Funny / Chronicle

  • The boys very first on camera example of telekinetics is them throwing a baseball at each others faces. Until Andrew finally shows us how its done the footage wouldn't have been out of place in an episode of Jackass
  • The guys' various acts of telekinetic abuse at the mall.
    Steve: (after moving a woman's car) Yes, it was the black guy this time.
    Telekinetically animated teddy bear: (to surprised little kid) What'chu lookin' at girl?! Stay in school!
    • Matt attempting to pull gum for a random guy's mouth, which results in the guy being thrown into a rack of toys and the boys quickly fleeing the scene.
    Steve: Wait, why are we running? We don't need to run!
  • During the first flying scene: "Hey, what's that noise?"
    • Before that: "Engage hyperspeed!" "WHERE THE HELL ARE WE?"
    • While Steve is glomping Andrew for saving him, Matt randomly falls out of the sky and rolls to a stop nearby.
  • "HE'S A NINJA!"
  • During the rave early in the film, Matt attempts to get philosophical to attract Casey's attention. Andrew's response:
    "Hey, Matt? What did Jung say about glowsticks?"
  • The first two times Matt tries to fly, he leaps into the air...and lands flat on his face. The second time, he backflips himself into the ground.
    Matt: Goddamnit!
    • And then Andrew gets it on his first go, and Matt tries again... And fails once again, much to the floating Steven & Andrew's amusement.
    • "Andrew, don't fart- we'll never find you again!"
    • "Alright, how do we get down?"
  • While the three of them are testing their ability to create shields, Steve begins focusing the camera on the backside of a woman standing nearby.
  • Random and brief though it was, the heckler who interrupted the performance of Ave Maria at the talent show by leaping out of his seat and yelling "La la la laaaaaaaa!" did raise a few chuckles.
  • Matt's imitation of Tibetan throat singing. It starts with him humming, and then he lets out a low-pitched "WHAAAA-OH-WHAAAA-OH" before Andrew silences him, due to them being in a library at the time.