[[caption-width-right:229:Four games now, and [[FacialCompositeFailure this]] is ''still'' hilarious.]]

The people who made ''Franchise/BlazBlue'' have a ''very'' healthy sense of humour. With the exception of Calamity Trigger, if you hear this [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cnIR3Mv9CJ8 song]], you know something funny is going to happen. Just check out nuggets of LOL material:


[[folder:Blazblue: Calamity Trigger]]
* Bang's ThemeMusicPowerUp by Music/JAMProject in the console version, which replaces the current background music with an [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eGW8L61KzAU over-the-top song]] about how [[MemeticBadass awesome]] he is.
** And of course, [[SoundtrackDissonance what happens]] when Bang Install [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U158VC5u6kk backfires]]. Humiliation beyond belief!
** If you finish an opponent with his Astral, you could say your foe [[spoiler: Got Nailed]].
* The scene where [[IdiotHero Bang]] proceeds to beat up [[DarkIsNotEvil Tager]] just because he ''looks like he's going to do something evil one day''.
* Speaking of Bang, ''everything he says.''
-->Geahh! Electrifyi-i-i-i-i-i-i-ing!
-->This is an Ukemi!
-->Instant Ninpo!!
-->Now jump! Into my manly cheast!!
-->If there are two things I hate in this world, it's lies and evil and lies! And ''bell peppers!!!!''
-->[[SayingSoundEffectsOutLoud ''Glare'']]
--> You seem to be lacking in areas. Especially around the che- Wait, what are you doing?! DON'T SHOOT!!
** In his joke ending, he manages to freeze Jin in a block of ice and set the surrounding area on fire. Noel tries to make him fix it. Bang's response? [[spoiler: Run like hell]].
* This line from Ragna's story mode:
--> '''Ragna''': "Hello, [[TheRedBaron Mr. Grim Reaper]] is here. [[BadassBoast I've come to invite all you guys to the Underworld]]... 'xcuse me, pizza delivery here!"
* The scene where Ragna and Taokaka realize they've had a big misunderstanding about who exactly is paying the no doubt large bill they've racked up at a restaurant.
* Noel's Joke Ending, where after being defeated by Tager, she wakes up in Litchi's clinic. Litchi then chases Noel all around Kagutsuchi trying to get Noel to dress in a variety of outfits, including [[VideoGame/GuiltyGear Valentine's]].
* Tager's Joke Ending:
--> '''Kokonoe''': '''"[[LargeHam Super beast mode: golden Tager making it's grand entrance! Behold this majestic paragon of power]]!"'''
** Also, Kokonoe starts talking about modifying Bang's body, but then says she wants to test the mods on Hakumen's body first. Cut to Hakumen, who gets a chill down his spine and senses a great danger, even worse than what he felt against the Black Beast.
* Arakune's Astral Finish. [[spoiler:Pre-Chronophantasma, at least.]]
* Nu's arcade playthrough has her exchange with Taokaka. Mostly because the ever calculating Nu looks at [[TheDitz Taokaka]] and has no idea what to think.
** This line seals it: "Tao is [[ShapedLikeItself Tao!]] Are you flappy-flap? What do you want from meow?"
* In Noel's story mode, there's the segment where she... *ahem* plays with Makoto.
--> *boing boing*
--> '''Makoto''': Noel? What... are you doing?
--> *boing boing*
--> '''Noel''': Hehe, Makoto, your ears are so fluffy...
--> '''Makoto''': Argh! Right when I was [[FreakinessShame depressed]] too...
--> '''Noel''': Hmmm...
--> '''Makoto''': Hey! Stop touching them!
--> '''Noel''': But they're ''so'' soft. Especially your tail. What's this? A concealed weapon?
--> '''Makoto''': I'm not a stuffed animal! I am-
--> *boing boing*
* [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=75sS8F66idI Stop hitting yourself, Carl. Stop hitting yourself, Carl. Stop hitting yourself, Carl. Stop hitting yourself, Carl...]]
* [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ccUqhJAlhjA The typical result of two Ragna players clashing.]]

[[folder:Blazblue: Continuum Shift]]
* Bang's victory sequence against Arakune in arcade mode of ''Continuum Shift'' - Bang offers to give Arakune a bath; the latter just wants to get the hell out of there. HilarityEnsues.
** And Arakune won't eat Bang, because he "[[TooSpicyForYogSothoth looks really nasty]]."
* Noel hates Ragna's teasing and insults, and this is reflected during their fights. She says things like "Stop calling me stupid!" and "I'm not dumb!" during certain moves, but the [=CMoF=] comes when she uses her Zero-Gun:Fenrir special, in which she shouts, while filling Ragna with bullets: "Ragna The Bloodedge... '''YOU'RE''' STUPID!"
** And the followup in ''VideoGame/BlazBlueContinuumShift'', when Noel uses the same move against Ragna: "I'm sick of being called 'stupid'...! Especially by a '''MORON''' like '''YOU'''!" FridgeBrilliance: [[spoiler:don't they fight like brother and sister?]]
*** [[spoiler:[[ShipTease Can seem more like]] [[CanNotSpitItOut they just can't spit it out]].]]
* How about Hazama's Joke Ending? It can only be expressed with an equation,[[spoiler: Hazama's hatred of cats + all the cats and cat people in Kagutsuchi suddenly being attracted to him = HilarityEnsues]].
* Ragna's Joke Ending. Just... [[BigLippedAlligatorMoment Ragna's Jo]][[WhatDoYouMeanItWasntMadeOnDrugs ke Ending]]. Link to the [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fdrAigzuims video.]]
** Three simple words: Valley Girl Nu.
--> '''Nu:''' I mean, Ragna and Nu should, like, go steal [treasure] and some junk.
*** Make it four: [[NinjaPirateZombieRobot Pirate Valley-Girl Nu.]]
--> '''Ragna''': Nu, for the love of God! Either the valley or the sea! Just PICK ONE!
*** Make it five: [[NinjaPirateZombieRobot GHOST Pirate Valley-Girl Nu.]]
--> '''Nu:''' As dead as disco!
** Ragna screams and freaks out A LOT in this ending. Highlights include:
*** "What in the HEEEEEEEEEELL?!?!"
*** "My body! My body is all see-through and crap. What's going on?"
*** "I didn't ask for profound exposition or half-assed insults! I asked what the hell is going on?!"
** And the best one:
*** "Ghosts!? *ScreamsLikeALittleGirl*"
--> '''Narration:''' Ragna screamed like a little girl covered in tarantulas.
** [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yWvO1Gxa-5c NIIIII-SAAAAAAN!!!]].
*** Although, the English version's "BROOOOOOOOOOOOOTHERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!" is just as funny.
*** [[spoiler:Let's not forget Relius gag reel in Continuum Shift Extend where Creator/TomokazuSugita [[UpToEleven makes Jin a bit more gayer. See Continuum Shift Extend for details.]]]]
** Rachel's [[{{Gorn}} description of how Ragna died]] is hilarious in a [[BlackComedy different way.]]
* Rachel's Joke End. Her Spectacles of Eros will make you laugh silly. Reason? She's not too happy to see Ragna with Platinum. More epicly all the girls from Kagutsuchi minus Taokaka, Tsubaki and Linhua. To add more fuel to this gag reel...Jin has to show up to 'save' his brother. A link for your [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n3f34W5B48Y&t enjoyment]].
** Litchi wants to gives him the love potion but fail thanks to Noel and admit her love to Ragna, but a random stalker HAS to show up at the wrong moment...
** Kokonoe tries to give him a sleeping candy but is foiled by Litchi. The best part is what Kokonoe explaining what she's going to do with Ragna, with multiple [[CensoredForComedy instances of creative censoring]].
--> '''Kokonoe''': [[spoiler: First, I intended to take his INFERNO DIVIDER and put it in a CARNAGE SCISSORS, and maybe a little GAUNTLET HADES too? My goodness, I can only imagine his HELL'S FANG will DEATH SPIKE!]]. \\
'''Noel''': W-W-WHAAAT?! How could you stoop so low?! That's... totally ''unfair!''
** Noel admitting... THAT SHE'S MARRIED TO RAGNA ''(via forged marriage registration)''.
--> '''Noel''': Ragna the Bloodedge is officially... is officially ''MY'' husband!\\
'''Rachael''': ''*Smiling and overdramaticly*'' How dare you Ragna! You could have ME as your wife! Why?!\\
'''Ragna''': YOU, stay out of this! You're just making things worse!
** Makoto and Lambda pounce upon Ragna, crushing him beneath their supple, young bodies. His reply is a muffled groan of agony. [[NotMakingThisUpDisclaimer INSTANCE OF ACTUAL NARRATION]].
** Ada... objects to Noel's "marriage" to Ragna in her own way.
--> '''Rachel''': Oh my... is that... a detonator?\\
* boom*\\
'''Kokonoe''': YES! That was the sound of multiple explosive detonations! Oh, [[ILoveTheSmellOfXInTheMorning I love the sound of explosions in the morning!]] And I do believe they're coming from the direction of Kagutsuchi city hall!\\
'''Noel''': [[BigWhat WHAT?!]] [[BigNo Nooooooooo!]] I won't be able to submit one of my duplicate registrations!!\\
'''Luna''': You actually had more of them?! You conniving little bitch!\\
'''Litchi''': You got the Librarium to make you a fake seal... [[ArsonMurderAndAdmiration That's pretty sad. Impressive... but sad]].\\
'''Lambda''': Analyzing subject... Dignity: Nonexistant. [[ACupAngst Mammary glands: Below detectable levels]].
** Then Jin shows up...
--> '''Ragna''': JIN!?\\
'''Rachel''': My goodness. This is... both unexpected and... pleasing.\\
'''Jin''': You seem to be surrounded by a great number of beautiful women. Perhaps you could explain the meaning of all this?\\
'''Ragna''': Hey, not ''you'' too! Oh, and what's with your eyes?... They're... heart-shaped!?\\
'''Jin''': You horrible pack of harpies, don't you ''dare'' touch my brother! Get away from him, or ''[[{{Yandere}} I'LL CUT YOU TO PIECES]]''!!
** And, ultimately, the ending leaves us with one question from Rachel. "Why, then, did they not affect me?" It's hilarious when you take a moment to think about why the spectacles that make everyone love you - even robots, beastmen and clones - don't change Rachel's behavior.
* From the True End of Continuum Shift:
--> [[spoiler: '''Ragna:''' "Now engaging the Idea Engine!"]]\\
[[spoiler: '''Terumi:''' "...[[FlatWhat what]]?"]]
* Tager's Joke Ending. An affectionate parody of HumongousMecha / {{Shonen}} shows, with [[MsFanservice Mak]][[HotBlooded oto]], [[MadScientist Koko]][[BunnyEarsLawyer noe]], and a heapload of [[InnocentInnuendo innuendos]]:
--> '''Makoto''': "[[BigOMG Oh... My... GAWD]], Commander Kokonoe, that is ''so'' awesome! No... Seriously... [[{{Nerdgasm}} I'm feelin' a tingly sensation in my naughty bits.]]"
--> '''Kokonoe''': "Oh hoho, I knew you'd appreciate its beauty."
--> '''Makoto''': "Of course, Professor Kokonoe. Oh, I can't wait to get my hands on his joystick. Please, can I have control? Please? ''Pretty please!?''"
--> '''Kokonoe''': "Oh, are you ''sure'' you can handle all that, Private?"
--> '''Kokonoe''': "[[DoesThisRemindYouOfAnything Stop tugging on it, Tager. It's just going to tire you out.]]"
** Also, Hakumen's appearance has him shortening his own BadassCreed.
--> '''Hakumen:''' "I am the white void, I am... et cetera, et cetera... THE END HAS COME!"
