* Sheinhardt Wigs' slogan is "You can always tell a Sheinhardt," but the whole point of wigs is that you're not supposed to notice them.
* When Jack tells Kenneth he's walked in his shoes in "Audition Day," Kenneth says he doubts it and claims to sleep in his only pair of shoes. A different episode, "Hazel's Mailbag", has Kenneth slip up and imply he doesn't actually sleep--instead, he sits quietly and waits for the next day to begin. Of course he'd go to "sleep" in his shoes if he's just waiting for the next day to begin, as it means less preparation time in the morning.
* Jenna quotes Roy Batty's final words in ''Film/BladeRunner'' during her final appearance in ''Film/GossipGirl'': "Oh, the things I've seen. The first Clinton administration. The Nagano Olympics. Microsoft Windows '95. But I'm 41 now. Time to die." Jenna's short shelf life as a female actress mirrors the short lifespan of Roy Batty and the other replicants.
* Jack mentioned in the pilot episode that his father once lured him to the edge of a pool using a puppy and then pushed him in to teach him how to swim. Jack was two years old, which meant that his father left shortly after. Jack had a collie named "Pop" who got run over by a milk truck. "Pop" might be the bait puppy, the last thing with which he could really associate his father before his dad started ditching his family. This show has layers.
* In the episode "Jack-tor," Jack Donaghy reveals that he's always been terrible at acting, an assertion backed up by a flashback to a childhood play he failed. Much later, in season 5, Jack further reveals that as a child, his father disapproved of a role he had in a play, causing him to freeze up and fail. It's possible his inability to act stems from this experience.
* The Netflix logo for the show depicts a young Alec Baldwin as [[Film/TheHuntForRedOctober Jack Ryan]]. Why? Because [[TheMirrorShowsYourTrueSelf The HDTV Shows Your True Self]]. 30 Rock? In HD. On Netflix.
* Tracy Jordan has a son named Tracy Jr. The obvious assumption is that he's named after his father, but it is eventually revealed that Tracy has a dog named Tracy Sr. Tracy Jr. isn't named after his father, he's named after his father's dog.
* In season one's "Fireworks", Jack jokes to Devon Banks that Kenneth could take his job one day. Banks retorts that Kenneth could take ''his'' job one day. Kenneth then points at a janitor and suggests he could take that guy's job. By the end of the series, [[spoiler: he did two of those three things.]]
* In Season 3, Episode 13 "Goodbye, My Friend", it is revealed that Tracy does not know his own birthday. As a result, Kenneth decides to use Jenna's birthday party to also celebrate Tracy's (much to Jenna's horror). This results in Tracy adopting Jenna's birthday as his own. Then, in the final season, [[spoiler:Liz adopts biracial twins who not only have a striking similarity to Tracy and Jenna....but naturally also have the same birthday.]]

* Liz briefly has a doctor boyfriend who is in "the bubble", where no one will ever say anything bad to him. As a result, he has no idea he's bad at cooking, tennis, sex, and being a doctor. Liz has to perform the Heimlich maneuver on herself, because he doesn't know how. He's probably lost a lot of patients. He's also a ''pediatrician.''
* In-universe, in one episode, Liz eats a pop tart she finds on the floor of her apartment. She later finds Pete in her apartment playing sex games with his wife, with a poptart in bed with them. Liz frantically asks what they do with the pop tart.
* Kenneth's immortality is confirmed in the final episode with the "100 Years Later" joke. However, this means that Kenneth will literally be head of NBC ''forever.'' Who knows where that will go? He's not always the most stable guy.
* [[TookALevelInJerkAss Carol's]] HellFaceTurn in "Double Edged Sword" is immensely terrifying version of an abusive boyfriend, even going so far as to [[spoiler:pull a gun out on Liz when she threatens his authority as Air Pilot on the plane, after stealing it from the air marshal]]. In other words, [[spoiler:Liz could've been murdered during a domestic argument IN FRONT OF EVERYONE ON THE PLANE]]. As far as we know, he might've not even be arrested for attempted murder!