Fridge: The Mighty Thor

Fridge Brilliance

  • Considering Marvel's love for alliteration and punny names for alteregos, Thor would seem to be an obvious exception. Except that the first name of his original secret identity, Dr. Donald Blake, is similar to the German name for Thor, Donar.

Fridge Logic
  • I don't know if this is exactly "Fridge Horror" or not, but in Journey into Mystery #645, it's revealed that Hela is Leah. Now, think about that. Think about all the times Hela has appeared half/nearly naked. Or, more importantly, all the times she's helped's rather touching.
  • So Jormungand poisons the air with his breath. This is what will eventually kill Thor. But Marvel Thor easily survives in vacuums, how would such a thing seriously be able to damage him?
    • Skin contact, mucous membranes… not all airborne toxins need to be inhaled.