Funny / Crowns of the Kingdom

  • Goofy throws himself across a river thanks to cartoon physics.
  • Maleficent thinking that the pinnacle of Lady Tremaine's ambitions were to be Prince Charming's mother-in-law.
  • Maleficent considering asking Queen Grimhilde's help, but realizing that it'd be impossible to get her away from her mirror for more than 20 minutes.
  • Mad Madame Mim bursting into Maleficent's throne room to yell at her—and offer to join her.
  • Minnie asking Mickey that if she's his best girl, who are the other girls?
  • The Abraham Lincoln robot being stuck in a perpetual state of writing the Gettysburg Address, and asking Mickey for advice.
  • Mickey and the gang contact Maleficent, who is trapped in Inpotentia, via a sťance. While Maleficent is giving Mickey information on how to undo the spell, she takes a second to mess with Mickey's head by lampshading their need to work together with a Double Entendre, which really disturbs Mickey.