. What do you think, Vegeta?\\
''(Vegeta flies off, screaming angrily)''\\
'''Krillin:''' [[ComicallyMissingThePoint See?]] ''[[ComicallyMissingThePoint He]]'' [[ComicallyMissingThePoint believes me! And he's]] '''''[[ComicallyMissingThePoint jealous]]'''''.
** Krillin's attempts to make the Androids stand down are hilarious in and of themselves.
--->'''Krillin:''' Okay, now listen. I believe that if we were to come to blows, I would, ah… come up short. No pun intended.\\
'''Android 18:''' Heh, [[ActuallyPrettyFunny he's funny.]]\\
'''Android 17:''' Roll it back, pint-size. We're not gonna fight you. You're about about as threatening as a cocker spaniel.\\
'''Krillin:''' You bring up a fantastic point, so I shall continue to stand here and do nothing.\\
'''Android 18:''' Sounds good. We're gonna go kill Goku.\\
'''Krillin:''' ''(sputters)'' …Aw, damn it, you can't kill Goku.\\
'''Android 17:''' Yeah, pretty sure we can.\\
'''Krillin:''' Okay, but you... shouldn't.\\
'''Android 16:''' [[AC:He makes a fair point. But I insist we still kill Son Goku. On the grounds that I want to.]]\\
'''Android 17:''' Well, you heard the mandroid. Hands are tied.
* Krillin wondering why he is running out of Senzu Beans. Funnier when you realize that Krillin was spending most of the previous episodes wasting them like crazy.
--> '''Krillin:''' Huh? The hell happened, I had like fifteen of these!
* When Trunks finds out that he was way too out of information about the past.
--> '''Trunks:''' Mom said that he was stubborn. But this is just asinine.\\
'''Piccolo:''' Yeah. But at least he's not trying to kill us all again.\\
'''Trunks:''' HE TRIED TO WHAT!?\\
'''Krillin:''' Jesus, future Bulma, [[WhatTheHellHero what the shit!?]]
** And later, when Trunks tells the gang that the androids are even stronger than those in his timeline.
---> '''Piccolo:''' What!?\\
'''Tien:''' ARE YOU KIDDING!?\\
'''Krillin:''' ''Jesus'', future Trunks, what the shit!?
* The return of Piccolo's [[WhatKindOfLamePowerIsHeartAnyway Clothing Beam]], when he gets his weighted gear back right as he crests Kami's place.
* Krillin teases Piccolo about Super Namekians not existing.
--> '''Piccolo:''' [[OhMyGods OH MY OTHER ME,]] SHUT UP! ''(Launches an energy blast that Krillin, Tien and Trunks barely dodge and flys off)'' You can all kiss the greenest part of my ass!\\
'''Tien:''' ...[[ComicallyMissingThePoint there are greener parts of his ass?]]
** Immediately afterwards:
---> '''Nail:''' So uh, gonna tell me what that was all about?\\
'''Piccolo:''' Look, might be getting a new roommate.\\
'''Nail:''' Do I have to move the pool table?\\
'''Piccolo:''' When did you get a… I almost fell for that.\\
''(Billiard balls clacking together are heard)''\\
'''Nail:''' Fell for what?\\
'''Piccolo:''' Hrrmmm…
** And when Piccolo finally does reach Kami, his proposition for them to fuse is this:
---> '''Piccolo:''' [[AccidentalInnuendo I'm here for your body]].\\
'''Nail''': Heh, could at least take him out to dinner first.\\
'''Piccolo''': First off: we don't eat. Second: shut up.\\
'''Kami''': [[NotSoAboveItAll And what makes you think I'm just going to give it up that easy]]?
* Popo sums up the impending threat of [[spoiler: Cell]] with four simple words.
-->'''Mr. Popo:''' Well, that's f***ing ominous!!!
* Popo isn't quite acting like the normal ominous NightmareFuelStationAttendant we normally see him as…
-->'''Piccolo:''' ''(trying to be polite)'' Hello, Mr. Popo--\\
'''Mr. Popo:''' [[NoIndoorVoice HELLO, YOUNG KAMI]].\\
''[Enter Kami]''\\
'''Kami:''' Ah, hello, Piccolo. Good to see you again--\\
'''Piccolo:''' Cut the crap, Kami! You know what I'm here for!\\
'''Kami:''' …well that didn't last long.\\
'''Popo:''' ''(staring at the floor)'' [[MadnessMantra All these squares make a circle, all these squares make a circle, all these squares make a circle…]]\\
'''Piccolo:''' …[[OOCIsSeriousBusiness Okay, what's up with him]]?\\
'''Kami:''' Don't mind him; he just got done dropping [[RefugeInAudacity a gallon of LSD]].\\
'''Piccolo:''' ''A gallon?!''\\
'''Kami:''' [[NotHyperbole A literal gallon. Out of a milk jug]]. I don't even know where he got it from; he never leaves this place--\\
'''Kami:''' Mr. Popo, you may leave the lookout if you--\\
'''Popo:''' '''BITCH, ''DON'T TELL ME WHAT TO DO!'''''\\
'''Popo:''' [[MadnessMantra All these squares make a circle]]...
* More LampshadeHanging over Mrs. Briefs:
-->'''Bulma:''' Hey mom? Why do you never seem to age?\\
'''Mrs. Briefs:''' *giggles* Oh, [[StayInTheKitchen your father]] [[VoodooShark won't let me]].
* TheStinger between [[spoiler: Yajirobe and Korrin]], arguing LikeAnOldMarriedCouple.
* Mrs. Briefs meets Yajirobe.
--> '''Yajirobe:''' I am Yajirobe and I am here for your pantry.\\
'''Mrs. Briefs:''' I see. Honey, we have a food stamper!\\
'''Dr. Briefs:''' (from offscreen) Tell him I have a gun because I pay taxes!\\
'''Yajirobe:''' Challenge accepted.
* We get this bit as Piccolo is flying up to the lookout:
--> '''Korin:''' (Sees Piccolo flying upwards) Hey Piccolo have you seen Yajirobe? He hasn't called or-(Piccolo flies past him) texted. Ah, damn it.\\

[[folder:Episode 41: The Trouble with Time Travel]]
* Piccolo and Kami's scene consists of them doing nothing but grunting at each other. Then:
--> '''Nail:''' [[{{Padding}} Oh, just fuse already]]!
** And Popo is coming down from his massive LSD high from the previous episode.
* 17 and 16's conversation when 18 tells them she wants to go shopping before killing Goku.
--> '''17:''' Tsk, women. Am I right 16?\\
'''16:''' [[AC: Confirmed: She is female.]]\\
'''17:''' Hah, she is.
* Bulma and Trunks's awkward, pause-filled conversation. The awkward pause is then broken by a [[BrickJoke gunshot]] in the background.
--> '''Yajirobe:''' Ya missed me, four-eyes!\\
'''Dr. Briefs:''' That was a warning shot, fatass! Now put down the fridge.\\
'''Yajirobe:''' Vive la honey baked ham!\\
'''More gunshots'''
* After Krillin and Trunks land at Goku's house, Krillin stops Trunks to ask him something important.
-->'''Krillin:''' Wait, before we go in, uh… I wanted to ask… you ever think that, uh, Android 18 is… kind of cute?\\
''(Loooooooooong pause while Trunks stares at Krillin.)''\\
'''Trunks:''' No.\\
'''Krillin:''' All right then, dibs by the way.
** In the History of Trunks Android 18 calls dibs on killing Trunks leading to 17 friendly firing on her. Looks like another thing Krillin and 18 have in common.
* Yamcha greets Krillin and Trunks:
-->'''Trunks:''' Oh, uh, Yamcha, right? How's it hang - I mean, how you doing?\\
'''Yamcha:''' [[BlackComedy Oh you know, hanging in there.]]\\
''Trunks lets out an exasperated sigh''
* While Krillin and Yamcha are busy evacuating Goku and his family to Kamehouse (despite that being ''literally'' the second place the Androids will look for him), Yamcha asks Krillin a question.
-->'''Yamcha:''' So where's Vegeta during all of this, anyway?\\
'''Krillin:''' Oh, I'm sure he's off somewhere…\\
''(Cut to Super Saiyan Vegeta standing in the middle of a wasteland)''\\
'''Vegeta:''' '''[[PunctuatedForEmphasis GOD! DAMN IT!]] ''[[UnstoppableRage SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT!!!]]'''''\\
''(Wasteland explodes before cutting back to Krillin)''\\
'''Krillin:''' …coping.
* To prove that he still has the time machine with him, Trunks activates its capsule… [[DidntThinkThisThrough while he's on the plane carrying Goku.]] HilarityEnsues.
-->(Goku starts screaming again.)\\
'''Yamcha''': [[SarcasmMode Oh good]], that's back.
* During an explanation from Trunks as to how time travel works, Gohan casually reveals that he's been [[ChildProdigy studying theoretical physics]][[note]]well, just physics now[[/note]]. Chichi tells him that they'll soon be moving onto [[{{Foreshadowing}} cellular biology]].
-->'''Gohan:''' Awww, [[TemptingFate but cells]] [[DramaticIrony are boring.]]
** Gohan explaining all this while the screen shows a chalkboard.
* Oolong's reaction to finding out that Chiaotzu put pork in his ramen:
-->'''Oolong:''' [[ITasteDelicious I'm delicious.]]
** A BrickJoke to the Cooler movie that Krillin was asked the same question. The difference was that Chiaotzu dragged the word longer and failed to think of another word in time.
* Krillin warns Trunks about Chi-Chi.
-->'''Krillin:''' Quick warning: Be super nice to Goku's wife. She can be a bit of a total--\\
''(Chi-Chi slams the door on him)''\\
'''Chi-Chi:''' Gohan! Oh, it's you…\\
'''Krillin:''' ''(With a [[CranialEruption large bump on his head]])'' Eh, fine; I pretty much asked for that one.\\
''([[RunningGag Krillin Owned Count: 31]])''
* Android 16 climbing into the back of a truck and calling out "[[AC:Shotgun]]". Just the way he says it makes it sound like he's having as much fun as his fellow androids hijacking a truck and (later) resisting arrest.
--> '''#16:''' [[AC:You cannot sit in the back. I have called "Shotgun."]]
** When they say they'll take the van, Sixteen [[LiteralMinded picks it up]]. It takes some coaxing from Seventeen that that wasn't what he meant.
* Gohan finally returns home while Chi-Chi, Krillin, Trunks, and Yamcha are busy carrying Goku onto the airship to get to Kame House. What happens?
-->'''Chi-Chi:''' <as Gohan lands> GOHAAAN!\\
'''Gohan:''' <deadpan, to self> Oh, good...\\
'''Chi-Chi:''' Oh, I swear I am ''never'' letting you get away from me again. [[MyBelovedSmother We're getting that GPS tracking chip installed in your neck]] by the end of the ''week!''\\
'''Gohan:''' [[OhCrap Uh... little help?]]
* Tien's rather ominous way of picking up Chiaotzu from Kame House, but mainly the reaction when he [[CantCatchUp wants to train again]].
-->'''Chiaotzu:''' But Tien, [[MuscleAngst the doctor said if your shoulders get any bigger]]-\\
'''Tien:''' ''[Darkly]'' ''That's'' why we don't see him anymore.
* Roshi after learning the others got defeated by The Androids makes plans to buy a submarine. For those who don't get it, in Trunks' timeline Roshi, Oolong, Puar, and Turtle are in hiding in a submarine under water.
** Becomes even more BrickJoke for ''The History of Trunks Abridged'' when Oolong tells Roshi he can't name it after his junk, only for Roshi to ultimately christen it the ''USS M'Dick''.
* After Trunk's and Gohan's explanation on time travel, Yamcha asks Trunks why he even bothered to come back if it doesn't affect his world. He answers that not only did he want at least one timeline free from the Androids, but his mother only told him about the whole parallel timeline thing AFTER he had made his first trip. Krillin's response is as ''HILARIOUS'' as it is messed up.
-->'''Krillin:''' ''(singsong)'' [[{{Squick}} And then she tried to BANG you!]]
* Bulma [[TechnologyMarchesOn faxing over]] the picture of Cell's time machine.
