[[AC: FridgeBrilliance]]
* Here Minako is much more serious than in other continuities, but there's an instance of her pranking ways that is before everyone's eyes but clear only through FridgeLogic: her song ''C'Est La Vie''. Japanese people pronounce the title Sera Vi, the same as their pronunciation of Sailor V... But, she can actually speak western languages the proper way. Every time she sang ''C'Est La Vie'', Minako was crying to the world "Hey, I'm Sailor V, and you'll never find out in spite of me spelling it out".
* ''[[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XjmYy9YFwF4 Sayonara-Sweet Days]]'' plays when [[spoiler:the girls read Minako's farewell letter after her death]]. It's one of Minako's own songs, and [[http://sailormusic.net/lyrics/sayonara-sweet-days/ the lyrics]] are tailor-made for this situation-[[spoiler:she recorded it just for this occasion]].
* Minako writes and composes her own songs: ''[[http://sailormusic.net/lyrics/cest-la-vie-watashi-no-naka-no-koisuru-bubun/ C'Est La Vie]]'' is her classic sense of humour declaring to the world she's Sailor V while nobody realizes what she's saying mixed to a willing misunderstanding of the meaning of the French saying, while ''[[http://sailormusic.net/lyrics/sayonara-sweet-days/ Sayonara-Sweet Days]]'' [[spoiler:was made specifically to say goodbye to the other Sailor Senshi]].