Funny / Countdown


  • When contestants have declared silly words.
    • The famous one where both contestants declared "Wankers".
    • "I'm sorry I can't resist - *bleep*[Wankers]"
    • This exchange...
    "...and what's yours, Kate?"
    *audience laughs*
    "Erection. Don't-don't do this to me kate. I don't want to be on any more late night 'blooper' shows."
  • When silly words appear on the wall
    • "Piss"
    • "Fart"
    • When Poof showed up on the board
    • Another good one, the letters O-R-G-A showed up on the board, and Carol quickly grabbed her face, fearing that the next letter would be "S". As expected...they ask for a consonant and the next letter is...N.
    • The reigning champ - "Gonad". Which became "Gonads", and finally "Ex-Gonads", prompting Joe to tear his shirt off in sheer joy.
  • Carol gets a scare.
  • The infamous Kitten Incident.
  • In this outtake, one of the contests has just suggested "areola".note  This is followed by Nick announcing it's time for Susie's "special spot"...
    • Similarly, Jimmy asks "What have you been looking into recently? ... other than gloryholes." This quip stopped the show in its tracks as the panel (and audience) laughed for a good half minute. After the laughs subside...
      Jimmy: Now what have you been looking into recently? (Beat before everyone collapses into laughter again)