Fridge / Repairman Jack

Fridge Horror:

  • Jerry from Bloodlines kidnapped and raped his half-sister until she became pregnant, then returned eighteen years later to seduce and impregnate their daughter. But what if Christy had given birth to a son? Presumably, he'd have kept on kidnapping and raping her until he got what "the Plan" demanded.

Fridge Logic:

  • Jack and Abe have a terrible time devising a plan to let Jack adopt a legal identity, eventually going so far as to arrange his pirating the name of an Eastern European refugee. They conclude it's the best way to ensure no former associate or long-lost relative of the original individual he's taking the place of will ever spoil the ruse. But if all they need is a real, legal identity with no relatives, for which the original disappeared without a trace and will never be seen again, then why couldn't they appropriate Richard Westphalen's identity for Jack? His close associates are back in England; Vicky's the only relative he has left; and there's no way his body will every be found. Heck, Jack is even called "Mr. Westphalen" by the hospital staff when Gia and Vicky are in the ICU! If Gia's willing to vouch for him being her wayward ex-husband, returned after much soul-searching to make amends for past lapses, who's going to dispute their right to marry "again"?
  • Alicia decides to suppress her father's broadcast-power technology because she refuses to allow an abusive pervert to have the glory of solving the world's energy needs. But if the Japanese Mega Corp. was already looking to purchase the technology on the sly, why couldn't she have sold it to them with the express requirement that they never tell anyone it wasn't something one of their own think-tanks came up with? Let her father fume in his grave that somebody else got the credit for his work, and that his daughter got the better of the bastard in the end.