Funny / Battle Spirits Shonen Gekiha Dan

  • Zungurii's first attempts at cooking curry for Dan. Fortunately, he improves.
    • Speaking of which, episode 5 is totally ridiculous. It's practically about curry.
  • Dan and Suzuri exploring the shrine in the Mimi Village.
  • Yuuki attempting to break Belga's arm off for flirting with Kajitsu.
  • Clackey's reaction to all his female spirits getting killed by blue deck destruction. This happens a couple times.
  • Episode 17. Because Zungurii and Magisa eat Gaana's special chocolate, they're set to become his slave and bride, respectively. It gets worse when Magisa finds out that in Gaana's society, polygamy is okay.
  • All of episode 19 too, where Suzuri is possessed by an onmyouji, speaking in a dated form of Japanese.
  • Clackey trying to hit on Kajitsu, and getting bluntly rejected for once.
  • Episode 28. It deserves the prize for most ridiculous episode in the show. Everything's Better with Penguins indeed.