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Funny / Avatar Of Victory

  • Lisbet's password for her security card? "Zutara4Life"
  • Liara announces that she spent two million credits on a set of armor in a crowded elevator. Wrex's response? He pulls out a pistol and shoots her in the forehead. It deflects off of the barrier. He announces, over the panicking, the alarms, and the inquiries of what-the-hell, that she got her money's worth.
    "You couldn't have tested that another way?"
  • During Mordin's recruitment, he makes a comment about the Eclipse leader sending in cannon fodder to soften them up. This exchange happens:
    Garrus: You, obviously.
  • Conrad managing to take out a drug smuggling ring. Entirely on accident.
  • Leviathan having an Oh Crap! moment when Shepard and company release the Prothean he was using to breed Collectors is both amusing and awesome to see.
  • On their way to kill Morinth, Shepard dresses in a Stripperific outfit and gets hit on by a hanar of all things.
  • When Morinth angers the Avatar, all she has to say was "This was a mistake," in an utterly calm deadpan manner as Shepard casually obliterates two buildings to use their remains as ammo.
  • While hunting a rogue AI, Adahn offers that he can get Shepard and Tali to their destination in sixteen seconds. One problem: doing so would involve them moving at Faster Than Light speeds, through a crowded city. And Adahn protests when Shepard asks him to take the normal route.
  • During the attack on the Collector ship, Grunt is attacked by several Spirit monsters. He treats the experience as if it was just run of the mill, more annoyed at the spirit he's fighting than anything.
  • In the Collector Base, Grunt decides that it's a good time to summon his pet, Snot. For those who don't remember, "Snot" is a Thresher Maw. Hilarity Ensues.
  • Leviathan has been Brought Down to Normal by Shepard, and is held as a prisoner of war at the Citadel. Regular interrogation methods have failed to get anything out of her. Their next attempt? Group Therapy.
    • Even worse, this is working. She's actually made friends with Nassana Dantius.... sort of...
  • Season three of Legend of Korra, establishes that she absolutely cannot drive. And now she's reincarnated as Shepard. So looks like the things that get passed down between Avatar lives are "Friends," "Skills," "Power," and "Inability to operate motor vehicles."
  • Like the original, the adaptations of the Citadel DLC.