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Funny: Avengers Academy
  • Acknowledging Mettle's status as a meme on 4chan. Twice.
  • Hazmat's various take-thats at Marvel Comics as a whole.
    • Hazmat in #10: "Today's gonna suck as much as all the others... but just a little bit harder. Because it's One More Day... with no end in sight."
    • In #34. "I thought they'd reopen the Academy in a day. Maybe two. But this Avengers vs. X-Men thing just keeps dragging on."
  • In #5, Finesse shuts down Striker's attempts to hit on her in an epic manner
    "You're young, rich, attractive, powerful and entitled. All the makings of a selfish, unimaginative, and unskilled lover. I have more interesting ways to pass the time. And more interesting people to pass it with."
  • In #22, the X-Men visit the campus. Cyclops raises concerns over a re-programmed Sentinel that one of the students uses.
    Cyclops: Isn't that a Sentinel?
    Sentinel: Destroy all mutants—
    (Juston hits it)
    Sentinel: Welcome honored guests.
  • Also in #22, the issue-long Snarkto Snark Combat between Quicksilver and Magneto. Especially when Finesse quizzes Magneto about him sending assassins after Pietro and Wanda as a training exercise when they were younger.
    Magneto: (whispering in Finesse's ear) They had orders not to hurt them. But don't tell him that.
  • In issue three, Valkyrie gives the girls The Talk and serves them mead. Tigra is not amused.
  • Hercules' appearance in the Avengers vs. X-Men tie-ins had two big ones, mostly for him being a Large Ham.
    • Posing nude for the class and everyone's reaction to it. Especially when he suggests wrestling with the strapping young lads there.
    • The fake-out fight leading to Hercules' monologue. It lasts the ENTIRE FIGHT!
    Hercules: I am undone! O cruel fate, why have you cursed me so!
    Striker: Dude, you are a horrible actor.
    Hercules: Sophocles disagreed. Now silence, my monologue has just begun!
  • Hazmat getting prisoners to leave her alone in #4.
    Grizzly: Hey, kid. You just got elected hostage. Do exactly what I say and you won't—
    Hazmat: Get back in your cell. Or I'll give you cancer.
    Grizzly: Okay, okay. Jeez. Used to be they'd just smack you in the mouth.
  • Julie Power's reaction to Striker coming out to her. It's all in the look in her face.
  • Klara Prast's first encounter with a Sentinel - "Run, Molly! I will restrain the automaton!"
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