* There's a sketch that features a June Cleaver-type giving a group of kids, including a very excited one saying "yay", cookies. After the kids gobble them down, the "mom" announces now, they'll find out who got the ''poison'' cookie. Typical RC "people are jerks humor. Except a sudden realization hit me when I went to the fridge (yeah, really!). Rushing back, I replayed the clip-- "Yay" boy had NOT gobbled his cookie down, and in fact, threw it away at Mom's announcement! -- @/EddieCurrent
** So... he's just [[ObfuscatingStupidity obfuscating retardation]]? ([[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ROTozvuc0U Here's a link to that video, by the way]])
*** Maybe he has brain damage from "winning" the game before.
*** It can get even simpler -- much like how my cousin waits until his mom finishes talking despite his own mental handicap, the boy simply listened to everything the authority figure said before acting, because that's what you do. --@/EddieCurrent
* In a skit in the ep of "The Curious Case of the Box" it has the grim reaper reaping souls in a horrifying manner. Then it hit me, what do you die and or get scared? [[DontExplainTheJoke Shit yourself.]]
* The sketch titled "He's Dino-mite!" from the episode "Crushed By A Steamroller On My 53rd Birthday" has scientists bringing back a dinosaur a la ''Franchise/JurassicPark''. They end up bringing back [[{{Series/Dinosaurs}} Robbie Sinclair]], who acts very TotallyRadical. Those who watched ''{{Series/Dinosaurs}}'' know that Robbie rarely (if ever) acted like that though. While perusing Youtube a short time later, this troper stumbled upon [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S8Vn_D4bKwo this]]. He then realized that the dinosaur in the sketch ''wasn't Robbie at all'', but rather Rocky D, a similar looking character from an ad from the same era for Brach's Rocks candy who actually ''was'' TotallyRadical. That, or the writers mixed up the two.
* When the Chicken [[RoaringRampageOfRevenge fights his way through the Mad Scientist's castle]] he kills every single person he finds, bar two. The two he spares? [[ThisLoserIsYou The nerds.]]
* The opening sequences of the StarWars specials are perfect. After all, the original sequence features menacing yet rhythmically and melodically bouncy music and a gravely injured person being turned into a cyborg slave by an elderly maniac. There was literally no other way to do it.
* Composite Santa Claus is supposedly half SantaClaus and half WesternAnimation/FrostyTheSnowman, but his Frosty half looks nothing like him, having a twig arm and other generic snowman features Frosty doesn't have. [[note]]Plus, it's not the writers don't know what Frosty looks like, since he appeared in an early sketch looking reasonably accurate.[[/note]] Fast forward to Composite Santa's OriginStory, where the guy tasked with getting Frosty's DNA simply scoops up some snow. Frankly, it lucky that the snow used in Composite Santa's creation came from a snowman at all!
* One sketch has ComicBook/ThePunisher being positively disgusted with a mother who was spanking her child, it's clearly supposed to be ironic; the Punisher having a problem with a punishment. But when you consider his backstory of being of being a loving father...
* In the Walt Disney sketch in "Nutcracker Sweet", there's an early shot of Walt's rampage where he breaks a sign in Florida declaring Cuba to be a "land of milk and honey." Turns out at the end of the sketch that it's a Cuban propaganda film, so ''of course'' they'd put that in it!
* [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robot_Chicken_%28season_4%29#Episode_titles Read the episode titles for season 4.]]
* [[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robot_Chicken_(season_6)#Episodes Season 6 is also kinda creepy....]]