Out of more recent {{manga}}, ''Manga/{{Beelzebub}}'' has got to be one of the funniest and downright craziest.
* The very [[BlatantLies opening line]].
* [[NotWhatItLooksLike How Hilda gets accepted into Oga's household]]. Funny in and of itself, but then [[AmbiguouslyGay Alaindelon]] decides to do the ''exact same thing'' to Furuichi's family.
* The "[[ToiletHumour Blessed Urine]]" episode where Beel was peeing so much he threatened to drown everyone. First Oga tries to [[UnusualEuphemism block the Baby Beel dam]] by tying it up with string, then he decides to buy diapers [[TooDumbToLive but attempts to put them on Beel's head]], so Natsume has to help him out. But by [[http://mangafox.me/manga/beelzebub/v01/c005/15.html then it's]] [[http://mangafox.me/manga/beelzebub/v01/c005/16.html too late]]...
** There's also Oga's method of getting the others to come up with ideas.
--->'''Oga:''' Everyone [[{{Malaproper}} rip out your brains!]]\\
'''Furuichi:''' ...You mean, muster your knowledge?\\
'''Oga:''' RIP THEM OUT!
* The MK-5 are good at [[{{Jobber}} what they do]].
* Beel's cute little rivalry with Aoi's brother. He takes it incredibly seriously, but nearly always loses. It's even funnier with Kota smirking at him.
* In Chapter 12, Hilda convinces Oga (by breaking his UsefulNotes/{{PS2}}) to build a playpen for Baby Beel. [[http://www.batoto.net/read/_/3700/beelzebub_v2_ch12_by_i-eat-manga/9 Things don't go completely as planned.]]
* Furuichi and the pool incident, which cemented his early status as the crazy [[TheStrategist strategist]]. After trying and for once succeeding in looking cool, it seems like he's about to get his ass kicked again. [[RefugeInAudacity Cue the near-baby-drowning]].
* [[BrainBleach The sight of Alaindelon in a GIRL'S school uniform]].
* When Beel [[NewPowersAsThePlotDemands transforms into a giant]] and promptly beats the stuffing out of a bigass monster in the Demon World.
* Kunieda stumbling across Oga and Baby Beel... [[http://www.batoto.net/read/_/9863/beelzebub_v5_ch39_by_i-eat-manga/9 training]] in the mountains. Her face [[http://www.batoto.net/read/_/9863/beelzebub_v5_ch39_by_i-eat-manga/10 says it all]].
* Chapter 49: Oga thinks he's coming down with a cold. Doesn't stop him burying some skinheads in the concrete.
-->'''Oga:''' [[CasualDangerDialogue Yeah, I'm really not feeling good. I can't fight today.]]\\
'''Furuichi:''' [[SarcasmMode Is that so?]]
* Also, Oga tries to explain to Aoi the truth of Baby Beel, only to be sidetracked by the fact that he can't remember Beel's [[OverlyLongName full name]]. Furuichi is no help, and Beel crawls off crying over the fact that neither one can remember his name. [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pg5aqCdS_3s See it here.]]
* [[WakingUpElsewhere Welcome, boys]]. [[http://www.batoto.net/read/_/9905/beelzebub_v8_ch63_by_keishou-scans/8 My name is Mr Volleyball.]]
* Himekawa's [[{{Bishounen}} appearance]] once [[BeautifulAllAlong he lets his hair down and loses the sunglasses]]. It comes out of nowhere, and the guys' [[BlueWithShock reactions]] make it even better.
** Now in [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l3otWY2D9eU animated form]]. The bishie sparkle and the fact that the seiyuu uses a calmer, bishie-like voice during the sequence makes it all the more hilarious.
* During the volleyball match against St. Ishiyama, Tojo and Oga perform one of the most epic things to ever grace such a game -- a freakin' overhead kick. [[RealityEnsues Which they then get fouled for]].
** In the same match Himekawa gets pissed at Oga and Tojo for doing that thing above, because "if you're going to cheat then at least do it right!" Which results in Oga using Beel as a decoy for the volleyball.
* Oga boasts about learning new, powerful techniques to Miki. Guess what, they're [[spoiler: his usual punches and kicks, but [[CallingYourAttacks with added ham]]]].
** Previously, he and Baby Beel had thrown a tantrum because they wanted to fight someone. Furuichi told him to act his age, which earned him a punch in the face.