** And the ending:
--> '''Hakumen:''' "THE END HAS COME!!" ''*[[ActionBomb explodes]]*''
* Carl's gag ending in Continuum Shift, which parodies Franchise/ScoobyDoo ''so much''. He spends the night in the Academy grounds with Noel, Tsubaki and Makoto, trying to solve the "Seven Mysteries of the Academy". Each turns out to have increasingly implausible and funny explanations, including the mysterious piano playing and dancing skeleton being [[spoiler:Valkenhayn playing the piano and dancing with the skeleton while fantasizing about Rachel]], the disembodied laughter being [[spoiler:Jin practising his laugh for when he faces Ragna]], the crying[=/=]wailing girl being [[spoiler:Litchi trying out clothes too small for her and screaming in pain as result]] and the mysterious extra step on the stairs being [[spoiler:Taokaka asleep at the bottom]]. Don't forget [[spoiler:Ragna being the ghost girl, which is even more funny considering how much he's scared of ghosts]]. And speaking of [[spoiler:Ragna, at the end of the reel the "Scooby gang" ends up [[WhatHappenedToTheMouse forgetting about him and the poor guy is left waiting outside for them]], and then gets teased by Rachel for it]].
* Noel's Gag Ending. The hysterical voice of the waitress, Carl's memories of Noel's cooking, Bang trying to hold a conversation with Nirvana...[[{{HilarityEnsues}}and then Noel's first dish comes out]]. The only way to describe it is that [[spoiler: Bang apparently EXPLODES trying to eat it.]] [[{{FromBadToWorse}} And that's only the beginning...]]
-->"What that 'something' was defied description. It didn't sit on the plate so much as squat malevolently, hating all and being hated by all..."
** Besides, you know your dish sucks when only ''Hazama'' likes it.
*** FridgeBrilliance: Hatred for Hazama binds him to this world.
** Not only that, Nirvana actually trembled when the dish was introduced. To [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aZUpKd1zZ2U THIS no less...]]
*** [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yk5_CmjRQyk And when Bang ate it...]]
* Tsubaki's Joke Ending, where she wanders into Orient Town and meets a very drunk Litchi. Yep, you guessed it. Noel's ''Calamity Trigger'' Joke Ending Part 2. Although, [[LawfulNeutral Tsu]][[HonorBeforeReason baki]] is much more co-operative.
* Litchi's Joke Ending also, especially for this little gem when Bang thought Litchi is going to do something to him per the game rules...
-->'''Linhua''': The previous holder must ki--
-->'''Bang''': Ooh! Does this mean 'kiss passionately'!? Ah! Miss Litchi, whenever you're ready, I am ready also!!
-->'''Linhua''': --ick him in the ass so hard.
** More specifically the beating had to be done with a ''metal bat'' of all things. The other player's responses? ''[[ButtMonkey They thought that it was a very nice metal bat]].''
* From Taokaka's story mode, where after defeating Tsubaki, she "[[CovertPervert tests]]" her breasts. The Tuna Avenger deems them average.
--> '''Tsubaki''': H-How dare she calls these ''"average"''. They're not average... are they?
** Notice how even the eye on Tsubaki's hat is opening up wildly when Taokaka is "testing".
* Bang's Gag End as well. Taokaka nearly blurted out that Litchi is pretty much ObliviousToLove on Bang, in which Tsubaki, who has sworn to strike down on Bang if he lied (he told her that he's Litchi's boyfriend and they're dating), was nearly losing it. Bang tried bargaining Tao with meat buns to keep up with the lie... in which Tao starts displaying 'nasty' bargaining skills that ups the amount of meat buns she'll get (the voice also changed more 'sinisterly' in the Japanese version). In the end, he... succeeded, sort of.
* When Makoto fights Noel, Tsubaki, Jin or Hazama, it plays the typical BadassCreed intro they all share. However, Makoto being Makoto, she sometimes messes up her line. Their reactions are priceless.
-->'''[[TheDitz Makoto]]''': Dispatched in mankind's darkest... Ugh, uh... *mumbling* Oh forget it!
-->'''[[CuteClumsyGirl Noel]]''': ''I'' had to work ''really'' super hard to memorize that, ya'know!
-->'''[[CoolBigSis Tsubaki]]''': *angrily* You're gonna practice that until you get it right!
-->'''[[DeadpanSnarker Jin]]''': *underwhelmed* You just never change, do you?
-->'''[[BadBoss Hazama]]''': [[{{Troll}} Don't think this won't show up on your next review!]]
* This example is a little odd but hear me out. In Bang's True Ending, [[{{Troll}} Hazama]] is fought and, no surprise here, he is perfectly okay right after he is beaten. But then Bang decides to use Fu-rin-ka-Zan. Then this exchange happens:
-->'''Hazama''': Oh-ho! So that's your secret trick, huh? Pretty nice, I'll admit, but I don't think it's gonna be enough to beat me.
-->'''Bang''': Perhaps not... but it is enough to run away! (he flees in a puff of smoke)
-->'''Hazama''': What?!
** On its own this moment might be humorous but here is where it truly is funny. [[VillainSue Hazama regularly demonstrates that he knows about every possible event that can happen despite the continuum shift being in effect, which no other character or thing can do.]] So the fact that the series ButtMonkey and RatedMForManly Bang Shisigami is able to completely outsmart Hazama is hilarious, and made this troper fall out of his seat when he first saw it.

[[folder:Blazblue: Continuum Shift Extend]]
* The FandomNod in ''Calamity Trigger Reconstruction'', when Bang is beaten by Jin...
-->'''Bang''': Stand down, my numbered subordinates! This is my fight, and you have no chance against someone who spams [[FanNickname "Ice Cars"]] constantly...
* Luna accusing Ragna of being a pedophile, and then attempting to pick a fight with him.
--> '''Luna:''' "Bring it on, [[Music/AqualungJetroTullAlbum Aqualung]]!"
** The waitress practically steals the show in that scene with all her misconceptions about Ragna...
--> '''Waitress:''' "I hear you lust after your own brother!"
--> '''Ragna:''' "No I'm into little gi--wait that's not right either..."
--> '''Waitress:''' "Eek! A Pervert!"
* The prelude to [[spoiler:Rachel's intervention]] in ''Slight Hope''. [[spoiler:Seeing Hazama's calm and collected facade go flying out the window]] because [[spoiler:[[SpannerInTheWorks Makoto]] was in an alternate timeline without knowing such herself]] is ''priceless''.
-->[[spoiler:"You know, when you said 'Noel Vermillion' a few moments ago, I ''damn near peed myself''. All of my plans - '''POOF!''' - instantly undone. All thanks to you."]]\\
[[spoiler:"Might as well ask for a pony, too, so long as you're wishing for unlikely things. Thanks to your flitting about doing what you please, my plans have gone fair-to-middling ''FUBAR''! You're really starting to grate upon my nerves - sorry, but it's true. Relius was going to take care of you, but ''shit''... I just don't think I can WAIT that long..."]]\\
[[spoiler:"''Damn vampire! You '''LIVE''' to cockblock me, don't you?!'' Well, [=UNlive=]... you know what I meant..."]]
** Speaking of Makoto's ''Extend'' Story Mode, the exchange between Makoto [[spoiler:and Rachel]] at the end was rather funny.
-->[[spoiler:'''Rachel''': Incidentally, I believe this is the point where you thank me.]]\\
[[spoiler:'''Makoto''': Oh... uh... thanks?]]\\
[[spoiler:'''Rachel''': ''That'' was milquetoast. Say it again! This time, with feeling!]]\\
[[spoiler:'''Makoto''': [[LargeHam Thank you for this boon you have granted me!]] Uh, it is "boon", right?]]\\
[[spoiler:'''Rachel''': [[Film/{{Babe}} That'll do, beastkin. That'll do]].]]
* In Platinum's story, after Platinum left Ragna with a massive bill for the food they (mostly she) ate, Ragna attempts to claim that he ''is'' the Grim Reaper to avoid paying for the money... yet the waitress ''didn't buy it'', taking excuse of how different Ragna looks like in real and [[{{Gonk}} in the bounty picture]]. And so, Ragna gets to be a dishwasher...
** In a similar scene in ''Calamity Trigger Reconstruction'', everyone ''did'' recognize Ragna from the poster when he pointed out to Tao that he has no way to pay for all the food. [[ButtMonkey He doesn't get a break, does he?]]
* Makoto's Joke Ending. '''Dear God''', Makoto's Joke Ending. Makoto runs a dramatic re-enactment of her [[DysfunctionalFamily questionable]] family life with [[WTHCastingAgency randomized casting]]. It turns out like:
--> Makoto's Father: [[spoiler:Noel]].
--> Makoto's Mother: [[spoiler:Hazama]].
--> Makoto's Younger Sister, Mikoto: [[spoiler: Bang]].
--> Makoto's Older Brother, Mukoto: [[spoiler:Valkenhayn]].
--> Makoto's Younger Twin Siblings, Mekoto and Mokoto: [[spoiler: Carl and Ada]].
--> Makoto's Youngest Baby Sibling: [[spoiler:[[ButtMonkey Ragna]]]].
** Not to mention [[OnlySaneMan poor Makoto's]] increasing frustration at how it's turned out:
---> (on [[spoiler:Mommy Hazama]]): [[spoiler: [[PrecisionFStrike What the eff]], guys? Just because Mommy can be a psycho-bitch on occasion doesn't mean ''you have to cast a sociopath''!]]\\
(on [[spoiler:Bang as soft-spoken Mikoto]]): [[spoiler:[[DeadpanSnarker Wow... just... wow. I don't even give a rat's ass anymore. Moving on...]]]]\\
(when hearing about [[spoiler:Valkenhayn's attempt at clumsiness]]): [[spoiler:You punched through a guy's head?! WTF bro?!]]\\
(when questioned how her family life would have turned out): "That was supposed to be the ''point'' of this! But then you had to go ''balls it up'' by ''mis-casting everyone''!"
*** Eventually... it leads to this:
*** And finally [[spoiler:after the house get destroyed with Mother Terumi and Baby Ragna's fight]]:
---> '''Makoto''': NO! That's not what happened at all! This was the worst reenactment ever! Y'all SUCK!
** There's Hazama's line when he appears:
-->'''Hazama''': Guess who's home and not preggers anymore?
** Also, Makoto's reaction to [[spoiler:Ragna being the baby]]:
--> [[spoiler:'''Ragna''': Goo. ('Sup?)]]\\
'''Makoto''': [[PrecisionFStrike What the fuuu--?!]]\\
[[spoiler:'''Ragna''': Goo! Goo ga ga! (Hey! No F-Bombs!)]]
*** "GA GA GOO GOO! ([[spoiler:CARNAGE SCISSORS]]!)"
** Makoto ([[{{LittleBitBeastly}} of]] [[{{Stripperiffic}} all]] [[{{HypocriticalHumour}} people]]) hanging a lampshade on the the amount of fanservice in the game, after [[spoiler:telling Noel how to replicate her father's signature bodybuilder pose - leaning back whilst holding his hands behind his head, for an "abs & gun-show"]].
--> '''Makoto''': "Huh. It's all "BOOYAH!" when Daddy does it. When you do it, it's just... fan-service. Well, whatever. You'll just have to take my word for it, guys -- We're already on thin ice with the rating's board as it is..."
*** And then [[spoiler:Hazama]] gets in on it...
--> '''[[spoiler:Hazama]]''': "Keep complaining, and [[BlackComedyRape I'll crank up the fan-service in ways YOU don't even want to imagine!]]"
** [[spoiler:Hazama]]'s parenting skills.
--> '''[[spoiler:Bang]]''': We NOT cool! That sentence doesn't even have a verb, woman!\\
'''[[spoiler:Hazama]]''': Shut your trap!\\
'''Narration''': ''Mommy ends Mikoto's rant with a wicked right cross to the mouth - a textbook example of the famous Nanaya "tough love."''\\
'''[[spoiler:Noel]]''': H-Honey... You just launched our daughter through the roof!\\
'''[[spoiler:Hazama]]''': She was giving Mommy a headache! Use your inside voice, Mikoto! Capiche?\\
''[Groans from the off-screen [[spoiler:Bang]].]''\\
'''[[spoiler:Hazama]]''': See? Crisis averted.\\
'''Makoto''': Uh, that wasn't so much an answer as it was teeth rattling around in a mouthful of blood...
*** And then...
--> '''[[spoiler:Hazama]]''': Don't steal my thunder, Makoto. Yelling at you kids is Mommy's only pleasue in life. Well, that and her telenovelas...
