!!The books
* Funny/Batgirl2000
* Funny/Batgirl2009
* Funny/Batgirl2011

!!The stories
!!!Batgirl I - Barbara Gordon
* The career of the character who is -together with Franchise/WonderWoman and ''Comicbook/{{Supergirl}}''- one of the oldest, best known, best regarded and most beloved female super-heroes started out... because Barbara -a quiet librarian- was going to a policeman's costume ball, she accidentally got involved in a fight between Batman and Killer Moth and realized she loved the adrenaline rush.
* In ''ComicBook/DetectiveComics #359'', Batgirl's first appearance, Batman wants to know Batgirl's secret identity. Batgirl doesn't appreciate his curiosity:
-->'''Batman:''' But who are '''you?''' How come you're wearing that -- that '''Batgirl''' costume?\\
'''Batgirl:''' I was going to the policemen's ball -- but I can't now! My costume's a '''mess!''' As for my secret identity -- I'll exchange mine for yours...\\
'''Batman:''' No deal!\\
'''Batgirl:''' I thought not!
* In the second volume of the 2011 Batgirl Barbara teams up with the new Batman (who she knows is actually her father), to defeat Livewire.
-->'''Batgirl:''' (With a huge grin, and a hand raised above her head) We Win! High Five!\\
'''Batman''' [[DeathGlare *Glares at Batgirl*]]\\
'''Batgirl''' (Keeping the exact same pose) .....\\
'''Batman''' *Still glaring*\\
'''Batgirl''' You're really getting into the character, huh?

!!!Batgirl III - Stephanie Brown
* As she swings by Gage and Gordon, giving Gage a smile and a small wave:
-> '''Batgirl:''' "Hey, you!"\\
'''Detective Nick Gage''' (''Off Commissioner Gordon's look'') "What?"\\
'''Commissioner Gordon:''' "'Hey, you'?"\\
'''Gage:''' "No one raises an eyebrow when you talk to Batman."\\
'''Gordon:''' "I'm pretty sure Batman's ''legal'', detective!"
* If there is an interaction between Batgirl and Robin, this is bound to happen.
--> '''Stephanie''': Everything doesn't have to be about fear. There's room in our line of work for hope, too\\
'''Damian''': I don't understand.\\
'''Stephanie''': Of course you don't, you're ten! [[MyEyesAreUpHere Now stop looking at my chest.]]\\
'''Damian''': What "chest"?\\
'''Stephanie:'''(stomps off):...''hate''...
* Said while she's swinging Damian round by his ankle:
--> '''Batgirl''': O? If I fight back, is that considered "child abuse"?\\
'''Robin''':...Have at thee, wench...\\
'''Oracle''': This is not going to end well...wait did he just switch to pirate?\\
'''Batgirl''': I think it's more...musketeer?