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Funny: Doctrine of Labyrinths
  • Mildmay on helping the Moraskaiakrov's cook: "And, you know, I ain't no flashie chef, but when I scrub a potato, I don't fuck around."
  • Felix's snarky remarks, when you're not on the receiving end of them. Also Mildmay's snarky narration.
  • Lord Stephen to Felix: (accusingly) "You appear to have entirely rid the Mirador of ghouls."
    Felix: "Oh, I'm sorry. Did you want to keep them?"
  • "I don't like the dark." "Then brother did you pick the wrong place to live."
  • "Don't get eaten by bears."
    • A short time later, after Felix returns from destroying the Automaton of Corybant Mildmay congratulates him with: "You did good. You didn't get eaten by bears."
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