--> '''[[spoiler:Valkenhayn]]''': Someone! Cut me a switch, that I may punish her!
--> '''[[spoiler:Hazama]]''': Hey! That's ''Daddy's'' only pleasure in life! Put up your dukes, kid!
--> '''[[spoiler:Valkenhayn]]''': You think you can best me, Mommy?
--> '''[[spoiler:Hazama]]''': I brought you into this world - I can sure as shit take you out of it!
*** And that's not even getting into bringing home the baby...
--> '''[[spoiler:Valkenhayn]]''': Mommy, where's the baby?
--> '''[[spoiler:Hazama]]''': Uh, yeah. About that. We got into a tiff on the way home, so... he'll get here when he gets here.
--> '''Makoto''': You fought a BABY?!
--> '''[[spoiler:Hazama]]''': No, of course not...
--> '''Makoto''': Good, good. Whew!
--> '''[[spoiler:Hazama]]''': He spat up on me, so I returned the favor. Hey, tit for tat, right? Anyhoo, he didn't much take to that. We stared each other down for a minute or two, then parted ways.
--> '''[[spoiler:Noel]]''': You barfed on our baby? Like... Purposely?!
* Relius' Joke Ending is just as funny. When Kokonoe and Relius are doing a body-switching experiment, HilarityEnsues.[[spoiler: In order to help Relius, Kokonoe decides to use the soul-swapping machine to test out the unlucky subjects.]] Even better, try changing it to Japanese voice to show how [[spoiler:Creator/TomokazuSugita, Chiwa Saito and Kana Ueda trying to act as Jin, Hazama and Bang, respectively]]
** [[spoiler: To clarify, Ragna and Jin swap with each other, then Ragna!Jin swaps with Makoto. Hazama and Taokaka swap, followed by Bang and Rachel.]]
** Many of their reactions to switching bodies count:
--> [[spoiler:'''Ragna as Jin''': Huh? Hey, my voice's all funny... and why're my clothes so confining? Wait, these aren't- OH SON OF A '''BITCH'''!]]\\
[[spoiler:'''Jin as Ragna''': Is this... Brother's body? *panting* Oh Brother... '''BROTHER!!''']]\\
[[spoiler: '''Makoto as Ragna''': Huh? Did you steal my boobs, Kokonoe? And my butt feels all... incomplete... where's my tail?]]\\
[[spoiler: '''Hazama as Taokaka''': Kokonoe, what'd you do to my pants? I'm feeling an updraft, you kinky scientist, you... Wait, what?!]]\\
[[spoiler: '''Taokaka as Hazama''': Who stuck Tao in a hipster?! Meow! You can't be Tao! I'm Tao! ...But you're Tao! Did I catnip too much catnip?!]]\\
[[spoiler:'''Bang as Rachel''': My, there's two of me! And this new, soft-spoken me is terrifyingly tall! Ye ''gods'', man, you're a colossus! What is the meaning of this?!]]\\
[[spoiler:'''Makoto as Ragna''': ''(after listening to Ragna as Jin and Jin as Makoto talking)'' Geez, and I thought '''[[DysfunctionalFamily my]]''' [[DysfunctionalFamily family]] was nuts...]]
** One can only imagine what would happen if [[ACupAngst Noel]] and [[GagBoobs Litchi]] were involved...
* Platinum's Joke Ending is a merciless parody of the MagicalGirl genre where the flat-chested girls, [[spoiler: Platinum, Rachel, Noel, and Ada, plus, um, Carl]], team up to take down the evil Boing Queen, [[spoiler: Litchi]], and her minions, [[spoiler: Taokaka, Tsubaki, and Makoto, along with the mole Arakune and personal bodyguard Ragna (who is easily scared off with a ghost joke)]]. Complete with the mysterious masked hero, the Puppeteer Mask, [[spoiler: Relius]].
* Valkenhayn's Joke Ending is not as funny as the others, but is also pretty notable. Most of the time, Ragna gets loads of joke abuse in his gag reel. Some of which are:
** Who knew that Ragna the Bloodedge doesn't know how to use a smartphone.
---> '''Ragna''': Don't-say-it-'cause-you-know-I-hate-those-things-and-shut-up-'cause-I'm-fine!
---> '''Ragna''': Goddamnit Jin! If you pinch my ass one more time...
** Ragna seems to get beaten up by Valkenhayn for trying to wake up Rachel.
** Not to mention Valkenhayn's life threatening trek into the monster-filled Death Valley, to use a microwave!
---> '''Ragna''': H-Hey! How'd you get to be an old man JUMPING INTO THINGS WITH DEATH IN THEIR DAMN NAME?!
** Special mention goes to Valkenhayn describing the legend of the "Sleeping Crimson Eyed Pigtails", and he goes on to say that even Hakumen pees himself at the mere mention of it. Ragna's reaction?
---> '''Ragna''': [[AnimatedArmor He]] ''[[FridgeLogic pees]]''?!
*** And immediately after?
---> '''Valkenhayn''': I awoke her once. It took me three days and nights to quell her fury.
---> '''Ragna''': [[OhCrap You're gonna make]] ''[[OhCrap me]]'' [[OhCrap pee!]]
---> '''Taokaka''': [[BringMyBrownPants Tao just did!]] [--Meow...--]
* Relius using his Astral Finish on Hazama. Not only is Hazama not visibly restrained in almost any way (he's just sitting backwards on an ordinary chair, the only evidence of him being under the AF's effects being the blue force field underneath), he looks '''bored.'''
** If Relius uses his Astral Finish in a MirrorMatch, the player's treated to the (initial) sight of ''both'' Reliuses sitting on cushy chairs, staring at each other and looking rather bored.
* Despite also being NightmareFuel, the scene in Relius' story mode where he shows Carl the true nature of a person's existence loses all pretenses of being dramatic when the camera, which is already prominently showing Relius' enormous girth, decides to ''zoom in on it'' as it cuts to black.

[[folder:Teach Me, Miss Litchi!/Reloaded]]
* "I've also thought of installing one on your-" '''[[DoubleEntendre GIGANTIC]] [[CensoredForComedy TAGER!]]'''
** "I don't think I need that kind of... um... enhancement".
* Pretty much the whole first episode.
** This exchange:
--> '''Litchi''': [[LampshadeHanging Why are you girls]] [[SchoolUniformsAreTheNewBlack dressed like that]]?
--> '''All Girls''': !!!!
--> '''Noel''': We... We're students... from, the military academy...
--> '''Tsubaki''': What she said.
--> '''Makoto''': Right!
--> '''Litchi''': But I could've sworn you were...
--> '''Makoto''': [[TalkToTheFist Shaddup!]]
* Also, the first episode of ''Teach Me: Miss Litchi! Reloaded!''
--> '''Taokaka''': I see three sets of boobies... and one cutting board.
--> '''Noel''': Cutting board!? She ''actually'' compared me to a cutting board!
** And:
--> '''Litchi''': Yes, Tao. That's amazing!
** And this, after Tao eats a ''[[ExtremeOmnivore dictionary]]'' in an attempt to become smarter:
--> '''Taokaka''': Meow, this tastes ''horrible''. Tao is very disappointed.
--> '''Makoto''': (underwhelmed) Yeah. I kinda suspected as much.
*** In fact, let's just say pretty much anything [[SurroundedByIdiots Mak]][[OnlySaneMan oto]] says or does in this episode.
* From Taokaka: "Poly-tits?[[note]]politics[[/note]] Are those a new type of boobies?"
* Ragna's description of Taokaka's so-called "handwriting":
--> '''Ragna''': What the hell is this? Can you read any of this? I mean your writing...it looks like you dipped a bunch of worms in paint, made them do an unholy mix of breakdance and lambada, and watched as they exploded from the strain...but a hundred times worse.
* From the original Teach me's, Carl's Episode has him pretend to be Rachel. [[spoiler: Which consists of him taking his glasses off, speaking in a high voice, and demanding Tea.]]
* In one episode, Ragna has no clue what time it is and apparently loses track of time and Gii lampshades it.
--> '''Gii:''' That's what unemployment'll do to ya. No sense of time whatsoever.
** [[TruthInTelevision Well...]]
* In ''Chronophantasma'', Tao tries pronouncing ''"Military Academy"''. Ladies and gentlemen, the ''"Molester Academeow"''.
** The ''entire'' second episode of TMML from CP.
* What about Arakune being Noel's pet? Even funnier is the fact that he ends up eating Noel's poems, which he quotes at random points, and [[LethalChef cooking.]]
** And the fact that Noel gets increasingly violent towards him every time he quotes her poems. It's amusing to see Noel get violent.

[[folder:Help Me, Professor Kokonoe!]]
* Just because Kokonoe is charged with guiding 'lost children', she doesn't have to be nice about it:
** Kokonoe gets fed up with Jin... being Jin, so she pulls out her trump card: Ragna. The results [[{{HoYay}} must be]] [[{{LoveBubbles}} seen to]] [[{{BigNo}} be believed.]]
** Noel gets kicked out by Kokonoe after expressing a sense of companionship related to their [[ACupAngst cup size]].
** Kokonoe is aggravated by Rachel's aristocratic attitude, especially when she tries to act "mean on the outside and nice on the inside."
** Taokaka acting smart... but still retains her obsessive fascination with breasts.
** Meet the [[SarcasmMode totally]] [[ChivalrousPervert charming]] and [[SincerityMode totally]] OutOfCharacter "Irresistible Arakune." Suffice it to say that both Litchi and Kokonoe prefer the original one. This sequence features [[ButtMonkey Tager]] in a FrenchMaid outfit, and being turned into ''a vacuum cleaner'' to clean up after Arakune, who left [[MakesJustAsMuchSenseInContext in a bridal veil while holding a bouquet]].
** Not the most patient sort, Kokonoe tries to cut corners during Lambda's. Cue some [[BreakingTheFourthWall fourth wall jokes]].
** [[TheComicallySerious Haku-men]]'s episode more than makes up for the lack of a Gag Reel.
** Doubling as a CrowningMomentOfAwesome: [[spoiler:In Hazama's 'Help me, Dr. Kokonoe!' section... Hazama finally gets his comeuppance for being a {{Troll}} when Kokonoe brutalizes him after he badmouths her in HER show.]]
* Just as the ''[[UpdatedRerelease Extend]]'' gag reels are some of the funniest yet, so are the Help Me Professor Kokonoe segments.
** While Makoto's bad ending is pure terror and TearJerker material, it is followed by Kokonoe once again flying into ACupAngst, then conceding that "the World needs more underboob."
** Relius once again proves his credentials as a badass villain by ''trolling Kokonoe''. '''''In her own lab'''''! And he doesn't even speak much!
** Platinum's isn't bad either. Poor Kokonoe struggling to put up with the little brat (brats?).
** Finally, Valkenhayn's little meeting with the {{Jerkass}} CatGirl MadScientist [[LampshadedTrope hangs a lampshade]] on why Kokonoe hasn't been made a playable character.
---> '''Valkenhayn''': [[HilariousInHindsight (Crisis averted...]] [[GameBreaker for now...)]]

[[folder:Blazblue Expanded Media]]
* Anything from [=BlazBlue=] [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LtqQedMbmnc Radio (Bururaji)]]. [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SJq7oippj_s Take]] [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O1bqGW8zqkw your]] [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7T_dGvrF4IE pick.]] It helps that while on the show they'll mention how much freedom they have to goof around. Often they'll describe something utterly ridiculous then point out the artists for the show are having a "{{this is gonna suck}}" moment since they have to draw out most of this.
** July 09, 2009: Sugita as Ragna yelling "I'm... IN LOVE WITH NAKAMURA!"
** December 17, 2011. Instead of "Please Scold Me Ragna", they went with Tsubaki and Creator/AsamiImai goes ''ranting for a full minute'' about the [=BlazBlue=] music CD before Creator/TomokazuSugita (as Ragna) tells her to stop already and start the program.
