Funny: Destination Truth

  • In Season Two's eighth episode, Josh and Co. are hunting for a giant worm in a remote Icelandic lake. Josh and two cameramen go rented dry-suits. As 6'4" Josh said:
    Josh: Casey and I both have size 14 feet and [these suits] are elfin size...They are made for people who live in trees...and bake cookies.
    • Cut to montage of Josh and Casey attempting to fit in the tiny dry suits, with much pain, swearing and assistance (and laughter) from the rest of the crew.
  • In "King Tut's Curse", Josh's camel doesn't behave very well, constantly sitting back down. Earning him a few "*** you"s from Josh.
  • Josh giving an improptu tour of Beijing's Forbidden City to a group of non-English speaking tourists:
    Josh: This was built by the Disney Corporation in 1993...
  • In the Lobizon episode, Josh witnesses a man "transforming" into a werewolf. He's trying so hard not to laugh.
  • In the "Island of Dolls", when one of the dolls slowly opens its eyes and looks at Josh...
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