* Glass Joe's record when you first fight him is 99 loses. Once you come back to him in TD, he has headgear, that protects his head. Get beaten 100 times in total, thereby matching Glass Joe's TD record, and ''you get the same headgear he has'' as a gift from the WVBA. [[AlternativeCharacterInterpretation So was that doctor Glass Joe seeing in the intro to his TD fight part of the WVBA?]] [[TheComputerIsACheatingBastard Are they actually trying to make it harder for you to win?]]
* In ''Punch-Out Wii'', Von Kaiser is one big German engineering joke. He might even be some kind of cyborg or android. Reasoning:
** When knocked down, there's a loud "sproing", like a coil getting knocked loose inside him.
** Before falling, he always goes stock still, like a wind up soldier that's out of juice.
** When he pulls a punch, there's a loud clicking or winding sound, and some of them even make a ''shotgun blast'' when they connect!
** He even goes so far as to call himself a Kampfsmaschine (a fighting machine).
* When I heard about the supposed DownerEnding in VideoGame/PunchOut Wii's "Mac's Last Stand", I didn't quite get it at first. [[spoiler: Three defeats, and Mac simply retires.]] Then I saw the cutscene leading up to it, and then the ending scene. Then it clicked into my head. It was Mac's conscious decision. He's already become the world champion, and defended his title. He's already made his dream a reality. But he can't hold on to that title forever. Further along the line, there may be scandals, and perhaps a losing streak that will force him to retire anyway, going out with a whimper. So, he [[TakeAThirdOption takes a third option]] - [[spoiler:go out with a bang. And he makes his decision damn clear to Doc, who reluctantly goes along with it.]]
--> '''Doc Louis:''' [[spoiler:Alright, kid. Let's go out on top. It's time to take your place in history.]]
** It's also a {{Homage}} to Little Mac's inspiration, the titular character of Manga/AshitaNoJoe, who goes out in a similar way.
* The Wii version's Aran Ryan is a unique opponent; hitting him immediately before he hits you stuns him instead of giving stars, and "dirty" only begins to describe his fighting style. Both of these (counter-punching and cheating opponents) happen to be cornerstones of the SNES' Super Punch-Out, from which he originated.
* Mr. Dream may seem like an odd name at first, but remember how the final boss for the original Punch-Out and the Wii Punch-Out was named Mr. Sandman? What does the mythical Sandman do again?
* In the Exhibition mode of Punch-Out!! Wii, there's one challenge in which you must beat Great Tiger using only right jabs. At first, it sounds like it's going to be a weird fight, but after a bit of research, presenting the left hand, friendly or otherwise, in Indian culture is offensive because the left hand is considered "unclean." Keep in mind that Great Tiger is Indian. Similarly, Japanese taboos come into play when one challenge against Piston Hondo requires you to win after blocking [[FourIsDeath 44]] punches.
* Why is Don Flamenco a notch above Bald Bull in the World Circuit of NES Punch-Out!! when Bald Bull was the Major Circuit champion, and Don was only #3? Did Don get his act together and apply some bullfighting techniques to his boxing repertoire?
** Speaking of bullfighting, notice how Flamenco in the Wii version will taunt Mac into hitting him ("Venga, venga!!") before starting the fight proper. That's an actual rule of bullfighting: you don't start the event until the bull makes the first move.
* Doc occasionally asks Mac if it's past his bedtime. This is not only a case of AntiPoopsocking but it's lampshading the fact Mac is a KidHero, something that people often forget. Take not that his voice actor also does the voice of Mr. Sandman.
* Super Macho Man apparently lost his title to Mr. Sandman but still was adored by women and the paparazzi in spite of his defeat. After Super Macho Man's loss to Little Mac, the Title Defense mode shows that same fanbase shunning him. Why? Mr. Sandman knocking out Super Macho Man may not been much of a shock, whereas Little Mac was probably expected to be an easy win for Super Macho Man.
** Alternatively, Mr. Sandman was considered too intimidating for the press and fans (Doc described Sandman's dominance as a reign of terror and claimed that the fans wanted a new champion), thus Macho Man's fanbase stood with him regardless of the defeat. Little Mac, being far more charismatic and approachable than Mr. Sandman, ended up being the one to steal Macho Man's fanbase and sponsors instead.
* Why does bread fly when Glass Joe get Knocked Out/Technical Knocked Out by a Star Punch? Bread in French is spelled [[BilingualBonus pa]][[VisualPun in]].

* Aran Ryan is seen putting horseshoes in his gloves. Then between rounds, he punches himself in the face to psyche himself up.
** It's okay. [[CombatSadomasochist He likes that sort of thing]]. It might also explain why his nose looks slightly broken.

* Aran Ryan's horseshoes are inside his gloves, closer to his skin than yours due to the padding in his gloves. Wouldn't they be more painful to him than to you like that?
** He's a masochist. It probably does and he doesn't mind.
** The horseshoes also appear to be in front of the padding, just under the outer material.