Funny / Better Living Through Science and Ponies

  • The bonus chapter where GLaDOS gets into an arguement with Trollestia. This troper barely ever laughs at humor in books or fics, but this got me to lmao for a good hour.
    • The best part? The Mythology Gag. One of GLaDOS' most common insults against Chell in Portal 2 is fired back at her in a most brilliant instance of comic irony. "...Are you calling me fat?" Yes, she did, and GlaDOS' reaction makes it even better.
  • GLaDOS tricking Fluttershy into killing her Companion Cube, and then telling her at length what a monster she is for doing so, is the funniest terrible thing you'll ever see.
  • Pinkie Pie putting herself in portal-induced free-fall. For at least ten minutes.
  • Rainbow Dash's introduction to Chell. Fluttershy bought Chell a piece of cake, and while walking down the street with it, Dash crashes into Chell and causes the cake to fall onto Chell's head. After being told about the Enrichment Center's appearance in Equestria, Dash flies up to check it out, accidentally punching through some rain clouds and causing it to rain on Chell. Then, when Fluttershy offers Chell some of her cinnamon roll to make up for the lost cake, Dash returns and causes the cinnamon roll to land on Chell's head as well, followed by the realization that she punched through some more clouds on the way down. The Death Glare Chell gives Rainbow Dash is earned many times over.