Funny / ARTICLE 2

  • When Shane refuses to eat a cupcake Pinkie made for him she eventually just shoves it down his throat.
  • Shane gets into a heated argument with Pinkie over whether or not peppermint counts as a candy.
  • Shane is being his usual difficult self when his injuries begin bleeding during a meal. The manner in which Luna tries to get him to cooperate is to dangle a bottle of wine. And it works.
    Luna: You want it? You gotta come geeet iiit.
  • The Pegasus in charge of studying the human craft suffers Fantastic Arousal when Shane blows up all the guns.
  • Shane calls magic "magnets" to irk Twilight.
  • Shane pointing out Pinkie Pie as the Element of "Cocaine".
  • Shane struggles to light his cigarette with a (magic) torch, including sticking his face into it.
    Shane: ...Your fire is broken.
  • When Shane opens up a little to Fluttershy, he only does so if she puts on his Oakleys glasses.
  • Rainbow Dash ends up being used as a pillow by a napping Shane. That is all.
    Rainbow: HELP!
  • Shane meeting up with Magneus. All of it.
  • Shane and Luna have a wrestling match.
    Celestia: Am I interrupting something?
    Shane: Yes. Go away.
  • Shane mocks Luna's Shakespearian speech and she yells at Shining Armor to defend her honor. Shining just looks up from his dinner in confusion.