Funny / Cujo

  • The movie's dog scenes gets rather silly when you watch the behind the scenes documentary detailing the animal acting. Namely how to get the friendliest, happiest trained pooches ever to look vicious on screen.
    • The scenes where Cujo is ravenously trying to claw his way into the car? Scary. The trained dog trying to eagerly get in the car to get back the dog toy they knew was under the car seat? Hilarious. All the snarling and growling was added in to hide the happy whining and begging sounds.
    • Cujo savagely ramming the car door? Scary. Knowledge what actually happened was one of the trained dogs running into an opened car door to greet his owner, then cutting to a shot of a man in a dog suit throwing himself headfirst into the car door prop? Hilarious.
    • Every single time you see Cujo from the chest-forward and his tail down? They had to tie the acting dogs' tail down or keep it out of frame because they kept happily wagging it every time they saw their owner or the actors.
    • Cujo's bloody, drooling, rapid look he sports for the latter part of the film? Terrifying. What the look actually was? Cream and egg whites with red good dye slathered on top of the stunt dogs repeatedly before every shot. Many shots in filming were ruined because the dogs kept stopping to lick the tasty mixture off.