* Jame's initial attempts at horsemanship.
* Jame's response to a scheduling mistake.
-->'''Jame''': The roster sounds fine, Vant, except that you have cadet Cherry cooking dinner and cleaning the latrine simultaneously. What goes in does come out, but usually not that fast, unless Cherry is a much worse cook than I realized.
* This, in a meta sort of way, if only because it so perfectly shows how crazy this world can get:
-->If the fish were coming back down from the hills, thought Rue, the worst must be over.
* The [[CasualDangerDialog Casual Injury Dialog]] at Tentir
-->'''Harn''': What happened to your face?\\
'''Jame''': I ran into a foot. Then a wall.\\
'''Harn''': Huh.
* Little Brier
-->'''Little Brier''': Is the puppy sick?\\
'''Rose''': No, dear. The puppy is drunk.