* The final chamber in Midas Palace level in ''VideoGame/TombRaider'' gives you a clue how to finish it - something like III x [picture of a golden ingot]. But you are in an ancient Greek temple, there is no way they would have used Roman numerals and the sign for multiplying didn't exist.
* The fight against the skateboard kid in ''VideoGame/TombRaider'' takes place in what looks like an underground skateboard park with random pools of lava in all but one of the pits. While it's understandable that the area needed to fit with the boss' gimmick, having an underground cavern shape itself with ramps was stretching it. Toby Gard in the ''Anniversary'' commentary mentioned how the area looked extremely silly.

* The Damned in ''VideoGame/TombRaider 3''; they say they are immortal and have tried suicide to no avail, along with the fact you have to find embalming fluid to stop them rotting, which is NightmareFuel in itself. There's also Lara shooting them in the previous level, when using bullets it can be assumed they just got up later or something, but she can also blow them up with explosives, [[FridgeLogic which comes with the idea]] that they are still [[AndIMustScream fully conscious while blown to pieces.]]