--->'''Furuichi:''' ''[[ButtMonkey WHAT THE HELL DID YOU HIT ME FOR?!]]''
* Baby Beel singing to try and lighten the mood. After Oga demanded that he do it, utterly straight faced.
* In Chapter 100, Zenjuro creates a fully powered {{Doppelganger}} of Baby Beel to train him and Oga. Unfortunately, the clone is too much like Baby Beel and despite being able to throw out a MegatonPunch capable of knocking Oga back, his first instinct is to chase down a rabbit.
* En and his maids [[ScrewTheRulesIHaveSupernaturalPowers use magic to cheat in their video-game battle]] against Furuichi and company. So what does Himekawa do? BUY THE ENTIRE GAME. [[ScrewTheRulesIHaveMoney Which allows him to change the settings in such a way that their avatars become invincible]] and they get a bunch of [[GameBreaker Crazy Frogs]] that then [[CombiningMecha combine]] into a ''HumongousMecha''. Their foes' [[OhCrap reactions]] are priceless.
* Furuichi finding out that En was living ''RIGHT NEXT DOOR'' the whole time they were playing video games against him!
* [[http://www.mangareader.net/beelzebub/106/7 Demon sword, Alaindelon!]]
** Even funnier the second time in the anime. '''Baby Beel''' picks him up and throws him at Furuichi's house, while the poor guy is screaming for it not to happen.
--->'''Narrator:''' And, like that, the second son of the Great Demon Lord, Beel-kun, safely conquered the Furuichi house.
* Chapter 108: Oga proudly declaring that he will now use his new finishing move... and calmly proceeding to make Baby Beel some milk, which includes waiting for the milk to cool down. The demons are not amused.
-->'''Graphiel:''' Isn't it done?\\
'''Oga:''' No, not yet! If you don't get it down to normal body temperature... What'll you do if it burns?!
* Poor Furuichi getting into [[NotWhatItLooksLike easily misunderstood]] [[AccidentalPervert situations with Lamia]]. The [[RunningGag second time]] around, it leads to En declaring full-scale war on him! Great reaction faces all around.
* Chapter 110: [[spoiler: Oga being trapped in Beel's body thanks to Super Milk Time.]]
* After Beel wakes up [[spoiler:in Oga's body]], the first thing he does is take off his pants.
** In the next chapter, Oga [[spoiler: in Beel's body]] instructs Beel [[spoiler: in Oga's body]] to do something he would normally do. Beel immediately attempts to [[RunningGag take off his pants]].
** When Beel tries to take off his pants, Hilda tries to stop him. Then Oga's family walks in, and see Hilda on her knees in front of him, holding his unzipped pants. [[NotWhatItLooksLike They leave immediately]].
* [[http://www.mangareader.net/beelzebub/113/6 Pudding. Pudding. Dance.]] [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dh352ZK9-Eo&feature Now animated.]]
** And later on [[spoiler:Hilda, Kunieda and Oga in Beel's body do a three-way combo attack on Beel who's in Oga's body. And then it turns out that Oga got his body back at that very moment.]]
* Chapter 123: Mr. Takahashi, a perfectly average school teacher, [[http://www.batoto.net/read/_/28062/beelzebub_ch123_by_red-hawk-scans/9 freaking out over the brain-melting quirks]] of his "class", the Pillar Squad.
** Also in this chapter a captured Hilda asks Behemoth what he's planning to do with her. He responds, in what is a serious situation, "Well, tits". When telling Hilda that he fired En's wet nurses he tells her that "Right now, the Master is longing for tits". He then asks Hilda that he hopes "You'd become our Master's tits"; to which she drop kicks him in the face with stilettos.
* Everything about the second proceedings of Oga's trippy courtroom nightmare in Chapter 124.
* The possessed {{Creepy Doll}}s turn out to be TooDumbToLive. Note that the Chief used the Forbidden Secret Art on herself.
-->'''Dolls:''' Chief! This isn't good, she's not breathing.\\
'''Lamia:''' [[FridgeLogic What I want to know is, do dolls even breathe?]]\\
'''Dolls:''' Now that you mention it, we don't actually need to breathe! Our chief didn't die!\\
'''Chief:''' Woah, you're right! I'm... I'm alive!
