Fridge: Smile Pretty Cure!

Fridge Brilliance

  • 2012 is the year of the 20th anniversary of Sailor Moon, something Toei probably acknowledged while developing Smile's main cast. Hence why Miyuki, Nao and Reika are so similar to Usagi, Makoto and Ami, and Akane's last name is spelled the same as Rei's.
  • Miyuki suffers an immense string of bad luck... On Episode 13.
  • The reason for Pop to stay at Märchenland during a good chunk of the season: he was presumably ruling the kingdom while his mother, the current queen, was in vegetative state and his sister hadn't awakened as the future queen yet.

Fridge Horror

  • Episode 14 had Miyuki and Yayoi lost in an unfamiliar city accepting candy from strangers and going with them to god-knows-where. Isn't this something we don't want kids doing?
    • Same episode, the Cures lead the building sized Akanbe up and down the streets to tire it out. Seems reasonable, except we saw quite a bit of people sitting in the streets in despair thanks to the Bad End Energy being drained.
  • And then there's Episode 17. A male comedy duo tells Miyuki and Akane that they're cute and they (although not seriously) want them to come to their dressing room. That is something a molester would say. Also counts as an Unfortunate Implication.

Fridge Logic

  • Ok, so Yayoi tells Miyuki that she's going to be transferring schools, and Miyuki tells the others. The thing is, this happened on the 1st of April...April Fools' Day. Are we seriously supposed to believe that NOBODY remembers what day it is, and NOBODY realises Yayoi was telling a lie?!
    • To be frank, it was mostly Miyuki's fault.
  • Why wasn't Miyuki affected by the Bad End spree back in episode 1? Is it because she was in contact with Candy?
    • Maybe because she has an optimistic attitude. A later episode show her grandmother not be affected as well.
  • I don't understand how Reika couldn't be Cure Beauty and go study abroad at the same time, considering one of the perks of being a Cure is teleportation. I mean, the time zone difference might make it inconvenient, and it might still cause issues with the friendship, but. It's not impossible at all.