* In "Shopping Spree", Mung, Chowder and Shnitzel go to a mall and spend all of the money in Truffle's money box while she is ill. Not only can they not afford all the stuff they bought, but ''[[NoFourthWall they can't afford the animation]]'' and are consequently reduced to live-action footage of the four main VoiceActors: Creator/DwightSchultz, Nicky Jones, Creator/JohnDiMaggio and Creator/TaraStrong in a recording studio. So what do they do to make money? [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bElQKxfuWf8 They have a car wash.]]
* Turn on captions while "The Blackout" is on and pay attention to what the weirdos say.
-->'''Large Female Weirdo:''' ''I like pirates and movies and [[BreadEggsBreadedEggs movies about pirates]].''\\
'''Bird Man Weirdo:''' I suggest a firm, long-term investment in butter. Butter is...
** The big-headed weirdo looks like Bill from ''WesternAnimation/KingOfTheHill''.
* In "The Party Cruise", [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qp2tSNBixa8 Mung tries to excite Chowder on a fishing trip by telling him a story:]]
-->'''Mung:''' Did I ever tell you of the time I went on my thousand-day fishing trip?\\
'''Chowder:''' How many days?\\
'''Mung:''' A thousand.\\
'''Chowder:''' '''''[[OhCrap OH]]''''' '''''[[ThisIsGonnaSuck GOSH.]]'''''
* "Look Mung, I'm an Arborian!"
* ''Everything'' involving the Marzipan PD.
* The tail end of the bluenana episode was pretty hilarious...
-->'''Baby Bluenana''': (Cough) Mother..? Is that... you? Take me away from these horrible people! \\
''The mother then proceeds to call Panini and Chowder monsters and runs away crying as everyone still has a WTF? face on them.''
* "Pepper spray? That sounds delicious! ''(gets sprayed in the [[EyeScream face]])'' I WAS WRONG! I WAS HORRIBLY HORRIBLY WRONG!"
** The entire pepper spray scene.
*** Later followed by another episode where a large bird claws Schnitzel's face for throwing some rotten food and (accidentally) hitting him on the head with it.
---->'''Bird:''' How do ya like ''them'' apples?\\
'''Chowder:''' [[ComicallyMissingThePoint I like apples.]] ''(starts getting clawed)'' ''AHH! BUT THESE APPLES ARE '''TERRIBLE!!!'''''
* This exchange from the Marmalade episode:
-->'''Panini:''' Chowder, get over here.\\
'''Chowder:''' But...can't I have more than one friend who's a girl?\\
'''Panini:''' No. Don't test me, Chowder.\\
'''Chowder:''' ...What flavor lip gloss are you wearing?\\
'''Panini:''' Smackdown. Now get over here.\\
'''Chowder:''' Uh, I think I'd rather stay with Strawbarbleberry...
* "Hey Mung! I'm gonna make you pee your pants!"
* Mung on the Meaches: "They broke my spirit, and every bone in my body... They even ate my hair!"
** When Chowder and Schnitzel are dressed as a mariachi band, the soldier meaches are not impressed and chase them out, and Chowder yells, ''"[[BilingualBonus ¡NO ME GUSTA!]]"'' Even funnier is that they tried the mariachi band, along with dressing as [[BedsheetGhost ghosts]] and then ''girl scouts''. And Schnitzel went along with each and every plan as if they had a chance of working.
*** And when they finally get caught, Mung tries to give some help from the car:
-->'''Mung Daal''': No! Don't let them tear your arms off! That only makes them ''angry!''\\
'''Mung Daal''': I've got to do something! ''[[CacophonyCoverUp (turns on the car radio]] [[IgnoringBySinging and singing]] [[OpeningShoutOut the opening of the show)]]''
** Mung saves the day in the end and sustains many injuries as a result.
--->"Thank you, Chowder, for giving me to the courage to foolishly face my entirely rational fears."
* After Mung gives up trying to build a schmingerbread house he says "Knishmas is ruined, [[NeverMyFault and it's all Schnitzel's fault]]."
* The "At Your Service" episode, especially the part where Endive tells Panini to "put on some Celine" as Mung and Chowder rid Endive's pool of bugs.
** Oh, ''GOD,'' that song in the background makes the whole scene ten times funnier.
* Mung's failed attempt to save Truffles during a flood.
-->"This isn't supposed to sink! It's MADE OUT OF FISH!"