--> '''Krillin:''' You have a ''fax machine''?\\
'''Trunks:''' [[WhatAreRecords What's a fax machine?]]\\
'''Krillin:''' See, ''that one'' makes sense.[[note]]Referring to Trunks's earlier question about Country music.[[/note]]
** It turns out in Trunks's timeline country music no longer exists. TheStinger reveals why: [[spoiler: The "Cat Loves Food" Country Music version, sung by Christopher Sabat, prompting the Androids to apparently destroy country music as a genre.]]

[[folder:Episode 42: Fear and Loathing in Gingertown]]
* As 18 drives off with her new outfit without paying for it:
-->'''Store Owner:''' ''(as the androids drive away)'' [[TemptingFate You blonde bimbo, you get back here this instant!]]\\
''(the van stops, then reverses back)''\\
'''Store Owner:''' ''(while running back inside)'' [[OhCrap Oh, no, no, no, no, nononononononono-]]
* Trunks and Gohan have a conversation about the future.
-->'''Gohan:''' ''(to Trunks)'' If you don't mind me asking, you know me in the future, right?\\
'''Trunks:''' Yeah. Actually, you were my mentor.\\
'''Gohan:''' Oh, wow. What's adult me like?\\
'''Trunks:''' Well, I suppose you take a lot after [[IdiotHero your father]].\\
'''Gohan:''' [[ComplimentBackfire In what regard?]]\\
'''Trunks:''' You're the strongest, bravest warrior on the planet.\\
'''Gohan:''' Okay, good. By the way, [[CallForward why do you keep staring at my arm?]]\\
'''Trunks:''' Oh, uh... hey, what's that?!
* The awkwardness between Trunks and Bulma when they meet in person at the time machine as well as [[{{Adorkable}} Gohan's playing detective]].
-->'''Gohan:''' Ooh, a mystery! I never get to solve mysteries! Like Sherlock Holmes, or Batman! Usually we're just busy fighting people. Like Bruce Lee, or Batman.
* This bit after Trunks finds out the moss-covered ship is the same as his.
-->'''Trunks:''' Oh. crapbaskets...\\
'''Gohan:''' Oh, you say that too.
* Upon seeing (what looks like) a large molted cicada, Trunks feels inside of it, and is mortified when he gets gunk on his hand. He spends the next half a minute or so [[FunnyBackgroundEvent freaking out about it offscreen while Gohan inspects the molt more closely.]]
--> '''Trunks:''' [[{{Squick}} Ohhh no. Oh, really wish I hadn't! It's all over my hand! Oh god, it's sticky!]] [[NotSoStoic And now it's starting to harden! Oh no!]]
** Bulma manipulates the halves of the egg shell, causing PacMan-like sound effects.
** Then when Gohan suggests that the thing that molted it could still be nearby, Bulma reacts thusly:
---> '''Bulma:''' [[MotorMouth TrunksitwasgoodtoseeyouagainandGohansayhellotoyourmotherI'llcallyoulaterOKbyyyyyyyyeeeeeee!]] ''([[ScrewThisImOuttaHere flies off as fast as she can]])''
** Immediately after, and following Trunks having touched the ''inside'' of the molt.
--->'''Trunks:''' Long shot, but you wouldn't happen to carry hand sanitizer on you would you?\\
'''Gohan:''' [[Series/{{Archer}} D-do you not?]]
* As Bulma's flying back, she's still grossed out by the whole thing...
-->'''Bulma''': Ew, ew, ew, ew, ew!\\
''(The ship's phone goes off. It's the Kame House calling...and the ring tone is "PrettyFlyForAWhiteGuy" by Music/TheOffspring.)''\\
'''Bulma''': ...ew.
* Piccolo's InsistentTerminology:
-->'''Piccolo:''' I have been sitting here, meditating--\\
'''Nail:''' Dozing.\\
'''Piccolo:''' ''Meditating'' for the past...uh...\\
'''Mr. Popo:''' ''THREE... HOURS?''\\
'''Piccolo:''' Thank you, Mr. Popo. Three hours!
* When Kami reveals that he'd rather let the world be destroyed than be in the same body as Piccolo again:
-->'''Nail:''' ''(sincerely upset)'' Mom? Dad? Please stop fighting.
* Piccolo and Kami's fusion brings about [[CallBack Call Backs]] to his fusion with Nail.
-->'''Kami:''' I'm sure you're already familiar with the technique.\\
'''Piccolo:''' Right. ''(places hand on Kami)''\\
'''Kami:''' Alright now... [[NotSoAboveItAll Lower]].\\
'''Piccolo:''' Yeah, [[CallBack not falling for that]].\\
'''Kami:''' Hmph, I didn't think so.\\
''(Kami fades out as he fuses with Piccolo, causing a brilliant light)''\\
** After the fusion is complete:
---> '''Mr. Popo:''' Woo, that was crazy. So, did you actually eat Kami or was that the acid?\\
'''Piccolo:''' So this is who we were, huh?\\
'''Piccolo:''' Hello? Got reeeeeeal quiet. Holy crap, are they finally--\\
'''Nail:''' ''(snickering)''\\
'''Piccolo:''' Ugh, of course not.\\
'''Nail:''' [[NeverLiveItDown Isn't this the part where you chant to yourself?]]\\
'''Piccolo:''' Shut up.\\
'''Kami:''' Come now, we should do whatever feels right.\\
'''Piccolo:''' Oh please no!\\
'''Nail and Kami:''' You can win! You feel great! You can do this!
** Once Piccolo leaves:
--->'''Mr. Popo:''' Well, only one thing to do...\\
''(zoom out on the lookout as it starts bouncing up and down to the beat of "Turn Down For What" while fireworks go off in the background)''
** Not long after Kami fuses with Piccolo and the latter leaves the lookout, we get this bit with Korin:
---> '''Korin:''' (As Piccolo is flying down) Hey Piccolo, could you pick up Yajirobe? He doesn't have a- (Piccolo flies past him) Ah crap! Well I know someone who's not getting invited to Sunday brunch! Oh, who am I kidding? We both like him...
* While watching news coverage of the mysterious assailant who abducts people, leaving behind only their clothes, Trunks remarks that this couldn't be the work of the Androids.
-->'''Krillin:''' Not unless they're starting the world's first mandatory nudist colony.
* [[spoiler: Cell]] makes his first appearance while, of all things, [[spoiler:singing "Mr. Sandman"]]. Both funny ''and'' creepy.
* One of the newscasters blames this disaster on the fact that they elected a dog as king. He even prefaces it by saying he doesn't want to sound racist.
* Krillin talks to Master Roshi, Yamcha, and Oolong about the Androids, which eventually leads to Master Roshi asking how hot 18 is.
-->'''Master Roshi:''' ...Speaking of fruit, what are we talking here: [[DirtyOldMan apples, oranges, melons?]]\\
'''Krillin:''' Is that really important?\\
'''Master Roshi:''' '''''Yes'''''!
* While Piccolo is investigating the almost deathly silent town, Nail and Kami are interjecting which leads to this:
-->'''Piccolo:''' Could you both just shut up for like, a minute?\\
'''Nail:''' [[SarcasmMode Oh yeah, wouldn't wanna distract ya. Might get hit by one of these abandoned cars!]]\\
'''Kami:''' I've always wanted to drive a car, but by the time they were invented, my eyes weren't so good for it anymore. Piccolo, you've driven a car, right? How was it?
** Right before that exchange:
---> '''Nail:''' ''[once Piccolo lands in the empty city of Gingertown]'' Well this is classic. The moment God disappears, the rapture happens!\\
'''Kami:''' Yes, the irony is not lost on me.

[[folder:Episode 43: Cell Service]]
* The preview has this rapid gem:
-->'''Piccolo:''' What the hell's going on here?\\
'''Cell:''' ''[laughs]'' Let's answer your question... with another question.\\
'''Piccolo:''' Yeah? And what's tha-\\
'''Cell:''' ''[while totally channelling Nappa]'' [[SuddenlyShouting WANNA SEE ME DRINK THIS GUY?!]] *stabs tail into screaming man*
** Not long after that, we get this:
-->*As Cell is drinking the screaming man*\\
'''Nail:''' Oh, oh god, I think I'm gonna puke!\\
'''Piccolo:''' You can't puke! You're in my-\\
[=*=]Sounds of puking can be heard*\\
'''Kami:''' Oh good lord, it's ''everywhere''!
** And after ''that'':
-->'''Cell:''' So, Piccolo... what brings you to ''my'' neighborhood?\\
'''Piccolo:''' I sensed a disturbance...\\
'''Cell:''' Well I ''am'' pretty disturbing! Remember that time I drank that guy? That was f**king weird.
* Immediately following that:
-->'''Piccolo:''' So I take it ''you're'' the one who exterminated this entire city?\\
'''Cell:''' Oh no, no, that was another guy. [[SarcasmMode His name was "Shit, Sherlock", first name "No".]]
* After Piccolo calls Cell [[YouMonster a monster]].
--> '''Cell:''' Oh, "I'm a monster!". [[NeverHeardThatOneBefore Haven't heard that one screamed at me today.]] Of all people--''[[[EatsBabies Coughs up a baby's pacifier]]]'' ...[[CrossesTheLineTwice Oh that is just embarrassing! It's not even the right hole.]]
* The various comments made during Cell and Piccolo's fight.
-->'''Cell:''' (About Piccolo) Okay, so, he's faster than me. That could be a slight pain in the ass, but... *Gets kicked from behind* Ow, my [[BreadEggsBreadedEggs ass-butt]]!
** This bit after Piccolo spin kicks Cell.
--->'''Kami:''' Did you just spin kick him?\\
'''Piccolo:''' I know right? I've always wanted to do that!\\
'''Nail:''' Please don't do it again.\\
'''Piccolo:''' My body, my rules! *Whiffs his spin kick* Damn it!
** Cell preparing a rather familiar technique of Piccolo's:
--->'''Piccolo:''' What is he doing?\\
'''Kami:''' That looks like your technique.\\
'''Piccolo:''' Well it's not!\\
'''Nail:''' He's doing the finger thing...\\
'''Piccolo:''' So? Goku does that when he telepor-\\
'''Cell:''' Makankōsappō!! *Fires the Special Beam Cannon*\\
'''Piccolo:''' Oh crap.\\
'''Kami:''' [[CallBack So that's how you pronounce it...]]
** After Piccolo passes by him.
--->'''Cell:''' ''[thinking to himself rapidly]'' He's gonna kick me again, isn't he? *after picking himself up from the rubble* Alright, I'm gonna need you to do me a solid and not kick me anymore!
** This bit as Cell prepares yet another familiar technique:
---> '''Piccolo:''' No! That's impossible! The only one who knows that technique is Goku! And Gohan... and Master Roshi... and Krillin... and Yamcha... and me that one time I tried it just to see if I could- *interrupted by Cell firing the Kamehameha*
* Meanwhile, back with the other Androids, whose van has broken down...
-->'''Android 18:''' Hey 16, how's that tranny coming along?\\
'''Android 16:''' [[AC:[[LiteralMinded I do not believe the car identifies as either male or female]].]]\\
''[18 and 17 go back to their conversation after a {{beat}}, until 16 makes a realization]''\\
'''Android 16:''' [[AC:Wait, did you mean the transmission? Because it's fixed.]] ''(cranks the motor)''
* After Cell drinks up Piccolo's left arm and the arm is now all shriveled up.
-->'''Cell:''' Oh god, you're even starting to look like Kami!\\
'''Kami:''' Dick!\\
'''Cell:''' You sure you don't want me to do the other arm? Even you out? Cause that's just distracting.
* When everyone else detects the fight...
-->'''Gohan:''' Huh? Why does it feel like my dad is fighting Mr. Piccolo? And Vegeta is fighting Mr. Piccolo. And Mr. fighting Mr. Piccolo.\\
'''Krillin:''' That's weird. It even feels like ''I'm'' out there.\\
'''Gohan:''' It feels like everyone we know is fighting Mr. Piccolo.\\
'''Krillin:''' Except for [[ButtMonkey Yamcha]].\\
'''Yamcha:''' [[ComicallyMissingThePoint Well, duh. That's because I'm right here]].\\
'''Krillin:''' *{{beat}}* [[SureLetsGoWithThat Yeah. That's gotta be it.]]
