!!The book:
* Guppy's proposal. "My present salary is so many pounds a week, my mother possesses a small annuity ... in short, Miss Summerson, I adore you!"

!!The 2005 series:
* The RunningGag of Mr. Smallweed wanting to be "shaken up".
* Mr. Smallweed coming to Sergeant George's and threatening to have George evicted. George simply [[OhCrap picks up a pistol]], and [[ScrewThisImOutOfHere Smallweed leaves in a hurry]]. Becomes a bit of a FunnyAneurysmMoment after [[spoiler: Tulkinghorn's murder; Smallweed uses this incident to accuse George of being the murderer.]]
* After [[spoiler: Tulkinghorn]]'s murder, Mr. Smallweed comes to see him, not realising he's dead, and meets Inspector Bucket. Then he sees the corpse.
--> '''Smallweed:''' Oh lord. Oh my eye. [[CaptainObvious He don't look well]].
--> '''Bucket:''' [[DeadpanSnarker Nor would you if you'd been shot through the heart]].
--> '''Smallweed:''' I know who done this. [...] What's [framing [[spoiler: George]]] worth?
--> '''Bucket:''' Three years hard labour for withholding evidence, my friend.
* Shortly after this, Bucket has a policeman come and take Smallweed away.
--> '''Smallweed:''' [[CatchPhrase Oh my bones and sockets]]! Have a care, you brimstone black people, or I'll have the law on you!
--> '''Bucket:''' ...We ''are'' the law, Mr. Smallweed.
* After Esther refuses Mr. Guppy's second proposal, Mrs. Guppy throws a fit and yells at Esther and Mr. Jarndyce to GetOut. Mr. Jarndyce points out that it's hardly reasonable for her to order them out of ''their own rooms''.