[[caption-width-right:350:''[[BlatantLies "I just came to get something to eat!"]]'']]

->''"These are serious investigations, but, undeniably, there are moments that... y'know, border on the humorous."''
-->--'''Chris Hansen'''

* The deadpan voiceovers reading the sexually charged transcripts on ''To Catch a Predator'' are funny enough, but doubly so when Hansen himself reads them back to the potential pedo:
-->'''Hansen''': You say, 'I'd love to [[[SoundEffectBleep bleep]]] a young man, deep [bleep] and [bleep] him [bleep]'. [[SophisticatedAsHell Do you recall that?]]
** The unbleeped line is "I'd love to suck a young man, deepthroat and drain him dry". Imagine those words coming out of Hansen's mouth.
* The Conan O'Brien spoof. The dialogue is almost verbatim what's said in some of these segments. It's the context--Conan walked into the house by accident and his claims of innocence are true--that make it funny.
* One man who arrived completely naked into the decoy house was allowed to leave... ''[[TooDumbToLive only to get busted for the same exact thing less than 24 hours later.]]'' Chris Hansen, understandably irritated, confronts him at a UsefulNotes/McDonalds, and the predator proclaims "I was only trying to get something to eat!" several times. He was clothed that time, in a "God Bless America" shirt.
* The predator with the screen name [="GenericWhiteMale"=] can be mildly amusing, considering that about 95 percent of the predators on the show are white males.
* Most of Hansen's lines are DeadpanSnarker comedy gold. Some highlights include, "No hug for me?", "It's a little late for that, [[TotallyRadical dawg]]", and, of course, "Marvin, you're ''[[NakedPeopleAreFunny naked!]]''"
* The guy with the sideways hat and the "dude" {{verbal tic}} in Fort Myers is a laugh riot.
-->'''Schumacher:''' Hey, NBC, two words: roleplaying chatroom, dude.
* One of the predators had a mild speech impediment, causing his "oh, crap" to come out as "aw, cwap".
* ''"For sex I am not coming."''
-->'''Hansen:''' For sex you are ''not'' coming?
* After being told that a predator was here to be a [[BlatantLies "big brother"]] to a 13-year-old boy.
-->'''Hansen:''' So you were coming over to be a mentor...?
-->'''Mcintosh:''' In a way, yeah. I'm sure you've heard that 20 billion times.
-->'''Hansen:''' [[NeverHeardThatOneBefore 20 billion and]] ''[[NeverHeardThatOneBefore one]]'', [[DeadpanSnarker counting tonight.]]