* When Panini makes Chowder hold her hand in "Banned from the Stand". Panini's reaction seals it:
-->'''Chowder:''' IT-- '''BURRRRNS!!!'''
-->'''Panini:''' Let's go. Look everyone, we're holding hands! *~n_n~*
** Hell, everything that Gazpacho does in that episode is too funny for words.
-->'''Gazpacho''': No! You have tried to gain fruit through deception! Your sentence...is BANISHMENT!\\
'''Gazpacho''': (whispering) The hammer...it hurts us all.\\
'''Gazpacho''': YOU'RE BANNED!!!!\\
'''Hippo''': I was just looking for the bathroom!\\
'''Gazpacho''': ''YOU'RE BANNED FROM THAT TOO!''\\
'''Hippo''': I am banned from the bathroom?\\
'''Gazpacho''': ''Every'' bathroom.\\
'''Hippo''': [[BigNo NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!]]
** At one point, Gazpacho looks into the mirror, and, thanks to his newly-found habits, ''bans himself from the stand''. Afterwards, [[MyGodWhatHaveIDone he realizes that was a terrible idea.]]
* When Chowder is trying to get Mung Dal to taste what he made.
-->'''Chowder:''' Please?\\
'''Mung Dal:''' No, Chowder.\\
'''Chowder ([[OffscreenRealityWarp somehow now a woman]]):''' (seductively) Pretty please?\\
'''Mung Dal:''' WHAT THE!?
* In the episode where Endive thinks she killed Mung, she imagines herself in the West Pole. Her line truly captures what one would think if they ever went to such a place.
--> '''Ms. Endive (imagining herself in the West Pole):''' OH MY GOSH IT'S COLD HERE!
* "Tofu Town Showdown":
-->''It was back when Tofu Town [[LampshadeHanging looked very much like 1960's Tokyo.]]''\\
''His greatest enemies were the AnimeHair-wearing Teriyaki Triads!''
** The leader of the Teriyaki Triads speaks in a hysterically bad dub voice.
* The beginning of "Weekend at Schnitzel's", where after several seconds of them doing nothing Chowder blurts out "This is boring, you're boring, life's boring, [[NoFourthWall and this episode is boring!]]"
* The episode where they're making the singing beans, and Mung adds a huge gold clock on a chain, 'For Flava'. That is quite possibly the smartest joke ever made on a children's show.
* At the end of the episode "Brain Grub":
--> '''Mung Daal''': It's a long story.\\
'''Chowder''': Does it have pirates in it?
* The normally [[TheUnintelligible hard-to-understand]] Schnitzel talking so that the audience understands him complete with LampshadeHanging.
-->'''Schnitzel''': Yeah, I'm so calm...now the audience can understand me! Yo! My name's Schnitzel! ALL RIGHT!!!\\
'''Chowder''': Nah...doesn't work for us.\\
'''Schnitzel''': ''(falls over)'' Radda, radda, radda...
* The "please" scene from "Burple Nurples":
-->'''Chowder:''' ''(making puppy dog eyes)'' Please? ''Please?''\\
'''Mung Daal:''' Chowder, I just don't think you're ready yet.\\
'''Chowder:''' Please?\\
'''Mung Daal:''' No, Chowder.\\
'''Chowder:''' Puh-lease?\\
'''Mung Daal:''' NO.\\
'''Chowder:''' Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...\\
'''Mung Daal:''' Chowder!\\
'''Chowder:''' ...eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...\\
'''Mung Daal:''' Really now, you can't keep that up forever.\\
'''Chowder:''' ...eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee - [=yesIcan=] - eeeeeeeeeee...\\
'''Mung Daal:''' You're not going to change my mind.\\
'''Chowder:''' ...eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee - ''[=butmissEndiveletPaninidoit=]'' - eeeeeeeeeeee...\\
'''Mung Daal:''' ''(under his breath)'' Endive. ''(normal voice)'' If that battle-axe thinks her apprentice is ready, I'm sure my apprentice is ''more'' than ready. Chowder, get ready to cook!\\
'''Chowder:''' ...eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee - Woohoo! - eeeeeeeeeeeee...\\
'''Mung Daal:''' ''(exasperated)'' You can stop now.\\
'''Chowder:''' ''(still making the puppy dog face)'' ...eeeeeeee - I-wish-I-could-but-I'm-stuck - eeeee...
