Funny / Death Wish

  • In the first movie, Lt. Ochoa breaks into Kersey's apartment trying to find evidence tying him to the vigilante killings. On Kersey's coffee table, he finds a copy of People magazine with an unflattering picture of himself on the cover, and flings it down in disdain.
  • In Death Wish 2, Laurence Fishburne's character carries around a stereo, which he tries to use as a shield for his face as Kersey is shooting at him during the big shootout with his gang. Turns out Concealment does NOT Equal Cover as Kersey's bullet goes right through it to take him out. See here.
  • In Death Wish 4, after Kersey knocks Bauggs out of his apartment to his death, we cut to his girlfriend saying, "He's such a jerk, I wish he'd drop dead." Then he lands right on the car, prompting her to scream.