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Funny: Dark Chao Adventures
There's a reason DJay32 was known for his comedy for a while.

  • Let's start with the one that started it all. Episode one, "Chao In Space" has a couple of average lines, but then it has this:
    Guard: It says "HAHAHA! You're not invited to our party cause you're Dark Chao!"
  • Actually, the early episodes count as So Bad, It's Good. Episode two, "The 2nd Shade" gives us this:
    Shade: That's no Hero Chao, that's my white brother, SHADE 2!
  • Episode Four, "Teacher's Pet," has a surprisingly not-terrible gag:
    Tails: The question is..... What is the square root of 28,566,744,309?
    Every chao: ......
    random chao: Um.... grape?
    Another random chao: Amy's momma!
  • "The Top 10 Ways to Get Rid of Dark," Episode Five, shows us for the first time how Dark's lack of intelligence can be used well.
    Dark: Whatever! I'm not letting a stuffed "inlaminutyd"[inatimate] object send me over to Timbuktu in a box of deep fried cockroaches! Just stop this "no sense"[nonsense] stuff, Shade! I can "hand rail"->[handle] this!
    Shade: You can't even handle big words.
    Dark: "Handle"?
  • Episode Six has one of the most memorable lines to come from an early episode:
    Tails: Okay, class, today, we're learning about the Real World!
    Dark: You mean, this world isn't real!?
  • Episode Ten gives us another one of the most memorable early-episode lines:
    MP: ... I am Mephiles. And, I have a proposition to make to you.
    Dark: Um... mister Phyllis, sir? How can you make a preposition? I mean... making under or over just sounds ridicu—
    MP: A proposition, fool!
  • The dogfight at the climax of Episode Thirteen, "Flight of the Thursday Players," was probably the funniest the series had gotten by that point.
  • Episode Fourteen introduces the "dark" recurring gag.
    Dark: Wow... it's ME!
    Shade: No, it's not dark, it's shaded. Heavily shaded.
  • Episode Seventeen, being the Rashomon episode, is filled with funny moments. Like this classic, during Dark's retelling:
    MP: Fools, I am fool Mephiles fool so fool you'd fool better fool start running! Fool.
  • The episode to introduce recurring baddies the Beta Avengers, Episode Nineteen, gives us Metal Speedy's badassery slipping up quite humorously.
    Metal Speedy: Air boards go vroom!
    • As well as an off-screen antic delivered well:
Tails: Uh... sorry, gotta go. Tail! Fire doesn't go in your mouth!
Shade: ...DJ really has let the quality of this script drop, hasn't he?
  • Episode Thirty-Three, "Shade versus Chao part three: Petty Rivalry," has Shade in his best mood yet.
    Shade: Good morning, Mister Prower!
    Tails: Shade, you're in a good mood today!
    Shade: Never been better! What are we learning today?
    Tails: Subtraction.
    Shade: Thrilling!
TODO: FINISH THIS, you're so close! ...kinda!
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