Awesome / Chronicle

  • Admit it. When Andrew beat up his father, you were cheering for him. It may have begun his descent to the dark side, but still it was quite a sight knowing everything he put him through.
    • It really says something about how satisfying that scene is when Andrew shouts "I could crush you!" at his father and the audience is shouting back "Do it already!"
    • He indeed tries to do so after Richard's massive Kick the Dog moment at the hospital, trying to drop him to his death from the top of the building. Though Matt stops him, he at least gets the pleasure of lingering him above the ground and calling him out viciously, as his father is begging for mercy no less.
    Andrew: Its your fault, you did this to me!
    Richard: PLEASE STOP!
  • The footage of the trio flying through the clouds is simultaneously awe-inspiring and heartwarming. Who doesn't wanna do that?
  • Matt taking Andrew out with the spear.
    • As soon as Matt gets Casey out of the way, he proceeds to dominate in his fight with Andrew. Sure, Andrew's the stronger of the two, but is physically battered and mentally unhinged, and Matt is far better at using his powers effectively, even if he can't match Andrew in a telekinetic arm wrestle.
  • Despite what happened afterward, when Andrew puts on his dad's old fireman uniform as an impromptu disguise Ziggy Stardust by David Bowie plays in the background. It really sets the whole transformation when the song drops to a heavier, darker riff as Andrew puts on the mask.
  • While terrifying, Andrew's rampage in the climax at least looked really cool.
  • The movie cost 12 MILLION DOLLARS to make. You could say they made it in a cave, with a BOX OF SCRAPS and that would be kind of accurate. It looks like it cost 5 times that, though, but $60 million is still pretty low-budget for a film like this.
  • "I can fly." "Say it with your chest!" "I CAN FLY!"
    • Also: "You saved my life AND the camera!?!?!?"