* Suiten getting raging drunk, tearing up the place while complaining about how Zenjuro doesn't love her, and spiking Aoi's drink with vodka. Oga just sits there looking terrified the whole time.
* [[ButtMonkey Takayuki Furuichi, struggling along the rugged road of a true general...]]
** And said true general [[DirtyCoward "running like a bitch"]] earlier.
** His running like a bitch seems to be developing into a RunningGag.
* Tojo randomly showing up asleep in a closet at Akuma Academy. It's heavily implied that he helped build the place as one of his part-time jobs. And none of the demons ever noticed him.
* [[IdiotHero Tojo]] then comes in to help with a challenge...[[spoiler:a [[SeriousBusiness SUDOKU]] challenge]]. Needless to say, [[EpicFail it fails]].
-->'''Tojo:''' [[BigDamnHeroes Lemme in, Oga.]]\\
[''[[HilarityEnsues one page later...]]'']\\
'''Tojo:''' I can see the numbers are all demons, as well.\\
'''Oga:''' Let's do our best! Otherwise, go apologize to the numbers!
** Slightly prior to that:
-->'''Quetzalcoatl:''' [''talking about [[spoiler:sudoku]]''] ...And he died before I even managed to finish my explanation.
* [[http://www.mangafox.com/manga/beelzebub/c138/14.html "WOULD YOU FUCKING DIE ALREADY" KICK!]]
* Poor Zen-sensei trying to explain to Tojo that he fought actual demons. Tojo's utter thick headed nature almost makes you feel sorry for him.
* [[http://www.batoto.net/read/_/76467/beelzebub_ch138b_by_red-hawk-scans/4 "What's an extenuating circumstance?"]]
** Later in the same chapter, Oga is talking about what a useless, stupid bastard Furuichi is, while Furuichi is standing right there next to him.
-->'''Furuichi:''' Aren't you supposed to talk about me ''behind my back''?!
** Then the [[NinjaPirateZombieRobot delinquent karate kappas]] appear.
* [[http://www.batoto.net/read/_/76193/beelzebub_ch139_by_red-hawk-scans/20 Maximum Boiling Point Reached: Tatsumi Oga ran for his life]]. [[BigNo IYAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!]]
* Chapter 140: "[[StrangeMindsThinkAlike Wife? You mean that red liquid the French are known for?]]"
* When Hilda [[spoiler:asks if she should really get her memory back when she's so happy now]], Oga gives a true gamer's response.
-->'''Oga:''' Listen well! If someone were to dare to slap you on the left cheek, you'd hit their right, then left, then right, then left, then right, then a [[LauncherMove launcher,]] [[MeteorMove then, while they're in the air, finish them with]] [[ComicBook/{{Wolverine}} Wolverine's]] [[VideoGame/MarvelVsCapcom weapon X]] [[TheresNoKillLikeOverkill combo special]]. That's the type of woman you are. [[WeWantOurJerkBack So don't try to be anything else.]]
* How to cure [[spoiler:Hilda's amnesia]]? A TrueLovesKiss. [[HilarityEnsues When everyone found out]]:
-->[[http://mangafox.me/manga/beelzebub/c142/10.html "We're gonna have fun with this one!"]]
** Aoi's embarrassment on hearing this causes a small nuclear explosion.
* Oga knows the secret of easy parenting -- [[http://www.batoto.net/read/_/84784/beelzebub_ch144_by_red-hawk-scans/10 passing the annoying parts onto someone else]].
-->'''Hilda:''' Tatsumi, horsey.\\
'''Oga:''' Alright. Furuichi, horsey.
* Episode 54, especially when the Demon King visits the Human World and hangs out with Oga's dad.
** Episode 55 in its entirety.
* Kanzaki's [[MundaneMadeAwesome epic rock skipping]] match against Oga ends badly when he hits a fish.
** Also, Furuichi's thoughts on the fight between Hilda and Futaba, with Baby Beel trying to play peacemaker;
-->'''Narrator:''' At that moment, Furuichi saw... Beel is caught between a jealous wife, and an overbearing mother.
* Chapter 146 just keeps getting crazier and crazier, with plenty of slamming against the fourth wall while the characters ask themselves what the hell is going on. Barely anything important manages to happen, but there's comedy gold on every page.
