Funny / Barnyard

  • Just the whole party at the barn. Special mention must go to the "Mechanical Man for Ride".
  • The Beady's too, from Mrs. Beady's paranoia to her husband's irritated deadpan deliveries.
    Nora Beady: Randall! There is a cow outside!
    Randall Beady: (in complete annoyance) There's a cow farm. You're gonna find cows outside!
    Nora Beady': No, I mean right outside this house! Looming like a ghost. Li-like a reaper!
    Randall Beady: No, cows don't like houses much. They prefer it out on the meadows, where they can get a graze on.
    Nora Beady: Nathan Randall III, I am not crazy! I'm medicated for a chemical imbalance. Don't you sit there and think that I am crazy!
    Randall Beady: Your mind's gone, woman! Where'd it go? I don't know! It's gone!
  • Wild Mike, the Hyperactive Furball thingie.
  • Pip sits on the farmer's wrist to see if he's still alive after Miles kicks him in the head, and is bounced by the beat.
    Pip: I've got a pulse! *Beat* Whee!
  • Miles is forced to kick the farmer again after Otis' attempt to make the farmer believe he was knocked out and dreamed walking in on the animals partying fails.
    Otis: Will you stop doing that?!
    Miles: Unless you get him a blindfold, I'm gonna kick him!