** Blue Fes 2012 -Riot of Summer Again- 2012. By the 2nd minute mark, you'd probably rolling on the floor laughing. And it only goes on from there. To note:
*** This is how Creator/AoiYuuki gets her FanNickname [[YaoiFangirl Y.Aoi]], thanks to Creator/YuuichiNakamura trying to interpret [[RatedMForManly Azrael]] as a ManlyGay character.
*** How everyone introduces themselves as "Issochi" (Makoto's seiyuu).
** How the second episode of Bururaji Hyper ends. What should have been an epic speech from Tsubaki gets ruined thanks to Creator/AsamiImai ''spitting on the table'' by accident.
** Blue Fes 2013 -Yokohama- special. This trope is what happens when you have eleven {{Nerd}}s in the same building.
*** Who gets to be number 4 and 5 in the popularity rankings shown on the screen at the same time? [[CainAndAble Ragna (4th) and Jin (5th)]]. To say Creator/TetsuyaKakihara hammed it up as Jin was priceless. Then they revealed 3rd place ([[DracoInLeatherPants Hazama]], which surprised everyone including Creator/YuuichiNakamura his seiyuu, who outright lampshades that he played that character to be hated as much as possible) and Creator/TomokazuSugita outright makes a ShoutOut to ''Manga/{{Gintama}}'' (specifically the Kintama arc). Oh and [[Creator/HirokiYasumoto Hiroki Yasumoto's]] reaction that Azrael was ranked 22 with lampshades galore.
*** When they try to guess who the three people are in the silhouette. They started off with a lot of names for band artists and went on from there (for the record, it's [[FanNickname Shamoji]] and the director and assistant director of the anime adaptation.
** Many Bururaji episodes capped off with something called Tsubaki's Report. This segment is done in character where Tsubaki and the guest for the day discuss the show. This bit occurred when Tomomi Isomura, Makoto's voice actor, attended one day.
--> '''Tsubaki:''' Makoto, it's great that you responded so cheerfully, but what's with [[{{stripperiffic}} your outfit?]]
--> '''Makoto:''' My outfit? Well, today was my first radio guest appearance in awhile so I kinda dressed up...
--> '''Tsubaki:''' I meant...You know, the part by your b-butt...it's torn.
--> '''Makoto:''' Oh, this? This is the hole for my tail! I opened it myself...Hm? The hole got so big that it's showing off more than my tail! ''*Laughs*''
--> '''Tsubaki:''' *Sarcastic laughing* Not hahaha! Hurry up and take off that skirt!
--> '''Makoto:''' ''*Coyly*'' Oooh! Tsubaki, that's naughty!
--> '''Tsubaki:''' '''''No!''''' I'll sew up that hole while you give your report on today's episode!
** One episode of Bururaji has Sugita (as Ragna) doing [[Manga/JoJosBizarreAdventure Dio Brando's]] "you're watching me" line. A couple seconds later, and he gives his own take on "ROADA ROLLA DA!"
** One image we get from a Bururaji episode that guest starred Nakamura (Hazama) and Kenta Miyake (Susano'o) featured [[https://i.imgur.com/uyD95MF.jpg an image of Susano'o being approached by Hakumen, carrying Pakumen and Terumen swaddled up in baby blankets.]] FoeYay ahoy, captain!
*** Also in Miyake's episode, it's clear he is ''very'' [[NoIndoorVoice prone to shouting in character.]]
* [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=02mcPP-YBCw Tager's strategy video]] from the limited-edition bonus disc. Unlike his fellow pro Franchise/BlazBlue players, [[VideoGame/SkullGirls Mike Z]] narrated Tager's strategy segment in an [[LargeHam over-the top]] [[HuskyRusskie Russian accent]], making frequent references to [[GloriousMotherRussia the superiority of Communism]] and denouncing Weak American Damage in favor of [[MemeticMutation Real]] '''[[MemeticMutation Soviet]]''' [[MemeticMutation Damage]]!
** This alone made the limited-edition set ''oh so worth it''.
--> "Much like Communism, the A-button Tager Buster is invincible! ... For a while. It also has a lot of range, but deals only weak, ''American'' damage. The B-button Tager Buster has less range than the A-version, but is faster and does real, '''''Soviet''''' damage!"
--> "Tager's Backdash is invincible for longer than Hangover!"
* Another one from the Drama CD with OneDialogueTwoConversations between Jin and Noel. He is talking about doing (killing) a debt collector that has been pestering Ragna. [[CovertPervert She]] thinks that he is talking about doing Ragna.
--> '''Noel''': W-were you talking about doing it or not?
--> '''Jin''': I'm going to do it. It'll be quick.
--> '''Noel''': EH!!!?
--> '''Jin''': Why are you so surprised? Doing someone like him won't take long.
--> '''Noel''': M-major! That's not the right mindset! You need to be more careful about the other person!
--> '''Jin''': But of course.
--> '''Noel''': It should not be done one sidedly... you should consider the other person... with care and love... the two of you should feel all [[LoveBubbles bubbly]] and then nyannyan...
--> '''Jin''': ... What are you talking about, Lieutenant?
** And in the end, the clueless Jin ends up thinking that "nyannyan" is the new street slang for "killing" someone.
* The Drama CD gives us [[SeriousBusiness "The Grand Debate of Which Shape Weiners Should be in a Lunch Box."]] Who would have known that one can deliver a RousingSpeech over weiners shapes. [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XWxI0KSUv_o Remember kids, Duodecim takes their weiners seriously.]] I swear that the whole shenanigan is a shout out of the infamous "Truth of Strawberry Milk" speech from Manga/GinTama.
* If you like Hazama's Gag Reel in CS, you might enjoy the CT Drama CD where Jin got subjected to similar attack by Taokaka thanks to the food that Noel spilled over his pants. It's like Jin finally got a comeuppance after all the creepy crap he put Ragna though. Jin screaming his head off while struggling to get Tao off his pants:
--> '''Jin''': No, don't bite it!! IT'S NOT A WEINEEEERRRRR!!!!
* One of the youtuber by the name Daggertail100 created a fan-made of ''WebAnimation/HelpMeDoctorHazama''. Here's one of the funny video regarding him and his [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0AcDWCbF6rY refund department]]. Try checking out his channel as there's some funny moment in his segment.
* Blazblue Remix Heart manga has some funny moments. You can expect loads of fanservice in this manga due to the fact that it's been drawn by a doujin artist, Sumeragi.
** The Death Dinner in the first chapter...''WITH AN ASTRAL FINISH SIGN behind the piles of Noel's 'victims' ''. [[AttractiveBentGender Mai Natsume]] decides to try it out. Her reaction? [[spoiler: She actually ''ENJOYS'' it and even comments it's a taste of god, much to everyone's surprise. Everyone is convinced that Noel's cooking got better...that is until Faycott takes a bite of the same dish and is instantly KO'd.]]
*** [[spoiler: This actually becomes a recurring gag as Mai ADORES Noel's food as she can't eat normal food due to her Super Taste skill (as the moment she eats it she hears the thoughts of the ingredients and the chef who cooked it). She even goes as far as to deliberately get the punishment in one chapter just to eat Noel's food, much to her friend's dismay.]]
*** [[spoiler: So to say, Noel's dish was so infamous that the teachers decide to use it as punishment to slackers and bad students.]]
** Chapter 4. THE ENTIRE CHAPTER including Teacher Emma's secret cosplay room.
*** How does Emma find out that the girls found her secret room? [[spoiler: She finds Noel wearing her bra (with padding) and promptly ''reaches into her clothing'' and snatches it back.]]
---> [[spoiler: '''Noel:''' (after the above) My dream....]]
** Kagura's debut on Chapter 12. This conversation from Taro after Kagura tries to ask Mai for some tea:
--->'''Taro''': I'll be pretty sad if I find out my relative turned out to be some criminal.
---> [[spoiler: '''Sign''': Stop Sex Crimes!]]
--->'''Kagura''': I'll kill you!
*** In fact...lets say Kagura's characteristic makes it hilarious that he's fond of girls with big breasts especially he wants to go after Emma's.

[[folder:Blazblue: Chronophantasma]]
* The Ragna VS Rachel special battle intro. Rachel uses Silpheed to float away from Ragna's many slashes as he tries to hit her before she touches the ground. [[{{Troll}} Problem, Ragna?]]
* Bang's Arcade commentary against Noel. [[ACupAngst You'd think]] [[BerserkButton he'd learn]] [[TooDumbToLive by now]], but [[OhCrap his reaction]] [[ThisIsGonnaSuck to her reaction]] is worth it.
--->''Miss Noel... No matter how... "[[FanservicePack sexy]]" you try to appear, that bosom- [[ThisIsGonnaSuck U-Uh, perhaps we can continue this conversation after you lower your gun...?]]''
** And then there's her response.
--->''Mister Bang, do you know the saying "Confine your tongue, lest it confine you?"''
** And if she beats him as Mu-12, we get this line/
-->'''Mu:''' A woman doesn't need breasts to have sex appeal!
* [[http://youtu.be/7a-1FOwhmR4?t=4m19s Amane's Astral Finish on Hakumen]]. "Pakumen" is funny enough, but the way he floats there for a second and then [[AsideGlance looks into the camera as if to say WTF]] is hilarious.
---> '''Pakumen''': Zea?!
** The entire cast is voiced for this Astral in the console version. Some are "What just happened?" or the like, but some of the rest fall [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p9aBAfl3hkA here]]. [[NotMakingThisUpDisclaimer These are all real!]]
---> '''Ragna''': What the hell is THIS?!\\
'''Jin''': Boring.\\
'''Taokaka''': Meow~!\\
'''Nu''': Ragna~! <3\\
'''Makoto''': Woohoo!\\
'''Azrael''': Where's my food?\\
'''Izayoi!Tsubaki''': Return me to normal!\\
'''Relius''': This body! ...it's not that bad.\\
'''Toddler!Terumi''': Kihihihihi!\\
'''Kagura''': Damn, I look sexy!\\
'''Kokonoe''': Size hardly matters... Mew~
* Kokonoe is now playable, and one of her distortions in Overdrive? '''''[[spoiler: [[BrickJoke Summoning Golden Tager X.]]]]'''''
** Even funnier is how its maximum damage cap exceeds 12,000 damage, guaranteeing a kill if landed, and that Barrier Guarding it drains close to the entire Barrier gauge. Real Soviet Damage indeed!
** It gets better, Azrael has a stance that makes him able to NoSell '''''GOLDEN TAGER X!!!'''''
* [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C0SsGbkgpZM Kagura's intro against most of the female cast]] has him ''scanning'' the female character's figure like a robot. The female character's question mark bubble after that makes the deal.
** He even does this to ''[[RobotGirl Nirvana]]''!
--> "Is this... legal?"
** There's also the obvious results when he tries this with [[DudeLooksLikeALady Amane]] [[UnsettlingGenderReveal Nishiki]].
---> "Not another dude..."
*** ''Another'' dude? [[ShoutOut So, it's happened]] [[VideoGame/GuiltyGear before]]?
** He actually does this to ''[[TokenMiniMoe Platinum]].'' Fortunately, he quickly backpedals his trail of thought. [[spoiler:[[JailBaitWait At first]].]]
--> "This isn't good."
** He doesn't even try to scan [[MsFanservice Makoto]] but rather straight up tries to grope her, only to get beaten back for the obvious reasons.
--> '''Makoto''': [[PervertRevengeMode You...need to die.]]
* Taokaka suspects that Ragna is hiding food from her, resulting in this gem:
--> '''Ragna''': What the hell did you lick me for?
--> '''Taokaka''': [[Manga/JoJosBizarreAdventure Good Guy tastes like... lies.]]
* From the time Noel, Makoto and Tager are in jail to where they meet Kagura for the first time is a total CrowningMomentofFunny. It pretty much [[EstablishingCharacterMoment establishes Kagura's character perfectly.]] Not only does Kagura directly imply that he and Makoto were once lovers, but Noel attempts to write a poem about it, which causes Makoto to freak out even more.
** How about the scene that occurs before we even meet him?
---> '''Woman''': ''Idiot! Moron! Trash! Perv! You're inhuman! Just die already! But I love you...! *sob*''\\
'''Noel''': What the heck was that?\\
'''Makoto, Tager, NOL Guard''': [[HereWeGoAgain *sigh*]]
** Hell, ANYTIME that Kagura does with the exception of him on duty is up for giggles especially his lechery attitude. Namely when he interacts with Makoto.
