Funny / AKB49 Renai Kinshi Jourei

Standard spoiler trope warnings apply.

  • Chapter 19
    • Mayuyu stalking Minori/Minoru and getting horribly confused.
    • Minoru then convinces her that he's not a guy by running up to a nearby restaurant with cross dressers working as the waiters, walks up to a waiter who's on break, and calls him/her senpai. Mayuyu then exclaims that she thinks that really cool. Later on its revealed that the waiter gave him a job offer.
  • Chapter 21
    • Minori's interpretation of Haruna's 'ghost' comment and the reveal.
  • Chapter 42
    • Aki-P snatching Minori's photograph away from under the other team captains.
      • Specifically, he was half out of his seat with his other arm held out for balance as he did so.
  • Chapter 55
    • Kijima dropping his pen and chasing after it in the middle of his introductory speech to the "Gekoku Jou".
  • Chapter 60
    • Okabe tells Minori that if she ask her to cosplay as Miku again, she'll kill her...only that the next day Minori and Hiroko caught her trying on the Miku outfit.