* Watching the film, Benny seemed unrealistically perfect, even going into MartyStu territory:
*** Definitely the best baseball player on the team
*** The only one that the team's JerkJock rival respects
*** Baseball feats include hitting the ball straight into Scotty's glove and hitting a ball so hard that it breaks
*** Very handsome
*** Very nice and the only one on the team to welcome the dorky Scotty and defends him when the others protest
*** Becomes the big hero at the end when he steals the baseball from the beast and then outruns him across town
** It all makes sense when you recall that the film is the [[NostalgicNarrator nostalgic memories]] of Benny's best friend and Benny was the reason he became part of the gang. Of course he's going to view him through a NostalgiaFilter. Of course, the ending shows that Adult!Benny really is a NiceGuy and a great ball player; these things are why Scotty buys into his own nostalgia.
* Smalls' stepdad went easy on him for getting a replacement for his ruined Babe Ruth baseball. The actor who played him, Creator/DenisLeary, is actually a Red Sox fan.