[[quoteright:350:http://static.tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pub/images/flamingo.jpg]] [[caption-width-right:350:This isn't even the weirdest thing ''in'' Wonderland.]]

![[Disney/AliceInWonderland The Disney animated film]]
* Alice trying to politely tell Tweedledee and Tweedledum that their story about the Walrus and the Carpenter did nothing but waste her time:
-->'''Alice:''' [[TriviallyObvious That was a very sad story.]]\\
'''Tweedledee and Tweedledum:''' Eh, and there's a moral to it.\\
'''Alice:''' Oh, yes, a very good moral! If you happen to be an oyster.
** Toward the end of the story, after the Carpenter discovers that the Walrus ate all the oysters, he begins walking toward the Walrus with a murderous look, holding his hammer as his face turns red. The Walrus then shouts, "THE TIME HAS COME!" and leaves an ImpactSilhouette behind in the door as the Carpenter chases after him.
** The Walrus's appalled reaction at the Carpenters suggestion of work.
--> '''Walrus''': ''WORK?!''
** When the Carpenter finds the oysters, he originally tries to just hit them with his hammer, until the Walrus drags him away and hits him over the head with his cane.
** The beginning of the song, where Tweedledee and Tweedledum talk about how the sun was shining bright, which is odd, because its in the middle of the night.
* The White Rabbit's DoubleTake and BigWhat when the Dodo casually suggests he set the house on fire to smoke out "the monster" (Alice).
** And the ending to the "We'll Smoke the Blighter Out" song:
--->'''Dodo:''' Without a single doubt, we'll smoke the monster out!\\
'''White Rabbit:''' [[ExplainExplainOhCrap We'll smoke the monster ou--]] [[BigNo NOOO! No-ho!]] My poor house and furniture!
* After Bill the Lizard has been shot off into the sky, both the Dodo and Alice give us this casual little bit, as if they'd seen it many, many times before:
-->'''Dodo:''' There goes Bill.\\
'''Alice:''' Poor Bill.
* The [[CatsAreSnarkers Cheshire Cat]]'s scenes are all hilarious, especially at the trial.
-->'''Alice:''' Why, you're not a queen! You're nothing but a fat [''shrinks''] pompous [''shrinks''] bad tempered old ty-- [''[[OhCrap back to her normal size, in a small voice]]''] tyrant.\\
'''Queen of Hearts:''' ''[[TranquilFury And what were you saying, my dear?]]''\\
'''Cheshire Cat:''' [''appears on the Queen's head''] [[RhetoricalQuestionBlunder Well, she simply said that you're a fat, pompous, bad tempered old tyrant!]] [''devious laugh and disappears'']
** The Cat successfully {{troll}}ing Alice.
--->'''Cheshire Cat:''' Oh, and by the way. If you'd really like to know, he went that way.\\
'''Alice:''' Who did?\\
'''Cheshire Cat:''' The White Rabbit.\\
'''Alice:''' He did?\\
'''Cheshire Cat:''' He did what?\\
'''Alice:''' Went that way.\\
'''Cheshire Cat:''' Who did?\\
'''Alice:''' (''getting frustrated'') The White Rabbit!\\
'''Cheshire Cat:''' ''What rabbit?''\\
'''Alice:''' But didn't you just say...I mean...[[RageQuit oh dear]]!
** The fact that Alice is so accustomed to the weirdness in Wonderland that the Cheshire Cat literally [[VisualPun standing on his head]] doesn't faze her.
** The Cheshire Cat's comment to Alice while he disappears:
--->'''Cheshire Cat:''' You may have noticed that I'm not ''[[{{Pun}} ALL THERE]]'' myself, aha, ha ha ha! ''[[Literature/{{Jabberwocky}} And the mome raths outgrabe]]!''
* The entire watch sequence, bar none.
-->'''March Hare:''' Mustard!\\
'''Mad Hatter:''' Mustard, yes, mus-...MUSTARD?!?! Let's not be silly! Lemon, that's different.
** "Two days slow, that's what it is."
** March Hare suggesting to put sugar in the watch. Two teaspoons worth. The Mad Hatter [[LiteralMinded jams two teaspoons into the watch]].