** Then again, any time Makoto catches Kagura's descent into lechery is comedy gold. The first time Noel meets him, he makes several attempts to hit on them both, with Kagura even calling Makoto "Lover Number 3", to which she punches him in rage. He gets ''another'' serving of [[PervertRevengeMode squirrel power]] when, after Noel gets her new duds (see below) he tries using a fragment of her own poem to hit on her. And he's STILL trying to flirt without regrets.
-->'''Kagura''': I was eating and drinking and dancing. Man, that was fun.\\
'''Makoto''': And what about us?\\
'''Kagura''': Completely forgot. My bad.\\
'''Makoto''': *tosses NOL poncho* [[RageBreakingPoint You're dead!!]] *punch*\\
'''Kagura''': My tequila!
* Noel asks Tager about what Kokonoe is like (since Makoto mentions he knows better). So Tager tells her by giving her his 'frank opinion' of Kokonoe, talking bad about her bossy, rude and foul-mouthed behavior. He even mentions that she 'constantly want to upgrade people like Tager', which causes Noel to freak out about it. When Noel meets Kokonoe for the first time, she freaks out, begging her not to upgrade her. Kokonoe is confused, and Noel says that Tager told her. The professor is, unsurprisingly, not amused.
-->'''Kokonoe''': Noel, just come with me.\\
'''Noel''': You won't...upgrade me?\\
'''Kokonoe''': Stop wasting time. Or I'll upgrade you for real!\\
'''Noel''': I'm sorry! Let's go! *both leave*\\
'''Tager''': [[TemptingFate Oh..Whew...]]\\
'''Kokonoe''': *comes back in* As for you, Tager...We're going to discuss my "frank opinions" later. *exits again*\\
'''Tager''': [[ThisIsGonnaSuck I'm doomed.]]
** Makoto has the CatSmile / PuppyDogEyes combo after Kokonoe asks Tager to explain himself, trying not to laugh at his imminent misfortune, and that face is stuck on her ''until Noel returns with her new duds''.
** It becomes a brick joke later.
-->'''Kokonoe''': Come on, Tager. And yes, we'll have plenty of time to discuss my "frank opinions".\\
'''Tager''': [[ThisIsGonnaSuck Roger that. Please... be gentle.]]
* In Chapter 9, Kagura [[spoiler: saves Makoto from a possessed Tsubaki]] and escorts her back to HQ. The conversation along the way gets as perverted as you'd expect from him, and he gets no less than three [[GroinAttack acorn kicks]] in the process. The bondage joke is the clincher.
--> '''[[spoiler:Makoto]]:''' ''(with arms currently bound by rope)'' By the way, Kagura...would you please untie me already?\\
'''Kagura:''' Why? You look great like that. ''(cue [[spoiler:Makoto]] kicking Kagura right there)'' Still...{{worth it}}... *collapses*
* [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2_cTm_AISFk In Chapter 10 of the main route]], Ragna agrees to help with Kagura's coup in exchange for Kushinada's Lynchpin. However, Ragna questions how he's going to use to the bathroom due to having his right arm and eye paralyzed, Celica then offers to help, which just shocks everyone and prompts Kagura to punch Ragna in the face, under the pretense that his hand "slipped"....[[FromBadToWorse then Jin walks in.]]
** After Jin [[OOCIsSeriousBusiness ignores Ragna for a good five minutes]] to go over his and Kagura's plan to bring Tsubaki back to their side, the scene then {{Smash Cut}}s to a CG of Jin slamming his forehead into Ragna's, and they go about their usual routine of trash talking. Kagura tries to intervene, but they just tell him off. And then Noel enters and Ragna & Jin decide to settle their fight outside. Kagura tries to ask take Noel on a date...[[ObliviousTolove but she completely misses the point]] and asks if Makoto can come too, much to Kagura's disappointment.
* After Ragna & Jin have their [[LetsYouAndHimFight obligatory fight]], in which Ragna loses...[[CurbStompBattle badly]], Jin then decides to [[SarcasmMode be a good sport]], and gloat about it and mock Ragna for fighting handicapped in the first place. Celica then [[Anime/{{GunBuster}} Inazuma Kicks]] him and breaks it up. She then scolds the two for fighting in the first place. It pretty much plays out like a mother scolding her children for roughhousing. [[spoiler: Which is exactly what it is; Celica is the nun that took care of Ragna, Jin and their sister Saya when they were children.]]
* The conversation during dinner time where Ragna, Jin, Noel, Makoto, Celica, and Kokonoe are at one table with Kagura and Hibiki. Jin gets pissed and breaks his chopsticks due to seeing Celica trying to spoon-feed Ragna and being called "Jinny" by Kagura. And all the while, Hibiki looks on with a blank expression throughout the entire thing.
** Not only that , Taokaka appears out of nowhere eating at the table while Rachel 'coincidentally' appears while complimenting Hibiki's dish.
* Teach Me More, Ms Litchi! offers this exchange:
--> '''Taokaka''': Sorry, I want to learn about your [[TheChikan Molester Academeow (chikan gakkou)]]!
--> '''Ragna''': Who would even go to Molester Academy?
--> '''Litchi''': Tao! It's the '''military''' academy (shikan gakkou)!
** She might not be that far off considering that [[MemeticMolester Jin]] went to school there...
* ''Chronophantasma'' is Ragna's first time really interacting with Makoto and they get a pre-match interaction as a result. You can probably guess what it involves.
--> '''Ragna:''' ''[[MaleGaze Whoa.]]''
--> '''Makoto:''' [[TranquilFury You know, Ragna...]]
** And if Ragna wins?
---> '''Ragna:''' [[UnusualEuphemism Huge...puppies...]]
** And if Makoto wins?
---> '''Makoto:''' ''Hey! Eyes!!'' '''''Up here!!!'''''
* The Gag Reels are back in Chronophantasma, and they're as hilarious as ever. Video links included for your viewing pleasure.
** [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F61axlLy7VU Jin's Return to the Isle of Rankings.]]
** [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hOvwi_ePPuI The Ultimate Tests of Manliness.]]
*** [[spoiler:This gag reel mixes CallBack with hilarity on multiple fronts. For instance, Jin's distaste for meat dishes eliminates him in round 4, while in round 3 (the Kaka ticklefest) Hazama's cat allergies catch up to him again. In a reference to [=BlueRadio=], Luna asks if Azrael and Jin are gay.]]
*** [[spoiler:The end? Ragna, Bang, Amane and Azrael are forced to survive being eaten by Arakune. After squirming inside for quite a while, they suddenly go silent. [[ImAHumanitarian Three guesses as to how that ended for them.]] With their participants gone, Makoto, Luna and Kokonoe are forced to crown Arakune the victor. He takes it well.]]
** [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yT6zo8bTmRQ FIGHT!! Golden Tager vs. Mechakaka Prototype and Black Golden Tager.]]
** [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WDzoTK66_Lg The Return of the Spectacles of Eros.]]
*** When Noel, Tsubaki, and Makoto are throwing themselves at him and he finally realizes what's going on Ragna immediately calls out to Rachel demanding she show herself wherever she is. On the English track he sounds annoyed. On the Japanese track he starts ''[[https://youtu.be/5OmSu8OTNOY?t=9m13s screaming]]'' at her to come out.
-->Rachel: [[WesternAnimation/ToyStory You're a sad, strange little man, and you have my pity]].
*** [[ItMakesSenseInContext Noel breaks up a stripping fight between Makoto and Bullet.]]
--> '''Noel:''' Stop! Stop stop stop stop stop right there! Makoto and butt-lady, we can see...way too much. [[NoFourthWall This game is going to end up]] [[UsefulNotes/EntertainmentSoftwareRatingsBoard in the]] [[AdultsOnlyRating AO section!]]
** [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P7fxieH2QaU Magical Landlady Platinum.]]
*** When Luna and Trinity get to Relius' room, Trinity states that she must seal his room for eternity because he's... a ''pervert!''
--> '''Trinity''': It's a ''pervert''! There's no doubt, a perv lives here! A middle aged man in white tights, a cape, and a mask saying things like "Intriguing" over and over again...
*** The way Trinity evicts Bang, Noel, and Carl is utterly hilarious:
--> '''Trinity''': Magical Girl Trinity.... speciaaaaaal Ring-and-Dash/ding-dong-ditch/!*POW*
--> '''Noel''': EHHHHHHHH?!
--> '''Carl''': UWAAAAAAAH!
--> '''Bang''': D'GUAH!
** [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NUNcgePFMEY Father of the Year.]]
*** [[spoiler: The school interactions are clearly the highlight. [[AdorablyPrecociousChild Carl]] falls asleep in class, [[{{Ojou}} Rachel]] tries to skip class for tea with daddy Valkenhayn, [[SiblingRivalry Ragna and Jin]] break out into a fight (legit brotherly rivalry here, not the usual psycho Jin) with mommy Celica trying to stop it, [[BrattyHalfPint Luna]] butting into the fight with daddy Bang cheering her on, and Makoto's daddy Kagura hitting on Celica. Poor [[OnlySaneMan Ms. Yayoi]] is clearly overwhelmed, and only [[BookDumb Makoto]] tries to be a good student.]]
*** [[spoiler: When Carl asks if Relius can lie on Tsubaki's lap so he can get a feel of what pillow Carl needs, Tsubaki reluctantly accepts, but [[AccidentalPervert Relius screws up.]] [[PervertRevengeMode Her reaction]] is exactly what you'd expect. Afterwards, Relius promptly tells Carl not to tell Ignis.]]
*** [[spoiler: The best part is where Hazama is Relius family's servant in that parallel dimension. At the end of the gag reel, Hazama was left behind when Relius returns to his own world.]]
** [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NNRk4-zr0ls Litchi's Next Cosplay Victim.]]
*** [[spoiler: No it's not Makoto. Litchi's next target was Bullet. Lets just say you'll definitely laugh silly on this.]]
** [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dig09htbp2c Happy Birthday, Makoto!]]
*** [[spoiler: It's not actually her birthday, but Kokonoe says to her that any day can be a birthday if you're feeling festive enough, and gives her some presents. One present box contains sweet smelling candy that ends up attracting Valkenhayn and (naturally) Tao... Turns out that "candy" was more-or-less a drug that "awakens the inner beast in beastkin". HilarityEnsues.]]
*** [[spoiler: Valkenhayn's personality doing a ''complete'' 180 and turning into a drooling play-happy pooch. Cue Kokonoe throwing a frisbee ''with rocket boosters'' and Valkenhayn dashing off to fetch it (exiting the reel in the process) and ''THEN'' Koko reveals the frisbee will ''explode after 5 seconds of being caught.'']]
*** [[spoiler: During the gag reel, Tao manages to pull Makoto's tail clean off. While the absurdity of the gag reel makes it funny [[BlackComedy in a rather morbid manner]], what makes the whole thing even funnier is that in real life, squirrel tails can actually detach to allow them to escape predators, meaning Arc System Works ''[[NotMakingThisUpDisclaimer did not make that up]] [[TruthInTelevision for the sake of a joke!]]]]''
*** [[spoiler: Then after her tail gets removed, realizing it can't be reattached, they hold a funeral for it... then Kokonoe reveals she CAN reattach her tail, Makoto was not pleased for the late info. Then things get ''really'' freaking weird. The tail '''comes to life''' and starts walking and talking on its own with a face and limbs and everything... yea, the gag reels are like that.]]
* In Noel's Arcade mode, Amane calls her the most convincing crossdresser he's ever seen, and says that she'd be great at [[CrossCastRole playing the roles of women]] on stage (LadyLooksLikeADude [[DudeLooksLikeALady That Looks Like A Lady]]?). Noel is so offended that she goes into [[EmotionlessGirl Prime Field Device]] mode and proceeds to ''beat'' an apology out of him.
-->'''Noel:''' [[AC:...Target deemed hostile. Commencing termination.]]
** And after the battle?
-->'''Amane:''' My apologies! You were a girl all along!