** (You can view it [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BabTyjUNSDE here]])
** Hell, that entire episode is nothing but back-to-back hilarity.
--->'''Chowder:''' *while dealing with Mung in disguise, bluntly* ...ugly ladies hafta pay.
* The scene in "The Apprentice Scouts" when Gazpacho yells at Ceviche for throwing up.
-->"There's no time for barfing! You've got a badge to earn! What do you think, we're just gonna sit in the bushes and barf all day? Fat chance, pal! FAT CHANCE!"
* The scene in the episode "The Heist" where Schnitzel, in a desperate attempt to keep Endive unaware there are Sugar Sapphires under her house, kisses her. The people's ReactiveContinuousScream was gold!
** Mung licking one of the Sugar Sapphires causes his head to briefly turn into that of [[WesternAnimation/ThePowerpuffGirls Bubbles]].
* The ending of "Schnitzel Makes a Deposit", where Chowder tells Schnitzel he forgot to put his own money in his account, [[HereWeGoAgain meaning they have to go through the line again]]. Schnitzel's head shatters.
** Also earlier in the episode when Schnitzel receives his first check, he [[CargoShip makes out with it]].
** Let's not kid ourselves; that entire episode, front to back, was a Crowning Moment of Funny.
* Chowder's many attempts to ward off Panini in "Chowder's Girlfriend". Especially the one where he dons a moustache as a disguise.
-->'''Chowder (wearing a fake moustache):''' Why hello Panini. I have a message for you from Chowder. [[SuspiciouslySpecificDenial Who I am not]].\\
'''Panini:''' Uh huh.\\
'''Chowder:''' Chowder has moved far away and can not be your boyfriend.\\
'''Panini:''' Where did he move to?\\
'''Chowder:''' Uh, down the street to the next city.\\
'''Panini:''' Yes?\\
'''Chowder (deadpan):''' He's dead. Chowder's dead.\\
'''Panini:''' Want a cookie Chowder?\\
'''Chowder:''' Would I!- Aw man!
* Comedy Gold! Relationship Comedy!
--->'''Chowder and Gazpacho''': ...
** When Schnitzel goes up to the mic to tell his jokes, he starts, sees Mung, Chowder, and Truffles, and runs through the brick wall.
* From "Panini for President":
-->'''Chowder''': I'm not listening to Gorgonzola. I was just hanging around with him all day because he was giving me food. He's ma' friend.\\
'''Panini''': Gorgonzola is not your friend. He's, like, a villain or something.\\
'''Gorgonzola''': (dressed as the Phantom of the Opera): How's it going Mr. President?\\
'''Chowder''': Ah! A villain!\\
'''Cop''': A villain you say!?\\
'''Gorgonzola''': You'll never take me alive, copper! (runs away)
* A lot of "Paint the Town".
** "Look at me, I'm Crazy Box Head Man!"
** Chowder dancing out his frustrations, complete with a puppet of Chowder doing some wacky dances to what can only be described as Arabian jazz.
* In "My Big Fat Stinky Wedding" Chowder has to sneak into Kimchi's wedding located inside an alligator. When you think that he would use a wrench to knock out IdenticalStranger Porridge, he instead [[BaitAndSwitch trades the wrench for Porridge's glasses.]] Porridge even wears the wrench in place of his glasses and plays the violin poorly as a result. Chowder then places the glasses on the gator's eyes and uses the altered perspective to somehow enter the gator's nose.
** Earlier, Chowder tries to think of a plan to stop the wedding. One montage later, he constructs a Trojan Horse-like thing, and it turns out to be a coin-operated horsey ride!
** After building the aforementioned horsey ride:
--->'''Chowder:''' Oh noes! The sun is rising! ([[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3rTla7q8Qyk cue a giant rampaging sun-shaped monster rising out of a crater and breathing fire on a group of fleeing knights.]])
*** A [=YouTuber=]'s most popular comment on this very video, which makes a whole lot of sense.
--->'''[=CarLoneRanger=] (now Ker-BLOX)''': Every college student in a nutshell.
* This conversation.
-->'''Endive:''' Panini, silence the fat one!\\
'''Gazpacho:''' But I didn't say nothin'!\\
'''Endive:''' Not you. The fat, purple [[CartoonCreature bunny cat]] kid.\\
'''Purple Bunny Cat Kid:''' I didn't say nothin'.\\
'''Ms. Endive:''' (''holding up Chowder'') ''This one!'' Silence ''this one!''
