Funny / Crazy Stupid Love

  • Robbie's speech about the people in The Scarlet Letter all being assholes.
  • "Take off your shirt." (Jacob does so) "Fuck! Seriously?! It's like you're Photoshopped!"
    • That entire "PG-13"-rated night at Jacob's. Also doubles as a Crowning Moment of Heartwarming, but the quick cut between Hannah in bed with Jacob and Hannah still with soggy wet hair propped up in the massage chair enthusiastically declaring it's nowhere near as fun as it'd seem is hilarious.
    • "And then, we're gonna bang." Complete with goofy grin. There's a reason that got turned into an animated GIF meme.
  • Cal fainting from the heat in the sauna and landing with his face on Jacob's junk.
    • Hell, the cut from the change room to the sauna, showing that in both rooms, Jacob proudly has his junk in Cal's face.
  • Jessica's mother finds her nude photos to Cal. Her reaction? Instead of screaming, she very quietly whispers in shock: "Va-jay-jay!".
  • "You know when I told you I had to work late? I really went to see the new Twilight movie by myself. And it was so bad!"
  • Cal literally getting out of a moving car to roll in the street when his wife starts talking about why she wants a divorce.
  • The following:
    Emily: "I'm trying to think about what I want..." (looks at restaurant menu)
    Cal: "Why don't we just say it at the same time? One, two three..."
    Emily: "I want a divorce."
    Cal: (simultaneously) "Creme brulee..."
  • The following:
    Cal: "Who told you that Emily and I are getting divorced?"
    Cal's Boss: "Amy heard you crying in the bathroom - we all thought it was cancer."
    Cal: "Oh...."
    Cal's Boss: "Thank God, man..." (laughing)
    Cal: (laughs) "Yeah, just my relationship..."
    • Even funnier what Cal's boss say's to the others
    Cal's Boss: Hey everyone! It's not cancer!
    • It was actually "It's just a divorce!". Which is even more hilarious.
  • The following:
    Kate: "What do you want to do with me?!"
    Cal: "I want to show you off to my ex-wife and make her really jealous!"
    Kate squeals excitedly and jumps on top of Cal on the sofa.
  • Jacob to Cal who's sucking on a straw. "Would you take that straw out of your mouth please because it looks like your sucking on a tiny dick."
  • The entire climax of the movie is one. It is awesome.
    I don't even know you!
  • David, Cal, Jacob and Bernie (Jessica's dad) fighting in the yard. It then cuts to the next shot, where all four men are sitting there, all beaten up.
  • At one point at the end of the film, Jessica gives Robbie nude photos of herself. It doubles as a Crowning Moment of Heartwarming but given how twisted it is, it's pretty funny.