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Funny: Brightest Day
  • The white ring's response to Hawk demanding why he was brought back but not his brother:
    White Ring: Eat a cheeseburger.
    Hawk: Uh...what?
    (The group realizes it was talking to Deadman, who had barely eaten since his resurrection.)
  • Lobo whispers something dirty into Carol Ferris' ear, causing her to make a giant hand with her ring and slap him with it.
  • The entirety of the Larfleeze Christmas Special. Except the last page.
  • Lex, trying to bargain with Death.
    Lex:"What would it take for you to change this? What do you need?"
    Death:"A pony. A magic pony. A magic pony who sings."
    Lex:"...Do you mean...literally? Is that some kind of creature that—?"
    Death:"Sorry. I was joking."
    • Made even funnier later when Lex is creeped out by a magic pony (who sings!) doll.
  • Max Lord, having retconned himself out of everyone's memory and established a power base, immediately sets about tracking Wonder Woman... only to discover that she,too, has subsequently been retconned out of everyone's memory. He's aware enough to acknowledge the irony. And then he throws a temper tantrum, because he hates irony.
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