* After Boris Amphibiensky's EpicFail at the high jump, the camera catches a bemused Bolt Jenkins smirking before realizing [[IsThisThingStillOn the camera's on him]].
* This bit from the beginning of the bobsledding event:
-->'''Keen Hacksaw:''' Bernard Drillinger, you've risked it all in this dangerous sport of bobsledding. What drives these men?\\
'''Drillinger:''' [[BrutalHonesty Well, they're all quite bonkers, Keen.]]
** And after Lance Quiller's team wipes out after a bad turn:
-->'''Hacksaw:''' Bernard, I'm sure we've got some young future bobsledders watching, how can they avoid this sort of thing?\\
'''Drillinger:''' [[DeadpanSnarker Take up golf instead, Keen.]]
** Then there's the Calamari brothers' run, which is just like a roller-coaster ride, complete with rattling chain sounds as they head up a steep hill, and screaming their heads off all the way down, only to end their run with a cheerful [[WasntThatFun "Let's-a do it again!"]]
* Lodge Turkell [[TheReasonYouSuckSpeech trash-talking Janos Brushteckel]] after his crushing defeat by Joey Gongalong:
-->'''Turkell:''' You let down your coach! You let down your country! You let down your mother! You're a bum steer! But most importantly, you let down yourself!
-->''(RevealShot shows Turkell is standing on Brushteckel's shoulders)''
-->'''Turkell:''' And now you can let me down!
* Harry Hummell (the [[{{Adorkable}} adorkable]] little tortoise Henry Kissinger [[{{Expy}} expy]]) getting a vigorous full-body massage treatment. It must be seen to be believed.