* The first minute of "The Toots" pretty much [[LampshadeHanging acknowledges]] three things: the show's need of made-up items, the show's name, and the basic formula of Chowder eating the Food of the Episode (the Tooten Fruit).
-->'''Chowder''': So what are we making today?\\
'''Mung''': Oh, just some ''bread''.\\
'''Chowder''': But that doesn't sound like a fantastically whimsical Marzipanian dish at all!\\
'''Mung''': Good point. Let me find something made-up to put in it. ''(pulls out the Tooten Fruit)'' Here.\\
'''Chowder''': Oooooooh, what is it?\\
'''Mung''': It is a Tooten Fruit. They're full of gas and when they expand, they make the bread rise, just like yeast.\\
'''Chowder''': Oh. But why don't we just use yeast?\\
'''Mung''': Because this is ''Chowder''!\\
'''Chowder''': But I'm Chowder.\\
'''Mung''': Right.\\
'''Chowder''': So, now what?\\
'''Mung''': Well, I should tell you not to eat it.\\
'''Chowder''': And I eat it anyway. Right?\\
'''Mung''': Yep. Here. ''(Puts the Tooten Fruit on the table, before turning around)'' Now I'll turn around, and [[ObfuscatingStupidity pretend to be oblivious]].
* The [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3OOOn83K-wg song]] in the Christmas Episode.
-->'''Chowder''': And now the roof goes on and nothing can go wrong. (gingerbread house falls) OH NO IT ALL WENT WRONG!
* From "Schnitzel Quits" after Schnitzel goes to work for Endive...
--> '''Panini''': What's his favorite food? What's his favorite color? What's his favorite cartoon? [[LeaningOnTheFourthWall I bet it's]] ''[[RecursiveCanon Chowder]]''!
* From "The Hot Date":
--> '''Mung Daal''': Yeah, sometimes I got to beat the ladies off with a stick! (Scene cuts to Mung [[UnEntendre literally]] beating Truffles off with a stick) Back, woman! Back, I said!
* From "Chowder Loses His Hat", we get the universe evidently trolling the poor kid:
-->'''Chowder''': *after trying to toss his hat onto Kimchi and missing, throwing it out the window* ...maybe it'll blow back?\\
''(beat)'' the wind carries the hat back to the tower...\\
'''Chowder''': YES!\\
...and then the hat gets boomeranged back out to the city\\
'''Chowder''': [[BigNo NOOOOOOOOO!]]
** [[http://chrismas95.tumblr.com/post/118143247737 Rats!]]
* Almost all of "The Dinner Theater" counts. Every scene with Gazpacho in particular is pure gold.
* Ceviche responds to the... drama Chowder starts by saying "Why can we just do a musical? Nobody dies in musicals." [[Theatre/LesMiserables This is]] [[Theatre/{{Hamilton}} quite literally]] [[Theatre/{{Rent}} the biggest lie]] [[BlatantLies ever told]].
* Every single thing Chestnut says or does, but one of the best is him fighting Shnitzel in his debut episode.
* "End the show now!"
* Gazpacho, normally a LargeHam NervousWreck, has an almost stoic reaction to being crushed by the giant Grubble Gum ball.
-->'''Gazpacho''': You thinking about becoming a ninja?\\
'''Pig''': Uh-huh.\\
'''Gazpacho''': You got the moves?\\
'''Pig''': Uh-huh.\\
'''Gazpacho''': The charisma?\\
'''Pig''': Uh-huh.\\
'''Gazpacho''': You with me?\\
'''Chowder''': HI GAZPACHO!\\
'''Gazpacho''': (beat) IRegretNothing.\\
(the grubble gum ball lands on him)
* In "Big Ball", Truffles commandeers one of the teams as coach in a bid to get the game to finally end. After a football-style huddle, she calls "Break!" and [[LiteralMinded the team spontaneously shatters like pottery.]] "Yes, yes, very funny. [[SelfDeprecation I hate]] [[MediumAwareness this show.]]"
* In "The Thrice Cream Man", Mung Daal's moment of {{Metaphorgotten}}:
-->'''Mung:''' You see, Chowder, food is like life. And sometimes, we bite off more life than we can chew. next thing you know, you're barfing life all over the place: the beds, the walls, the priceless carpet. And who do you think has to clean up all that life?
-->'''Chowder:''' ''(visibly ill)'' Shnitzel?\\
'''Mung:''' That's right.\\
'''Shnitzel:''' ''(offscreen)'' Aw, radda!
* "I like songs about mustard."