-->'''Noel:''' As long as you understand.
** As [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XQfqNwKjmTY&index=16&list=PLyR5gVQJVygy2eiFWcAgEMV9r_Oy47pqh this video]] shows, Noel's arcade mode can be a riot if she's pitted against the following four characters: Bang, Amane, Platinum, and Tao. All of whom, in one form or another, intentionally or unintentionally, proceed to {{Troll}} her about her breast size.
** And if Noel, as Mu-12, defeats Tao in her arcade mode, we get this gem of a line.
-->'''Mu:''' Miss Taokaka, it's not the breasts that define the woman!
* [[NoSenseOfDirection Celica's inability to go anywhere without getting lost]] is a gag that is [[RunningGag constantly]] [[LampshadeHanging acknowledged]] by the cast. However special mention goes to the fact that even [[TheComicallySerious HAKUMEN]] felt that he needed to accompany her since he felt that she was likely to "starve in an alley" if left alone.
** And then Celica tries to start a conversation talking about various things, and Hakumen just sighs exasperated at her energy. Its just hilarious to see someone like Hakumen playing babysitter.
*** Made even funnier if you recall that Hakumen is [[spoiler:Jin Kisaragi]]. Said badass has to keep his [[spoiler: Foster mother]] from getting lost!
*** And when Jubei arrives to take Celica off his hands, it's one of the very few moments when Hakumen sounds ''genuinely'' relieved.
* The entirety of [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UzvTy4BkxlY&list=WLH2qw32fBhv_sy9-k-JDHLQ&index=20 chapter 5]] with Bloodedge, Celica, Trinity, and Nine. To elaborate, Nine and Trinity find Bloodedge and Celica in the woods. Nine, thinking that Bloodedge is trying to make a move on Celica and being the protective big sis she is, promptly attempts to ''roast Bloodedge alive''. Celica attempts to reason with her, leading to this hilarious exchange between her, Nine, and Bloodedge. One has to wonder what would happen if she ever met [[HandsomeLech Kagura]] after seeing that scene.
-->'''Celica:''' Stop this! Ragna's not a bad guy!
-->'''Nine:''' Celica, stay out of this. Knowing you, he probably bought you a nice dinner, so you're assuming he's a good person. But can you trust him?
-->'''Celica:''' That's not true! Ragna really is a nice person!
-->'''Nine:''' ''Anyone's'' a nice person to you. Hmph, I expected you to be searching for that man... And here I find you wasting time, tricked by some hooligan. Listen, Celica. I'm going to explain this to you one more time. [[AllMenArePerverts Any man who acts nicely around a cute an innocent little girl like you probably has one thing on their mind.]] And ''this'' pathetic excuse for a man is no exception. It would be best for society if I just took him out of the gene pool right now.
-->'''Bloodedge:''' You can't just say whatever the hell you want about me! Keep that up and I'll make you pay for it!
-->'''Nine:''' A punk like you ''would'' have problems with the truth!
-->'''Bloodedge:''' [[WhatTheHellHero Besides, what the hell? Why don't you listen to what I have to say for a change? First off, I was not going after your sister. She found me injured when I was collapsed on the side of the road, and it was convienient for us to travel together. I'm helping her find her father! Besides, you don't have to be so hard on Celica, do you? It's been six years since your dad disappeared. I don't think it's fair to say what she's trying to do is "foolish". Have you thought about her feelings?]]
-->'''Celica:''' Ragna...
-->'''Nine:''' Spoken like you actually understand.
-->'''Bloodedge:''' Huh?
-->'''Nine:''' (''Gets in his face'') [[PunctuatedForEmphasis Who... The hell... Asked... For your... Opinion?!]] (''Proceeds to kick Bloodedge several times, presumably [[GroinAttack in the stones]]'') Stop talking to Celica like she's your friend, you passerby, low-life tail-chaser! And get your dirty hands off of her, you hear me?!
* [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?&v=hKp7bU8odbs#t=229 BURGER! BURGER! BURGER! BURGER! BURGER! BURGER!]]
* In his arcade mode, Terumi talking shit to ''himself'', of all people. It's still pretty hilarious [[spoiler:despite the fact that said clone of Terumi was made by Trinity solely to piss the original off]].
-->'''Terumi (2):''' If you got time to blab, you got time to fight. If you're scared though, I don't blame you. Just run along home.
-->'''Terumi (1):''' Ugh, that shit-eating grin in his voice is just pissing me off.
* In Chapter 7 of Sector Seven route, Azrael and Nu are left behind after Kagura, Litchi and Tager teleport away. Since Nu has no interest in Azrael, and Azrael cannot attack Nu even if he wanted to, both of them stand awkwardly still in utter silence. Cue Hazama busting in to break the tension.
-->'''Hazama:''' Um, am I interrupting a marriage proposal here?
* In Tutorial Mode:
** Noel is the instructor, ccnducting the beginner exercises in movement, as well as telling to herself she's the instructor, and that she must not mess it up. It's so adorable that you want to hug her, and tell her "You're a great instructor, you're doing a great job".
** Suddenly, Makoto takes in, and tells Noel that she'll continue with the Tutorial mode; At first, Noel doubts because she felt she was doing a good job as instructor, but leaves Makoto in charge anyway.
** After Makoto teaches you about the normal buttons, at her own particular way, Tsubaki takes in, and says Makoto that she'll be in charge from now on, because apparently Makoto can't be serious about being instructor. Makoto is certainly not happy about it.
** Tsubaki then explains some basic rules, and about the info that appears on screen. After that, she notices Noel watching behind her, who then pleads hr to let her conduct the Tutorial Mode. When Tsubaki complies, Noel is very excited to be the instructor once again. Both funny and Heartwarming.
** In general, several characters are apparently, discussing about who should conduct the Tutorial Mode: Bang, for example, is the instructor for the Intermediate exercises, and, although he does a good job teaching about special moves, he perfers to leave the rest of the job to his "pupils", who actually do a better job than their "master". Bang is so surprised that he actually prefers to step aside.
** The first "pupil is ''Taokaka'' of all people! In a curious OutOfCharacterMoment, she actually teaches you about combos, and the Revolver Action system. Words do not make any justice. Must be seen to be believed.
** The next "pupil" is Carl, who doesn't recall accepting to be a pupil for Bang, but decides to run ith it anyway.
** Platinum The Trinity also takes a turn to conduct the tutorial, however, Luna is upset that Sena is the one talking the most. So, when Sena gives the word to Luna, she teaches a lesson, and then gives the word back to Sena. And apparently, Luna conducts the Tutorial because Bang promised to buy her food. ''priceless''

[[folder:Blazblue: Chronophantasma Extend]]
* The opening cutscene for Kagura's story has Hibiki heading to his office, only to notice a woman running off:
--> '''Woman''': ''You worthless cheating bastard! I hope you die! Why do I love you?!'' *sob*
--> '''Hibiki''': [[HereWeGoAgain Oh no... not again.]]
** When Kagura offers Hibiki a nice long vacation, he refuses, with this reasoning:
--> '''Hibiki''': I'm afraid I must respectfully decline. If I'm gone, the smell of alcohol will remain indefinitely.
** And then there's this gem near the end of the story:
--> '''Kagura''': You know, I've been meaning to ask you: you ''do'' realize I'm your boss, right?
--> '''Hibiki''': (''while smiling'') Of course. And you manage me just as effectively as you do [[TheAlcoholic your drinking]], [[TheCasanova relationships]] [[ArsonMurderAndJaywalking and personal hygiene]].
--> '''Kagura''': Damn. I get rid of one pain in the ass just to come back to this one...
* [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UYw3M3X39tI BBCPX's]] [[BeachEpisode beach scenario]] is every bit as hilarious as the gag reels.
* The Blazblue Gaiden Remix Heart. There are some funny notable mentions here.
** [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mPIhC5o70zo The Case of the Difficult Duty]]:
*** Mai realized [[DelayedReaction that she has to cook for the students]] with Kajun in a few days time as they're next on cafeteria duties.
*** Any scene that involves [[LethalChef Noel]] giving food to Mai in which some of her friends compliment and insult her cooking at the same time. Even Makoto gets knockout the moment she taste her food. And yes... Mai ''STILL'' loves it.
*** Mai and Kajun were glad everyone loves their food [[spoiler: ''UNTIL'' everyone who taste the croquettes made by Noel (Who decides to cook it despite her not being on cooking duty). This is what Kajun best describes the situation.]]
----> [[spoiler: '''Kajun''': I can't believe you turned this picturesque dinner into a page from Dante with a single dish.]]
* The Extend Gag Reel are back again and this time they're even more funnier than ever.
** [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NeEyHyIRmJ8 Terumi, Let's start a band]]:
*** Terumi quits the Imper Fidelis after being a drummer for 10 years and the vocal being Ignis, who can't talk, intending to start his own band. Soon, the rest of the Imper Fidelis Band intends to bring him back. Relius on the other hand gives a [[RousingSpeech speech that no one can play drums better than he is]]... until [[MomentKiller Relius proposes this line.]]
--->'''Relius''': Please... [[HoYay Will you marry me?]]
--->'''Ragna''': WHAT IN THE HELL?!
*** Ragna and Ignis don't take this well (Especially Ignis, who starts shaking violently). The best part is... ''he accepts''. Because ''the whole thing was a [[BatmanGambit set-up]] from the start.''
*** Terumi did a abridged singing and dance video of Platinum the Trinity's theme music and intend to [[RuleOfFunny upload 86 other videos]] if he didn't get a text by a producer from Certain Records. Unfortunately that producer turns out to be [[{{Troll}} the Imperator]], who is the same producer for the Imper Fidelis who starts to comment on how she plays him like a string. Of course Terumi doesn't take it well.
*** And of course, there's the fact that Terumi and Ragna are talking to each other like friends! ([[VitriolicBestBuds Sort of.]])
---->'''Terumi:''' *while explaining how he left the band* Hey! C'mon You listening to me? Earth to Ragna! Ground Control to Major Asshole! Pay attention!
---->'''Ragna:''' *wearing the biggest "I could not give a shit" face ever* Huh? O-Oh, yeah, yeah, keep going. [[BlatantLies I'm paying attention. Totally paying attention.]]
---->'''Terumi:''' If you had to say it twice you're probably lying. Whatever man, I get it. I do that too.
** [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SzWq9WcJPkw The Legendary Blue Silvervine]]:
*** Kokonoe asks Litchi, Roy and Tager to find her a Silvervine Candy in three days or she'll die. Of course, they have no choice but to find it based on the map Kokonoe gives them. [[OnlySaneMan Roy]] [[LampshadeHanging asks why he's doing it in the first place.]]
*** Teenage Ragna appears as a bodyguard and doesn't allow them to trespass. But Litchi comes up with an idea: lying to him that they are really ghosts in disguise. And she tries to prove this by... [[RuleOfFunny removing Tager's legs.]]
---> '''Roy''': (After knowing that Litchi borrowed Kokonoe's remote to remove [[ButtMonkey Tager]]'s legs) I'm having a really hard time imagining what hypothetical situation convinced you to do that...
*** When they reach the hotsprings, they find silvervines, which are protected by Jubei and kid Taokaka. Until Tager falls into the pond, where Trinity comes up (based on the 'The Honest Woodsman Story) and gives them a Silver and Golden Tager for being honest. Taokaka decides to try this out and ditch Jubei in the pond, but fails to get him back for only selecting the gold. After that,Roy [[LampshadeHanging comments that]] [[TooDumbToLive he expected Trinity to be an old, wrinkly and evil looking witch, and even adds that she may have used magic to make her look younger]]. Of course Trinity [[BerserkButton is not too happy with his comment, and shoots him into the water, turning him into Arakune.]]
--->'''Roy''': Aren't witches supposed to be like, old and wrinkly and... evil-looking? She seemed pretty young. Or maybe she's just one of those witches who look way,way younger than they actually are.
--->'''Trinity''': (appears out of the water; pissed) '''''SHINING LAYERED FORCE!!'''''
