Funny / Clash of the Titans

1981 Version
  • When Perseus and Ammon first find the three gifts from the gods. Persues considers taking a closer look at the Athena's Helmet. The shield has other ideas...
    Perseus: I'll try the helmet.
    Shield: No! Try me first!
    Perseus: (asks Ammon startled) What did you say?
    Ammon: I didn't say anything. (points to the shield) The sound came from over by that statue of Hera. From, that shield!
    Shield: (the pair walk up to the shield) Turn me round!
  • Perseus's trying on Athena's Helmet for the first time and dissapears before Ammon's eyes.
    Ammon: Where are you?
    Perseus: I'm invisible! Can't you see that?
  • When Bubo first lands on the scene, he promptly falls to the ground.
  • This exchange:
    Thetis: Zeus once even tried to ravish me, disguised as a cuttlefish.
    Hera: Did he succeed?
    Thetis: Certainly not.
    Athene: What did you do?
    Thetis: Beat him at his own game — I simply turned myself into a shark.
  • It's funny watching all those random cats running around the amphitheater.
    • It's funnier watching Ammon randomly toss cloak and cat aside as he's looking for an outfit for Perseus.

2010 film
  • One of the soldiers is playing the flute really badly. His commander asks to borrow it ... and breaks it in half. The soldier takes out a new flute and keeps playing.
  • As they're preparing their equipment before they set out from the city, Perseus is rummaging through a box and finds a mechanical owl. He holds it up and asks one of the soldiers what it is, but the soldier shakes his head and says "Just leave it."

The Sequel to the Remake
  • Agenor and Hephaestus are a riot at times.
    Agenor: "I realize that amidst our hostilities this is the last thing you want to do, but... follow me."
    (our heroes follow him as he strides down the hall, takes a right... then reappears and goes the other way)
  • Pegasus hitting Perseus over the head with his wing after they land.