* Mickey Mouse, of all characters, [[OutOfCharacterMoment threatening Donald Duck with a gun]] in "Symphony Hour"!
* Pretty much the entirety of Funny/DerFuehrersFace. It helps that it was intended to be a TakeThat to the Nazi regime.
* The ferocious climax of the Goofy cartoon "Hockey Homicide", which throws in rapid-fire images from past Disney cartoons ([[GretzkyHasTheBall many of them sports-themed]]), including a brief appearance by Monstro the whale from ''Disney/{{Pinocchio}}''!
** The RunningGag involving Icebox Bertino and Fearless Ferguson, the star players of their respective teams that continually get into a fight (strangling one another and beating one another with their hockey sticks), getting sent to the penalty box, then getting right back into a fight once they are released.
-->'''Sportscaster:''' Here come Bertino and Ferguson out of the penalty box...\\
''(fight commences between them; referee blows whistle and sends them back into penalty box)''\\
'''Sportscaster:''' ...and there go Bertino and Ferguson back into the penalty box.
* Two instances occur in the WartimeCartoon "The Vanishing Private":
** The priceless expression on the general's face when he shakes his head no after Pete asks him if he has seen "a little guy [Donald] that you can't see".
** At the very end, Pete is in a cell, wearing a straitjacket, with the now-visible Donald guarding him!
-->'''Pete:''' I ain't crazy! You know I ain't crazy! Go tell the general that I ain't crazy.\\
'''Donald:''' Do you think ''I'm'' crazy?
* In "Pluto's Party", Pluto opens the gate only to be trampled on my a horde of mice children who knock the front gate down. When the leave near the end, the gate stands back up on its own.
* Nearly all of ''Goofy Gymnastics''.
* In ''The Plowboy'', we see a pig, chicken and goat running Horace and the runaway plow from as they crash into a tree and get combined into some weird hybrid creature.
* A lot of moments in ''WesternAnimation/GetAHorse'', but special mention goes to the scene where a CGI Horace walks up on the stage wearing modern t-shirt (themed to [[MarvelComics Marvel]], which Disney had only recently bought!) while eating popcorn.
** Also Mickey finding a smartphone Horace took, with a guy on the other end shouting "Give me back my phone!".
* In ''Hawaiian Holiday'', when Goofy finally succeeds in surfing a recalcitrant wave, after he shouts triumphantly, "Hey, look! I made it!", a voice is heard saying, "Oh yeah?", before the wave throws Goofy off again. It's possible that it was ''the wave itself'' that said this line.
* Pete's unintelligible babbling as he announces the train stops in ''Mr. Mouse Takes a Trip''.
* The flypaper sequence in ''Playful Pluto''. There's a reason it was used on ''Film/SullivansTravels'' to show the power of laughter.