*** Of course they manage to find the silvervine and give it to Kokonoe (despite Taokaka eating all of them). The funny part is... it is stuck inside Arakune's gooey body. And Kokonoe doesn't seem to notice Roy being Arakune and the Golden Tager. Poor Tager.
** [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nlCvMkYywRo Celica's First Errand]]:
*** In order for her to walk on her own, Ragna and Makoto set a plan for Celica to deliver an Ennohelle Crab that Rachel sent to north of the place on the map (which actually leads to her place). Considering Celica's NoSenseOfDirection... well, you can pretty much tell this is really going to be hilarious.
*** Upon finding herself on the beach, Ragna sends Jin (disguised as a fox) to re-direct her. Unfortunately, the moment he calls him...
--->'''Ragna''': Ev-re-thing is rea-dy.
--->'''Jin''': [[HoYay My bro-ther is sex-y?]]
--->'''Ragna''': Make. Her. Go. North
--->'''Jin''': [[HoYay Make you go nuts...? OF COURSE, BROTHER! I THOUGHT YOU'D NEVER ASK!]]
*** Luckily, Makoto has a backup plan due to Jin's behavior. She has Bang (as a boatman) lead him to the Brotherly Paradise, which Jin willingly intends to go to. Boy, does he really have an obsession with that island.
*** And when Jin finds out that tourists have been visiting the island, he decides to ''buy the entire island.'' ''[[UpToEleven And the surrounding waters, just to be safe.]]''
*** Put it this way: the majority of the cast couldn't believe Celica's inhuman NoSenseOfDirection even when she has a map!
--->'''Jin''': (after seeing her destroying her locator that Ragna and Makoto planted and her ending up on the beach) H-How can she do this? She's circumventing every fail-safe we've put in place... I think we may have finally met out match, Brother.
--->'''Makoto''': (Regarding Celica intending to go to the Brotherly Paradise after looking at her map) Amazing... [[EpicFail How could she study the map so closely and then go in the exact opposite direction?]]
--->'''Ragna''': She's beyond human understanding!
*** And there's the scene where Taokaka makes crepes, with a little twist...
--->'''Taokaka''': To top it all off...'''''[[spoiler: YOU PUNCH IT REAL HARD!! *POW*]]'''''
--->'''Celica''': [[spoiler: Noooo! Not my crepe! Come back! *runs really fast*]]
*** The same thing happens with Makoto...
--->'''Makoto''': '''''[[spoiler: NOOOOOOOOOO!!]]''''' *runs off*
*** Finally, we have the very end of the reel, where poor Ragna is ''still'' trying to find her, even though she stayed with Rachel.
--->'''Ragna''': Is this what it's like to be a parent?! It ''sucks!''
** [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vvoqZoItG4Y The Blue Eyes - Phantom Thief]]:
*** [[Creator/CristinaValenzuela Cristina Vee]] at her finest as she plays all three characters that she voices as (Noel, Lambda and Nu) and hearing her say 'Bada-boom Bada-bing Ceremony' is pretty hilarious.
*** The Blue Eyes has recently stole Captain Bullet's hot pants... again, in order to start the [[RuleOfFunny Bada-boom Bada-bing Ceremony]] to have better ass than Bullet. But they decide to recruit Ragna and Platinum, who are the cops trying to catch her, in their team.
*** The [[GagCensor Blazblue ChronoPhantasama Extend Logo]] at Bullet's pants area. That is all.
*** As the skit ends, Ragna gets chloroformed again, and the girls (now including Luna) go riding off into the night, chanting in order...
---> '''Nu, then Mu, then Lambda''': ''Perfect ass! Perfect ass!''
** [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EMKcYRidyvA The Clover Residence: Part Deux]]:
*** [[spoiler: Relius returns to the world where Carl and Relius lives as a family to pick up Hazama, whom he forgot to bring back in the last gag reel, [[HeartwarmingMoments only to stay for one more day by Hazama's request.]] But the funny part the following day, Ignis beat Relius. It's amusing to see Ignis beating Relius up.]]
*** As Ignis and Minerva start arguing [[TheVoiceless (with no actual voices, of course)]], Ada apparently suggests doing something for their fight. We don't know what she says, but Carl's reaction takes the cake.
--->'''Carl''': How could you even think of doing something so ''terrifying''?! Oh no, what's happening?!
*** And then Kokonoe walks in, and the whole conflict is revealed to be an error in Minerva's memory. Once both of them and Celica leave, Ignis' and Ada's reactions can basically be described as "Okaaay...."
* [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZqCMkbkpJkM Amane-dition]]
** Amane tries recruiting some men for his troupe. One of them happens to be Bang. [[YouHaveGotToBeKiddingMe Amane's reaction to him is what sells it.]] Even [[BookDumb Taokaka]] gets suspicious.
--->'''Taokaka''': Scruffy man, are you ''sure'' you're ''[[ImprobableAge 15?]]''
** Then there's Amane's increasing annoyance and frustration with him, ending in:
--->'''Amane''': I'm sorry, ''[[GetOut you FAIL!]]'' *blows Bang up*
** Sena walks in, impressing Amane enough to recruit him on the spot. Except Sena only walked in because he wanted sweets, which Tao happily advertised on the flyers. Amane decides to get them some food, that is until [[BrattyHalfPint Luna]] shows up. Amane discovers that there are TWO females inside Platinum (Luna and Trinity), and promptly cancels his recruitment of Sena. Sena tries to reason with him with this line:
--->'''Sena''': Then, I'll make sure Luna ''never ever'' sees the light of day ever again!
--->'''Luna''': Whoa, Sena, that's some scary stuff you're saying there, and it doesn't make any SENSE!
** Amane states that once his mind has been made, it cannot be unmade. And then Carl walks in...
--->'''Carl''': Um... I heard you can find sweets around here somewhere? Do you know anything about that?
--->'''Amane''': '''YOU PASS!!!'''
--->'''Luna''': [[HypocriticalHumor H-he didn't even have to think about it!]]
*** Once Carl's recruited, Amane immediately kicks Tao out, promising to give her tickets to his next show.
** When all is said and done, Tao and Platinum decide to do what they do best: getting free meals out of [[ButtMonkey Ragna.]]
* The retelling of ''[[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PspIgJkLnd4 Calamity Trigger]]'' and ''[[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7e6lreW56Dw Continuum Shift]]'' has some moments that make you ask "Why, funny bone?"
** Rachel's... [[PrecisionFStrike choice of language]] accompanying her mounting frustrations regarding the setup of the TV and the group's early appearance.
-->''"And Gii, where in the bloody hell is my tea?!"''
** During the retelling of ''Continuum Shift'', Gii and Nago try to bring pictures onto the TV... only the first one they draw was [[spoiler:Ms. Tail (you know, Makoto's severed tail from her ''Chronophantasma'' gag reel)]]. Nago pressures Gii to change the channel quickly.
** After the whole presentation, Gii [[WhatDoesThisButtonDo wonders about a button on the remote that he didn't press]]. It reveals a picture of [[spoiler:Rachel being imprisoned by Relius and Izanami]]. [[LeaveNoWitnesses Rachel takes this as well as you'd expect.]]
*** Even better, this is after Ragna spent a large portion of the “Continuum Shift” retelling being angry at [[{{Tsundere}} Rachel]] [[DudeWheresMyRespect for ignoring the fact that]] [[spoiler: [[BigDamnHeroes he saved her from Phantom’s trap]]]]. At first he is glad to be proven right, until [[OhCrap he sees her reaction]].


[[folder:Blazblue: Central Fiction]]
* One of the early Story Mode cutscenes is a flashback to Ragna's childhood, where he, Jin and Saya are following The Sister to pick raspberries to make jam. It turns out that even as an adult, Celica still has NoSenseOfDirection.
* In one of the Acts of Bullet's Arcade Mode, she runs into [[LawfulGood Tsubaki]], who tells her that the area is under martial law and that she cannot be allowed to walk around as she pleases, especially since she keeps stirring up unrest by grabbing random people by the collar to ask them for information. They battle, and after Bullet wins, [[TheExtremistWasRight she grabs Tsubaki by the collar and asks for information]]....
* During Act III, Azrael decides to team up with Arakune. [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rVT7v_J3Y_A The idea of this Devouring Duo rampaging through the streets would be horrifying... if it weren't for Azrael unceremoniously kicking Arakune out of the picture whenever they come across someone, to prevent him from eating them before Azrael has had his fun and intel.]]
* There is an EasterEgg that can occur when you pit Hibiki against Kagura. Normally, Hibiki's Senba special has him throw knives downward; if (and only if) he's facing Kagura, however, Hibiki throws ''[[http://www.dustloop.com/wiki/images/3/37/BBCF_Hibiki_Senba.png paperwork]]'' instead.
* There's something hilarious about the way that Relius [[VillainExitStageLeft exits the series]]: After plaguing the cast/the world across four games and multiple timelines, [[spoiler:Relius walks in, tells Hazama he's 'leaving' like he's clocking out of work, and ''casually strolls into the Cauldron''.]] And that's that.
* Whether it is because she's been dropped down a peg or two [[spoiler:due to losing her powers as an Observer]] or just because she is more openly caring, [[DefrostingIceQueen Rachel is a whole lot nicer in this game]]. And the other characters can't help but be [[OocIsSeriousBusiness disturbed about it]] to her annoyance.
* Keeping up with previous games, in response to Gii's question about her sad demeanor while watching Ragna, she says her feelings are along the lines of pity. Which would normally be in-character for her, [[SuspiciouslySpecificDenial were it not for her repeatedly stating that it is nothing more than that, and threatening Gii if he thinks it is]].
* So after [[spoiler: Noel merges with Mu and recovers a significant portion of her power, her and Ragna become far more closer and actively refer to each other as brother and sister.]] So [[TheCasanova Kagura]] decides to do the [[SarcasmMode smartest]] thing ever and flirt with Noel as usual in front of Ragna, and even jokingly calls him [[spoiler: "Onii-sama."]] [[MySisterIsOffLimits Ragna reacts exactly as you'd expect]] and punches Kagura with full force across the room.
* A bit more serious than most, but it is still hilarious to see Ragna's [[FlatWhat reaction]] to Amane [[spoiler:asking him to join his troupe]].
* Ragna and Noel finally defeated Izanami for good, and averted doomsday saving the world... [[MoodWhiplash right?]] Kokonoe contacts them with bad news that doomsday is still in effect and several characters victim to it before abruptly cutting off. Ragna and Noel think that she's bit the dust and steeled themselves for the FinalBattle only for Kokonoe to cut back in and tell them to talk to her later as she's busy. Ragna is understandably annoyed.
* Matching up Mai against Mu will open with them both [[https://youtu.be/I-zNUyWmDus?t=2m46s squirming awkwardly]] [[{{Stripperiffic}} trying to cover themselves up.]] What makes it especially funny considering is that they don't really have anything to be shy about between them seeing as they've already seen one another ''naked'' multiple times during their academy days.
* During Episode 11, [[spoiler:Makoto and Naoto end up plummeting towards the Embryo. Naoto's clearly not used to this, as he begins to panic on the way down, screaming the whole time.]]
-->[[spoiler:'''Makoto''': Move, move, moooove!!]]
-->[[spoiler:'''Naoto''': Aaaah! This is scary! Seriously scary!! Whoaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!]]
-->[[spoiler:'''Tager''': W-w-wha!?]]

-->[[spoiler:'''Makoto''': Thanks a loooooot!]]
-->[[spoiler:'''Naoto''': Help meeeeeeeeeee!]]
* With this being the GrandFinale it is only natural that the gag reels go out with a bang.
** The return of the evil [[GagBoobs Boing Queen]]. Except it's not Litchi this time, but ''Nine,'' whose motive is to commit mass genocide on all men by ''turning up their love for huge boobs to ridiculous levels.'' It's clearly shown on Sena, who starts rambling about how big boobs are great, prompting Luna to scream at Trinity to smash him (and her at the same time).
*** Two words: '''''[[MakesJustAsMuchSenseInContext Breasty Voice.]]''''' Apparently, Trinity's boobs sound like a cat.
*** Even better, to aid her in the battle against Trinity, Nine summons... the ''Four Breast Monsters/Busty Kaijus:'' Litchi, Makoto, Bullet, and Mai. All who say "Busty!!" as a BattleCry.