* [[http://mangafox.me/manga/beelzebub/c147/7.html Tojo's definitely not excited to be going on the Okinawa field trip.]]
* A new child-rearing badass named Aiba meets Oga the B.O.B. Brawler and HilarityEnsues.
* Chapter 149: A new RunningGag in this chapter alone, Tojo appearing whenever someone says words sounding like "[[labelnote:Chinsukou]][[BilingualBonus a pun on the word for penis]][[/labelnote]]", holding up a box of candy.
** Tojo tries to trade said candy for Futaba when he sees her in the clutches of another delinquent and mistakes her for [[CutenessProximity a rabbit]].
** And Furuichi getting a bad feeling that he's missing out on some "exciting" things because he has [[ToiletHumor diarrhea]].
** Three of the Red Tails invite Hilda to the baths to give Aoi time with Oga, and the last panel of the chapter is all three of them suffering ACupAngst.
* Episode 60: In an anime-only moment, the Demon King decides to amass a huge army so that he can destroy the human world personally, but then quits, as expected from [[CloudCuckooLander him]]. '''The entire army''' [[FaceFault facefaults]]!
* Chiyo and Futaba getting into a miniature CatFight over who Beel likes more. With [[ItMakesSenseInContext dramatic dolphins]]!
** Earlier, Natsume and Kanzaki almost threw Furuichi to the sharks because Furuichi got upset that Natsume was playing the StraightMan.
* Aiba's AntiClimax rejection of Tojo challenging him to a fight.
* Himekawa vs Kamiya and his {{Mooks}}, especially when he drops Kamiya off the roof.
-->'''Mook 1:''' Kamiya-san, are you alright?\\
'''Mook 2:''' Thank God, it looks [[BreakingTheFourthWall gag-like]].
* Chapter 153: The pre-fight banter between the Tohoshiki and Aizo.
** Oga not reading the atmosphere when Aiba comes to challenge the leader of Ishiyama. [[note]]Since Tojo, Kanzaki and Himekawa beat up his friends.[[/note]]
* Chapter 154: Tojo breaking the InnerMonologue. Much to Kanzaki's annoyance.
** During Oga's fight against Aizo, both Aoi and Oga realize just ''why'' Aizo was so freakishly strong. Oga's pointed look at Aoi and her subsequent reaction is hilarious.
-->'''Koma''': ''"Nufufufu, Aoi, how dare you flush me down the toilet?! In return, I'll defeat Oga, and have you end up with this playboy! Prepare yourself!!"''
-->'''Oga''': ''*realizes who it is*'' ... ''*turns and gives Kunieda a questioning look*''
-->'''Kunieda''': ....... ''*sweatdrops*''
* The class trip picture in Chapter 155: [[TheChewToy Furuichi tries to get in]].
* The Demon King's letter to Hilda about the toy car he's sent Beel. [[CloudCuckooLander He rambles on about bingo]] [[IsThisThingStillOn before getting a peanut stuck in his nose]].
** Also this exchange after Beel drives off, meaning he and Oga are separated by more than 15 metres.
-->'''Oga:''' Am I going to die?!\\
'''Hilda:''' [[ThisIsNoTimeToPanic Don't panic. If you die, then you die. Isn't that fine?]]\\
'''Oga:''' IT'S NOT FINE!
* Since they're both babysitting, Aoi invites Oga to go to Ishiyama Land with her. He refuses, Furuichi kicks him in the face, and this happens.
-->'''Oga:''' That hur--No, that didn't hurt at all. Kinda sad, Furuichi.\\
'''Furuichi:''' Shut the hell up, and forget about my attack power!
** The Rice Boy liveshow kicks off with Beel electrocuting the actors and forcing Oga, Kanzaki, and Aoi to take part, then Tojo puts his mask on backwards and completely butchers his lines, and then it all gets ten times ''more'' absurd when [[spoiler:Behemoth]] joins in and turns it into an [[AllPartOfTheShow all out battle]].
* Chapter 160: The Demon King finally sends a video message. Unfortunately, it doesn't show his face; Oga and Furuichi get a [[FanDisservice close-up of his crotch]] for the whole thing instead.
* Furuichi's reaction to the story of how Himekawa and Kugayama met.
-->'''Female Bodyguard:''' [[ConspicuousConsumption At a kindergarten in the middle of May, when the fresh verdure was radiant...]]\\
'''Furuichi:''' I don't like this kindergarten.