* Piccolo bows out of the fight?
-->'''Piccolo:''' Listen, I've obviously lost this fight. Without my arm, I'm finished.\\
'''Nail:''' Wait, can't you regrow your ar-\\
'''Kami:''' Shut up Nail, he's doing a thing!
* After Piccolo manages to trick Cell into explaining who or what he is, and Cell reveals he is the final project of Doctor Gero/Android 20.
-->'''Cell:''' I am purely bio-mechanical! Unlike my brother and sister, Cyborg 17 and 18.\\
'''Piccolo:''' [[InsistentTerminology We call them Androids.]]\\
'''Cell:''' Well good for you, you're wrong.
* Cell upon being asked what his name is:
-->'''Cell:''' Truth is, I really don't have one. But all things considered, I'll go with... Cell.\\
'''Piccolo:''' That's kinda boring...\\
'''Cell:''' [[HypocriticalHumor Coming from the guy named after a woodwind instrument]].
* Cell's reaction after Piccolo regrows his arm:
--> '''Cell:''' Oh that is HARDCORE! Also not good for me. *Trunks and Krillin arrive* ''Also'' not good for me!
* This bit after Cell does the Solar Flare (the FreezeFrameBonus this time? [[spoiler:Two flies humping]]) and escapes:
-->'''Krillin:''' That's Tien's thing!\\
'''Piccolo:''' I f**king know!!
* The {{Stinger}} with Vegeta:
-->'''Vegeta:''' Okay, what the hell am I sensing? Is that the Namekian? ''Is that ME?!'' '''IS THAT ME ''STRONGER'' THAN ME?! I'LL F**KING KILL ME!!'''

[[folder:Episode 44: Cell Reception]]
* Roshi does the disclaimer, while high and laughing at [[HehHehYouSaidX "release"]].
* [[PandaingToTheAudience "The species evolution obviously wants to die, but we won't let it!"]]
** And [[{{Bathos}} Cell's almost childlike wonderment at the notion of visiting it]].
* Cell meets a Battle Ball team:
-->'''Cell:''' I wanna make a joke about your team. What's its name?\\
'''Battle Ball Player:''' The East City Westmen! (Chorus: Hoo-ha!)\\
'''Cell:''' ... Oh, I am too hungry for this shit. (kills the entire Battle Ball team and the bus driver)
** The joke this is spun off from is pretty good too, Cell being annoyed by the confusing naming conventions the Z-world has for their cities.
-->'''Cell:''' All right... So South City is to the north, North City is to the west, and East City is... also to the north. ...Where the f**k am I?
** Cell mocking the bus driver of the Easy City Westmen everytime he honks the horn by saying "BEEP!" each time. He then says "BEEP BEEP!" as he grabs and kills the bus driver after draining the Battle Ball team.
** Bonus points: the East City Westmen had a game with the West City Southerners.
* "I'm coming, I'm coming... I came. Heh."
* Vegeta's ego:
-->'''Vegeta:''' The f***'s a Kami?\\
'''Krillin:''' Basically, God.\\
'''Vegeta:''' [[AGodAmI BUT I'M STILL HERE!]]\\
'''Trunks:''' Do you really believe your own hype that much?\\
'''Vegeta:''' '''I ''AM'' THE HYPE!'''
** But before that:
--->'''Piccolo:''' Damn it, damn it, damn it, damn it, damn it!\\
'''Krillin:''' Wow, Piccolo's pulling a your dad.\\
'''Vegeta, just arriving:''' Damn it, damn it, damn it, damn it, damn it!\\
'''Krillin:''' Oh yeah, see.
* While others are shocked over hearing that there's yet another android on the loose, we have everyone's favorite egotistic Saiyan asking: [[BrickJoke "DO I HEAR FIVE?"]]
** Leading to Trunks asking Krillin that, if they were to find ''another'' android, to not tell Vegeta.
* During the lab infiltration and Trunks finding the blueprints of Androids 17 and 18 (while mentioning their real names, Lapis and Lazuli), we get this:
--> '''Krillin:''' ''[thinking]'' ''Don't ask how to turn them on, don't ask how to turn her on, [[FoeYay don't ask how to turn Android 18 on.]]'' How do you turn [[HoYay Android 17]] on? (thinking) ''[[DiggingYourselfDeeper Shit!]]''
* Goku's dream. [[Manga/OnePiece Pirate Goku with Sword Guy Piccolo]] and [[Manga/{{Naruto}} Ninja Goku]].
** Made even funnier when you know Piccolo and Zoro [[Creator/ChristopherSabat share the same voice actor]].
*** Also, though maybe unintentional, the [[Creator/ColleenClinkenbeard voice actress]] for Luffy is also the voice of young Goku in DBZ Kai.
* Cell amuses himself by having a... [[{{Sexophone}} conversation with Nicky Town]], whose population are going to be his next victims. Except he gives Nicky Town a voice and portrays it as being ArentYouGoingToRavishMe.
-->'''Cell:''' Hey there, cherry. What's your name?\\
'''"Nicky Town":''' My name is Nicky Town. Who're you?\\
'''Cell:''' Name's Cell. (Licks his beak-mouth) And ''you'' are lookin' fine.\\
'''"Nicky Town":''' Why thank you Mr. Cell, but you're just saying that.\\
'''Cell:''' Oh I don't just say that to every town I come across.\\
'''"Nicky Town":''' Mr. Cell, please absorb me.\\
'''Cell:''' Oh don't worry, I'll get around to it.\\
'''"Nicky Town":''' But I need you right now Mr. Cell!\\
'''Cell:''' Ok-ok-okay, I'm really in the middle of something right now.\\
'''"Nicky Town":''' No! Right now, Mr. Cell, right now!\\
'''Cell:''' '''[[SuddenlyShouting BITCH I DO WHAT I WANT!!]]'''
** Even better, "She" sounds like "The Ugly One" from Homestar Runner.
** Or Eric Cartman from SouthPark.
* Cell taking over the radio station is this... [[NightmareFuel slightly.]]
** To wit:
--->'''Cell:''' Hey! Welcome back to 98.5 The Cell! We have another caller making a request.\\
'''Victim:''' PLEASE don't kill me!\\
'''Cell:''' [[FauxAffablyEvil Sorry, that's not in the lineup]]. ''(sound of Cell's tail... doing what it does)'' Speaking of the line-up, in the next half-hour we've got [[MeaningfulName "Hungry Like the Wolf" by Duran Duran, "Killing Me Softly With His Song" by Lauren Hill, followed by "All By Myself"]].
* A note on Dr. Gero's desk lampshades that the original names of Android 17 and Android 18, which are names of crystals, [[WhoNamesTheirKidDude were so stupid that it's as if their parents wanted them to become strippers]].
* The name of the restaurant in Nicky Town is "L’anus serré", which is [[GratuitousFrench French]] for [[GettingCrapPastTheRadar "Tight Anus"]].
** And suddenly, Marron mentioning their uptightness in episode 31 reveals itself as a joke.
* Krillin makes a ''Series/LostInSpace'' joke, and it goes over Trunks' head.
-->'''Krillin:''' The future is ''no fun''.\\
'''Trunks:''' [[BadFuture It's really not.]]
* Tien finds out that his fantasy team is screwed.
-->'''Tien:''' Aw dammit, he killed my star battleback! My entire fantasy team just went straight to Hell!\\
'''Piccolo:''' Are you serious?\\
'''Tien:''' What? I have hobbies!\\
'''Piccolo:''' *scoffs* No, you don't.
* After Trunks and Krillin go to the remains of the base, we get this conversation between Piccolo and Tien:
--> '''Piccolo:''' So, now that I have the chance to say this, [[ContinuityNod sorry that my dad killed Chiaotzu.]]\\
[=*Tien blankly stares at Piccolo*=]\\
'''Nail:''' ...Aaand ya made it awkward.
* Krillin and Trunks making laser noises as they are shooting energy around the ruins.
* Trunks hesitates at killing the fetus Cell, and it becomes a brief lecture from Krillin between "life" and "choice".
-->'''Krillin:''' F**k it, I'm dropping the pretenses. We're aborting Cell.
* Krillin's PreMortemOneLiner before blowing up the base? [[Film/{{Terminator}} "Hasta La Vista, baby!"]]
** Which blows up in his face (literally) when he gets caught in the ensuing smoke cloud.
* Tien making fun of Vegeta:
-->'''Vegeta:''' As for me, I will find a level beyond a Super Saiyan!\\
'''Tien:''' So, what? Like a "Mega Saiyan"? "Ultra Saiyan"?\\
'''Vegeta:''' You're mocking me...\\
'''Tien:''' [[Film/MaximumOverdrive "Maximum Over-Saiyan"]]!\\
'''Vegeta:''' F**k off, triclops! (flies away)\\
'''Krillin:''' Why do you antagonize him like that? You know he can kill you, right?\\
'''Tien:''' At this point, it's a game. If he gives in, I win. ''And he knows that.''
* The original Goku scene has Chichi quite pissed at the idea of Goku taking Gohan out to fight the Androids, giving Yamcha a DeathGlare, giving him a death threat, and preferring everyone to stay inside where they can all become [[NinjaPirateZombieRobot doctor-lawyer-scientists]]. Gohan says it best about Goku.
-->'''Gohan:''' Yeah, that's great, mom, but you know if you tell that to dad, it's just gonna go in one ear and get bored and die.
** As for Chichi's death threat...
--->'''Chichi:''' Hey Yamcha, when you go to sleep tonight...don't go to sleep tonight.

[[folder:Episode 45: Hyperbolic Plot Device]]
* Goku is back and throws Chi-Chi up to show he's at 100%... she goes into space. Not only that: ''she burns up exiting the atmosphere''. Goku's face as he sees this just screams "OhCrap." [[UnexplainedRecovery And in the next scene, she's fine]].
* We finally get an explanation for why Bulma's mother never ages.
-->'''Mr. Briefs:''' Of course he had a sub-lab. We all have sub-labs. Where do you think I keep your mother's clones?\\
'''Bulma:''' Mom's ''what?''\\
'''Mr. Briefs:''' Don't go in the basement.
** This may also be a [[CallBack call back]] to Mrs. Briefs and Bulma's conversation in episode 40.
* When Krillin is informed that 18 is still anatomically intact:
-->'''Krillin:''' Just went from a nine to a ten.
** And while the androids are threatening their lives - Krillin uses a lame pickup line on 18.
* At an amusement park Cell attacked, but Piccolo and Tien were too late in saving it.
-->'''Piccolo:''' [[FridgeLogic How are all these rides still running?!]]\\
'''Tien:''' [[FridgeLogic Why are the clothes still on them?]]\\
* Roshi's "part the sea" joke, in response to seeing the ocean split apart by Goku's attack.
-->'''Roshi:''' Well, either Goku's awake or Moses has brought the Jews. Either way, my pantry's not full enough.
* Piccolo doesn't understand pot and grass are slang terms for marijuana, for which Kami has a yearning. Even Nail, who grew up on another planet, knows these slang terms.
-->'''Nail:''' He's asking if he has any pot.\\
'''Piccolo:''' I don't know, probably. I mean, he knows the [[ContinuityNod Mafuba]]. [[note]]AKA the "Evil Containment Wave", which was used in the original Dragon Ball series to seal Demon King Piccolo whom Kami originally split from inside a rice cooker.[[/note]]\\
'''Kami:''' (annoyed) Oh my god!\\
'''Nail:''' The what?
* Goku was able to catch up on what's going on thanks to his [[Manga/OnePiece pirate dream]]. He was having a [[Manga/{{Naruto}} ninja dream]], but it ended.[[note]]Naruto ended between the release of episodes 44 and 45.[[/note]]
* Goku does not know Chi-Chi is gonna be pissed about him going to fight the Androids.
--> '''Goku:''' What, if you're worried about Gohan, I'll [[TooDumbToLive bring him along with me]].
* Chi-Chi just gives up and says go ahead and fight them, on one condition: [[CallForward that they have another baby.]]