*** It turns out, merely hearing Jubei's voice is enough for Nine to melt completely.
---> '''Jubei:''' M-meeooooow!
---> '''Nine:''' '''[[CutenessProximity Oh, you are so precious! AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!]]'''
** Jin learns to his horror that Ragna sold the deed to the Brotherly Island to Izanami ([[spoiler:because he wants an island full of women]]), leading to a contest between them over ownership of the island. The contents of the duel? Their personal Ragna rankings, making it basically a contest of who is the bigger bro-con, or in their terms, a ''Ragnerd.'' Jin starts off with a picture of Ragna getting his arm cut off, ''and'' a picture of him sleeping. But then Izanami promptly one-ups him by... [[spoiler: showing a picture of ''Ragna's neckline (when he's about to activate the [=BlazBlue=] to boot).'' ''AND dimples he didn't even know he had, dubbed RAGIMPLES.'' It'd be ''really'' creepy if it weren't for how utterly absurd the whole thing is, not to mention poor [[ButtMonkey Kagura's]] reaction at having to announce her rankings with an over the top howl.]] [[spoiler:It eventually ends with Izanami victorious... but Ragna ''self-destructs out of nowhere'', and the Island straight up ''melts into lava'' because it couldn't handle their obsession with their brother. [[http://blazblue.wikia.com/wiki/File:Centralfiction_(Story_mode_illustration,_29,_type_A).png Kagura and Izanami promptly escape on a chopper as Jin chooses to stay behind, smiling, and ending with him sinking down Terminator style.]]]]
*** Ragna's utter annoyance at Jin when he says he likes women only:
---> '''Ragna:''' Just to set the record straight... ''I. Like. WOMEN!''
---> '''Jin:''' I'll wake you up from this nightmare, Brother... You're not thinking [[JustForPun straight.]]
---> '''Ragna:''' YOU'RE THE ONE not thinking straight!
** Naoto wakes up in an odd world, with Raquel (in Rachel's body) bantering with him. Though he notices an oddity when, during the conversation, a heart symbol appears above her head. Raquel then informs him it is her [[RelationshipValues heart gauge]], and essentially informs him that he is stuck in a dating sim. The only way for him to escape this world is to seduce one of the girls. HilarityEnsues. It starts with Litchi being the typical CuteClumsyGirl (something Naoto finds not right), then (somehow) 2 Rachels at once, and then Celica. He actually feels he can move on with Celica, until he meets her "father"... Ragna. And while he's fighting Ragna, Celica states that she already loved someone else, which leaves him downtrodden, so much that Ragna pities him. It ends with Naoto getting a "ResetButton" from Ragna and pressing it, causing a ''massive explosion'' and [[HereWeGoAgain bringing him back to square one.]]
** Good god, the Spectacles of Eros Finale. Ragna once again has the glasses forced on him. This time, he is the prize in a deathmatch hosted by Kagura and Irresistible!Arakune.
** The first contestants, [[TheVoiceless Ignis, Nirvana and Minerva]], are soon dispatched by Es, who approaches Ragna while saying "Let's die together." Then ''she'' is knocked out of the venue by the three Murakumo Yandere Sisters, who speak the same lines in different tones of voice, one after another (must be funny for KanakoKondo). Enter ''Taokaka'', of all people, who neko-punches the sisters into the stratosphere.
** The final is a [[http://blazblue.wikia.com/wiki/File:Centralfiction_(Story_mode_illustration,_66).png cooking battle]] that [[LethalChef goes about as well as you'd expect with Noel on the premises]]. Tao spills her food all over Ragna. Bullet kills a giant bird for its skin before getting eaten alive by said bird's parent. Nine, Trinity, and Kokonoe engage in [[ForkFencing spoon combat]] when trying to spoon-feed Ragna. Worst of all, it turns out that [[spoiler:Izanami is just as horrible a chef as Noel, as her cooking wipes out Litchi, Makoto and Tsubaki]]. Mai is too busy scarfing down food to care about Ragna and ends up eating the food that Noel [[spoiler:and Izanami]] made, causing them all to be disqualified.
** The match concludes with Rachel stating that the contest was for her to see who had the strongest feelings for Ragna, and Celica proclaiming [[spoiler:that the contest was unnecessary; since obviously she is the one who loves Ragna the most, and that's why she didn't react to the specacles.]] This doesn't sit well with Rachel at all [[spoiler: Because ''she'' wasn't affected either]].
*** After Rachel has made Ragna don the Spectacles, Valkenhayn explains that what rests on "the Ridiculousa [[IdiotBall Idiotballe]] Ragna's face" are the Spectacles of Eros Final. [[InMyLanguageThatSoundsLike In Swedish]], "idiotballe" roughly means "idiot dick", an epithet which is of course highly out of character for Valkenhayn, but actually not too far from the original meaning.
* There's actually something funny during the rather bittersweet ending: When Tsubaki and Makoto visited Noel's orphanage, Noel tells them that Lambda does the cooking and she claims that [[BlatantLies actually her cooking has gotten better]] and [[SchmuckBait invites the two to try it anyway.]] And in a deadpan tone, Lambda clarifies that... [[LethalChef absolutely not. Noel must NOT be allowed to cook.]] Much to Noel's annoyance.
--> '''Lambda:''' ...No. Noel... '''never.'''
* Another highlight of the final cutscene is Naoto's fate. He ''does'' go back to his world, but does it in ''hilarious'' fashion; he falls out from the ''sky'' and lands in a pile of wood boards and rocks, with Raquel walking over to him to help him up.
* MUST DIE, the theme of [[spoiler: Susanoo]]. All of it. It's an epic, evil-sounding metal tune...with cheesy Engrish lyrics sung in the style of a gut-bustingly hilarious fusion of kabuki theater singing and death metal growling. It has to be [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Af6JRDhNBiw heard]] to be believed.
* Matching up Hibiki against Kagura has him finding [[HandsomeLech his master]] as he is walking away from a woman he had invited to his room. Kagura tries to talk his way out, but [[BeleagueredAssistant Hibiki]] has none of his master's excuses and proceeds to enact disciplinary measures via a battle. Should Hibiki win, [[https://youtu.be/LxS2cewVFBw?t=287 he proceeds to give his master a lecture]] that ends up taking so long [[LeaningOnTheFourthWall the victory screen cuts him off.]] And from the sound of Hibiki's tone, this isn't the first time he's had to do this. [[spoiler: Although [[HarsherInHindsight this all becomes less funny]] when you remember about Hibiki's true nature and how he secretly wants to kill Kagura.]]
* For a very dark example, Relius's astral animation versus Jubei. While most combatants are locked into nightmarish looking restraints, Jubei has a cone-shaped collar around his neck, the very same kind used by veteternarians when neutering male cats. So it's quite horrifying to think [[GroinAttack ''what'' Relius aims to do]], but seeing Jubei wearing what's called a "cone of shame" is quite amusing.
** Something similar can be found in his wife Nine's animation for the same finish where she is lounging in a boiling cauldron of what appears to be blood, with her clothes on a nearby hanger. One almost thinks Relius might have something else in mind for her.
* When choosing an icon for online play, one of the usual categories of icons you can choose is an accessory of a playable character (like Amane's hairpin or Noel's NOL beret). What do they choose for [[FinalBoss Susano'o]]? His tail!
* Similar to what happened in ''Chronophantasma'', in the Tutorial Mode we have "shenanigans", as several characters take turns to teach the new players how to play the game:
** Hibiki is the instructor for the Beginner exercises, and, in the middle of the very first lesson, Kagura sneaks in as well, supposedly to supervise his work as instructor. Hibiki is visibly not amused.
** The two of them take turns to teach you about movement (Walking, jumping, dashing, etc), the normal buttons and special moves. Despite Kagura claiming that he's supervising Hibiki, the latter actually is bossier to the former, much to Kagura's annoyance.
** At the end of the last lesson, Kagura congratulates Hibiki on his performance, and Hibiki declares that having Kagura by his side was very reassuring, because Kagura had a lot of paperwork to do that they have to deliver in three days, and Hibiki was counting on Kagura being up tp the task. Kagura initially laughs nervously as if trying to sneak out of it somehow, but Hibiki's FalseReassurance finally freaks him out, and goes back to the paperwork.
** Makoto and Tsubaki are the instructors for the intermediate lessons, and just like the last time, Makoto conducts the lessons in a very passionate, although a little rough, fashion, much to Tsubaki's annoyance, who prefers to conduct the lessons with more techincal terms, which Makoto finds distracting for new players.
** As expected from Makoto, she keeps forgetting vital pieces of info, such as when she wanted to introduce you to the new systems the Overdrive gauge uses (Exceed Accel and Active Flow). Good thing that Tsubaki is there to lend her a hand conducting the lessons.
** At the end of the lesson on the new Overdrive systems, Noel and Mai take in. Tsubaki detects a very suspicious scent... turns out that Noel has baked cookies, and was offering them to Tsubaki and Makoto; this is enough to freak the two of them out, and making them running for their lives. Must be seen (or in this case, read) to be believed. Curious enough, Mai is actually enjoying them.
** Mai and Noel then conducts the lessons on combos, special cancels, jump cancels and Astral Heats, however, Noel at some points forgets about some bits of information, but Mai lends her a hand on them, much to her relief. At the end of the Astral Heats lesson, Mai notices that Tsubaki and Makoto were watching them from a distance (Actually spying them). Tsubaki then tries to get out of this one by explaining they were just make sure they were following the curriculum properly. Noel then decides, now that the four of them are together in the same site, to offer them the baked cokies again. Mai enjoys them, but Makoto and Tsubakii scream in fear, and very probably, ran for their lives once more. ''Priceless!''
** Azrael is once again the instructor for the Advanced lessons; his motives to teach you? To Nurture you so you become the ultimate pray for his pleasure. Such comment is pretty funny, although in its own dark way. In this occasion, he teaches you about some pricks on offense and defense.
** Midway through the advanced lessons, in true Tutorial tradition, Rachel takes in, in her own words, to reclaim her title as "Queen of Instructors". Azrael insists that his pray... er, trainee, is his and no one else's. So how does Rachel trick him into handing over the job? She shows him that the '''GRIM REAPER''' himself is right there in front of them! Azrael finally snaps, and complies to leave the Instructing duty to Rachel to go for his prey. The funny part about this is that it's exactly how Rachel tricked Jin in ''Chronophantasma'', by having Gii posing as Ragna ([[FridgeLogic Even though there were two Ragnas, player and dummy, right there in the tutorial stage]]); she even [[LampshadeHanging comments]] that people near Ragna are usually very narrow-minded.
** Rachel then conducts the tutorial towards the last lesson. And at the end of this one, Rachel compliments you for your progress, and it seems that the Tutorial is over, but then Rachel and you receive an unexpected visit... Nine The Phantom! Much to Rachel's surprise, Nine comments that she felt someone with potential to face Hades:Izanami, so she will introduce you, the player, to the Expert Lessons... Although the part is treated with fair seriousness, watching Rachel's reaction is pretty funny, it was clear that she (And the audience) was not expecting this.
** So, Nine is the Instructor for the Expert lessons, and teaches you advanced techniques such as the Instant Barrier (A combination of Instant Block and Barrier Block), damage scaling and recovery time when taking damage in a combos. Suddenly, midway through the Tutorial, another unexpected visitor: It's ''Izanami'' herself!! Like Nine, she also sees potential in you... as a good soul to consume, and she plans to do it but then changes her mind and decded that she want you stronger, and will personally guide you through the rest of the Tutorial. Pretty funny, although in its own dark way.
** At the end of the Tutorial, Izanami is pleased about your growth, so she says she will spare your soul for now, because she want you stronger so consuming your soul will be worth the hard work. Yeah, it's fairly serious, but it's also pretty funny if you think about it, although she has her own motives, ''Izanami herself'' is guiding you and wanting you to be a stronger player.
* There's basically the fact that, because of the "possibilities of the continuum shift" shtick, all of the Gag Reels above from all the games are ''canon.''