* Does TheLegendOfZeldaPhantomHourglass 's plot remind you of anything? It's an alternate universe version of LinksAwakening! This is why Oshus and Bellum seem so similar to the Wind Fish and Dethl respectively. It even explains the whole [[spoiler:AllJustADream]] ending! - {{Yoshi}}
** Does that mean that Windwaker's Link is an alternate universe version of Link to the Past's Link? It's plausible, considering that split timelines has been confirmed for the Zelda series.
*** I kinda thought that maybe that same Bermuda Triangle-esque area where Link was in Phantom Hourglass could have been the same area where Link's ship crashed in Link's Awakening, causing similar effects for both of them.
** [[OrWasItADream But at the end, Link still has the Phantom Hourglass, and Linebeck got his ship back.]]
**** This works out, because if you complete Link's Awakening without dying once then you get a photo, dropped by a seagull, that had a picture of Marin on it.
***** Cue Epileptic trees about the connections between "Wind Fish" and "Ocean King" same species?
* As [[Tropers/CerotechOmega I]] watched the LetsPlay of Phantom Hourglass, I learned that [[spoiler:Bellum eats life force from all things around it, starting with the Ocean King]]. This would also explain why the Ghost Ship took Tetra away at the start, as a means of bringing food to its master. But when linked to my knowledge of affairs in [[VideoGame/TheLegendOfZeldaSkywardSword Skyward Sword]], it made much more sense than expected. If a creature consumes life energy, what more delectable source exists than [[spoiler:a goddess]]?
* At the end of the game, Tetra asks how long they've been gone for, and her crew says that it's only been "about 10 minutes". Why 10 minutes? [[spoiler:That was same amount of time the Hourglass could protect Link from the Temple of the Ocean King's curse initally.]]