--> '''Goku:''' Hmm. Hmm. Kaybye! ''(Teleports away)''\\
'''Roshi:''' Was that a yes?\\
'''Chi-Chi:''' (singsong) ''It wasn't a "no"''...\\
'''Roshi:''' [[GagEcho Hmm. Hmm. Kaybye!]]
** Even funnier - even Goku picked up on the fact that [[OOCIsSeriousBusiness Chi-Chi accepting it at all was a bad sign]].
* When Krillin makes a comment about how it's lucky that they have the Dragon Balls when all the townspeople are dying, Piccolo makes an awkward confession about how the Dragon Balls are no longer an option.
-->'''Piccolo''': Aaah....Remember how Kami and I fused?\\
'''Tien''': (horrified realization) No...\\
'''Piccolo''': ...And remember how we used to have Dragon Balls?\\
'''Tien''': Holy shit.
* When the B-team is freaking out over the fact that the Dragon Balls no longer exist, Krillin cries out "Why don't we have Goku?!".
-->'''Goku''': (teleports in) I'm taking Gohan, bye! (teleports out)\\
'''Gohan''': Wh... (teleports with Goku)\\
'''Piccolo''': Good news, we have Goku!\\
'''Krillin''': Bitchin'! Let's go hang at Kame House!
** Krillin's reaction to the loss of the Dragon Balls.
--> '''Krillin''': *extremely high pitched* ''Oh. Okay''.
* As for the other Saiyans:
-->'''Trunks:''' NOTICE ME!\\
'''Vegeta:''' (beat) NOOOO!
** After Goku and Gohan meet up with Vegeta and Trunks.
--> '''Trunks''': Hey dad! Do you wanna train with me? \\
'''Vegeta''': F**k off!\\
'''Trunks''': About that well...
* Goku giving Vegeta a "motivational" speech:
-->'''Goku''': But you know what they say, Vegeta. When you fall off that horse, you get right back up and you ''eat that horse''! Come eat that horse with me, Vegeta!\\
'''Vegeta''': What the hell are you on about?!
* Vegeta's first encounter with Mr. Popo.
-->'''Vegeta''': '''WHAT THE F*CK IS THAT?!'''
* Android 16 enjoying the bumpy ride due to the wildlife... before 18 blasts the whole forest to kingdom come. She makes it up to him by promising to take him to a zoo. His response?
--> '''16''': ...[[AC:I want to see the parrots]].
* The Androids searching Goku's house:
-->'''17:''' So, 18, what's it look like in there?\\
'''18:''' It looks like Goku's wife is a Chinese princess. Seriously, I'm glad she's my size, but who wears this junk?\\
'''17:''' I mean, is Goku there?\\
'''18:''' Oh, no, place is empty. Devoid of all people, and taste.
* 16 referring to deciding to fly to Kame House as "The Bird Way".
* Goku's inability to pronounce "Hyperbolic Time Chamber".
* Gohan wonders why they haven't used the Hyperbolic Time Chamber to train before now.
-->'''Gohan:''' Wait, how long have you known about this?\\
'''Goku:''' Since I was a kid.\\
'''Gohan:''' Then why didn't Krillin and the others use it to train against the Saiyans? Why didn't we use it to train against the Androids?!\\
'''Popo:''' They had... [[CallBack other]] [[TrainingFromHell training]]. Besides, they most likely would not have survived. [[NoodleIncident I threw Goku in there once when he was a kid]].\\
'''Goku:''' [[CasualDangerDialogue I almost died]].
* Trunks is shocked by what he sees when he first enters the Hyperbolic Time Chamber.
-->'''Trunks:''' Holy...! This place, it's... nothing but a white void! I can't see where it ends... or even where it begins! It's... overwhelming. I need time-- time to adjust, time to--\\
'''Vegeta''': Trainingbeginsnow! ''(smacks Trunks in the face)'' ({{Beat}}) You weren't ready.\\
'''Trunks:''' ''(elongated moan)''
* The stinger. It's identical to embryo Cell's first appearance... except it's [[spoiler:fetus Mrs. Briefs]]. Could count as [[NightmareFuel nightmare fuel]] if you think about it too hard.
* Trunks pleading to Goku for help as he and Vegeta head into the Hyperbolic Time Chamber.
* When Goku notes that Popo doesn't seem like himself, we then see Popo's POV, and he's imagining Kami next to Goku.
* The Androids arrive at Kame House:
-->'''17:''' We're here for Goku.\\
'''Piccolo:''' Son of a bitch.\\
'''16:''' [[AC:Son Goku is not here.]]\\
'''17:''' Son of a bitch!
* Goku giving Vegeta the nickname of 'Geets.

[[folder:Episode 46: Percussive Maintenance]]
* Android 16 once again bird-watching.
-->'''16:''' [[AC:I have spotted a pelican. So majestic--]]\\
(Pelican squawks)\\
'''16:''' [[AC:So majest--]]\\
(Pelican squawks again)\\
'''16:''' [[AC:Maje--]]\\
([[RuleOfThree pelican squawks once more]])\\
'''16:''' [[AC:That is a big bird.]]
* Goku again having trouble pronouncing Hyperbolic Time Chamber... or maybe not.
-->'''Goku:''' We have to wait for Vegeta and Trunks to come out of the Hypertonic Lion Tamer.\\
'''Popo:''' That one was on purpose.\\
'''Goku:''' Could've been.
* Goku being knocked off the Lookout for mispronouncing the Hyperbolic Time Chamber by Mr. Popo right before the opening credits. He actually sounds like he's enjoying it too.
** Pecking Order!
* The various comments during the fight between 17 & Piccolo
--> '''17:''' What's going on over there?\\
'''16''': [[AC: [[RunningGag Dodge]]]].\\
'''17''': Dodge wha- (Gets hit by Piccolo) You know 16, yelling "dodge" is more distracting than helpful!\\
'''16''': [[AC: He has fused with Kami]].\\
'''17''': Kami? Wha- (Gets his ass kicked some more) Seriously, what the hell's a "Kami"?\\
'''Piccolo:''' [[BadassBoast It means "God"]]. [[KneelBeforeZod Now]] ''[[KneelBeforeZod bow]]''.
** When 17 appears to be dodging all of Piccolo's ki blasts.
--> '''17''': (As Piccolo continues to fire ki blasts despite the fact that 17 stopped awhile ago.) Umm, I stopped dodging! Seriously, are you even trying to hit me?\\
'''Piccolo''': [[ExactlyWhatIAimedAt Nooo]]!\\
'''17''': The hell do you mean "no"? (Looks around at the scattered dormant ki blasts) Oh. Ohhhhh. [[ThisIsGonnaSuck Ohhhhhh shit]].\\
'''Piccolo''': [[FinishingMove Hellzone Grenade]]!\\
'''17''': (Thinking to himself as the ki blasts close in on him) Oh man, it's even got a cool name!
** As 17 is gaining the upper hand.
--> '''Nail''': (As Piccolo is backflipping) Why are you backflipping?\\
'''Piccolo''': To gain some distance!\\
''(17 punches Piccolo)''\\
'''Kami''': ''(exasperated)'' You can ''fly!''
* Android 17 is somewhat upset that Piccolo tried to kill Goku and no one holds that against him, while when he and the other androids do it, they're all out to get them.
-->'''Piccolo:''' When I did it, it was for revenge. You're just doing it for shits and giggles.\\
'''17:''' Tell you what. You live a few years in stasis with your creator repeating the words "Kill Goku" over and over in your subconscious, then you can ride that high horse all day long.\\
'''Piccolo:''' [[NotSoDifferent ...Wow.]]\\
'''17:''' What?\\
'''Piccolo:''' [[ContinuityNod Nothing, just... nostalgia.]]
* Dr. Briefs once again showcasing that, in TFS' version, he's a MadScientist without a shred of morality.
-->'''Bulma''': The crazy bastard was kidnapping dozens of orphaned teenagers and experimenting on them!
-->'''Dr. Briefs''': Oh, come now. You can't kidnap an orphan - [[CrossesTheLineTwice they weren't wanted in the first place]]! As aside, that's kind of brilliant.
** He then lets slip that he'd wanted to implant a bomb in Bulma as a child to keep her in line, but Mrs. Briefs prevented it.
* Krillin owning Yamcha by [[ItMakesSenseInContext proving he's somehow]] the bigger ButtMonkey. .
-->'''Krillin:''' Hey, I was on Namek, okay?! Shit got crazy! I got stabbed! And blown up!\\
'''Yamcha:''' I've been stabbed and blown up too! And dumped by the only girlfriend I ever had!\\
'''Krillin:''' Same. But you know the difference? When mine left, she took all my money. When yours left, she took all ''her'' money.\\
'''Roshi:''' Gonna need a Senzu for that one.
** Later on:
-->'''Yamcha:''' Yeah? W-well, at least I slept with Bulma!
-->'''Krillin:''' Yeah? Well, unlike Vegeta, you can't prove it!
-->'''Yamcha:''' Can too! Just ask her!
-->'''Chi-Chi:''' Bulma's on the phone!
-->'''Yamcha:''' On second thought, never mind.
-->'''Tien:''' ''(Thinking)'' You know in hindsight, [[NotSoAboveItAll I'm so glad that I am here right now.]]
* Goku flip-flopping over whether Piccolo can defeat the androids as both Piccolo and 17 are going at it.
-->'''Gohan''': Dad, do you think Piccolo can win?\\
'''Goku''': No... *17 attacks Piccolo*\\
'''Goku''': But maybe... *Piccolo counters*\\
'''Goku''': Then again... *17 counters*\\
'''Goku''': Although... *Piccolo headbutts 17*\\
'''Gohan''': [[LampshadeHanging Why do you keep stopping short?]]\\
'''Goku''': Oh, I'm sorry Gohan, were you saying something?
* After Bulma is successful in creating a detonator, she retrieves Trunks and we get this:
--> '''Yajirobe''': Wait, are you breastfeeding?\\
'''Bulma''': Yeah, why?\\
'''Yajirobe''': ...Awesome!
* When Piccolo and 17 are screaming at each other with some epic music in the background, cue them trying to "[[BrawlerLock push each other]]", nothing is happening and the {{Music|alisInterruptus}} immediately dies. While they're still screaming in the background, 18 thinks what they are doing is dumb and says [[TemptingFate it can't get any dumber.]] Cue the punching part where she admits she was wrong.
** Underscored by the fact that the punching part is set to [[SoundtrackDissonance ballet music]].
* Sixteen continuing to be even more single-minded about killing Goku than he is in canon.
--> '''18:''' Ugh. My God. This is so dumb. This cannot get any dumber.
--> '''16:''' [[AC: Agreed. Sure is a lot of not-killing-Goku going on right now.]] *{{beat}}* [[AC: You know what would fix that?]]
--> '''18:''' Is it killing Goku?
--> '''16:''' [[AC: A good old rousing round of Killing Goku.]]
* Yajirobe comes in with an armful of food, prompting Dr. Briefs to ask him its source due to Yajirobe having already cleaned out their pantry.
-->'''Yajirobe''': Not the fridge in the basement.
-->'''Dr. Briefs''': I don't ''have'' a fridge in my... ''({{Beat}})'' [[BrickJoke Oh my god.]][[note]]This refers to TheStinger at the end of the last episode[[/note]]
** And ''this'' episode's [[TheStinger stinger]] has Dr. Briefs chasing Yajirobe through the house, blasting out a window in the process.
-->'''Dr. Briefs''': You run freaking good for a fat man! *shot rings out* \\
'''Yajirobe''': Why are you so mad!? They weren't even that good!\\
'''Dr. Briefs''': [[CrossesTheLineTwice Most of those weren't even meant to be eaten]] [[DoubleEntendre that way]]!
* The RunningGag over the confusion of it supposedly being 22 hours between when the fight with the Androids started and when Bulma finished the detonator.
* Piccolo's attempted boast falls a little flat with 17.
-->'''Piccolo''': I'm not the same Namekian you fought before!\\
'''17''': Are you speaking metaphorically? Otherwise I'm going to feel really racist because you look exactly the same.

[[folder:Episode 47: Family Reunion]]
* Cell's introduction to his siblings is exactly as hilariously creepy as you'd expect.