** [[http://www.batoto.net/read/_/116789/beelzebub_ch165_by_red-hawk-scans/8 Lil Himekawa]]. Talk about HairstyleInertia.
* Chapter 164: Oga meets Tamapochi, the demon responsible for creating an insanity virus that has killed hundreds in the past. Then it turns out she fell asleep waiting. [[ToiletHumor Then she pees herself]].
* "[[RunningGag I know what you mean]]. [[CloudCuckooLander When I was asked to chose between shoulder pads and an iPad, I chose the shoulder pads... Nah, definitely iPad!]]"
** [[http://www.batoto.net/read/_/123771/beelzebub_ch168_by_red-hawk-scans/7 Furuichi, Hilda, and Oga's reactions]] to Kugayama's confession.
* In order to get the giant Demon's Portrait out, Oga has to break through the basement ceiling and the "Four Martial Masters" of the rich school challenge him. Hilda easily defeats them by herself, without even killing them.
-->'''Kugayama:''' Seriously, what are those guys?! They can't be human!\\
[''[[BeatPanel beat]]'']\\
'''Tatsuya:''' A monster married couple.\\
'''Furuichi:''' They're demons.\\
'''Tatsuya:''' You won't last if you're surprised at every little thing they do. They completely destroyed our school twice.\\
'''Furuichi:''' They disintegrated that mansion, too.
* Episode 13: Ishiyama High students hate studying [[UpToEleven 180%]] -- so imagine their shock when they get an ability assessment test. The students are so stupid that even [[IdiotHero Oga]] is stunned. "Good Night" Shimokawa couldn't even spell his trademark CatchPhrase, and one student even cheated on ''[[EpicFail filling in his name]]'' during the test; and the worst part was that the test was on elementary school subjects. At the same time, Oga was in a pinch during Beel's assessment test and was going to dump him off the smartest guy in the school-meaning the guy who got the highest score on the test. Luckily, he managed to pass that assessment test anyway because it turns out the smartest person at Ishiyama High was Furuichi. In all likelihood the smartest was probably Himekawa, but he cheated on the test by [[ScrewTheRulesIHaveMoney taping money to his paper as a bribe]].
* When Furuichi and Oga first met, Oga couldn't remember Furuichi's name, so he called him Furuchin instead. Then he changed it to Furuchinkov, and then to [[UpToEleven Pirozhkiborshch]].
-->'''Furuichi:''' Get on your knees and apologise to the Russians!
* Chapter 176: Welcome back, [[spoiler:amnesiac Hilda]]!
* A disguised Kunieda's reaction to seeing Hilda and Oga shopping together.
** "Santa is dead."
** Tojo taking his part time job as MallSanta way too seriously.
* The boys are told that the "real" Santa will be showing up after an event.
-->'''Kanzaki:''' Is he strong?\\
'''Yuka:''' No, I don't know about his battle ability, but... is that important?\\
'''Himekawa:''' Of course it is!\\
'''Kanzaki:''' We're gonna take presents from him! Know thine enemy and know thine self, and win a hundred battles in a row!\\
'''Nene:''' So you're going to take them by force?\\
'''Chiaki:''' That's just highway robbery.
* Kanzaki and Yuka's tactics during the three-legged race, and later the IndirectKiss contest.
** Oga [[SlasherSmile happily]] Zebub Blasting the competition away.
* [[http://www.batoto.net/read/_/140564/beelzebub_ch180_by_red-hawk-scans/10 The Deliberation Guy.]]
** "[[BigLippedAlligatorMoment Who the hell was that?!]]"
* Azusa is given 'squirrel' as her topic for charades, while Nene is given '[[ToiletHumor poop]]'. While Nene agonises over how to demonstrate this for Furuichi, [[TheDitz Azusa]] just blurts out the answer to Kazuya and gets them disqualified.
* When they're pitted against each other, Saotome reveals to Oga that he once groped Hilda's breasts.
-->'''Saotome''': Really, they were amazing... world-changing.\\
'''Oga''': You're gonna get killed.
** Baby Beel vs Dark Baby Beel, only for Beel to get smacked into Hilda. [[spoiler:Goodbye, amnesiac Hilda.]]
** Oga and Saotome engaging in a PummelDuel just like the Baby Beels while Hilda and Ikaruga resort to insults.
--->'''Hilda:''' Idiot.\\
'''Ikaruga:''' Moron.\\
'''Hilda:''' Die.\\
'''Ikaruga:''' Hah, you die.
