Funny / Destination Truth

  • In Season Two's eighth episode, Josh and Co. are hunting for a giant worm in a remote Icelandic lake. Josh and two cameramen go rented dry-suits. As 6'4" Josh said:
    Josh: Casey and I both have size 14 feet and [these suits] are elfin size...They are made for people who live in trees...and bake cookies.
    • Cut to montage of Josh and Casey attempting to fit in the tiny dry suits, with much pain, swearing and assistance (and laughter) from the rest of the crew.
  • In "King Tut's Curse", Josh's camel doesn't behave very well, constantly sitting back down. Earning him a few "*** you"s from Josh.
  • Josh giving an improptu tour of Beijing's Forbidden City to a group of non-English speaking tourists:
    Josh: This was built by the Disney Corporation in 1993...
  • In the Lobizon episode, Josh witnesses a man "transforming" into a werewolf. He's trying so hard not to laugh.
  • In the "Island of Dolls", when one of the dolls slowly opens its eyes and looks at Josh...
  • During an investigation in Ireland for whether there is any truth in the myth of leprechauns, the team get's a tip about using a pint of Guiness, which is one part suggested as a offering, and one part, tongue in cheek suggested they drink it, as it may help with "seeing" (Read: hallucinate) them. Also while fact finding, the team learns of a pub that claims to have leprechaun bonesnote  on display there. While there, they decide to "test" the Guiness theory. You can see the grin on Josh's face at how he's going to be able to list this expense to the production company and SyFy.
    Josh: "Alright everyone. We've been told if we drink Guiness, we will have a better chance at seeing a leprechaun. Ok, so this is important scientific research.
    *Later on* Josh: Another round of "research"!
    *Latter still, cue a shot of the research team having passed out from said "research", and many empty glasses on the table.*