-->'''Cell:''' Hello... brother.\\
'''Android 17:''' Come again?\\
'''Cell:''' [[DoubleEntendre In a moment.]] And hello, my ''beautiful'' sister. ''[licks his lips]''\\
'''Android 18:''' ''Oh f*ck no!''
** The sound Cell makes when he licks his lips [[ShoutOut sounds like]] [[Film/TheSilenceOfTheLambs Hannibal Lecter talking about the census-taker]]. [[HellIsThatNoise FH-FH-FH-FH-FH]]
** Right after Cell finishes being creepy to 18 he sees 16 and temporarily drops his NightmareFuel attitude.
---> '''Cell''': ''[Sees 16]'' And, um, ah?\\
'''16''': [[AC:I am designated as Android 16.]]\\
'''Cell''': ...Cool, anywho.
** After Piccolo explains who Cell is.
---> '''17''': [[SarcasmMode Oh, sure. he's from the future.]] [[CallForward And I'm a park ranger]].\\
'''16''': [[AC:That sounds nice.]]\\
'''18''': Can we ''focus''?!
* Krillin's incomprehensible string of "Yeah! No!", as he's too terrified for rational thought.
* Chi-Chi suggests one of them fly off to get the remote detonator from Bulma.
-->'''Krillin:''' Chi-Chi, [[CallBack you beautiful woman who lives in Goku's house]].\\
'''Chi-Chi:''' That is what I do.
* Yamcha breaks Roshi's toilet.
-->"Oh no! Oh jeez! Oh God!"
* Kami tries to reassure Piccolo, only for Nail to botch it.
-->'''Kami:''' [[{{Understatement}} Alright, he's grown just a bit stronger since last time.]] [[BlatantLies No big deal. We've got this.]]\\
'''Nail:''' [[ThisIsGonnaSuck He's going to kill us! He's going to kill Piccolo, and by extension us!]]\\
'''Kami:''' [[RousingSpeech I'm trying to boost his morale,]] [[WhatAnIdiot you idiot!]]
* [[MemeticMolester Cell making things weird (again)]].
-->'''Cell''': Is it hard to bear, Piccolo? My overwhelming power? Its weight? Its... [[DoubleEntendre girth]]?
* The "Stop it!" RunningGag after Cell delivers a DoubleEntendre.
-->'''17:''' Okay, future bug man. Let's say I uh, believe that now. Where do we go from here?\\
'''Cell:''' Inside me!\\
'''17:''' Stop it!\\
'''Piccolo:''' He's also a walking talking petri dish of the galaxy's strongest fighters!\\
'''Cell:''' [[FoeYay No need for flattery, Piccolo. You're already inside me.]]\\
'''Piccolo:''' Stop it!
** And, combined with MoodWhiplash towards the end.
--->'''Cell:''' So, my siblings, why don't you [[Film/WillyWonkaAndTheChocolateFactory come with me]], [[IronicNurseryRhyme and you'll be]], [[NightmareFuel in a world of truly pure perfection]].\\
'''18:''' [[RuleOfThree Stop it!]]
** Capped off combined with the beginning of 16's CrowningMomentOfAwesome.
--->'''Cell:''' And once I have achieved my perfection, I'll take my time killing every person on this planet. Even the mighty Goku. ''[maniacal laughter]''\\
'''16:''' [[AC: [[TheOnlyOneAllowedToDefeatYou Would you care to repeat that,]] [[ThisIsForEmphasisBitch you son of a bitch?]]]] ''[punches Cell square in the face]''\\
'''Cell:''' ''[unfazed]'' Got another one in you?\\
'''16:''' [[AC:[[PunctuatedForEmphasis Stop. It!]]]]
* Cell channels [[WebVideo/HellsingUltimateAbridged a certain other character voiced by Takahata101]].
-->'''17:''' Why are you here?\\
'''Cell:''' Because, [[ThisIsForEmphasisBitch bitch]], I drink people.
* Kami's reaction to Piccolo getting stomped by Cell.
-->'''Kami:''' I believe this is what the young people call "[[CurbStompBattle getting wrecked]]".
* In one final effort to stop Cell, Piccolo begins charging an all-powerful Light Grenade. Seventeen's reaction?
-->'''Seventeen''': Nope! ''([[ScrewThisImOuttaHere flees]])''
* Piccolo's last-ditch effort fails, but he's still got one trick left.
-->'''Nail:''' Ooookay, last ditch effort didn't work.\\
'''Kami:''' Got any '''last'''-''last'' ditch efforts?\\
'''Piccolo:''' ''[desperately]'' [[LastStand Just one...]] [[SuddenlyShouting NAAAA]][[CallBack AAAIL]] [[KilledMidSentence GU-]] ''[[NeckSnap *CRACK!*]]''
-->'''Cell''': ''[picks him up]'' Any last words, my big, green friend?\\
'''Piccolo''': ''[gurgles as his head sags to one side]''\\
'''Cell''': Well said! Good game. ''[blows a hole through his chest and lobs him into the ocean]''
** As he sinks into the ocean after Cell blasts him through the chest, ''[[Film/{{Titanic 1997}} Nearer My God to Thee]]'' starts playing.
--->'''Kami''': ''(resigned)'' So...that's it, then...\\
'''Nail:''' [[SincerityMode Gentlemen, it's been a privilege fighting with you.]]
* Goku succinctly sums up Piccolo getting a beam through the torso.
-->'''Goku:''' [[{{Understatement}} Oh, that ain't good.]]
* Gohan plans on a RoaringRampageOfRevenge, about to have an argument with Goku about how much Piccolo is more like his real dad.
-->'''Gohan:''' Mr. Piccolo would let me go!\\
'''Goku:''' No, he wouldn't! And he's smarter than me!\\
'''Gohan:''' [[DumbassHasAPoint I... uh... wow. Ok, that's...actually a good point.]]\\
'''Goku:''' [[GenreSavvy And besides]], [[LampshadeHanging the moment you leave]], [[TemptingFate that door is going to open.]]\\
'''Popo:''' He's right, you know.\\
'''Goku:''' Every time.
* Android 16 is both hilarious and awesome in this episode:
-->'''Android 17:''' What took you so long?\\
'''Android 16:''' [[AC:I was waiting to see how things played out.]]\\
'''Android 17:''' Wait, was that sarcasm?\\
'''Android 16:''' [[AC:I am not programmed for sarcasm.]]\\
'''Android 17:''' I'm proud of you.
* Cell's failed attempt to absorb Android 16 gave this nice subtle CallBack to episode 43.
--> '''Cell:''' What are you made of, pure metal?\\
'''Android 16:''' [[AC: [[BluntYes Affirmative]]. I'm ''Android'' 16.]]\\
'''Cell:''' [[OhCrap Oh...]] ''[{{Beat}}]'' [[ThisIsGonnaSuck Errors have been made.]]\\
''16 proceeds to throw Cell head-first into the ground while Cell ScreamsLikeALittleGirl''
* Cell's callback to Goku in Lord Slug Abridged:
--> '''Cell:''' [[CallBack N-n-now I know what you're thinking. Should I rip off his tail? And the answer might surprise y]]--''(rrrrriiipppp)'' [[AmusingInjuries AAAAAAAAAAAAAGG]][[ScreamsLikeALittleGirl GGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!]]\\
'''17''': ''(aghast)'' [[{{Understatement}} I was not ready for today.]]\\
'''18''': ''(also aghast)'' I don't think any of us were.
* We have this bit after 16 slams Cell deep into the Earth.
--> '''Cell:''' Aw, what is happening right now?! Where the f**k am I?!\\
(Android 16 begins to power up his [[ArmCannon arm cannons]])\\
'''Cell:''' Wait, what's that noise? Hold on, now I see a light.\\
'''16:''' [[AC: [[PreAssKickingOneLiner Walk towards it]]!]] ''(fires his arms cannons)''\\
* Everyone's reactions to Android 16's RocketPunch:
-->'''Cell:''' [[BigWhat WHAT!? THE-]] [[TalkToTheFist *WHAM*]]\\
'''Android 18:''' Wow, really?\\
'''Android 17:''' THAT IS SO ''COOL!''
* Android 16 loves Earth. Specifically:
-->'''Android 16:''' [[AC:From its trees, to its birds, to its people, [[DepartmentOfRedundancyDepartment to its birds]].]]
* Android 16 has his limits when it comes to peace.
-->'''17:''' Forget destroying everything, forget killing people, and y'know what? Forget killing Son Goku.\\
'''16:''' [[AC:Let's not get crazy!]]
* Though the scene with [[spoiler:Cell swallowing up 17]] is a mix of NightmareFuel and {{Tear Jerker}}, 17's comments are just hilarious.
--> '''17:''' [[spoiler:(As he is getting swallowed up) [[{{Squick}} Oh god this is so disgusting!]] This isn't how it's supposed to work! I'm not supposed to die like this! I'm too cool! Someone pull off his tail! [[TooCoolToLive I'm too cool for this! I'm too cool for this!]] [[KilledMidSentence I'm too cool for-]] (gets swallowed up completely)]]
* TheStinger shows Cell evolving Franchise/{{Pokemon}} style, complete with Pokemon sounds, starting with a Scyther and then the cute chirping sound of a ''[[RidiculouslyCuteCritter Smoochum]]'' upon completion.
** Even funnier when you consider the meaning behind the choice in Pokemon cries. Cell starts off as a bug (Scyther), then transforms into a slightly more humanoid form with extremely pronounced lips (Smoochum).

[[folder:Episode 48: Advanced Geometry]]
* The opening has Krillin and Bulma on a collision course in mid-air. Despite the cries of both Krillin ''and'' Baby!Trunks, Bulma doesn't see who she's about to hit until it's too late. Krillin's Owned Count ticks up to 32
--> '''Krillin:''' Hey, it's Bulma! Hey Bulma!\\
'''Bulma:''' Huh? What is it, Trunks?\\
'''Krillin:''' Bulma?\\
'''Bulma:''' Whatcha pointing at, little guy?\\
'''Krillin:''' [[OhCrap Bulma?]]\\
'''Bulma:''' Huh?\\
'''Krillin:''' ''Bulma, wait!'' *SMACK*\\
'''Bulma''': ''Oh my god!''\\
'''Krillin (muffled)''': Found you! *'Owned' counter ticks up*
** And during this, Baby Trunks sounds like he's saying "Krillin".
* The very first thing Semi-Perfect Cell says is:
--> '''Cell''': So, this is what lips feel like...Buh buh buh, buhbuhbuhbuhbuh, bbbblah bbbbblah bbbbblah, bbbbbblah bbbbbblah bbbbbblah! Ohohohoh, that's ''fun''!
** Semi-Perfect Cell in general. It helps that he sounds almost exactly like [[WebVideo/HellsingUltimateAbridged Alucard]].
** And then he starts Motorboating, causing 16 to try to take advantage of his distraction and punch him in the face. His reaction? Motorboating defiantly and then shooting 16 point blank with a ki blast.
* After 16 gets blasted by Cell, we get this:
--> '''18:''' 16! Are you okay?\\
'''16:''' [[AC: [[SarcasmMode My cranial structure has received serious damage. How are you?]]]]
* 18's bomb is located on her chest, but the way she positions her hand over her chest makes her look like she's grabbing her breasts.
--> '''18:''' Well then, I'll just have to do this. *Positions her hand on her breast*\\
'''Semi-Perfect Cell:''' Give yourself a boob exam?\\
'''18:''' No, explode my bomb.\\
'''Semi-Perfect Cell:''' In your boob?\\
'''18:''' No, in my chest.\\
'''Semi-Perfect Cell:''' [[BreadEggsBreadedEggs Booby bomb]]!\\
'''18:''' I'm serious!
* This bit as Semi-Perfect Cell summons up 17:
--> '''17:''' Yo shiggy-diggy, what's up my sizzle?\\
'''18:''' (Annoyed) Oh my god.\\
'''17:''' Yo don't blow your tits sis, that's whack! You gotta chill yourself before you kill yourself!\\
'''18:''' (Annoyed) This can't actually be real.\\
'''17:''' Oh, it's real! And it's happenin'! So what you need to do is calm down and get all up in Cell! It's downright tubular in here! We got candy and puppies and-\\
'''18:''' You know absolutely nothing about us, do you?\\
'''Semi-Perfect Cell:''' Okay. To be fair, I just met you.
