Funny / American McGee's Alice

  • Alice finds a book with a recipe that will make her shrink on a very high shelf. It seems to be stuck closed despite the fact it has no lock. The Cheshire cat and her than have this exchange:
    Cheshire Cat: A tap in the right spot may do the trick.
    (Alice then pushes the book off and it crashes to the floor, opening it up.)
    Cheshire Cat: You call that a tap? Fortunate I didn't suggest force; you might have pulverized it.
  • By pressing "c", Cheshire Cat will appear and give you advice, even if he has none at the moment.
    Cheshire Cat: I can't know everything. Pretend you're an orphan oh! That was rude, you are.
  • The Torch Gnomes are pretty amusing.
    Since the upheaval we've all become gutless half-wits; I can barely risk crossing the road!