* [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=le_mG6b3DBs This bizarre ad]] giving an over-the-top, faux-philosophical description of the game, with several downright bizarre metaphors.
* Some of the defeat quotes are pretty funny:
** Mr. N:
-->''"[[Music/WuTangClan Dolla-dolla bills, y'all!]]"''\\
''"No, that's brokeeeeen!"''
** Dive:
-->''"[[MadMathematician Positive directional derivative for linesearch!]]"''
** Kick:
''"The secret life of beeeeeees!"''\\
''"[[Film/{{Hitch}} Hiiiiiiiiitch!]]"''\\
** Jefailey:
-->''" [[WorthIt It's okay]], [[OnlyInItForTheMoney I still made money!]]"''
** Kenny:
-->''"Not again!"\\
"This gets old!"\\
"[[Funny/DragonBallZ People popcorn]]!"''
** S-Kill:
-->''"Unintended gliiiiiitch!"''\\
''"Compressed tieeeeers!"''\\
''[[ShoutOut "It's madness!"]]''
** [[VideoGame/SaintsRow Johnny Gat]]:
"Fuck, that hurt!"\\
"Eat a dick!"''
** Kung Pao [[AsLongAsItSoundsForeign screeching a line of indecipherable]] ''[[{{Film/KungPowEnterTheFist}} Enter The Fist]]''-esque gibberish.
* S-Kill's dizzy animation. While everyone else will look staggered and unfocused accompanied by CirclingBirdies, S-Kill has ''a look of abject rage on his face'' instead.
* One of The Baz's [[VictoryPose Victory Poses]] consist of throwing his rope up in the air, only to completely miss grabbing his rope in an attempt of looking cool. The Baz didn't even turn his head until he hear a thud.
* The Baz's ending reveals that his dream of entering the [=DiveKick=] Circuit is in shambles because according to the rejection letter, The Baz sent three people to the hospital with his ShockAndAwe powers. The letter ended with a statement "Don't come back", leading The Baz crying with SparklingStreamOfTears.
* Jefailey's head [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NunO2Nr8iDg&t=12m46s grows bigger every time he wins]], which will at least give a few unexpecting new players some chuckles.
* The game inverts FlawlessVictory by warning that the defeated player is a fraud.
* Jefailey's JokeCharacter status being commented on by S-Kill, who's surprised that he can't possibly {{Nerf}} him any further, to the point of actually offering to ''buff'' him instead.
* Getting beaten after nearly sweeping an opponent in straight rounds is bad. Having the game mock you with "CHOKE DETECTION WARNING" and "CHOKE DETECTED" is hilarious.