** Made funnier by the fact [[spoiler: Jan Valentine (played by the same VA as 17) [[WhatIf was never "absorbed" by Alucard]].]]
* Semi-Perfect Cell greeting Tien with a comparison as painfully insulting as it is literally accurate. No wonder he draws so much of the latter's ire!
--> '''Semi-Perfect Cell:''' Oh my god, it's Tien! [[AccidentallyAccurate What, was Krillin busy?]]
* After Tien manages to land his Shin Kikoho on Semi-Perfect Cell, we get this:
--> '''Semi-Perfect Cell:''' Oh, that's adora- ''(gets blasted)'' '''SHIIIIT!!!!'''
* While Tien blasts Cell with the Shin Kikoho:
--> '''Semi-Perfect Cell:''' ''(gets blasted)'' STOP IT! ''(gets blasted again)'' ''STOP IT!!!'' ''[[RuleOfThree (gets blasted once more)]]'' '''''[[{{Angrish}} ANGRYYYYY!!!!!]]'''''
* Tien bombarding Semi-Perfect Cell with the Shin Kikoho is so loud that it can be heard from all the way over at Kame House.
--> '''Master Roshi:''' Jeez, I think I can hear that.\\
'''Tien''': ''(off-screen)'' Kikoho! ''(explosion)''\\
'''Semi-Perfect Cell:''' ''(off-screen)'' ''[[AtomicFBomb FUUUUUUUCK!!!]]''
* Even Goku and Gohan sense what Tien's doing to Cell!
--> '''Gohan:''' Is that... Tien-shinhan?!\\
'''Goku:''' Yeah. And he is nettled. Super nettled.\\
'''Popo:''' He's gonna die.\\
'''Goku:''' Probably.
* Cell's getting a little fed-up with Tien's barrage of Shin Kikoho:
--> '''Semi-Perfect Cell:''' ''(as he slowly flies out of the giant hole in the ground)'' Are ya done?! Because I'm coming out, and I swear to God, if you do that again, [[StrangeMindsThinkAlike I will be so freaking nettled!]]\\
'''Tien:''' ''(whispering)'' Kikoho.\\
'''Semi-Perfect Cell:''' Aw dammit!
* Yamcha brings up when Tien died after overusing the Kikoho the first time around.
--> '''Yamcha:''' Yeah, didn't he do that when you, uh... when you...\\
'''Chiaotzu:''' Died. Yes. Jesus, we've literally all done it.\\
'''Chi-Chi:''' [[TemptingFate I haven't.]]\\
'''Chiaotzu:''' Give it some time; you're hanging with the right crowd.
* Everything Master Roshi says:
-->'''Roshi:''' [[ShoutOut Sometimes you've got to know when to hold 'em, and know when to fold 'em.]] And right now, it's foldin' time. Pig! Grab [[CallBack M'Dick]]!\\
'''Oolong:''' Please tell me you mean the submarine.\\
'''Roshi:''' Heh!
* After Tien overexerts himself from using the Shin Kikoho.
--> '''Tien:''' (Thinking to himself) Huh, not dead yet. That's weir- ah there we go. (Falls to the floor)\\
'''Semi-Perfect Cell:''' You know, if you want my personal opinion, Kikoho is a pretty sad choice of last words. But to be fair, it's far from the worst decision you've made today.\\
'''Tien:''' Kiko-f**k yourself.\\
'''Semi-Perfect Cell:''' Aww, see? That's the spirit.
* Goku frets because he doesn't think he can get to Tien and Picccolo in time...then he remembers he can teleport instantly anywhere he wants.
-->'''Popo''': HE DEAD!\\
'''Gohan''': We gotta help him!\\
'''Goku:''' But I can't get him in time! There's no way I can move fast enough to grab him, get out, and- ''[[RememberedICouldFly (realizes he can Instant Transmission and pops out)]]''\\
'''Gohan''': D-did he just remember he could do that?\\
'''Popo''': Your father's an idiot.
* Cell's shock at finding out the perforated Piccolo is still alive.
--> '''Semi-Perfect Cell:''' I blew a hole in him! How durable ''is'' he!? ...How durable am ''I?'' [[{{Foreshadowing}} Questions for later.]]
* Cell's reaction after Goku tells him that he's gonna die, then teleports out with Instant Transmission.
--> '''Semi-Perfect Cell:''' What? How?! Why?! '''I HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS!'''
* Bulma explains to Krillin how the bomb and detonation works, with it turning out to be one big sex joke.
-->'''Bulma:''' Now listen, the detonator's signal is weak, so you'll have to be within 10 meters of the androids.\\
'''Krillin:''' So, what you're saying is that I have to get... close.\\
'''Bulma:''' Eh, 30 feet isn't that close.\\
'''Krillin:''' Oh, I'm gonna get all up in that.\\
'''Bulma:''' Well, you could use some protection then.\\
'''Krillin:''' Pardon?\\
'''Bulma:''' I made you all battlesuits like Vegeta's.\\
'''Krillin:''' Oh thanks, but I probably won't need it. I'm pretty good at pulling out before I get in trouble. Besides, I tried one on Namek, but I got a huge hole in it.
* Goku's not good with numbers.
--> '''Goku:''' It's a good thing I showed up when I did. Cell was about to 69 ya!\\
'''Gohan:''' 86, dad. 86.\\
'''Goku''': I'm not good with numbers.
* Goku is hilariously frank about how strong his friends are.
--> '''Piccolo:''' We don't have anyone with the strength to stop [Cell]!\\
'''Popo:''' Your worthless maggot friends are coming out!\\
'''Gohan:''' Or do we?!\\
'''Goku:''' No, Gohan, we haven't gone in yet.\\
'''Piccolo:''' [[ImStandingRightHere Wow, really, Goku]]?
* Trunks finds himself at a loss for words when complimented after a year with [[{{Jerkass}} Vegeta]].
--> '''Goku:''' Hey, Trunks! Wow, neat hair!\\
'''Trunks:''' (Thinking to himself) Oh my god. [[SinkOrSwimMentor First piece of positive reinforcement]] in over a year. Respond appropriately. (Vocally) Thank you, I grew it myself. (Thinking back to himself again) Dammit!\\
'''Goku:''' That's funny!\\
'''Trunks:''' (Thinking to himself) Roll with it.
* Vegeta once again goes off on how his training has made him stronger than Goku. We cut to [[AttentionDeficitOohShiny Goku!Vision]] and Vegeta's dialogue is "BlahBlahBlah blah..." broken with sparse words like 'Super Saiyan', 'Pride', and 'Prince of All'.
** Even better is the Goku!Vision itself, a fuzzy sepia tone with Dadhi Dado Da from ''VideoGame/LocoRoco'' playing in the background, which really sells "head in the clouds".
*** Or, [[AlternateCharacterInterpretation alternately]], Goku knowing that Vegeta's rants are rather formulaic and that Vegeta's not coming up with anything new or interesting to say.
** Goku's reaction after the latter finishes and proclaims that he's stronger than the former.
---> '''Goku:''' [[GracefulLoser Neat!]]\\
'''Vegeta:''' [[VictoryIsBoring F**KK YOU]].

[[folder:Episode 49: Group Therapy]]
* Baby!Trunks helps with the intro.
* Cell's angry rant over losing track of 18.
--> '''Cell:''' So I'm a hair's breath from perfection, and then triclops shows up and decides, "I'm just [[FridgeLogic going to turn triangles into fucking squares]]." Then Goku shows up, apparently he can teleport; gotta look into that later. But at the very top of this long list of stupid questions is WHERE ARE YOU, 18?!
** Made funnier by the fact that you can [[{{Corpsing}} ALMOST hear Taka's voice break from laughing]].
* Android 18 has the idea of getting off the island without Cell seeing them: going under water.
--> '''Android 18:''' Sixteen, are you waterproof?\\
'''Android 16:''' (head sparks) [[AC:I was.]]\\
'''Android 18:''' Shit.
* Android 16's malfunctioning throughout the episode.
--> '''Android 16:''' ''(about a squirrel)'' [[AC:This is a fluffy bird.]]\\
'''Android 16:''' ''(about Vegeta)'' [[AC:That bird has [[AnimeHair very sharp hair]]]].\\
'''Android 16:''' [[AC:Have you tried turning me off and on again?]]\\
'''Android 16:''' [[AC: Island: noun. Island: noun. [[BrokenRecord Island: noun.]]]]
* In the canon series, Piccolo and Tien refuse to wear the armor because they don't want to look just like Vegeta (who they hate with a seething passion). In here?
--> '''Bulma''': Any reason?\\
'''Piccolo and Tien:''' ''(disgusted faces)'' No.
* Goku!Vision appears once again, and this time we see [[Anime/DragonballGT Vegeta with a mustache]], while spanish music plays in the background.
--> '''Vegeta:''' ''Mooost-aaachee...''\\
'''Goku:''' Hee hee...
** TheStinger turns this [[StupidStatementDanceMix into a song]]. It's hilarious.
* Bulma has [[SlapSlapKiss something else]] on her mind when talking about Vegeta.
--> '''Bulma:''' Wait, you spent a YEAR with Vegeta? Even I haven't done that.\\
'''Trunks''': I wouldn't recommend it, all he does is scream at you.\\
'''Bulma''': ''(smiles and glances at him seductively)'' [[BelligerentSexualTension Yeah he does]].
* [[{{Jerkass}} Vegeta's]] commentary on the armor.
--> '''Vegeta''': This is easily the greatest thing you've ever produced.\\
'''Baby!Trunks''': <makes a noise>\\
'''Vegeta''': Yes, even you.\\
'''Baby!Trunks''': <whines>
* Cell receiving relationship advice from the island's inhabitants. He finally gets tired of it when someone suggests it's trouble in bed, threatening to blow up the islands.
-->'''Harry''': Don't you think that's a little extreme?\\
'''Cell''': You're not involved in this anymore, Harry.\\
'''Harry''': I think I'm pretty involved.
* Goku giving Trunks senzu beans with their agreed reasoning being because ''Vegeta.''
* Goku puts on the space armor.
--> '''Goku''': Hey, look Vegeta, I'm you! [[VideoGame/MassEffect2 Paragon til death!]]\\
'''Vegeta''': ...[[RuinedForever You ruined it. You ruined it]] [[ScrewThisImOuttaHere and I'm leaving]].\\
'''Goku''': Want I should teleport you, buddy?\\
'''Vegeta''': I hate you. ''(flies off)''
* Goku continues to channel Vegeta in the time chamber
--> '''Goku''': But I think with some [[CallBack crunches, pullups, and plenty of milk]], we'll get it.
** The "it" in question is Gohan becoming a Super Saiyan, and just before this line, Goku mentions that it isn't going to be easy due to [[ButtMonkey Krillin]] not being there [[CallBack to die for him]].
*** And then he mentions he and Gohan are going to fight as part of their training.
----> '''Gohan''': [[IronicEcho I need an adult]].\\
'''Goku''': I am an adult-\\
'''Gohan''': [[ManChild No. No, you are not]].
* Trunks remarks that they need to stop Cell from whatever atrocities he's committing at that very moment... smash cut to Cell arguing with the island's inhabitants about relationship issues.
--> '''Sally:''' My husband and I go to couple's counseling every Tuesday, and it's really helped us!\\
'''Semi-Perfect Cell:''' [[FauxAffablyEvil Yes, and I'm happy to hear that, Sally]], but [[YouWillBeAssimilated my situation]] isn't exactly-\\
'''Tom:''' Well, if you love something, you have got to set it free!\\
'''Semi-Perfect Cell:''' Okay, that's not-\\
'''Harry:''' You can't be so clingy! It's kinda creepy!\\
'''Semi-Perfect Cell:''' But it's-\\
'''Sally:''' Do you think it's [[{{Squick}} inadequacies in the bedroom?]]\\
'''Semi-Perfect Cell:''' And we're done.
* Cell's exasperation that Vegeta's trash talk is largely centered on saying "you're ugly" or some variation thereof. "Riveting".
