Funny / Cellular

  • When Ryan was desperately asking around for a charger in the Cellular store, and all he got were busy salespeople.
    "Sweetie, I'm on break, take a number."
  • When Ryan shot the smiley face in the Cellular store.
  • The news report later reporting on Ryan's robbery where the salesman mentions that not only did Ryan actually pay for the charger, he overpaid because they had a sale on.
  • The lawyer in the blue car.
    "...goes from 0 to 60 in seven seconds, takes the girls' panties off in three point five seconds."
    *he starts to lose the signal*
    "Hello? Mom, are you still there?"
  • William H. Macy wearing the green algae mask. After one too many beauty parlor ribbings, Macy's character finally snaps back in the end, "It's a day spa, you fuck!"
  • Jessica's surname is Martin. When Ryan arrives at the school, she tells him her son's name is Ricky.
    Ryan: Ricky Martin? You named your child Ricky Martin?!
    Jessica: It was before the singer...