** Don't forget the part where Ikaruga announces, to everyone watching, that she's Saotome's ''wife''.
** Yuka and Nene are in a cooking competition (alongside Kanzaki and Furuichi, respectively). Kunieda is horrified. [[http://www.mangahere.com/manga/beelzebub/v15/c183/5.html "The world is going to end."]]
* Chapter 188: First day back to Ishiyama High. [[HereWeGoAgain Some things never change]].
* What looks like the start of an epic four-way battle between Oga and the new students is interrupted when Nasubi's henchmen turn up... and say he's [[AntiClimax late to band practice]].
-->'''Hino:''' The band leader shouldn't leave us hanging like that.\\
'''Kamayama:''' Weren't we supposed to finish [[LightNovel/HaruhiSuzumiya 'Hare Hare Yukai']] today?\\
'''Shiori:''' My drums are crying.
* In Chapter 193, the gang want to officially decide who their leader is. By playing rock-paper-scissors. Every single one of them throws rock... except [[spoiler:''Baby Beel'', who throws paper]].
** And while everyone is still recovering from the outcome, Oga is in the background giving a half-assed acceptance speech like he's won an award or something.
** When Furuichi and Kanzaki track down Nasu. [[CloudCuckooLander He's wandering around shirtless]], [[BewareTheSillyOnes wearing nipple tassels]].
* Chapter 202 has several. There's Kanzaki discovering Misaki's temper, Oga's card game, and the whole explanation of the King's Crest.
* After [[spoiler:Takamiya creates a power shift]], the Tohoshinki and their friends end up at the school tennis courts. [[CrazyPrepared Natsume makes the best of it]], while [[SeriousBusiness Oga and Tojo]] [[FunnyBackgroundEvent have an all out battle]].
** And later Himekawa demonstrates just how easy Oga is to fool by tricking him out of a BigDamnHeroes moment.
--->'''Himekawa:''' [''to Oga, surrounded by Takamiya's gang''] You moron. I didn't betray you. I only did all this so I could get good intel on these guys, so stay out of my way.\\
'''Oga:''' Huh? You serious? W-well sorry about that. Let me get out of your way... [''and he leaves'']\\
'''Himekawa:''' So, as you can see, he's a total fool.
** [[spoiler: By Chapter 217, it turns out Himekawa was ''telling the truth to Oga'']] making it even funnier.
* [[http://www.batoto.net/read/_/173960/beelzebub_ch206_by_red-hawk-scans/3 The diagrams don't seem to be helping Oga understand, Saotome-sensei...]]
* Chapter 209 has Tojo pulling an epic DynamicEntry during Takamiya and Oga's fight...in order [[SeriousBusiness to yell at them for destroying yet another of his construction projects]]. Then he proceeds to ask [[spoiler:Furuichi's corpse]] [[IdiotHero if it's okay with being dead...]]
* The gang searching for the [[spoiler:pieces of Furuichi's soul]]. Special points going to [[http://www.batoto.net/read/_/179379/beelzebub_ch210_by_red-hawk-scans/5 Tojo]].
* A member of the Solomon Company reveals her demon, Cancer, a giant crab. Cue Beel and Oga's very enthusiastic shellfish hunt.
* To track the Solomon Company, Oga, Beel, Furuichi, and Hilda go to '''America'''. And it turns out Oga and Furuichi really don't speak English. Furuichi can manage some Engrish, but Oga's complete failure at the language results in him getting called "Mr. Fuck".
** Also Hilda riding ''on top'' of the semi truck, cool as a cucumber.
* Chapter 232. After explaining their evil plan the Solomon Company start to pat themselves on the back....unitl Johann reveals that Iris took Beel back thus ruining their plans leading to them freaking out.
* Forcas showing up as a human...with a Muumuu's round eyes. He later bonds with Furuichi over their love of tits and ass.
* The extra chapter reveals that Athrun, who has not been seen for a good long time, had ''stuck his foot down a bucket, tripped down a flight of stairs, and lost his memory''. He is now in Doctor Forcas' care, having turned into a 3DS gamer...Talk about BadassDecay.