* [[TemptingFate When Cell asks for Goku instead of Vegeta...]] [[{{Understatement}} It makes the Saiyan Prince a little upset.]]
-->'''Semi-Perfect Cell:''' Aww, what's wrong, prince? Did I touch a nerve?\\
'''Future Trunks:''' [[CallBack You pressed the]] [[BerserkButton Goku Button]].\\
'''Semi-Perfect Cell:''' Excuse me, but what?\\
(Vegeta punches Cell in the gut after powering up to "Ascended" Super Saiyan.)\\
'''Vegeta''': [[BrickJoke You shouldn't a'did that]].
** This scene is basically Vegeta getting into a (relatively) TranquilFury just like 18: Upon hearing the taunt he merely sighs, ascends and gut punches Cell.

[[folder: Episode 50: A Raging Semi]]
* After Gohan tries and fails to go Super Saiyan, Goku decides to explain how he first became one, forgetting one little detail...
-->'''Goku:''' You know where ''I'' was when I became a Super Saiyan?\\
'''Gohan:''' Yes, you-\\
'''Goku:''' I was on Namek. I thought I'd finally defeated Freezer with the Spirit Bomb. But as it turns out, he was still alive!\\
'''Gohan:''' Dad, I was ther-\\
'''Goku:''' He killed Vegeta, he killed Krillin...\\
'''Gohan:''' I saw everyth-\\
'''Goku:''' Piccolo... tripped, or something. It was pretty bad for everyone. Then, he threatened to do the same to my son! ...Oh hey, ''you'' were there!\\
'''Gohan:''' (''stares'')\\
'''Goku:''' [[FridgeLogic Why didn't]] ''[[DumbassHasAPoint you]]'' [[DumbassHasAPoint go Super Saiyan?]]\\
'''Gohan:''' (''sighs'')
* Vegeta punches Cell into the island, and the impact knocks the rock formation Trunks was on into the water. Trunks just sighs as if he thinks/knows Vegeta did it on purpose.
* Krillin decides to ignore Cell and Vegeta and just concentrate on finding the androids. Which he does in two seconds.
-->'''Krillin:''' Man, I'm really good at this.
* This exchange.
-->'''Cell:''' ''(After powering up)'' Now do you understand, Vegeta?\\
'''Vegeta:''' What I understand is I'm about to [[MultipleReferencePun pound you so hard, the boy's mother is going to be jealous]].\\
'''Trunks:''' ''([[TooMuchInformation highly exasperated]])'' OH COULD WE NOT?!
* At the start of the battle:
-->'''Cell''': STOP...FISTING ME!\\
'''Vegeta''': Okay. ''(withdraws arm)''\\
'''Cell''': ''(staggering)'' OHHHH--ALL AT ONCE?! ''(panting)'' C-Can I have a moment?\\
'''Vegeta''': [[{{Shoryuken}} Sure you can.]]\\
'''Cell''': Well, thank you, that's apprec--''(gets [[Videogame/StreetFighter Shoryuken'd]] by Vegeta)''\\
'''Vegeta''': C-C-C-COMBO!\\
'''Android 18''': ''(pondering to herself)'' Wait. So I beat Vegeta...\\
'''Android 16''': ''(sounds broken)'' [[AC:Data not found.]]\\
'''Android 18''': ...but now Vegeta is wrecking Cell.\\
'''Android 16''': [[AC:Data not found]].\\
'''Android 18''': Okay, do you have anything substantial to add to this?\\
'''Android 16''': ''(actually looks at her)'' [[AC:Do you?]]\\
'''Android 18''': ... Data not found.
* Team Four Star apparently noticed Semi-Perfect Cell's ass has the same coloring and texture as Imperfect Cell's mouth. Which means Semi-Perfect Cell can apparently speak through said ass in Imperfect Cell's voice.
-->'''Imperfect Cell's voice coming from Semi-Perfect Cell's...[[UnusualEuphemism undercarriage]]''': ''(chucking dryly)'' Ah, this is an unfortunate turn of events...\\
'''Vegeta:''' ''(legitimately disturbed)'' Did you out your ass?\\
'''Cell:''' Well, to be fair, Vegeta, ''you are'' part of my DNA.\\
'''Vegeta:''' [[ActuallyPrettyFunny Oh, that is the closest thing to damage you've done since I've gotten here.]]
* Cell demands some answers for Vegeta's newfound strength and we get this exchange.
-->'''Cell''': HOW?! HOW?! HOW DID YOU GET THIS STRONG?!\\
'''Vegeta''': I trained [[YearInsideHourOutside all day yesterday]].\\
'''Cell''': Oh, you think you're being ''cute''!!\\
'''Vegeta''': Bitch, I'm ''adorable''.
* Piccolo and Tien are not rooting for Vegeta, they're rooting against Cell.
-->'''Tien:''' What do we do if he wins?\\
'''Piccolo:''' Which one?\\
'''Tien:''' [[EvilVsEvil Which one is worse?]]
* Bulma trying-- key word ''trying''-- to defend Vegeta to Piccolo and Tien, only to end up agreeing what an ass Vegeta is.
** When they say that he left her as a single mother... she says that she's rich, so it doesn't matter. It's her voice when she says it that sells it.
--->'''Bulma''': You know, Vegeta may be... ''is'' a total ass, but he's not that bad.\\
'''Tien''': Says the woman he left a single mother.\\
'''Bulma''': Oh please, I'm rich. It's hardly the same.\\
'''Piccolo''': To be honest, it's probably for the best that he left.\\
'''Bulma''': Wow. ''Really?''\\
'''Piccolo''': What, would you really trust Vegeta with a baby?\\
'''Bulma''': Well, not ''my'' baby...\\
'''Tien''': And there you go.
* Cell proving that his ego is [[NotSoDifferent very similar]] to Vegeta's when he starts losing and begins whining about how unfair life is being to him; a CallBack to when Vegeta started bitching about wanting to become a Super Saiyan.
-->'''Cell''': [[VillainousBreakdown I WANNA BE PERFECT! I WANNA! I WANNA I WANNA I WANNA]]--''(gets kicked face down into the ground)'' I WANNA! ''(whimpering)''\\
'''Vegeta''': Excellent; I've broken both your body and your spirit. Time to die.
* Cell thinks he has Vegeta...
-->'''Cell''': ''(leaping out of the water)'' SURPRISE! ''(grabs Vegeta's ankle)'' Lookie what I caught--a walking, talking [[TheNapoleon Napoleon complex]]!\\
''(Cell tries to stab Vegeta with his tail, who dodges it and catches it under his arm, while it wiggles wildly.)''\\
'''Vegeta''': And lookie what I caught!\\
'''Cell''': ''(trying to pull it free)'' OhNoNotAgain\\
'''Vegeta''': So...what do you do with this...thing?\\
'''Cell''': I drink people!\\
'''Vegeta''': Were you trying to drink me?\\
'''Cell''': N-no! ''(his tail starts wiggling up and down)'' ...yes.\\
''(Vegeta knees him in the gut, making him double over with a surprised look)''\\
'''Vegeta''': Do you feel that? That's what honesty feels like.
* Vegeta, being [[JerkAss Vegeta]], sort of compliments Trunks, only to use it to lead straight into insulting him and Bulma.
-->'''Vegeta''': Though it pains me to admit it, the boy over there is almost as strong as I am. Then again, unlike you, he's half me. 'Course, the other half is his mother. I mean, look at that hair.\\
'''Trunks''': I--\\
'''Vegeta''': You look like a fruit!\\
'''Trunks''': Y-you--\\
'''Vegeta:''' And not like a homosexual-- I mean like a literal walking fruit!\\
'''Trunks:''' (''DeathGlare'')\\
'''Vegeta:''' Eggplant!
* Trunks can see what's coming.
-->'''Cell:''' If only you had showed up just a minute later, I would've had 18! And then ''nobody could have stopped me!''\\
'''Vegeta:''' ...Oh really?\\
'''Trunks:''' [[OhCrap No...]]\\
'''Cell:''' Vegeta... I would've ''destroyed'' you without a second thought.\\
'''Trunks:''' Noooooo...\\
'''Vegeta:''' [[ChallengeSeeker ...Go on.]]\\
'''Trunks:''' [[BigNo NNNNNNO-]]\\
(''end title'')
* TheStinger starts out kind of touching, with Goku and Gohan bonding. But the splash fight suddenly becoming SeriousBusiness makes the scene take a turn. In the original, Goku joked about firing a Kamehameha. Here, he actually ''does it.'' And blows up the bath house.
-->'''Goku''': Ka-me-ha-me...!\\
'''Gohan''': Dad, no!\\
'''Goku''': [[SeriousBusiness No holdin' back!]] '''Haaaaaaaaaaaa'''!

[[folder: Episode 51: The "Perfect" Guy]]
* Goku's song about wanting to see Gohan turn into a Super Saiyan, set to the tune of "Giant Woman" from ''WesternAnimation/StevenUniverse''.
** In typical Goku fashion, the song is accompanied by a "follow the bouncing muffin" sing-along.
* Tien and Piccolo have a SideBet going on whether [[ArrogantKungFuGuy Vegeta]] or [[ButtMonkey Krillin]] will screw this up. [[GenreSavvy Bulma, having been in this longer than either of them,]] picks "both."
-->'''Piccolo:''' Wow.\\
'''Tien:''' ''Damn.''\\
'''Bulma:''' (...) Although, if I had to pick who'd screw up ''first''...\\
''AnswerCut to Krillin''
** Piccolo wins the first round.
---> '''Piccolo:''' Ha! And you owe me some zeni!\\
'''Tien:''' [[OhCrap Oh, no...]]\\
'''Bulma:''' Alright, what did Krillin do?\\
'''Piccolo:''' He crushed the remote.\\
'''Tien:''' HE DID ''WHAT!?''\\
'''Bulma:''' [[SkewedPriorities That was twenty hours of my life]]! That dick!\\
'''Piccolo:''' And possibly the rest of it if [[BloodKnight Vegeta]] follows suit.
** And then Bulma wins round two.
--->'''Piccolo:''' [[OhCrap Oh, no. GOD damn him!]]\\
'''Bulma:''' Okay, what did ''Vegeta'' do?\\
'''Piccolo:''' He's letting Cell absorb 18!\\
'''Tien:''' Well, looks like nobody one wins\\
'''Bulma:''' [[ComicallyMissingThePoint Well, I technically do.]] *singing* [[SkewedPriorities You guys owe me zeni]].\\
'''Piccolo:''' [[SuddenlyShouting CELL IS GOING TO KILL US ALL!]]\\
(Baby!Trunks starts crying)\\
'''Mr Popo:''' Jeez, bring down the whole mood why don't you?
* Vegeta's opinion of himself is inflated as usual.
-->'''Vegeta:''' Wait, [[FridgeLogic how can you be semi-perfect]]? You're either perfect or you're not me. There's no grey area.
* When Cell is beginning to explain his second transformation to Vegeta, he gets a bit too formal.
--> '''Cell:''' You see, my dear prince.\\
'''Vegeta:''' Don't push it.\\
'''Cell:''' Er, you see Vegeta...
* 16 adamantly refusing Krillin's request to ''not kill anyone.'' On the logic that Goku is a person, "[[AC:meaning he is part of anyone. Therefore. ''NO. DEAL''.]]" 18 calms him down by promising to "get him a Goku."
-->'''16:''' [[AC: Do you promise?]]\\
'''18:''' Yes!\\
'''16:''' ''*{{Beat}}*'' [[AC: Proceed.]]
* 16's one track mind continues to shine while 18 tries reassuring Krillin about their intentions.
-->'''18:''' Listen, we weren't planning on killing anyone.
-->'''16:''' [[AC:Except Goku!]]
-->'''18:''' We haven't even killed anyone thus far! In fact, the only thing we want dead right now is Cell!
-->'''16:''' [[AC:Also, Goku!]]
* When we cut back to the island, Trunks' BigNo is still going, and keeps going in the background through Krillin's whole emotional dilemma.