** The March Hare's quite direct solution to the "MAD WATCH!" - [[PercussiveMaintenance whacking it with a mallet]]. The mainspring [[OverlyLongGag slowly unwinds itself]] - until the Hatter gives the White Rabbit his (mangled) watch back. The mournful look is priceless.
--->'''White Rabbit:''' Oh, my watch.\\
'''Mad Hatter:''' It ''was!?''
** The Rabbit sadly lamenting that the watch had been an unbirthday gift, causing the Hatter and Hare to sing the Unbirthday Song to him, before throwing him out of the garden. [[ScrewThisImOuttaHere Alice has finally had enough of their nonsense and leaves]]
** The abuse the poor [[OnlySaneMan White Rabbit]] goes through in this sequence are hilarious. For example, the Hare yells the word "BUTTER!" in his ear before the Hatter slams some butter right in his face.
** The March Hare's "excellent idea".
--->'''March Hare:''' I have an excellent idea! Let's change the subject. [''hits the Hatter on the head with a mallet for no apparent reason'']
** The following exchange when The Mad Hatter and The March Hare are asking Alice what's troubling her.
--->'''Mad Hatter:''' Something seems to be troubling you! Why don't you tell us all about it?\\
'''March Hare:''' Start from the beginning!\\
'''Mad Hatter:''' Yes, and when you get to the end ha ha ha...[[CaptainObvious stop]]. See?
** As the Mad Hatter scrapes butter inside the watch:
--->'''White Rabbit:''' Oh, no no! No no no! [[SkewedPriorities You'll get crumbs in it!]]
* When everyone is trying to calm the Dormouse down at the trial, they're scrambling for the jam. In all the yelling the Queen shouts out "[[TemptingFate Let me have it!]]". Cue jam jar hitting her in the face.
* Alice falls down the rabbit hole and her dress poofs up like a parachute. Her response to this?
--> "Well, after this I'll think nothing of falling down the stairs."
** That's actually a slightly changed line from the book, where it was just as funny.
* The March Hare and the Queen of Heart's Ham-To-Ham Combat at the trial scene.
-->'''King of Hearts:''' What do you know about this unfortunate affair?\\
'''March Hare:''' Nothing.\\
'''Queen of Hearts:''' [[SuddenlyShouting NOTHING WHATEVER?]]\\
'''March Hare:''' [[HamToHamCombat NOTHING WHATEVER!]]\\
'''Queen of Hearts:''' '''''THAT'S VERY IMPORTANT!'''''
* The Queen's reaction to the Mad Hatter.
-->'''Queen:''' OFF WITH YOUR HAT!
* Alice {{face palm}}ing when the Mad Hatter and March Hare sing a reprise of "The Unbirthday Song".
-->'''Alice:''' [[ThisIsGonnaSuck Oh]] [[OhNoNotAgain no...]]
* The marvelous amount of DramaticIrony in Alice's song "A World of my Own". Also, the following exchange between her and her cat:
-->'''Alice:''' If I had a world of my own, [[BeCarefulWhatYouWishFor everything would be nonsense! Nothing would be what it is, because everything would be what it isn't. And contrariwise, what it is, it wouldn't be. And what it wouldn't be, it would.]] [[MindScrew You see?]]\\
'''Dinah:''' [''looking somewhat uncomfortable with the whole idea''] Meow.\\
'''Alice:''' In my world, you wouldn't say "meow". You would say "yes Ms. Alice".\\
'''Dinah:''' Meow.\\
'''Alice:''' Oh but you would! You'd be just like people, Dinah. And all the other animals, too.
* During the croquet game Alice has difficulty with her flamingo, summed up in this exchange:
-->'''Alice:''' Do you want us both to lose our heads?!\\
'''Flamingo:''' UH-HUH!
** The flamingo shaking Alice's legs while she looks displeased. Her hedgehog also encourages the flamingo to hit him with her.
** Then Alice beckons the flamingo towards her with a grin on her face. It leans in and she ''grabs'' its neck.
* The Caucus race reprise - wherein you can see ''everyone'' in the film running in the circle.