* Tien's reaction to Krillin crushing the controller. And not just the fact that he owed Piccolo money for guessing wrong on who'd screw up (first). Everyone (except [[{{Asexuality}} Piccolo]]) realized he did it because he was hot for 18. [[note]][[PoorCommunicationKills (And because nobody told Krillin about Cell being able to absorb her, which is an even ''worse'' problem than the possibility of 18 being a threat to the heroes and humanity in general.)]][[/note]]
-->'''Tien:''' ''(Dramatic music)'' [[WhatTheHellHero He really did it. He actually risked every life on the planet just for]]...for ''cyber sex!'' [[SenselessSacrifice I didn't Kikoho myself half to death so he could get laid]]!\\
'''Piccolo:''' ''(Music Stops)'' [[LateToTheRealization Oh. Gross.]]
** And then Trunks' [[OhCrap reaction]] to Krillin breaking the controller after seeing Cell looking at 18 in profound shock.
--->'''Trunks:''' ''(After ten seconds of muttering and stammering in [[EnragedByIdiocy disbelief and rage]])'' ''' ''[[WhatTheHellHero WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU?!?!?]]'' '''\\
'''Krillin:''' Oh hey! It's Trunks!
** Also mention of Cell's borderline orgasmic reaction to finding Android 18 as this takes place.
* After Vegeta decides to let Cell go after 18 Trunks obviously intervenes and Vegeta drops this line:
-->'''Vegeta:''' Boy, don't make me come up there and be a ''parent''!\\
'''Trunks:''' First time for everything!\\
'''Vegeta:''' [[ActuallyPrettyFunny Oh-ho-ho!]]
** Trunks and Semi-Perfect Cell do a fun callback to the previous episode, with Trunks telling him that he's not involved in the conversation about destroying him.
* Krillin and 16 acknowledging each other's bravery... before 16 says [[AC:"You are way out of your league, tiny duck."]]
* Cell calling out for Vegeta's assistance with Trunks as though he's just an abusive big brother. And Vegeta acting like a beleaguered father figure to ''both'' of them.
-->'''Cell:''' Vegeta, Trunks is picking on me!\\
'''Vegeta:''' Learn to share, brat!
** After Trunks blasts Vegeta and starts beating Cell, Cell declares [[ThisMeansWar this means war]], before being interrupted mid-sentence, followed by weakly asking where Vegeta is after the ensuing beatdown.
*** The mere fact Cell waves between being a complete joke (by Vegeta and Trunks) to a genuine threat (by 16, 18 and Krillin) is hilarious in its own way.
* Cell calling Android 16 a "[[TermsOfEndangerment precious little cinnamon bun]]".
* This little bit:
-->'''Trunks:''' That is it! I am stopping this ''NOW!''\\
'''Vegeta:''' OH, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!\\
'''Trunks:''' What am I doing?!\\
'''Vegeta:''' [[CallBack THWARTIN' MAH PLANS?!]]\\
'''Trunks:''' Thwarting your plans?!\\
'''Vegeta:''' ARE YOU?!\\
''(Trunks glares a hole through Vegeta)''\\
'''Trunks''': [[RageBreakingPoint YOU KNOW WHAT]]?! '''''YES!!!'''''\\
''(blasts him away with ATwinkleInTheSky)''.
** Then, a couple scenes later, Vegeta floating in the ocean, contemplating what just happened.
--->'''Vegeta:''' Huh. [[WhatIsThisThingYouCallLove This is a new feeling]]...[[SoProudOfYou pride in someone else]]. ''(wipes his mouth to find that he's bleeding)'' Unfortunately it's OVERSHADOWED BY ''ALL THIS UNYIELDING '''RAGE!!!''' (explodes out of the ocean and flies back to the battle)''
** Vegeta then returns to the battle, only to immediately be hit by Cell's Solar Flare.
--->'''Vegeta:''' AAH! MY RAGE HAS BLINDED ME!
* In an serious moment where he tries to absorb 18, [[LeaningOnTheFourthWall Cell starts humming the theme of his Perfect form from the Bruce Falconer soundtrack of the Funimation dub.]]
* Ultimately, Krillin ''tries'' to help Androids 18 and 16 escape.
-->'''Krillin''': Here, allow me. ''(helping Sixteen up)'' I may not be much, but...I can lift.\\
'''Android 18:''' ''(thinking)'' [[GladToBeAliveSex If we make it through this]], [[GoodPeopleHaveGoodSex I am going to rock his four-foot world]].
* [[spoiler: Perfect Cell's]] introduction song.
-->'''[[spoiler:Perfect Cell]]''': "P" is for "priceless", the look upon your faces♪\\
"E" is for "extinction", all your puny races♪\\
"R" for "[[TrrrillingRrrs revolution]]", which will be televised♪\\
"F" is for how "fucked" you are, now allow me to reprise~♪\\
"E" is for "eccentric", just listen to my song♪\\
"C" is for "completion" that I waited for so long♪\\
"T" is for the "terror", upon you I’ll bestow♪''[[note]](Vegeta has a massive shit-eating grin on his face)[[/note]]''\\
''(chuckle)'' My name is [[spoiler:Perfect Cell]], and I'd like to say...hello.
* [[TheStinger The alternate scene.]] Krillin tries to stomp on the detonation switch, but accidentally presses the button with his foot, causing Android 18's [[YourHeadAsplode head to explode.]]
* Trunks addresses the audience in the subscribe page at the end.
-->'''Trunks:''' Well it looks like my father just killed us all. Make sure to catch what's coming to him by hitting the subscribe button, so you can follow the rest of our ever-shortening lives.

[[folder:Episode 52: Flashpoint]]
* Goku's [[{{Squee}} glee]] at Gohan [[SoProudOfYou becoming a Super Saiyan.]]
** Also how Gohan finally transforms. Goku throws a blast of energy strong enough to kill him and orders him to [[RunningGag dodge.]]
--> '''Gohan:''' [[CallBack Damn you, Pavlov.]]
** And the fact that Goku is cheerfully oblivious of the way Gohan is barely holding back a RageBreakingPoint.
-->'''Goku:''' So... who wants a haaaaircuuuut?
** TheStinger with Goku admonishing Gohan for accidentally setting some meat on fire, even as his hair burns.
---> '''Gohan''': Uh dad, your hair-\\
'''Goku''': Don't change the subject, Gohan ''*his whole head bursts into flames*'' ''(sniffs)'' Who's cooking pork?
** The Youtube version has Gohan trying to help Goku put out the fire while doing the usual Like/Subscribe comments. All while Goku is running around, asking why did he blow up the tub, and telling Gohan that [[FromBadToWorse he set the door on fire.]]
* Trunks' reaction to Krillin getting pasted (again)
-->'''Trunks''': Krillin! Are you alright?!\\
'''Krillin''': ''(pained whimper)''\\
'''Trunks''': Do you need a senzu bean?\\
'''Krillin''': ''(pained whimper)''\\
'''Trunks''': [[AskAStupidQuestion're right; that is a stupid question]].
* Cell's casual conversing with #16, attempting to break the tension between the two. It doesn't work.
-->'''Cell:''' Hey!\\
'''Android 16:''' [[AC:...Hello]]\\
'''Cell:''' So are we cool?\\
'''Android 16:''' [[AC:You ate my family!]]\\
'''Cell:''' Hey, [[{{Foreshadowing}} don't lose your head]]. [[CrossesTheLineTwice They were my family too.]]
** Cell starts to go on a WorldOfCardboardSpeech to Vegeta, only to be mystified about what the crest on his head is.
-->'''Vegeta''': So you broke the bald one's neck. Bra-vo. I hope you're not too proud of yourself!\\
'''Cell''': Oh, prince...I ''am'' proud--not of that, no; but of you. It takes a big man (not necessarily a tall one) to do what you did--sticking to your guns and throwing everyone's lives away! And for that, I tip my...huh, what ''is'' that on my head? Would you call it a crown?\\
'''Vegeta''': ''([[DisapprovingLook just kind of looks at Cell]])''\\
'''Cell''': Sixteen, would you call this a crown?\\
'''Sixteen''': [[AC: I hate you.]]\\
'''Cell''': We'll call it a crown.
* Trunks CompletelyMissingThePoint about [[ILetGwenStacyDie why Krillin is upset]] that Cell reached his perfect form.
* Just before Vegeta and Cell "fight"...
-->'''Vegeta''': So...''Perfect'' Cell...\\
'''Cell''': Mmmmmm~ love the ring to that.\\
'''Vegeta''': I'm going to enjoy [[AccidentalInnuendo wearing down the knuckles on these gloves]]...\\
'''Cell''': ''(chuckling)'' OK, I know that wasn't ''supposed'' to sound sexual, but...
* Cell mocking Vegeta's Final Flash, only for him realizing it's gonna hit him on impact.
-->'''Cell''': Oh how cute. He named it---'''''OH SHIT!'''''
** There's also Trunks and Krillin's reactions:
--> '''Trunks:''' There is literally nothing left that he could do to make this situation worse. [[TemptingFate Save blowing up the planet.]]\\
'''Vegeta:''' ''(screams, begins powering up to maximum)''\\
-->'''Krillin:''' BUT I LIVE HERE! ''(Later)'' ...Phew! He missed the planet!
* Cell's response to Vegeta's stunned reaction when he hits Cell as hard as he can... and fails to do any damage.
-->'''Cell''': Because, prince, like a soon-to-be broken man once said: "[[IronicEcho You're either perfect, or you're not me.]]"
* Krillin's pained whining after Cell demolishes him in one hit. Trunks gives him a Senzu bean and lampshades how much of a shame it is that [[TheChewToy Krillin]] doesn't have Saiyan biology.
-->'''Trunks''': At this point, you'd probably be unstoppable.\\
'''Krillin''': I know, right?
** Also, Krillin explaining how literally everyone who has ever hit him, aside from Chi-Chi and Bulma, have been stronger than him, so he knows when someone is holding back.
---> '''Krillin''': ...And I ''know'' when someone's holding back...''Trunks''.
---> '''Beat'''
---> '''Trunks:''' ...Okay, I can explain.
---> '''Krillin:''' I don't think you can.
* Trunks doesn't trust his father to not blow up the planet.
-->'''Trunks''': ''(severely exasperated)'' FATHER, YOUR PRIDE ISN'T WORTH DESTROYING THE PLANET! ''[[YouHaveGotToBeKiddingMe COME ON!]]''\\
'''Krillin''': ''Way'' past the bargaining stage...
* The exchange after Vegeta launches his Final Flash and blows off Cell's arm.
---> '''Vegeta laughs'''
---> '''Cell''': ('''angry''') You think this is funny?!
---> '''Vegeta continues laughing'''
---> '''Cell''': You think this is FUNNY?!
---> '''Vegeta still laughs'''
---> '''Cell''': It's not as funny... (mockingly) as your face.
---> '''Vegeta stops laughing and Cell instantly regrows his arm'''
** Doubly funny because Vegeta's laughter is ''exactly'' the same as his intro to the [[LetsPlay/TwoSaiyansPlay Renegade For Life]] series.
** Then Vegeta resorts to [[BeamSpam Beam Spamming]] Cell. Even Cell lampshades the result.
-->'''Vegeta:''' '''''[[WhyWontYouDie WHY WON'T YOU DIE!?]]''''' \\
'''Cell:''' Prince. has this ''ever'' worked ?(''Punches Vegeta'') [[WorfBarrage Don't need to answer that.]]
* Krillin's reaction when he hits Cell with his Kienzan, and the whole thing just shatters.
* Like season 2 before, Cell makes references to ''Franchise/StreetFighter'' at the very end.
--> '''Cell''': (After beating Vegeta and making him power down with a DeathCryEcho) K.O. I win. ''Perfect''. ''(Sees Trunks powering up)'' Oh. Here comes a new challenger...
** Also appropriate, because the episode went up on the TFS website the same day VideoGame/StreetFighterV released.
* Goku singing as he's getting food from the fridge.
--> '''Goku''': (To the tune of ''Dragon Soul'') I like food cause it is yummy. I will put this in my tummy.
** [[ And now there's an extended version]]!
--> '''Goku''': (Continued from above) We can have all the rice. All you have to do is go go grab a bowl.\\
'''Gohan''': Dad, what are you doing?\\
'''Goku''': Nothing, son. Sweet, delicious nothing. Eh....